*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-67*****



(thanksalot for ur valuable feedback its the reason for writing this ff nd nextly its mrg 3 am i am sleepy still wanna write it so forgive my mistakes in ff )

********episode starts ********


Swara face is fully drenched in rose petals

swara seen the plaster on his forehead which is under his hair

swara; sanskar wt happened

sanskar; nthg swara while arranging this globe slintly hitted its not at all paining

swara; (placed her finger on his lips she stood up on her foot toes nd pulled him by his collar nd kissed him on forehead

Sanskar just starred on surprise

Swara realised her closeness out shy she turned other side sanskar holded her ND hugged her from back he slided his hand on her shoulders nd tucked her hair to otherside nd nuzzled her nape sensually

Swara is just enjoying his close ness breathing heavily

sanskar removed each nd every petal with his fingers on her neck nd swara just enjoying it

sanskar seen her expression just for confirmation he losed his grip on her waist nd whispered ” i think ur not comfortable ”

swara; (confused look ) wttt

sanskar; it ok swara I can understand (he just took two steps away from swara in pool )

swara; (held his hand ) sanskar no not like that i am comfortable

sanskar; ho really

swara; ha sanskar

sanskar; it means u won’t feel bad if i hug you

swara; ha no i am happy

sanskar; you won’t get angry even i touch you

swara; ha i won’t

sanskar; it means you won’t slap me even i kiss you

swara; ha i won’t i won’t (realised wt she said )

sanskar winked at her swara turned her face in shy

sanskar turned her towards him

She just lost in his eyes nd his touch causing goosebumps for her

back ground song ; Chahoon Bhi song from movie Force

Sanskar moved close to her by holding her waist

Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

(Swara can feel his raising heart beat even swara is feeling same
The just wanna freeze on that sec on that point of time )

Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

{Sanskar starring at her for her acceptance to take a step close

Swara holded his collar nd pulled him close by signing him positive way }

Keh rahi hai kya yeh suno, meri khamoshiyan
Raat se hai lambi kahin, dil ki yeh daastaan
Kaise kahoon

{Sanskar smile he kissed her forehead
ND later her eyes
He kissed her cheeks where as swara is blushing she opened her eyes }

Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

Keh rahi hai kya yeh suno, meri khamoshiyan
Raat se hai lambi kahin dil ki yeh dastaan
Kaise kahoon… kaise kahoon….

{Sanskar leaned towards her lips slowly he placed his lips on her

Sanskar kissed her lovely but its passionate one even swara responded for his kiss }

Tumse mujhe yeh kehna tha woh keh raha tha hum-dum
Ho saamne toh kya kahoon, kya kehna tha hum-dum
Kaise yeh, jazbat hai
Iss dil mein toh, din-raat hain
Honthon pe kyun aane se yeh sharmate hain
Aankhon mein kyun yeh har ghadi aa jate hai

{He pulled her close by holding her waist she is smiling while kissing too

she is more happy today its her dream day

they broken the when they are lack of breath }

Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

Aa aa aa…

{but sanskar again captured her lips he kissed her hardly this time swara could feel it
swara is moving backward where as sanskar taking his steps towards her while kissing nd after lot of time he came out in sense

Hum kyun kahe, joban kahe, ik baat hai jana
Dhadkan kahe, dhadkan sune, woh raat hai jana
Dil bole bin, hai bolta
Sab raaz hai, yeh kholta
Jab khwaab hai, jazbaat hai, ehsaas hai
Toh kehna kya, toh sun.na kya, awaaz hai

{Sanskar starred at swara where as she is unable to face him she hugged him In shyness}

Chahoon bhi toh main kaise kahoon
Saari jo baatein dil kehta hai
Lehar sapno ki kaise ginu
Dariya behta hi rehta hai

Sanskar he again kissed her earlobe by holding her waist

swara pushed him nd she splashed water on his face playfully

they both kept on splashing water nd rose petals on each other they messed out the pool completely

sanskar lifted swara in his arms nd brought her to edge of pool nd placed her

sanskar; its amazing can i do once more

swara; (blushed) stop it ok its already late anyone may come

sanskar while kissing her neck romantically ” no one will come bcoz both the doors are locked

swara; how keys are with me na

sanskar; still kissing ) ha i robbed it yesterday ngt only

swara; (shocked) u robbed if u ask me i will give na


SWARA; hitted him on shoulders) stop it sanskar

sanskar; its odd na so i did this nd now stop ur idiotic questions nd let me concentrate

swara; concentrate for wt

sanskar bitted her neck nd whispered “for this only “woh kya hai na if u ask questions it happens like this only so better shut ur mouth orelse i will do it also

swara; u idoit i will kill you if you again bit me

sanskar; oh really how show me once

swara bitten his cheeks sanskar shouted “ouchhhh ‘ she got up nd she ranned from there

sanskar jumped out of pool nd ranned on back of swara

swara ; (still running) u cant caught me ok

sanskar; (SHOUTED) shekhar uncleeeeeeeeeeeeee

swara ;(shocked ) daddddddddd

she stopped running nd came back to sanskar nd hidded behind him

sanskar laughed out ” see urself u came back ‘

swara; stupid prank again its bad

sanskar;ha ha kiddo ok u love it also na

they spended lot of time while playing nd talking they enjoyed ALOT ND IN EARLY HOURS mrg 3 they left to rooms as they are wet completely due to coldness

Next day mrg its a happy day

Swara is still sleeping rags got up she just came out of room she seen the pool side which is fully drenched in flowers

She called lucky by pH nd said him to come to poolside to show this

Both came to poolside from there respectively mansion doors

Rags: See this
Ragini is searching just scanning the place she went to table nd she found the remote

Lucky is also scanning the place he stood on poolside infront of water gun

Rags holding remote she faced otherside so she is thinking about remote
” wts this remote ok let me see wt happens”

She clicked the green button the water gun fired on lucky he got drenched nd shocked too 😉

Rags is continually clicking the buttons on the remote nd lucky is fully drenched nd he is breathless due to sudden fall of water on him

Lucky:( shouted) heyyy wt thissss stop It

Rags turned back to see wt happened she is shocked to see laksh in this way

Rags: Y u got weted now only I seen you normal na

Lucky: Even I don’t know

In meanwhile rags again clicked button it again sprayed on laksh

Rags : Oh no its remote of this gun ah wowww

Lucky:( angry) u idiot is it way you test don’t you have sense

Rags: Ho who said you to stand hear nd anyway how I will know this remote is for this

Lucky: Then how will I know about this ah

Rags: Anyway ur amazing in this way also gud prank

Lucky: Ho really I will show Ho much gud it is ( he lifted her ND trown her in pool

Rags: You stupid idiot how dare you to do this

Lucky: U only said na u like it enjoy then

Rags: Come you to join then she pulled him by holding his leg lucky to fallen in pool

Lucky: Ho no ur

Rags: Have some shame look at ur bhai how he created this much surprising thing

Lucky: Ha he can do this much bcoz he will get something in return n you wont give na like that in return u will slap me

Rags: Oh hello stop thinking much ok orelse

Lucky : Ha orelse wt ha

Rags : ( she splashed water on his face both are busy in fighting in meanwhile ap came out from maheswari mansion

She is shocked by seeing both is intense position

Ap: Laksh raginiii wt ur doing

Raglak got separated 🙁 they are shocked nd embarrassed

Lucky: Maa woh (meanwhile sumi came )

sumi; ragini wts this

Ap: Wt the thing ur doing are u lost ur sense

all the other members of both family arrived raglak are out of pool they are speechless

Even swasan are present swara is still in lazy mood she is wearing a green hoddies tshirt attached cap

Sanskar:(innocently) Wt happened

Ap: Ask ur bhai wt he is doing with Ragini

Sanskar: Wt you did bhai

Lucky: No ntg I did we are just fighting

sanskar winked at swara

Ap: Ur not yet married laksh wt all this mess

Lucky: I don’t have any relation with this decoration its all sanskar did

Ap: Sanskar you

Sanskar: ( angry look at raglak) innocently answered; maa you know na I went to frnd him yesterday full day I am off so at ngt I came ND slept now only I woke up

rags; he is lying me ask swara

sumi ;turned towards swara nd swara satreed blanly she dont know to say truth or lie so she kept quite

Sumi: Swara y ur eyes are red not you slept ngt

Swara:( nervous) woh woh I read amendments I am busy in mrg na so read in ngt

Rags: Hooo really u read completely na

Sanskar: Noo only 1\4 they are lot in 1000 + so it takes lot of time

Rags: How you know this sanskar

Sanskar:( in mind ) this girl is too much let maa go I will say her

Sanskar: Woh actually she said me in ngt we talked in pH pH

Ap: Stop it now ND you rags nd laksh clean this place its a punishment for you ND Pl have some distance upto marriage or else

Dp nd Shekhar knows its the plan of sanskar but they are speechless

Shekhar: Its ok now get back to room fast we will plan ur marriage

All left the place but not swasan

Swara; see today raglak died bcoz of as Ho sad

Sanskar: Ho really you seen na how they are teasing as

Swara: Ha its bad but

Sanskar: Ho ur feeling bad for them so shall I dorp my idea of prank on rag

Swara:( remembered injection ) nooo she need to bear do it

Sanskar: That’s like my love ❤

Now I will say plan do as it is ok

Swara left to rags nd sanskar to lucky

Swara: Di di

Rags: Ho di ah wt a respect great u idiot bcoz of you today chi I hate you

Swara:( holding her ears) I am sry di plz forgive wt I did u both only did all this na

Rags: Don’t talk to me ok

Swara: Sry di plz Pl nd we will do dayout today as its Sunday na you me ND sanlak we can have great time

Rags: Its nice idea but I am still angry on you both

Swara: Ha ok but Pl get ready we will leave after having lunch ok

Rags: Ok sure

swara; (in mind ) ur out today yahooo sanskar i am coming

rags; y ur laughing

swara; u will know in ngt

rags; wt

swara; simpleeee just for fun (she left to sanskar)

To be continued

Precap: Rafglak got trapped in swasan prank nd raglak faint in fear �

Ho finally done it you know I took 6 hrs to write it bcoz its ahem ahem type na so its really above my comfort zone still I tried to give my best so kindly speak out


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