*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-66*****


recap;swasan long drive nd sanskar plan to surprise

********episode starts ********

mitra mansion , 7

sumi is in kichen sanskar went to her

sanskar; anuty wt ur cooking

sumi; ha sanskar badam halwa for swara

sanskar; wah wt a smelll its yummy only for swara ah not for me

sumi;(smiled) ha for you too

sanskar; aunty i need ur help

sumi ; wt sanskar

sanskar; i need keys of poolside door

sumi; ha they are in swara room only on her cupboard go nd take

sanskar; swara room ahhhhhhh

sumi; kya hua

sanskar; ntg anuty i am leaving i will take the keys from swara

sumi; ok but once taste it nd go na

sanskar; took a spoon of it

sumi; how is it

sanskar; maa haath padi toh acha hogi na maa its amazing

ok i am going fast

sumi smiled at sanskar “go slow sanskar swara will be there only she won’t run ”

sanskar blushed “ha maa

Swara room she is doing some work in her laptop
Sanskar entered in nd just scanned entire room to get keys

Swara : Sanskar come nd sit wt ur watching

Sanskar: Nothing swara

Swara: Tomorrow are u coming to office

Sanskar: No I had some work so leave

Swara: Wt work you had

Sanskar: Woh Saturday weekend hai na so party

Swara: Ho gud enjoy

Sanskar 🙁 coughing aloud acting so) ahem ah ahh

Swara Plz get me some water fast

swara ; Ha ok I will get now

She left towards her bed nd took the jug nd gave him water

Sanskar is struck as his plan to sent her out I failed

Sanskar : Swara I need ice water plz get na

Swara : Ok I will come in 2mins ( she left asap sanskar opened her cupboards nd started searching the keys he found the keys nd dragged them but swara seen him near cupboard)

Swara: Wt ur searching sanskar

Sanskar: Ntg I was just watching

I need to leave now cu tomorrow

Swara’ confused by his behaviour ” but u asked ice water ”

Sanskar: Oh I forgot this give me ( he drunk it completely nd left swara in confusion)

swara; sanskar are u ok

sanskar ya i am ok i need to go bye

swara; wait y u came first nd now where ur going

Sanskar; (thinked for while to get answer) woh swara are u ready tomorrow I will plan the horror prank for raglak ok i cameee to say this only

Swara:( excited ) wowwww ur amazing I am always ready she kissed him on cheek’s 😉

Sanskar: Great darling I love you kiddo

Swara: I love you more prankster 😉


On that night sanskar planned his surprise nd rags prank too he drawn a draft of his surprise also

Its a Saturday all left on there works sanskar left to shopping nd shopping all the things he needed for that

He came back nd locked both mansion poolside doors nd he removed the water in pool nd emptied the pool

He got a glass huge jar globe shaped with a lid nd a huge ladder

He fixed a fountain inside the jar nd he used his engineering techniques nd continued it too remote

while testing it the lit of it opened in force nd hitted to his forhead light ly it got hurted but he not cared it

When they click the remote the lid on the globe will open nd the fountain showers water with force to the top even by avoiding water inside pool also

After fixing the fountain he added a water gun with huge force on the lit of globe nd he filled water onside pool in meanwhile he started arranging lights around nd he added lights inside the globe also under water

He got lot of roses pink nd hello nd red colour nd decorated then nd he filled roses nd rose petals inside the pool completely with the help of ladder by this his day completed its 5in evg he had not even had lunch so he left outside nd got lot of chocolates

Evg 6.40pm

Swara reached mm from office got fresh up she is in causal jumpsuit with hoodies t-shirt pink sanskar too got ready in swara fav pink shirt nd blue jeans

Raglak are in hospital only they will come late ngt due to a surgery so no disturbance 😉

Sanskar rushed to swara room

swara; sanskar you said ur going to party still ur in home

Sanskar: Swara come with me I had a surprise for u

Swara: Hooo wats really

Sanskar’ I will show you come fast

Sanskar took her to hall from her room where Shekhar Is present

Shekhar: Oh love birds where ur going in soo hurry

Swara: Woh surprise dad

Sanskar:(whispered) Chup karo idoit

Shekhar: Wt surprise

Sanskar: Woh its just a normal thing uncle

Shekhar: Oh really then say me na (swara got a ph call she left aside)

Sanskar: Its scerate uncle so Plz I will say tomorrow now only swara

Shekhar: Oh ok

Sanskar: Thanks uncle now bye they are about to run

Shekhar: Sanskar I wont stop you but kya ha na ur not yet married so conditions applied

Sanskar blushed ” I know nd our marriage is on card

Shekhar: Oh really then can i start my arrangement then

Sanskar: Tomorrow mrg we will confirm this ok

Swara still speaking in pH sanskar he left to pool side swara seen this she thought he is angry

so she rushed by throwing ph a side

Swara left too pool side sanskar silently came from back nd locked pool door

Swara is surprised to see the decoration she is fully surprised ” oh my love ”

full of colour full lighting around the area nd sanskar created a rose path from the pool side door towards the pool

Swara seen the pool which is full of roses nd roses petals are completely spreaded in pool nd in middle of pink rose petals there is sentence wrote with combination of yellow rose petals ND roses to that
” I ❤ u

“Are you ready to marry me ?

Swara closed her mouth in surprise

Sanskar by holding a small box wrapped in colour paper

” Are you ready to enter into new relation

“are you ready to be swara sanskar Maheshwari ”

“Are u ready to change or love into marriage”

Swara nodded in happy tears ” yes yessss I am always ready sanskar
she jumped in excitement ND hugged him

Sanskar: Take this then u will get ur surprise gift

swara is ove excited could nine by seeing his arrangement

sanskar; gud swara habve something you had not had anything na from afternun

swara; ho but i think you had not had anything from mrg na

sanskar nodded in yes nd noo

swara; oh my sweetheart how can u be so ha come we will have something first

After some cute talks sanskar asked swara to have dinner
sanskar spreaded lot of choclates on the table nd all her fav dishes

swara; oh my god this many choclates wow wow wowwwwwwwwwww

sanskar ; first dinner later this ok (both fed eachother

they both had dinner nd after some time

sanskar; i forgot don’t you want ur surprise open the box

Swara: Took the box nd opened it ) wts this sanskar remote wt remote is this

Sanskar: U will know but go to that side of pool nd once click it

Swara left to the other side of pool nd clicked the green button on remote nd the lit of globe got opened in force nd splashed out a heart shaped glass box it falls on swara arms directly before swara see the box the water gun splashed out water on her ND the blusters’ he added on either sides sprayed out rose petals like a shower

She is in shocked in surprise she is speechless to see his arrangement nd left the box nd its flooring on pool in rose petals

Swara : Sanskarrrrr wts this omg how many more surprises u planned

Sanskar: Hm not fixed yet where is ur box

Swara: Wt box

Sanskar: A glass box is there na

Swara; she checked every where in show him the box which Is flooding in b/w roses in water

Sanskar go ND open it

Swara wt me ah I don’t know swimming na

Sanskar i know kiddo so the water level is on ur height only

Swara hugged him in excitement ;[

Swasan falls on pool by losing balance

Swara got up from water : Arey sanskar come lets go

They slowly took baby steps nd went towards box

Swara took the box ND both got nd sat on edge of pool by placing there leg inside pool

Swara opened the box ND found mangalsutra

Swara: Sanskar mangalsutra ?

Sanskar: Yes it the one which represents me or love our relation
U need to carry this life long na so its precious for me so I specifically ordered in nd got It for you its all my earnings swara ND my everything belong to you swara

ND after our marriage u will be half of mine

Swara:( hugged him ND kissed him on cheeks ) I am really lucky to get a husband like you

Ur so supporting, understanding really I was the most luckiest girl in this world �

Sanskar : Even I am

Sanskar: I had a surprise for you swara come

Swara : Ha once again ah

Sanskar got down inside pool nd he lived swara inside pool they walked towards the globe 😉

Sanskar pulled swara inside water

Swara felt amazing by seeing the photos floating inside the globe in water with colour lights

Swara got up due to lack of breath inside water

Swara:(holded him ) Sa– sanskar

Sanskar: How is this last surprise swara

Swara: ( hugged him in happiness) sanskar I am speechless sanskar i can’t say anything now
Ur making everyone moment special

Sanskar: Ur special for me swaraaa
Swasan had a cute eyelock

Swara face is fully drenched in rose petals

swara seen the plaster on his forehead which is under his hair

swara; sanskar wt happened

sanskar; nthg swara while arranging this globe silgly hitted its not at all paining

swara; (placed her finger on his lips she stood up on her foot toes nd pulled him by his collar nd kissed him on forhead

ahem ahem

to be continued………………………

precap; romance hai yar love in floating na 😉

this ideaof surprise is practical idea i myself did it on my bestie anu last bday the happiness nd excitment in her eyes is amzing its priceless nd unforgettable thing in my life
she is frnd of life 🙂 ok cool nd you guys say me

how is my surprise plan guys share ur view fast ha 🙂


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