********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-65*****

recap; sanskar accident but swara saves him ,swasan shopping nd thrilling activities

********episode starts*********

sanskar drove to orphanage where once swara took him long back

swara is( surprised) ; orphanageeeee

sanskar; this children are missing you from 1yr

swara; (hugged him) sanskar how u remembered this place

sanskar; the every sec i spend with you is special nd precious for me so

swara;(she hugged him tight ) i love you i love you

sanskar; (hugged back by lifting her in hug) ha i love you more now come let goo

swasan left towards kids in orphanage

kids looked towards swasan nd runned towards them with lot of happiness they hugged her

sohan(7yrs old); swara di how are u we missed u so much

swara; (bent on kness) ho mee too sohan (kissed him)

swasan where enjoying with kids swara is playing with them happily while running nd jumping after a lot of time swara got tried nd she sat on bench in garden by eating chocolate with kids

sanskar is starring her lovely from some distance he is admiring her while she is busy in enjoying chocolate

sohan – bhai

sanskar; (lost in swara)

sohan; bhaiiiiiiii (sanskar thoughts got disturbed )

sanskar; ha bolo

sohan ; wt ur watch

sanskar ;woh ntg

sohan; ho really but ur eyes on my di na

sanskar; (shocked) she is ur bhabhi ok

sohan; babhi ha

sanskar; kissed on cheeks of a girl nd whispered go nd forward to ur di

sanvi left to swara nd kissed her cheeks

swara gave a surprise look sanvi shown sanskar who had turned otherside innocently

swara smiled by his childish act

she kissed back sanvi nd whispered “i love you if you want anything you can take directly

sanvi went nd said the same to sanskar

sanskar jumped in excitement by shoutinggggg “yahoooooooooooo’

swara seen his happiness “pagal hogaya meri sanskar ” she is smiling no no blushing by closing her eyes with her hand

after lot of time its utmost evg 5pm

swasan thought to leave place to mm
they said a bye to kids nd got on bike

sanskar is driving while swara sat on back silently by hugging him

sanskar; (while driving) swara where we will go now

swara; (resting her head on him ) ur wish anywhere u want

sanskar ; ho ok we will enjoy this ride only

swara; i like it

after going for lot of distance

Swasan reached a small lake

Sanskar ; shall we sit here for some time

Swara’ ha ok come it’s beautiful ‘

Swasan got down of bike nd they sat on the edge of lake nd swara leaned on sanskar shoulder nd playing with his fingers

Sanskar took some stones from his side nd gave to swara

Swara smiled by remembering there childhood

Swasan where throwing stones in the water nd measuring distance of them

Sanskar: Swara do you remember once u told me this when I am sad

Swara: Ha wat

Sanskar: Even a huge lake get disturbed by small stones in the same way we get disturbed by small incidents

swara gave a blank expression

sanskar; Even you in the same way swara
For me ur a lake even facing lot of disturbances the lake can be pleasant after few minutes

Then y cant you forget this nightmare nd start up newly

Sanskar ;(holding her hand ) Swara I know the things wt happened are really odd nd hard to but its not ur mistake
we both beared pain due to this misunderstandings its accidental
then y should we spoil our present nd further for this

and just tear our the page of sathvik from ur life he is in jail nd trust me you not needed to see him again in ur life

swara hugged sanskar in tears “i am sorry sanskar i am so sorry ”

sanskar; even in am sorry swara i dont like to see ur tears but now cry as much as u want but i need my swara as old confident with atitude

swara; (she feelt relaxed by his words ) ha ok i will come to office

sanskar; ur wish but come back as Hitler type ok

swara; (hitted his shoulder playfully ) i am hitler ah

sanskar; doubt ha shall i ask priya

swasan laughed a load


after sometime they both got up nd left towards bike

sanskar got a crazy idea

sanskar; swara y cant you ride this bike

swara; wtt me ah

sanskar; (stopped his bike aside ) swara you can try na

swara; oh hello i am not super women ok nd look at this bike its weight is twice more then me

sanskar; hoo ur car weight is in tonnes still ur driving na

swara; dont think such thing come lets go

sanskar; swara plz i will make you learn plz plz

swara; ok u need not to request this much

sanskar; acha ok get down

swara sat on front nd sanskar sat at back of her

sanskar now start the bike hold the accurater lightly don’t raise at a time nd this is break nd under ur feet you had gear
swara did as it is

sanskar; now slowly leave the break

swara did the same but she unable to balance it

sanskar; ok cool its first time only na let me help you

sanskar moved close to her nd placed his chin on her shoulders nd holded handle

swara could feel his closeness

sanskar; (whispered) shall we start

swara; wt

sanskar; woh drive darling

swara; (blushing ) ha ok

swara holded the bike handle nd sanskar placed his hands on swara

after lot of trials swara learned some far
sanskar left the handles nd swara is driving for herself

sanskar; wow swara u learned fast not bad it means i can enjoy from now

swara;(confused) wt it means

sanskar; i will show you wt it is (she wrapped his hands around her waist nd hugged swara which made swara struck )

swara; wt ur doing

sanskar; wt i did ha

swara; don’t you know take back ur hands from me

sanskar; (whispered) darling from mrg ur holding me like this do i said anything no naaa

then y ur saying this ha

swara; oh hello its different

sanskar ; no how can you say this ah you only said everyone are equal now ur cheating no no (he tightened his grip )

swara; (stopped bike ) arey sanskar we are on road not in ur room or my room ok

sanskar; (naughty smile) its a alone road only u nd me this stars

sanskar caressing her waist nd whispered in husky tone ” you know wat swara today is one of the most beautiful day i had in my life ”

swara ; even mine sanskar you made it special

swasan got down from bike its highway the left to corner of road its a huge curve from the clif they stood at corner edge

sanskar placed his hand on swara shoulder nd swara on his waist they are watching sky

sanskar; wt is ur wish swara

swara; ntg sanskar i just wanna freeze in this sec i just want you i want your love its enough

sanskar; even my wish is same (he hugged her from back )

swara; sanskar will you do a favour to me

sanskar; ha wt

swara; i wanna take revenge from rags

sanskar;(shocking ) wt rags ah ur di yar

swara; no duffer doctor rags she tried to do injection for me na even mrg she scared me

sanskar; its for ur health only na

swara; (angry) noo say me will you help me

sanskar; ha ok wt shall i do

swara; make her afraid like me she should get fever out of fear ok

sanskar;(thought for while ) ok done but i need time

swara; ok ur really gud then mee i love your pranks also

sanskar; (hugged her from back nd moved towards her cheeks nd whispered “i love ur childishness too ”

swara ;( sanskar breed is irritating her near her neck ) sanskaarrrr

sanskar; ha wt happened

swara; (shouted) can’t you have clean shave its messy na “anyway i am with you na y this devdas getup ha

sanskar; ho sry i forgot in busy

swara; (she turned to sanskar nd wrapped her hands around his neck ) oh finally my sanskar turned more busy even he not got time for himself not bad then wt about me
will you give me appointment for tommrow also

sanskar;(smile) my life is urs ntg is beyond you

swasan spended lot of time nd finally reached mansion


days passed swara changed as old but her fear is alive in her heart but she hidded it as she dont wanna spoil mood of sanskar
she started working she is going to office working as old

swasan closeness increased day by day

nd finally sanskar promise fulfilled swara is active as old nd its time to take his relation to next step i.e marriage

sanskar pov

finally my swara is perfect as my cute kiddo tomorrow i need marriage proposal it should be surprise nd thrilling
swara proposed you infront of our families daring ly then y can’t you do something new for her

sanskar plan something new it should rock her

finally sanskar got a idea …………….

sanskar left to poolside he seen the placed completely nd left to dp room

room ;
sanskar; dad i need a help from you

dp; ha wt

sanskar; i need keys

dp; wt keys u want anyways locker keys are with ur mom

sanskar; i dont need locker keys

dp; then wt you want say fast

sanskar;i need keys of poolside door

dp; its not locked na you can go

sanskar; i can go but you should not come so

dp;(shocked) wtt it mean

sanskar; woh dad i want the whole area of pool side for a day so plz

dp; (blank expression )for wat

sanskar; you want swara as ur bahu or nottttttttttt

dp; ya i want then

sanskar; so stop questing nd plz give keys

dp; wt realtion is b/w keys nd my bahu

sanskar; dad plz i cant say i will say you later but now stop asking this ok

dp; ok those keys are in cupboard take them

sanskar grabbed keys nd left to mitra mansion

screen freezes

precap; sanskar romantic confession nd sanskar horror prank on raglak

done this part i hope you like it i am not sure on this nd next part na i will make it utmost good with new ideas but after seeing ur response 😉

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