*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-64*****


recap; swara faints nd swasan romance nd Shekhar asks sanskar to marry swara nd take her away from country

********episode starts ******

mita mansion mrg 7 am

swara is sleeping peacefully by cupping herself in teddy sanskar came in with a cup of coffee

sanskar he plucked bedsheet nd whispered “gud mrg sweet heart ‘

swara is still sleepy

sanskar; (kissed her cheeks ) swaraaaa wake up

swara; is feeling it as dream so she is smiling in sleep

sanskar plucked her bed sheet completely nd tried to wake her up

swara opened her eyes with a jerk she seen sanskar nd shouted “sanskar ”

sanskar; ya its me

swara; it means its true u really kissed me

sanskar; yes i did

swara just touched him once to know its true or dream :oh you are real

sanskar; oh madam its true only stop day dreaming nd get ready fast

swara; arey y let me sleep some more time plz

sanskar; no swara i said na we will go on long drive so get up fast orelse cancel you sleep i will go to office

swara; (got up ) nooo i will come 1min plz plz

sanskar; take 10mins but come down fast but in jeans we are going on bike

swara; (excited ) bikeeee wow ok sure

sanskar; go now

swara runned inside washroom nd sanskar left to hall

30mins dinning hall ,
swara came down in causal jeans nd t-shirt with a normal hoddies as over coat

swara; sanskar shall we go

sanskar; no have breakfast first

swara; no yar lets goo

rags gave a look she just placed her hand on her bag

swara remebered her run to get rid of injection

swara; (mumered silently ) chi i hate doctor or police bcoz police will scare with revolvour nd this duffer doctor with injectios (she gave a angry look

rags ; wt you said now

swara; nothing ok eat its better for you

rags seen swara

swara; (scared ) woh y ur watching me ha i am not scared of you
i am ok (by saying this she sat on her chair nd took the plate of breakfast )

everyone laughed at her act

swara; y ur laughing ha i am too hungry i should take care of my health na so eating

rags; gud eat properly nd fully

swara did not turn her face she silently eat everything

sanskar; shall we goo

shekhar; where your going now

swara; (about to say ) longggg d….(sanskar closed her mouth )

sanskar; woh construction site uncle

swara; wt construction site

sanskar; (whispered ) shut up nd say wt i say ok

swara nodded

sanskar ; we are going to construction site too see how far work is completed

swara; (repeated same as sanskar said ) we are going to construction site too see how far work is completed

sanskar ; (whispered ) stop it dont talk plz

swara;(again repeated ) stop it don’t talk plz (everyone are shocked bcoz this words left to Shekhar )

Shekhar ; wt is this swara

sanskar; uncle i need to leave (he dragged swara out of mm )

sanskar; idoit wt you said to ur dad ha

swara; (innocently ) i did wt you said only na

sanskar ; oh great come lets go now

swasan got on bike nd snskar took her to contrustion site

swara; y you brought me here

sanskar; you said wt ever i do its ok na so come lets work

swara; (hitted him on shoulders) you idoit

Sanskar: No swara I had some urgent work so plz after completing this we will go

Sanskar left towards site nd there is small tent in construction site sanskar made her sit there nd left to see the work done

Swara felt bore after few minutes she

Sanskar left to his work
He intentionally bought swara there so, he is seeing her from a distance by talking with manager

Swara felt bored after sometime so she seen some files there
Those files are related to this contract only its has budget on this contract cost raw metrials nd all

Swara started reading it
She had seen the increase price of raw materials which is leading to huge loss

Swara: How can this happen wt kavitha is doing if it continues it lead to loss to the company more then 20crs
I need to talk to sanskar ND kavitha first

She left out of tent to meet sanskar

swara; sanskar wts this did you see this budget how ur doing it ha its leading to loss hugeee losss

sanskar; let me check once (sanskar seen the file )
its the new stock so i had not seen them from week

swara; how can you be so irresponsible

sanskar; (angry ) oh madam ji i am irresponsible ha
ok let me remain you miss.swara mitra its ur dutie ok ur the financial advisor nd auditor of this company
ur sleeping from 3months nd now you came nd questing me that i am irresponsible
nd nextly i am working hard still mistake happened its ur fault

swara ;(stood blank she know we he said is right its first time she left her responsibilities )

sanskar; (moved her ) oh madam dont think much you go nd contiue ur sleep i will check it ok

swara; no

sanskar; wt no ha

swara; woh i am sorry i will correct it

sanskar; oh really how…….. anyways i paid amount also nexttime we will be careful

swara; ok

sanskar; now you sit in tent i will come back

Sanskar is discussing about his project plan with engineers

Swara seen sanskar ND shouted out loud sanskaarrrr

The concert is forwarded to top floor by mini crane conected with a huge trolley
suddenly its cable got broken

The trolley of concert had lost its grip from crane nd it started falling from height of 50mtrs nd sanskar Is under it

Sanskar is not seen it ND he is busy in work

Swara rushed in nick of time ND in secs she pulled him aside ND the trolley had called on ground with huge sound everyone are shocked

swasan fallen on ground in force

Swara ‘ ( crying) :'( sanskar ur fine ur fine na

Sanskar:( shocked) ha I am but

Swara:( hugged him) wt the hell ur doing can’t you see properly :'(

Sanskar: Ha how it fallen

Swara: How would I know I seen it now only
I shouted but your no hearing

Sanskar:( hugged) its ok swara I am fine you relax

Sanskar: Get some water

Managers got water sanskar made swara to drink them

Manager: Ur really lucky sir

Engineer: Yes sir its a huge accident by ur luck you got saved in nick of time

Sanskar:( smiled) my luck is my swara only …….untill she is with me ntg will happen to me
She won’t let also

Swasan had cute eyelock

swara is still crying (they both sat on mud only )

sanskar; you guys get back to work now i will see you tommrow

everyone left

sanskar; swara come we will go out now

swara; where ah

sanskar ; long drive

swara; wt now ah no i wont

sanskar; no no noo come na

swara; arey idoit cant you see our clothes are dirty now how can we go like this haa

sanskar; oh ok i will set come na (he got up from ground nd gave hand to swara)

swara nd sanskar left to shopping mall


site a person is talking in ph

unknown person; how our plan filed agian how

person2; sanskar is lucky again swara saved him

person 1; now wt shall i say to our boss

person2; ur i dont know but plz take a break to kill him orelse we may die

person1; yes i am also thinking it
ok better be carefull we will think other plan

person 2; ok done

shopping mall

sanskar; swara come lets shop now …..you buy for me …nd i will get for you …….

swara; ok sure 15 mins we will meet in same place

sanskar; ha only 5mins fast go na

swara; ok (both left to shop on there respective places )

sanskar selected a causal black jeans nd a pink t-shirt with matching overcoat nd sport shoes for swara

where as swara is confused so she got black jeans nd red t-shirt nd causal white shirt too

after 20mins both meat each other

sanskar (gave her dress ) go nd change fast

swara; ha take this nd i got 2 shirts as i am confused

swasan left to change sanskar liked both so he wore red shirt nd on top he used white shirt to like overcoat

swara; sanskar ur wearing 2 shirts

sanskar; ha i like everything you get

swara; acha ur flirting with me

sanskar;(teasingly) y cant i flirt with my love ha

swara;i had already fallen na

sanskar; oh my gudness ok its 2 lets have our lunch nd we will go ok

they both left to lunch

in restaurant ,

swasan gave a order nd had there lunch nd finally took the bill its 1999/-

sanskar; y u left 1 rupee ah discount ha

waiter ; (smiles ) ha sir

sanskar; gud you leave now (waiter left by placing bill on table )

sanskar; swara do you want thrill

swara; wt thrill ha

sanskar; swara we will skip the bill now we will get it ok

swara; (shocked) wt are you serious how can we ha nooo noo its not fare

sanskar; arey kiddo listen it will be awesome just imagine we are running nd this waiters nd owner on our back wah its will be funny

swara; (she too felt its thrilling idea ) ok but how

sanskar ;let me (he placed amount of 30 rs)

swara; y u kept 30 ha

sanskar ; woh its accual amount i will explain
1999 = 1+9+9+9=28+2 (i gave them tip ) so 30 rupess finally

swara; laughed a loud

sanskar; shuuu now take ur phone lets start 1..2…..3….run (he shouted )

both run out of hotel nd left on there bike
nd waiter came nd seen the 30 rupees nd shocked swasan rocked

***to be contiued ******

precap; long drive continued nd swara starts to work in office again sanskar surprise for swara

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