*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-62*****


recap; swasan safe nd swara fear of sathvik

****episode starts *******

raglak hospital; ICU

swara is still in fear sanskar tried to make her normal

sanskar; inspector if you don’t mine we will give statement after 2days plz leave (everyone left only rags swsan left )

sanskar; (swara is clutching his shirt nd she is still wiping ) swara u seen this

swara; (innocently starred at him) ha wat

sanskar; see we both are wearing same colour of dress (hospital patient uniform;-) ) same pinch swara

swara;( laughed in tears) same pinch chocolate

sanskar; ha i will give you for sure darling nd by the way my shirt has no buttons now then wt ur trying to pluck

swara laughed nd hitted him on shoulder playfully raglak are happy by seeing them happy

Lucky : Ahem ahem I think u need rest now after few days you do this things ok

Rags: No lucky may be my devar is romantic let them we will leave

Sanskar ND swara blushing she hidded her face

Sanskar: Stop it u both

Rags: Ok we got something for you to give raglak gives there bracelets

Sanskar took it ND placed I on swara right hand

swara whispered” how you got it its on my hand only na ”

Woh its magic nd swara gave him same kind of bracelet ” I got it for you ”

Sanskar: I love you swara

Swara: I love you too
Sanskar: Love you three

Swara: ( smile) Love you four

Sanskar: Love you infinity they hugged eachother nd slept

Raglak are happy 🙂


Days passed utmost three month completed

sathvik is in jail he got imprisonment for 2yrs

Everything changed sanskar turned responsible he is working on flyover contract

But swara she is still in shock she is always staying alone whole day not even going for office but she is daily spending lot of time with sanskar they are talking for hours nd hours
even in office sanskar is connected in ph always

Sanskar is trying hard to divert her but still she is feeling guilty that she is reason for everything

Finally sanskar decided to change her mood anyway nd make her old confident nd independent girl

Swara is stting on bed ND reading a book

Sanskar: ( sat beside her ) Swara will you come to office tomorrow

Swara:( nodded no )

Sanskar: Ho its bad yar its utmost 3 month y ur hidding from world ha

Swara: No I am not interested

Sanskar: Ok come for a hour u need to sign some files too kavitha said me

Swara: Oh sent them to home I will sign

Sanskar: Oh miss. Auditor u need to inspect too

Swara: No yar sanskar i don’t wanna come plz ( crying but hiding her tears)

Sanskar: Swara look at me once

Swara is not reacting but she shouted” I dont wanna come office ND all just leave me alone”

Shekhar heard her words he came towards swasan room

Shekhar: Wts happening here

Swara’ not rly anything

Sanskar : Nothing uncle we are just talking

Shekhar:( upset by swara behaviour so he just said angrily) swara ur the auditor of m nd m group so leave is not extended more then 3 months nd ur health is perfect now

Swara: No I wont come

Shekhar:( shouted) its final ur comming to office from tomorrow its my order

Swara 🙁 cried ND left to terrace :'(

Sanskar : Uncle wts this she is sensitive y u shouted on her she is kid na

Shekhar: Ha sanskar it wrong but she is not listening when we ask normally na
We need to change her fast orelse we may lose her

Sanskar: Ha ur also right ok I will talk to her once 🙁

Sanskar rushed to terrace he seen swara crying

Sanskar : ( placed his hand on swara shoulder whispered) swaraaaa

Swara turned nd seen sanskar in teary eyes :'( she hugged him

Sanskar : Warped his hands around her by caressing her hair ” swaraa

Swara: ( crying badly ) sanskar no one are understanding me I don’t wanna work plz at least you listen na
I cant I cant

Sanskar : Oh gud dont come ok

Swara:( rised her head while hugging only) really

Sanskar : Hugged her tight swara here noone are ordering you ok

Swara felt happy but she is still crying

Sanskar : So swara darling wt ur planning to do in home ah whole day ND you know in office me kavitha nd priya are enjoying fully but I am missing you
Its ok you don’t wanna come na its ok
I will enjoy with them only

Swara:( angry look ) really

Sanskar : Ha we are having more fun bcoz our miss perfect is off na so no rules we are free

Swara: Ho let it be

Sanskar : Ok swara I will also stop office ND all whole day we will stay together
I will say dad I wont do this flyover contract

Swara:( remembered her confession to dp nd both families) no sanskar you can do it

Sanskar : Oh then y cant you come office

Swara is quite

Sanskar : Answer na swara ” your saying me to be responsible then wt about you ”

Swara know wt sanskar said is right but she is scared to meet world

Swara: But sanskar

Sanskar: But wt ntg swara ur coming plz I will be with you na Pl come plz

Swara : Ok but you should not leave me

Sanskar: Ok madam at ur service my princess

Swara: 🙂 ok done

Next day swasan rushed to office in same car

Swara entered office everyone are happy as that are seeing her after 3months break they wished her with smile:-)

Swara is nervous she know this ppl she visited this place lot of times still its new today she tightly holded sanskar hand ND she gave a causal smile to staff 🙂

Sanskar: Gud mrg guys have a nice day

He took swara to his cabin

They sat on couch nd they had some silly talk meanwhile kavitha arrived

Kavitha: Hey swara darling how are you missed you like hell

Swara:( hugged her ) am gud y ur missing me ah u meet me in home na

Kavitha: Ha ha 😉 but office work na its burden if u start working I can enjoy na 😉

Swara laughed out ” u idiot always enjoyment”

Kavitha: Ha I need time na to get my prince charming

Swara: Ha ha search fast

Kavitha: You know if ur late I used to line sanskar on my way 😉

Swara : Ho really ( gave a look at sanskar)

Sanskar : No behana y ur saying this ha that too for ur babhi

Kavitha: You idiot stop calling me behana ok I am not ur sister

Swasan laughed out by seeing her angry

Kavitha: Ur laughing I hate you both

Swara: Acha ok I can take leave I think

Kavitha: No no wait I hate sanskar only then
You Pl help me 😉

Sanskar: Oh great you hate this company director ur girls are bad

Kavitha: Ho i said be my bf but you said brother

So i hate you bhaiyya ( swara ND kavitha left sanskar )

Swara started reading files she seen the last three months quarterly report

After she worked upto 4hrs she felt restless

Sanskar came to her

Sanskar: Swara shall we have our lunch

Swara: No sanskar my head is paining i cant come

Sanskar : Ho no better take rest for some time plz

Sanskar made her sleep on couch nd he sat beside her by caressing her head lovely

Swara slept on his laps

After 30mins sanskar got a call he slowly placed her head on couch nd left to attend call

It’s a call from site its emergency so he left to construction site

Swara got a dream that someone are chasing sanskar to kill him
Got up with a jerk she shouted it fear � sanskar sanskar

She seen whole cabin but she couldn’t find sanskar she is fully sweated in fear

She came out of there cabin nd started searching him
Everyone are shocked to see swara in such a way

She is so nervous she is madly crying for sanskar :'(

Shekhar nd dp came out of there cabin nd seen swara
They tried to convince her but no use she is not able to hear anyone the only person she wanna see is sanskar

Shekhar: Swara cool down sanskar is here only he will come soon plz

Swara:( crying :'() I want my sanskar dad I want him dad

Meanwhile sanskar entered office he is shocked to see everyone surrounded in centre of office he rushed inside

As soon as swara seen sanskar he runned nd hugged him hard in tears :'(

Sanskar: Swara y ur crying :'( sanskar too crying by seeing her pain

Swara crying while hugging him

Sanskar couldn’t speak anything but in meanwhile swara fainted in shock in embrace of sanskar itself

Screen freezed on shocking faces of Shekhar,dp,sanskar

Precap: Shekhar asks sanskar to marry swara ND take her away from this country

( guys I know you my been guessing something but I shown different na ha ha 😉 relax break for shocks nd reopening for surprises just enjoy it 😉

Plz leave your valuable comments it helps me to give my best 🙂 )


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