*********** #TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-60*****


(thanksalot for your response nd nextly i am sorry for making you emotional even we writers feel the same while writing
now coming to ff have your seat nd start reading 😉

recap; sathvik evilness towards swasan

******episode starts *******

Sathvik 🙁 cluched her hair nd made her stand )

U can’t leave ah I am here na I will show you how to live

Sanskar:( painful tone ) sathvik Pl leave her she is innocent :'(

Sathvik: Ho no sanskar he hugged swara from back nd tighten grip around her waist

” its amazing ur smelling gud ”

Swara:( felt disgusting tried to free herself)
Sathvik: Don’t move I hate it anyways I had not started anything now
Swara: ( tears are continuously flowing ) sathvik Plz leave me.

sathvik; tried to remove her jacket but she hoded it tight “remove ur hand swara ”

swara stepped on his foot nd pushed him with force but in meanwhile sathvik dragged her jacket

sathvik; swara don’t react much orelse you need to face more

swara; (crying badly )plz stop it sathvik plz :'(

Sathvik : (back hugged her by resting his chin on swara shoulders ) How you feeling now sanskar I was romancing with ur love in front of you

Sanskar starred in helpless ness blood is flowing out from his head nd were as swara is struggling to get free from his disgusting touch :'(

Sanskar answer na once how dare you swara to insult me always nd ur called me bhai
Look at my face am I seems to be like ur bhai
No girl dared to call me so u did it
Ur the one I thought to get in my life but you are trying to run away its too bad swara

Swara; (crying :'( ) sathvik I am sorry to hurt you but plz understand I love sanskar:'(

sathvik; (y ur struggling swara even sanskar forced you lot of times na

swara; (pushed him with a force in angry ) dont you dare to raise a word on sanskar :'(
(shouted ) ha sanskar is not cheap like you
wtever he did its all in funny way he never tortured me like you
he got lot of chances to cross his limits but he never did anything without my will
he never behaved so cruel like you
he never hurted anyone in his whole life

sathvik; (pulled her towards him) stop ittt he is gud boy but i am bad boy (he just starred her top to bottom )

in meanwhile he seen mobile in swara jeans pocket sathvik dragged her mobile from her pocket swara is shocked to see this as she is recording everything wt sathvik spoke out

sathvik; (angry twisted her hand ) ur acting smart swara mitra i warned you not to do this but still you acted smart

swara gulped in fear hell scared

sathvik proked the phone into pics ) “u will pay for ur mistake too

swara; (scared) sathvik plz leave as plz :'(

sathvik; ho really let me see go (he left her free swara just runned to sanskar who is fallen on floor ) :'(

swara; (placed sanskar head on her laps she took hand kerchief nd started cleaning his head to stop bleeding in tears :'( ) sanskar rrr plz get up sanskarr :'(:'(:'(

sanskar is half conscious he just staring swara in pain :'(

sathvik; (evil smile ) swara stop crying

sanskar ; (whispered ) no plz sathvik leave her :'(

sathvik ; swara say me arey you marrying me today here

swara; (shocked) noooooooooo 🙁

sathvik; (took the hockey stick back nd hitted sanskar on his forhead ) now say me :'(

swara; (shouted out ) stop it sathvik (she is crying by sitting :'(beside him )

sanskar utmost fainted :'(
sathvik; now say don’t you do wt i say

swara; sathvik plz stop this :'(:'(

sanskar on floor he is unconscious blood is oozed out from his head(swara is crying by waking him up “sanskar sanskar utoo’ :'(

sathvik ; (pointed gun towards sanskar) now say me shall i or will youuu

swara; (shouted in tears ) ah kill him

sathvik; (shocked) wt shall i kill ur sanskar ;]

swara; (shouted out ) ha kill him “sanskar ko marnado “:'(

sathvik ; sure in will kill him (he pulled the trigger )

swara; kill him or else he will kill you for sure :'(:'(
(angry in tears she shouted) he is ur death sathvik ,if he is alive he will definitely kill you so better kill him when he is week

sathvik;he miss fired the bullet due to shock to see her confidence on sanskar even in such a position ) he will kill me ah ok lets see who will win
look at him he is semi-conscious nd in 10 mins he will get dropped to coma in 40mins he will die due to blood lose
so y should i waste my bullet
so come on i will give him grand sendoff to ur Aashiqui

swara gave a blank expression :'(

sathvik; (lusty eyes) we will marry later first we will have our suhgraat

swara gulped in fear she crawled back on floor:(:'(:-(:'(

sathvik ; walked towards sanskar ) sanskar u heard na wt i said (he whispered in sanskar ears )
“i gonna spoil ur life,ur dream,ur everything now ur life is under my foot mr.sanskar Maheshwari ”

sanskar is lifeless he is unable to react as he is not in sense due to over bleeding from his head tears of helplessnss are flooding out from his half opened eyes :'(

sathvik;(evil tone ) you wanna say something sanskar no na so lets watch

swara is holding sanskar shirt her” s s”bracelet had strucked in his shirt sathvik dragged her other hand where as her bracelet got separated from her hand its attached to sanskar shirt on his pocket :'(
sathvik is pulling her but still swara is holding sanskar hand :'(
she don’t wanna leave him
sathvik pulled her swara left sanskar hand in force

swara; (crying:'() y ur doing this sathvik wt i had done to you sathvik
plz leave as plz

sathvik; no i can’t leave you so easily

sathvik moved close towards her swara just pushed him nd started running her nd there she climbed the steeps nd moved into a room but in nick of time sathvik caught her nd trowed her on bed

swara; (scared cring badly ) plz stop there sathvik

sathvik; (moving close to swara by throwing his blazer aside ) I cant stop its already late

swara; sathvik no plz

sathvik; (evilly) even sanskar is no more i can have you now

swara; (scared nd crying vigorously ) i hate you sathvik i hate you :'(

sathvik; its ok hate mee but i want you (he moved close towards her) )

swara ; satvik just get lost don’t you dare to take one more step

sathvik; (evil smile ) wt you will ah say ur face is showing ur helplessness

swara; plz stop it sathvik i just love sanskar plz leave mee plz :'(:'(

sathvik; i will leave but after completing my work now stop it nd let me enjoy (he pulled swara towards him nd came on top of her )

Swara just hitted her legs to moved from him but he holded her hard :'(

Sathvik: Dont struggle today ur mine I will do wtever I want

Swara:( cried in fear :'( ) sathvik plz leave me plz

Sathvik is heartless I ignored her tears nd leaned towards her lustfully

Swara pushing him with her hands but he is strong
Swara understood that her trials are in vein she cant stop this vamp now :'(

She remembered every incident happened in her life the misunderstandings they faced due to sathvik :'(

Tears are rolling from her eyes
Nd she remembers Sanskar is unconscious about to die nd sathvik wont live him or her :'(:'(

She lost all her hopes on life but for last time she pushed him with a force when he tried to kiss her she slapped him hard

Sathvik came back in same force nd slapped her by clutching her hair ” I said na don’t frustrate me u will see worst ”

Swara seen the gun on his pant pocket

swara pushed him aside nd dragged the gun from sathvik nd pointed towards herself

sathvik; (shocked) wt ur doing swara give me the gun

Swara: No I wont :'(

Sathvik: No swara give it see I moved back give na

swara; once i trusted you its like stabbing myself :'(
i thought you as my frnd but i am wrong
so i cant do same mistake again
i said you many times i love sanskar but you never cared “i love sanskar i cant live without him i cant
he always loved me unconditionally but i am fool i belived you on that day if not we used to be one
its all my mistake so i was doing this
(pointed gun towards her ) if anyone wanna marry me or touch me it should be sanskar only sanskar :'(

sathvik was shocked by her confession

swara;( stammering tone) “swara is for sanskar only for sanskar, if sanskar is no more then swara can’t leave anymore ”

“hum saath mai jeena nahi toh kya hua saath mai marjavugi ”
she pulled the trigger nd shoot the bullet living with him or dying

screen freezed on shocking face of sathvik


(thanks alot guys ur support is amazing i never expected this much response on my ff nd nextly i accept still story is left but its just a opinion not a final decision is ur i can accept anything nd plz don’t think its blackmail,Gmail or yahoo 😉 plz don’t think that i am thinking to end bcoz of low response nd all
when i get low response i just feel may be i wrote bad i may not deserve it nd specially i respect my regular commenters alot bcoz they are supporting me in every way
now you guys say me can i end it or else you want me write more
if u choose write more you need to bear shock once at end of my ff time
so say me fast wt your answer by that i can write next epilogue or part -61


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