************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-59*****


(thanksalot for ur response its really amazing nd nextly i liked ur every comment then i thought to say you that ” i am innocent wt every is going on its all sathvik doing not mee πŸ˜‰ nd keep encourging me no more class )

RECAP; swara knows about sanskar accident nd sathvik true face

*****episode statrts****

place; sathvik farm house

Swara: Plz sathvik I love sanskar
So plz forget me ND leave sanskar

Sathvik:( shouted in angry) no I won’t leave you nor sanskar

You know what swara i firstly seen you on tv went you did a presentation in Delhi on seminar nd dad said me ur details

Then only i had fixed i need to marry you so i had made partner ship with m nd m group

nd you know y i like you

swara gave blank expression

sathvik; i won’t believe this love nd all i believe in money nd fame nd ur only girl i found both in single person
nd plus ur beautiful ,ur highly qualified nd rich
if i marry you i can get all na
so i want you i think its lust with perk (i.e extra benefits )

I thought to make you fall for me but this stupid sanskar came in middle ND spoiled my plan nd everything

Swara: ( got up nd shouted ) u came in middle sathvik
I love sanskar from my childhood we both cant are born for eachother

Sathvik:( again slapped her ) don’t you dare to say again “ur mine only mine ”

Swara gulped in fear :-\

Sathvik: Forget your sanskar bcoz I gonna kill him

Swara:( tears scared ) no sathvik plz ur not doing anything like that plz

Sathvik:( evil smirk) no swara I can’t live him alive I tried to kill him once but he got saved now I won’t let him leave

Swara is shocked to here this sentence ( I already tried means you you

Sathvik: Yes I only did the accident NoW u can see live how I will kill him

Swara: No sathvik y ur talking so curel

Sathvik: Wt me ah I tried hard to make it cool ND soft
So I created misunderstandings between you both on ur bday nd in kearla too still I failed

Swara shocked to know all truth

Sathvik: I tried hard to make you settle in London nd I thought I can get you
But you avoid Ed me its too bad

Swara: How can you play with my life sathvik

Sathvik: Bcoz I want you


Raglak are worried by swara behaviour they called sanskar

Sanskar answered the call
Sanskar : Ha Rags

Ragini: Sanskar do swara talked to you

Sanskar : No I am in construction site y

Raglak said swara strange behaviour

Sanskar:( shocked) wt you both said to her

Rags : Woh we talked about ur accident

Sanskar: Ho no she knew the truth

Raglak ” wt it means ”

Sanskar: She don’t know about my accident she may be depressed now let me search her first you call to home nd ask them

Sanskar ended call nd dailed swara num but it has no signal

He is thinking continuous nd he got idea of watch gps
He opened his laptop nd traced her its atmost signed him to city outskirts he started his car nd drove towards the place

Back to sathvik farmhouse πŸ™

Swara:crying badly sathvik plz say me where is sanskar

Sathvik: Sanskar ah in construction site only swara I just trapped you

Swara is numb she herself got tarpped on his plan


Before sathvik calling swara
Sathvik purchased the manager of sanskar in construction site

Manager left to sanskar ND took his pH by saying sanskar that ” he need to do a call”

Sanskar innocently gave pH
ND unknown person who answered swara is the manager I.e sathvik man

Swara believe sathvik nd came to his place on search of sanskar

Flash back end

Sathvik: So ur in my place darling

Swara:( scared ) how can you do this sathvik

Sathvik: I had not yet did anything if I do so u used to be fainted

Swara: Sathvik Pl leave me plz

Sathvik: No darling

Swara: Wt the hell you want sathvik

Sathvik: Ha ha I want you

Swara gave a blank expression

Sathvik with a smirk: You know swara i controlled my feeling all those days
But not there is no one to stop me from touching you
( he caressed her cheeks sensuously)

Swara jerked him in disguise

Sathvik: Oh ur feeling bad ah say me this sanskar kissed you na on that day i seen it
You all romance na day nd night
Did you crossed ur all limits with him

Swara:( tears rolled out of helplessness)

Sathvik: Say na do he touched you ( he slowly slidded her jacket nd caressed her arms )

Swara just slapped him ND shouted in tears ” no sathvik sanskar is not a animal like you
He love me he is not cheap like you ”

Sathvik πŸ™ ragged in angry he clutched her hair )
Wt the hell you think of me i am animal for you

Swara:( yelling in pain) yes ur are ur a vamp ( she tried to losen from his grip but couldn’t)

Sathvik: (He threw her on couch) i will make ur ever wish true

swara is crying badly

sathvik; (evil smile) arey darling y ur crying i just said truth na

swara; you bl**dy vamp u will pay back for everything

sathvik; oh really will think it later first do wt i say
meanwhile sanskar entered in full angry swara ran to him nd hugged him

swara; (crying ) sanskar see wt this stupid is saying

sanskar broken the hug Sanskar caressed her face “are you ok swara ”
after few minutes he relised everything nd gave a tight slap to swara

which made swara ND sathvik shock

Sanskar: How many times i said you not trust this crowd
Y swara ,y your doing this again nd again
he is very bad swara
I said you na don’t go anywhere without informing me but u again ignored me

Swara:( tears she fallen down on her knees ) i am sorry sanskar:'(:'( plz forgive me i am bad i am so bad :'(

Sanskar made her get up ND hugged her its ok forget it i am here na

Sathvik: Oh lovebirds if ur romance is completed i will start my revenge

Sanskar moved swara aside nd stood in front of sathvik

Sanskar: Finally ur true face is out I am happy

Sathvik: But I won

Sanskar: Wt

Sathvik holder his collar nd shouted ” I will drag ur swara from you ”

Sanskar: (shouted in angry) I won’t let u touch her shadow also

Sathvik: Oh really

Sanskar ND sathvik got on fight they both are fighting with each other sanskar hitted sathvik on his face sathvik fallen down still sanskar is betting him badly

swara (seen something nd shouted out”sanskarrrrrrr”

In that same time someone hitted sanskar on his head and sanskar holded his head nd he fallen on floor but he is conscious

Swara seen the person who hitted sanskar its the same goons who hurted her nd sanskar on that ngt on club

Swara tried to make sanskar get up but sathvik shouted” hold her ”

ND goons hold swara both hands firmly but tight

Swara is struggling to get free

Sanskar : (Shouted in pain)swara Plz go out from here run

Sathvik( evil smile ) no she cant I won’t let her

swara; sathvik how can you do this nd this goons

sathvik;(evil smile) oh they are my man on that ngt i only sented them to teach a lesson but this sanskar spoiled it again

swara nd sanskar are shocked

Sathvik made sanskar stand nd he took a hockey stick nd beaten him badly sanskar fallen on his knees

Sathvik gave a victory smile ” ur watching na swara how your love is falling ”

Swara: (crying pleasingly) Plz leave my sanskar Plz if you have angry on me plz you kill me
Plz sathvik I beg you kill me instead of him

Sanskar fallen on floor

Swara bitten the hand of that goon nd rushed towards sanskar ” sanskar sanskar” she is crying badly :'(

Sanskar I can’t leave without u plz don’t

Sathvik πŸ™ cluched her hair nd made her stand )

U can’t leave ah I am here na I will show you how to live

Sanskar:( painful tone ) sathvik Pl leave her she is innocent :'(

Sathvik: Ho no sanskar he hugged swara from back nd tighten grip around her waist

” its amazing ur smelling gud ”

Swara:( felt disgusting tried to free herself)
Sathvik: Don’t move I hate it anyways I had not started anything now
Swara: ( tears are continuously flowing ) sathvik Plz leave me.

sathvik; tried to remove her jacket but she hoded it tight “remove ur hand swara ”

swara stepped on his foot nd pushed him with force but in meanwhile sathvik dragged her jacket

sathvik; swara don’t react much orelse you need to face more

swara; (crying badly )plz stop it sathvik plz

Sathvik : (back hugged her by resting his chin on swara shoulders ) How you feeling now sanskar I was romancing with ur love in front of you

Sanskar starred in helpless ness blood is flowing out from his head nd were as swara is struggling to get free from his disgusting touch

Precap; maph karo par again shock bada shockk (voltage will be decided after ur response )

Done this part with lot of tough but still ur reading my note it means ur not fainted out in shock so plz say me ur feeling in comment box nd wait for next shock get ready with tissues ND buckets you have to cry more πŸ˜‰


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  15. Hey, i am commenting for the first time and your ff forced me to comment. I truly love your ff and your writing. How you portray everything seems well-written. I just have one concern or you can call it a question – i know that swasan love each other a lot but how you portraying sanskar’s love seems like an obsession or over possessiveness. i mean how can he just slap or take out all his anger on her. it seems like he is abusing her in the name of love. But overall i love your ff a lot πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ <3 <3 i hope you don't mind

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      thanks for breaking ur silence sanya i am glad ur loving my work

      coming to ur question sanskar is different person in my ff his only obsession is swara so he is possessive too nd coming to slap he gave to swara he is too right from his point of view
      bcoz swara without having second thought she came to such a lonely place on trap of sathvik
      on fear of losing her he did it πŸ™‚

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