************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-58*****


RECAP; swara knows about sanskar accident

*****episode statrts****

scene1, raglak hospital

Lucky: Oh it I had done surgery na a year back

Swara:( shocked nd confused) wt surgery for wt

Lucky: He meet accident na on ur bday so he dropped to coma after surgery only he came out

ND by the way you know this na how you forget such a big thing

We just utmost died by that

Swara is shocked she is numb

Swara: sanskar had meet a accident but I don’t know it :'(

(she remembers everything of that day sathvik conversation nd all )

swara ; holded her head ) oh no how selfish i amm (she cried badly )

raglak where shocked to see swara break down

Ragini: Swara kya Hua y ur crying 🙁

Swara: ( crying vigorously) I am so bad sanskar

Raglak : Are shocked ) wt happened swara

In meanwhile swara got a phone call its sathvik

Swara attended the call she came aside

Swara: Hello

Sathvik: Hi swara mitra how are you

Swara : ( angry in tears ) sathvik u bl**dy vamp

Sathvik( evil smirk) don’t call me vamp i need to talk to you come to my farm house

swara; how dare you u stupid hell i know everything now y u lied to me about sanskar accident

sathvik; oh no you knew it

swara; i know everything but i want ur answer

sathvik; ho ok i will then if you come

swara; (angry) no i wont u only come to office

sathvik; ur smart ha not bad but if you want sanskar come to me orelse chodo (leave)

swara; (shocked) sanskarrr

sathvik; ha sanskar only i took him here only so come na

swara; i won’t trust you

sathvik ; ok call sanskar nd confirm it

swara dialled sanskar num but its switched off she dialled for thrice but no use her tears are continously flowing

suddenly she got call from sanskar num

swara; sanskar ur fine na

unknown person; its not sanskar we found this mobile on mumbai highway can you plz collect this ph

swara; (shocked) wt ,, can you plz say correct land mark of place (he said address swara ended call )

swara remebered its the place away from city on way to sathvik farm house she never visited but she know it

swara shocked she called sathvik back

sathvik; (evil tone) do he answered no na so better believe me

swara; (crying ) y ur doing all this sathvik

sathvik; arey chup don’t cry raglak may know it

swara; (shocked) how you know i am, with them

sathvik; i know everything now stop wasting time nd come orelse ur sanskar will be late sanskar so hurry up

swara ; sathvik plz

sathvik; swara u can talk directly na so clear your tears nd come fast nd drop ur phone in hospital only by deleting contact list or else you know na i am not gud (ended the call )

swara ; (cleared her tears nd deleted contact list placed the phone in bag nd about to leave )

rags; swara where ur going wt happened

swara; (avoided eye contact ) i had important meeting now cu later

she runned out of there by grabbing her car keys she drove to said address while driving she seen the watch on her left hand


two day back on terrace swasan where having silly conversation

sanskar ; swara close your eyes once

swara; y

sanskar close na you will know

sansar took an box nd placed it on swara hand “open ur eyes nd open it ”

swara opened it (its a gold watch studded with diamonds its worth is more then 3lakhs )

swara; sanskar its more expensive na

sanskar; not expensive then you sweet heart

swara; are you used ur complete earing just for mee

sanskar; ha only one month na from next month i will save for or further plan

swara; ho really then gud

sanskar; swara but have this watch 24/7 with you on ur hand orelse in ur bag plz dont forget it

swara; y is there any secret in watch

sanskar; yes it has GPS

swara; y gps

sanskar; its for safety plz stop questing nd say me before you go anywhere out of town i will come with you

swara; but y ur taking this many precautions

sanskar ; stop questions nd plz follow wt i say

swara hugged him i love you sanskar nd don’t get any thoughts wtever happens we will be one

flashback ends

swara is crying badly by remembering sanskar she drived rash towards sathvik farm house it away from mumbai on city outskirts

Swara got down from car nd rashed inside farmhouse its dark

Swara peeded into farm house nd called no shouted” sanskar sanskar sanskar”

Suddenly a voice came from back ” welcome to my palace swara mitra

Swara turned back in fear nd whispered” sathvik”

Yes its vamp sathvik

Sathvik : Yes its me sathvik varma

Swara: Where is sanskar

Sathvik: Sanskar he is here only

Swara: Ha show me where is he I wanna meet him
I wanna see him

Sathvik: Oh really but before that I need something

Swara:( scared) wt you want ha

Sathvik: You only swara

Swara gave blank expression

Sathvik: (With evil smirk” nd lusty eyes ) yes I want you

Before sathvik completing his sentence he felt pain on his check bcoz swara slapped him hard

Swara: How dare you to talk such rubbish

Sathvik slapped her back with a force she fallen on couch by that
Blood is oozed out from corner of her lips

Swara is shocked nd scared to by seeing him :'(

Sathvik:( by crushing her checks) don’t you dare to slap me again
Now its my time I will give you answers for every insult you did with me swara mitra

Swara: ( pleasingly) sathvik wt the thing I did its just happened bcoz of you

Sathvik:( evil smile) my mistake yes its all my mistake only

Swara: Plz sathvik I love sanskar
So plz forget me ND leave sanskar

Sathvik:( shouted in angry) no I won’t leave you nor sanskar

You know what swara i firstly seen you on tv went you did a presentation in Delhi on seminar nd dad said me ur details

Then only i had fixed i need to marry you so i had made partner ship with m nd m group

nd you know y i like you

swara gave blank expression

sathvik; i wont belive this love nd all i belive in money nd fame nd ur only girl i found both in single person
nd plus ur beautiful ,ur highly qualified nd rich
if i marry you i can get all na
so i want you i think its lust with perk (i.e extra benefits )

I thought to make you fall for me but this stupid sanskar came in middle ND spoiled my plan nd everything

Swara: ( got up nd shouted ) u came in middle sathvik
I love sanskar from my childhood we both cant are born for eachother

Sathvik:( again slapped her ) don’t you dare to say again “ur mine only mine ”

Swara gulped in fear :-\

Sathvik: Forget your sanskar bcoz I gonna kill him

Swara:( tears scared ) no sathvik plz ur not doing anything like that plz

Sathvik:( evil smirk) no swara I cant live him alive I tried to kill him once but he got saved now I won’t let him leave

Swara is shocked to here this sentence ( I already tried means you you

Sathvik: Yes I only did the accident NoW u can see live how I will kill him

Screen freeze on swara shocking face nd sathvik evil face :'(

Precap: Shock +shock =heart attack 😉

Teaser part starts nd guys ur guess is amazing so say me this

Do sathvik really kidnapped sanskar or he is just fooling swara to trap her ?

ND for next part Plz have a bundle of tissues nd bucket 😉

by the way in shock dont forget to leave comments orelse i will give a 1550 volts shock in part -60 u will faint thats sure 😉


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