************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-57*****


RECAP; swara confession infront of everyone

************episode starts *****

swara farm house ,evg 7

Sanskar realised its swara voice but he is shocked nd surprised nd confused too as swara is saying this infront of this many Ppl publicly in front of parents?

Everyone shouted out yesssss

Spot light moved on sanskar ND left unmoved

Everyone are shocked mainly sanskar ND raglak, dp nd Shekhar

There he is my love my life my everything the one nd only sanskar
Sanskar maheswari

Swara came down from steps in pink saree

Sanskar: Whispered ” swaraaa

Swara moved towards him with a bright smile on her face

Swara: ( by raising her hand towards sanskar with a cute eye lock )

” so finally here I am swara mitra is asking a favour from you
I took a lot of time to express it ,accept it nd believe it

But its right time in my life

So sanskar in front of all this ppl ,
in front of our both families
I was asking you this nd confessing you wt I feel

Sanskar took a deep breath

Swara she bended her head out of blushing ” will you marry mee ”

Sanskar 🙁 shocked nd excited 🙂 wat

Swara:( the thing you heard is right
I was ready to change my name to swara sanskar maheswari
Wtever your I am happy with it
I dont need any fame or anything

I just need you in my life

I cant live without you ur my true love

Meri pehla pyar
Meri mannat

I love you sanskar

Will you marry me ?

Sanskar speechless out of happiness the tears off happiness are flowing from his eyes continuously

Swara stood infront of him by holding a ring ( its the same ring wt sanskar got on her bday a year back )

Sanskar hugged swara in happiness ND teary eyes swara hugged him back everyone clapped by congratulating them

Say me now will you marry me Mr.sanskar maheswari

Sanskar is still in tears due to happiness he is unable to speak out

Swara: ( teasingly) I think you don’t “ok pack up guys to have your dinner nd leave Tata bye ‘ ( she about to get back but sanskar holder her hand he bent on his one knee )

Sanskar: I do I wanna marry you swara mitra
I wanna be ur life partner

I wanna be reason for your smile
I wanna share my everything with you

Ur my life
So promise me will you accept me as ur soul mate

Swara 🙁 teary eyes she nodded ) ha I agree from today I was saying in front of this many ppl that I love you

Sanskar took nd ring placed the ring on her finger

Swara : ( smile) ;)From today ur my asset ND u made my balance sheet tally

The both hugged each other in tears nd happiness with a smile they forgot the world around them

Ragini nd kavitha Shekhar , dp ,ap,sumi everyone are shocked they just starred in shock

Raglak are they started at each other in shock

Ragini: Is it true lucky you to seen wt I seen only na

Lucky: I don’t know its like swara only once pinch me we will know its true or dream

Ragini pinched lucky ND he shouted in pain ” ahhhhhh”

Lucky: Oh my got its true swara proposed sanskar in front of this many ppl

Ragini: Is she crazy when she said me “she had surprise for there bday I thought it as gift but its a shock ”

Lucky: Yes they both are mad in love ❤ tonnes of madness

Ragini: Yes but she dared this much

Lucky: Learn from ur sister she is younger then you but her intelligence guts are very high

Ragini: I accept this I won’t fight on this she is really daring even I die twice I can’t have this much guts

Lucky : Yes we just died to express our dad only but this twoo shouted out in front of whole world

Ragini: Yes they are amazing couple

Everyone clapped for swasan nd they got in sense nd moved a part out of embarrassment

Raglak moved towards them

Ragini: Omg swara ur great wt a surprise you gave to sanskar

Swara:( blushes)

kavitha; ur really more crazy then anything nd u better gift me a ambulance before giving such shocks next time definitely i will die

swara; smiles ) ha ha for ur bday i will gift you

Ragini :, look at our family first they are gazing in angry I think

Swara moved towards Shekhar nd dp

Swara: Dad I know you always trust me

Shekhar: Yes I trust you swara ND even sanskar too but wt is need to say this infront of this many ppl

Swara: Bcoz I wanna prove sanskar that I can go any extent to be with him
I wanna make him feel secured
I wanna make him realise that he is right person to me

Dp:swara are you in sense I said na it not suit you

Swara: Uncle you always say that I was always right I never ever did a mistake so even now I am same

Its my decision of life I thought alot nd decided it

Dp: Ok but he is

swara; if you think i am well-qualified nd he is not
“i am ready to leave my profession but not sanskar ”

dp; swara i dont mean it but think once

Swara: I was reason for all his bad habits

Dp nd ap Shekhar sumi gave a confused look ” wat

Swara: Yes I am his only addiction
He always wanted me in his life
He always tried to love me nd get mee

He always loved me unconditionally

So I am reason even he turned as alcoholic bcoz of mee

Dp: Wat you did

Swara: I left him nd ranned away to London so he couldn’t bear the depression nd turned as alcoholic

When I came back he stopped drinking also as he promised me

ND now he himself been responsible he is working hard just to prove you all that he can do anything for me

He always dreamed about me even I did the same but our misunderstandings made as far some times but now I won’t let anything in b/w as

His bad or gud everything is mine in the same way my success or failure belongs to him

Dp is speechless after listening swara words nd her faith on sanskar

Swara: Aunty this is the answer for your question on that mrg

Ap: Swaraaa

Swara; ha aunty I love you son nd I promise I will take care of him

I know I cant take ur place

But I will fulfil every responsibility from my side

Will you give me you son ?

Ap looked at sanskar ND dp in question mark

Sanskar I waiting for his mom answer

Ap took holded swara hand ND took her towards sanskar ND placed swara hand on sanskar hand

Ap:,ok take him but I want him to be gud

Promise me swara you will take care of him na

I want his happiness only I don’t wanna see tears from his eyes anymore
Promise me you will never leave his hand

Swasan smile ” ha we won’t leave each other ”

Swasan hugged Annapurna with happy tery eyes

Shekhar “everyone wish the new couple nd have your dinner plz ”

Swara” I am sry guys if I am boring but the thing I said is true
I think you all got your answer ” hum donoo ke beech pyarr hai , Junoon hai

So finally I got my love ❤

I am lucky

Sanskar said no ” I am lucky ”

Lucky: I am lucky (Everyone laughs }

swara : And the special of this day is our bday

everyone shouts “omg wt a great surprise ”

sanskar shocked as he forgot such a gud day of there life

sanskar; i am sry swara i forgot it

swara; acha so mr.sanskar you forgot it gud it means you’re also turned busy

Sanskar: No swara I dont know how I forgot this

Swara: ( in mike )
Guys nd today final surprise is a short clip

Suddenly lights got off an a projector had been displayed on wall
( its has there all bday pics from there childhood too now

Swara: This are our 21 photos as I am 23 now we celebrated only 21 bdays together I lost 2 precious yrs away from sanskar

So I wish rest of life I wanna be with him

Light got on

Sanskar looked at swara ND he just hugged her ND whispered” I always thought I love you much more but the truth is u love me more then anything”

“Kushnaseeb Hu Mai ”

Shekhar: ( ahem ahem) its public place nd ur not married too

Swara hides behind sanskar out of embarrassment nd shy

Everyone laughs by seeing both

Shekhar: Wah finally as a father I am successfully as I got best son in laws nd my daughter’s selection is same as mine
” so its a love arranged marriage”
I am so happy our frndship is going to turn as relation its bcoz of my swara ND Ragini 🙂

Dp: ( in mind ) ur lucky Shekhar even I am lucky to have ur daughters

Swara got a step cake they cutted it nd celebrated there bday

Swara feeding sanskar ” where is gift ah I gifted you this many na ”

Sanskar: ( smiled) woh I just started working from week na next month after getting my salary I will

Swara: Oh you took this month salary na

Sanskar : Its not mine as I had not worked

Swara smiles at his sincerity

and they have best moments of life on that crazy evg

Days passed out swasan where happy:-)

Sanskar is working effectively

Sathvik is absent for office too

One day swara left to raglak hospital

While swara is auditing she suddenly remembered the mark on sanskar forehead nd she remembered the pain he got on there movie date time

She trowed file aside bd left to lucky cabin

Raglak are together

Swara: Lucky I need to ask you something

Lucky: Ha kya

Swara: Come nd have ur seat first

Lucky : Sat in front of her ND Ragini is setting something in mobile

Swara: Wats the mark on sanskar forehead nd y he is getting pain on his head sometimes all of sudden

Lucky: Wt mark

Swara:( showed a photo by zooming it)

Lucky: Oh it I had done surgery na a year back

Swara:( shocked nd confused) wt surgery for wt

Lucky: He meet accident na on ur bday so he dropped to coma after surgery only he came out

ND by the way you know this na how you forget such a big thing

We just utmost died by that

Swara is shocked she is numb

Swara: sanskar had meet a accident but I don’t know it :'(

(she remembers everything of that day sathvik conversation nd all )

Screen freezes on shocking face off swara
***** to be continued *******

Precap: Swara knows the true face of sathvik ( shock 3)

Even you will his true intention ?

So I wanna know you interest on this by ur comments so stay keep reading

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