************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-56*****


RECAP; Sanskar turn responsible nd ap sees swasan in same room

scene1, Mrg,7am sanskar room

Swara is sleeping by hugging sanskar she is utmost on top of him in such a intimate position

In meanwhile ap arrived with a cup of coffee as sanskar not had anything from ngt as door is not locked ap came in nd she is shocked to see swasan in such a close way that to they are in same room whom ngt

The cup in her hand had slipped from her hand

Swasan wakeup by this sound nd got shocked to see ap nd realised there position they both got up in embarrassment

Ap: Wts happening here

Sanskar: ( nervous nd embarrassed) maa ntg we just justttt

Ap: Wt

Sanskar : Maa there is ntg b/ w as

Swara 🙁 gave a angry look on sanskar which mean with her eyes ) say her that u love mee

sanskar understood it nd he left to fresh up ” maa i had meeting ”

swara; aunty we are just working last time unfortunately i slept here only

ap; ok swara but ur not kids now to sleep in same room as u used to do in childhood
ur grown up swara

swara; (numb) woh i am sorry

ap; i dont need ur sorry i need answer wt is b/w you both

swara; aunty woh i will say you soon but now i dont want to say it so plz forgive me

ap; how much time

swara; (thought for while ) 2days

ap; 2days ok orelse I will get my answer from ur mom (ap left )

swara opened the cup board nd ssen a ring which sanskar brought for her on there bday she remembeed there bitter days to herself ” I will make everything on right sanskar” took out dress his dress from his cupboard nd placed it on bed nd left to her room to get ready

swasan got ready nd left to office in same car

sanskar just rocked the presentation which made everyone shock mainly dp he is speechless by seeing sanskar concept nd planning

dp; i am really so happy not only happy i am proud of you sanskar

everyone praised him nd swara is in cloud nine she is ready to shout out in excitement nd happiness but controlled her feeling

swara; ok u liked it na so day after tomorrow is special day so we will plant the 1st stone for contraction

everyone said ” ok
Swara: I had a party for tomorrow ngt so you all have to attend it

Shekar nd dp: Party

Swara: Yes party only I had a thing to celebrate soo

Shekhar: ( smiled ) wts the even

Swara: Not now I will cu evg ( blushed nd left to her cabin

after a long time swara got change to talk to sanskar
Sanskar is walking onway

Swara just pulled him from the door into her cabin

Sanskar: Oy wt your doing if anyone sees

Swara: ( hugged in excitement) oh no my darling today I cant control ( jumped nd hugged him hard ) say me wt you want

Sanskar: I want you only stay with me all the time

Swara:ha I am always with you ask other

Sanskar:( wrapped his hands around her waist) ur beautiful hand in my hand ND ur in my embrace its enough

Swara: Oh my god ur too gud ( kissed him on checks )

Sanskar : ( smiled ) swaras

Swara: Y ur turning so boring ha I said you to work but not to change ok
I was missing my naughty sanskar ”

Sanskar: Ho really ur wanna see it

Swara: Ya I was missing my naughty boy

Sanskar: Ho really dad said me ” not to romance in office

Swara: Shocked ) wt dp uncle

Sanskar: ( gripped her waist nd pined her to door ) yes dad seen as kissing on that day

Swara:( hell shocked) wt are u serious

Sanskar: ( kissed her neck ) yah darling he shouted on me for this

Swara: ( couldn’t react by his touch ) sanskar one second plz

Sanskar: Made her sit swara dad said he hate me so he wont let me love you

Swara:( confused look ) wt dp uncle said say me clear plz

Sanskar explained everything to swara wt dp said nd all

Swara is fully shocked to know

Swara:( in mind ) oh no how can uncle think this I need to remove his dis trust first

Sanskar: Swara wt ur thinking may be he is right swara

Swara:( no I wont accept it dont think it nd ur great for mee ND I am happy with this ur successfully now

Sanskar: Its just presentation na not completed

Swara: Chup karo I love you not your success or this stupid project

Sanskar: Ho really

Swara: Ha I had surprise for you tomorrow ngt get ready

Sanskar: Wts it

Swara: Secret sweetheart wait ND watch

Sanskar: ( hugged her ) ur making me crazy swara

Swara: Ha ha I love you na so ur company affected mee ( hugged him )

Scene3, office corridor

All the staff is working busy swara came out

Swara:( shouted) hey everyone I had an announcement for you

Everyone gathered around swara

Priya: Wt that mam

Swara: Tommrow ngt I had arranged a grand party in my farmhouse

Employees are happy nd excited” wow great ur granting a party

Kavitha : Party for wt

Swara: Secret u will know reason on that ngt only

Priya: I think its a great reason bcoz u wont celebrate normal things na

Swara:( smiled) ha its a important day of my life so don’t miss

Employees” wow congrats mam nd we wont miss it ”

Swara: Ok tomorrow I was on leave kavitha will take care of my work ND cu tomorrow evg

Have a great time ( swara ND kavitha came aside

Kavitha: Leave ahh noo I cant

Swara: Stupid do it its ur duty nd now that’s my order

Kavitha:( angry look) order gud will see

Swara: Dont cry I will do all my work today only if anything left to do its enough

Kavitha: Ok but wt that surprise party say me reason

Swara: No wait ND see Plz

Kavitha: Really ah

Swara; yes all will get answers for there every question tomorrow only so bye I had work now ( she left)

Scene4 farm house next day evg 6

swara invited everyone of her both families nd whole office staff ND some of important business ppl too
She made good arrangement for her surprise
She wanna make this day a memorable day of there life

Everyone arrived to place on the time

Waiters are supplying food ND drinks

But everyone are searching for swara as she is absent on her own party

Sanskar Is searching for swara he is turning restless second by second” swara where ur ” he is failing her number but not reachable

Its utmost 7 both the families members including raglak are present

Suddenly lights got off everyone are shocked for a second nd suddenly a spot light got on nd it started moving on all

ND a voice started its none other then swara but unawar to all as she is not visible

Swara: Hi gud evg ladies nd gentleman today I special evg for two ppl its one for me ND others is my soul mate before saying name I will Say a truth

Everyone are interstgly listening to swara to know who it is ( noone know it as swara )

Rags: Who is this its like a familiar voice na

Lucky: Ha rags where is swara

Rags : Who knows

Lucky: Oh listen that then

Swara:( on 1st floor speaking through mike connected to speakers in hall ) I meet a person when I had born I did not remember that moment but he said its his best incident of his life

As we grow up

We both fighter
We both argued
We both irritated each other

We both supported each other
We both hurted each other hated each other
ND finally we both loved each other

I never expected this may happen
Bcoz we always foughtfrom childhoodso how can i fall for him

Ha ha its may be love

You may never know this but i will say you

I got love of such a person he only loves me morethen anything
He cries with me
He laughs with mee
His life, his soul, his everything , he just filled it with mee

Even i am wrong ,he said sorry
Even i hurted him, he hated himself but never hurted me back

The only thing he wanted from me is love ND a hand to hold even I want the same
I think i was most luckiestgirl in the whole universes who got such a gift

You all wanna know about my soul mate

Sanskar relised uts swara voice but he is shocked nd surprised nd confused too as swara is saying this infront of this many Ppl publicly infront of parents?

Everyone shouted out yesssss

Spot light moved on sanskar ND left unmoved

Everyone are shocked mainly sanskar ND raglak, dp nd Shekhar

There he is my love my life my everything the one nd only sanskar
Sanskar maheswari

Swara came down from steps in pink saree

Sanskar: Whispered ” swaraaa

Swara moved towards him with a bright smile on her face

Swara: ( by rising her hand towards sanskar with a cute eyelock )

” so finally here I am swara mitra is asking a favour from you
I took alot of time to express it ,accept it nd belive it

But its right time in my life

So sanskar infront of all this ppl infront of our both families I was asking you this nd confessing you wt I feel

Sanskar took a deep breath

Swara she bendedher head out of blushing ” will you marry mee ”

Sanskar 🙁 shocked nd excited 🙂 wat

Swara:( the thing you heard is right

I was ready to change my name to swara sanskar maheswari
Wtever your I am happy with it
I dont need any fame or anything

I just need you in my life

I cant live without you ur my true love

Meri pehla pyar
Meri mannat

I love you sanskar

Will you marry me ?

Sanskar speechless out of happiness the tears off happiness are flowing from his eyes continuously

Swara stood infront of him by holding a ring ( its the same ring wt sanskar got on her bday a year back )

Sanskar hugged swara in happiness ND teary eyes swara hugged him back everyone clapped by congratulating them

Screen freezes on shocking face on maheswari nd mitra families nd happy faces of swasan

****** to be continued *****

Precap: Surprise nd suspense swara comes to know about accident of sanskar

( here is my part-56, nd this is dedicated to my frnd subee nd alekya so Say me am I boring no naaa 😉

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