************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-55*****


RECAP;swara comforts sanskar nd sathvik game is out nd swara slaps sathvik


s nd s office

Swara is fused in angry she came out of her cabin

She seen sathvik talking in pH without wasting a second she dragged him by holding his collar nd gave a tight slap which made everyone shock

Sathvik left the his pH nd holder his red burning cheek

Swara:( clutched his collar) how cheap u are sathvik how cheap ur

Sathvik:wt I did

Swara: “Y ur tried to defame sanskar
“Y u made him sign on that contract
“Y ur hurting him
Say me ( shouted in tears)

Sathvik: ( innocently) no swara ur mistaken I did nothing

Swara:( she again slapped sathvik on other cheek) don’t u again dare to lie I know everything about you now

Sathvik: How can you blame me without proof

Swara:( angry) Ho proof its priya who observed ur whole cheap trick
Sathvik is speechless everyone are shocked to know sathvik blind game

Swara:(ANGRYY) Never ever dare to hurt sanskar

Remember if u wanna hurt him again I will destroy ur complete life
I will make ur life hell professionally too so better don’t try to destroy him

Its a final warning nd never ever show ur face to me
I hate you truly nd completely

Ur a bad mark in my life the biggest mistake is doing friendship with you ND trusting you it’s like stabbing my self

I hate you sathvik u such a vamp …..I hate you ( she ranned towards her cabin while crying )

Kavitha: Sathvik u really did this Wts wrong with you

Its not right thing sathvik ,you better say sorry to her nd change urself ( kavitha left to conceal swara)

Sathvik seen his around everyone are starring him he felt insulted he is full on angry to such a heights its second-time swara slapped him )

Sathvik : ( left out of office ND he hurted his fist to his car with a force which made his car front glass got crashed)
How dare you swara
How dare you to slap me ( shouted out in frustration)

Not only sanskar you will also pay back
Today u crossed ur entire limits by slapping me by insulting mee
Now I cross my limits
U hate me na if show wts the Real hate is I will make you to hate urself

swara pov

swara is crying badly for trusting sathvik she remembered every situation of her life where she blindly believed sathvik
” how foolish i am
i believed such a vamp the one who is destroying my love

i hate you not only you my self also


Kavitha: Swara Plz stop crying

Swara: I am so bad kavitha I blindly trusted sathvik
Sometimes I even scolded sanskar due to sathvik

Kavitha: That’s ok swara its a mistake na stop crying

After long struggle kavitha convinced swara ND they both came out to see wt other staff is doing

scene2 outside office

Its a shock everyone are working nd priya is checking a file in hurry

Swara: Hey wts happening here wt ur searching priya

Priya: Mam woh sanskar sir asked the governmen flyover details

Swara ND kavitha where shocked swara rushed towards sanskar cabin

Swara: Sanskar wt ur doing y u asked that contract details

Sanskar: I was thinking to complete that contract

Kavitha: ( laughed out loud ) wt you will complete contract

Sanskar: Didn’t answer anything but swara got angry on kavitha

Swara:( shouted ) get out kavitha

Kavitha: I am sry swara but how can this happen

Swara: Never underestimate anyone so better you concentrate on other work I will help sanskar

( kavitha ND priya left swasan where alone )

Swara: Sanskar come sit we will talk

Sanskar sat infront of her on couch

Swara: Sanskar do u really wanna do this. Contract

This contract blame is not on you or on mee its fault of sathvik so we not need to do it

Sanskar: Wt sathvik
Swara: Said everything of sathvik plan

Sanskar:( shocked ) Sathvikkk its ok but I wanna do it

Swara:I mean you can work on ur stream I.e mechanical

Sanskar: No swara I wanna do this contract

Swara: Ok ur wish but plz think once its a right chance u can convert ur passion as profession
Everyone cant get this chance
U know sanskar” I seen my frnd she had passion on science group but her dad forced to commerce group its like hell doing work unwillingly
So think twice ” ur profession will be till the end not this stupid society

Sanskar:( thinked for a while ) ha swara ur right but still I wanna prove myself

Swara: Ho gud

Sanskar: Will you trust me swara

Swara: Yes more then my self ” if you have will power you can achive anything nd everything

Sanskar:( hugged her) I love you swara love you

Swara: I love you infinity

Sanskar: Ok Plz convince dad for this

Swara: Yes I will but u once refer past contract file u can get better view

Scene3, s nd ; s office
Meeting hall

Swara,dp, Shekhar, ram Prasad are present

Rp: I am really sry on behalf of my son sathvik

Dp: Its ok rp we left it

Swara: Ok uncle sanskar wanted to do this contract of his own

Everyone are shocked

Dp: Wt is it serious

Swara: Ha he is serious so I was thinking to give him a chance

Rp: Its risky we may go down for huge crisis

Swara: No he can handle this nd loss is only 10c its bcoz of ur sanskari beta sathvik varma will pay

Rp: ( speech less ) ok ur wish I will transfer the amount to company account

Dp: U Plz take care of this swara if ur sure then take it

Swara: Ya we are sure uncle

Scene 4 ngt maheswari mansion ,sanskar room

Sanskar is getting ready for presentation but he had read alot of projects but still he is confused nd not confident

Swara called him to know Ho far he is

Saskar: Ha swara

Swara: Wt your doing sanskar

Sanskar:( confused tone) reading the project details

Swara : Understood his mood ND decided to help him ) ok sanskar i had a work too so can i join you

Swara left to sanskar room on such a late ngt I.e 11.30

Sanskar : Swara can I do ahh

Swara: Ha u can do it

Sanskar: ( tears )

Swara: Sat beside him ) sanskar I will say a huge secret of my life even dad dont know this

Sanskar: Ha wat

Swara: I had failed in Sanskrit subject in my graduation once I got 98% in all but I failed in a language subject

Sanskar: But ur ca na swara

Swara: Ha I am ca I am successfully in life now I am a graduate cum ca

But the thing is I am also a loser once

Everyone has a week point but any person can be successful if he \ she overcome it with confidence nd hard work ( its fact for all readers too)

Sanskar: Hmm

Swara: ND I am sure u can win always

Sanskar: Ok lets lets restart it will you help me

Swara: Ha sure I came for that only

Sanskar he drawn a draft off his project budget nd all

Swara cleared his doubts in middle of her work after sometime sanskar got diverted towards swara ND he just gazes at her lovely face

Swara seen him but she kept quiet to know Ho far he is serious on profession

Sanskar: Just turned his head nd whispered) arey sanskar concentrate dont get divert

Swara:( smiled ) out of his behaviour she pulled him by chin nd kissed him on checks) love you so much

Sanskar he blushed after sometime they both fallen asleep on couch it self

Mrg,7am sanskar room

Swara is sleeping by hugging sanskar she is utmost on top of him in such a intimate position

In meanwhile ap arrived with a cup of coffee as sanskar not had anything from ngt as door is not locked ap came in nd she is shocked to see swasan in such a close way that to they are in same room whom ngt

The cup in her hand had slipped from her hand

Swasan wakeup by this sound nd got shocked to see ap nd realised there position they both got up in embarrassment

Ap: Wts happening here

Sanskar: ( nervous nd embarrassed) maa ntg we just justttt

Ap: Wt

Sanskar : Maa there is ntg b/ w as

Swara 🙁 gave a angry look on sanskar which mean with her eyes ) say her that u love mee

sanskar understood it nd he left to freshup ” maa i had meeting ”

swara; aunty we are just working last time unfortunately i slept here only

ap; ok swara but ur not kids now to sleep in same room as u used to do in childhood

ur grown up

swara; (speechless )

screen freezes

*********to be continued *********

precap; swara proposes sanskar for marriage in front of both families in filmy way

(guys done it with high risk so plz forgive mistakes nd i was handling ff thrice a week its bcoz of you so i hope you won’t let me down
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