************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-54*****


RECAP; sathvik plan backfired bcoz of swara and dp scolds sanskar for his irresponsibility


Its ngt 11pm swara is still dailing for sanskar .she is waiting for him by watching his room from her balcony

Swara: “Sanskar where your are I wanna talk to you plz come naaa ”
She called some of his frnds to know about sanskar but no use noone know where he I is

Sanskar on terrace he had completely broken

Sanskar shouted out loud I hate you sanskar Maheshwari ” bcoz of u today swara got hurted she I loving you more then herself but in return u always gifted her ur arrogant behaviour
Ur useless
I hate you hate you hate you”

He broken the scotch bottle with a force by which the glass pics got spreaded on whole terrace around him

He fallen on kness nd cried out louddddd

Swara is restless in that time she remembered her childhood incident

Swara is 8yrs nd sanskar 10

Sanskar had a fight with swara on a silly stuff so he even bet her swara with a stick

Swara cried out loud by that nd both the families came nd seen this nd noone scolded either swara or sanskar they just made swara stop crying nd left

Sanskar left shocked for this he felt everyone may shout on him but no

Sanskar left towards swara” y u cried so loud see everyone came ”

swara; ( gave a angry look) Oh really I cried loud wait she bited him on his shoulder nd
sanskar cried more louder then swara ” aahhhhhh ”

Swara ;arey y ur crying loud reduce volume mom may comeback

both the families seen this nd laughed out aloud

flashback ends

but swasan remember same incident nd they laughed out aloud with teary eyes

scene2, 12.30am
swara remembered that sanskar may be on terrace as its there common place to visit when they are happy or sad

after sometime swara got up ND left towards terrace but for her shock she seen sanskar on a corner of terrace by hugging his legs

Swara seen the glass pics full on floor she cleared them with a broom in process her leg got hurted by a glass pic

Sanskar raised his head to see who it is

Sanskar” swara kya Hua ho no again I hurted you I am so sorry ( crying badly)

I am sorry i should not did this

Swara : ( sat on her knees by cupping his face) sanskar I was not hurt who said this

Sanskar: I am sorry swara dad is right I was worth less nd useless but trust me swara I had not signed that contract Plz trust me swara you trust me na ( in teary eyes)

Swara:( crying badly she hugged him) no sanskar listen to me dp uncle just misunderstood you we all trust you more than anything

sanskar; no swara i was wrong so bcoz of me ur facing problem
but i did not sign that contract i don’t know anything of it

swara; (hugged him ) yes sanskar i know you don’t know anything on this contract

(swara got clear idea that someone intentionally trapped sanskar in this )

‘swara ;( teary eyes by cupping his face ) sanskar plz relax u did ntg i know it whatever others say i don’t mine i just want wt you feel

Swasan cried out loudly for some time by hugging each other

swara; (whispered ) Sanskar listen to me once

Sanskar he seen towards her

Swara:( by cupping his face) ur really talented sanskar but problem is u never realised wt your strength is
If you try you can achieve a lot
Ur great sanskar I know this but they are fools so they may say like that

Sanskar:(innocently whispered) is it true

Swara: Ha true I won’t lie you know na

Sanskar: Saachi

Swara:( by holding her throat ) ah muchii

Swasan laughed out
Swara: Clear your tears u know crying boys look so bad

Sanskar : Ho really I won’t cry hereafter

Swara: Ha that like my prince love you

Sanskar: I love you more

Wtever happen I don’t wanna lose you swara ur my life

Swara: Watever sanskar we will be together still the end of ur life its my promise

the only mannat I have is you”hum donoo ke mannat ek hai hamesha ek saath ,ek hoka rahnaaa ”

sanskar ; you know something ‘

swara; ha bolo


swara; mee to sanskar ur my life

They both spended some time na after a while swara took sanskar to his room nd made him sleep

(sanskar placed his head on her lap )

Sanskar sleeping on her laps swara is caressing his hair to make him sleep lovely
Sanskar slept after a while by holding her one hand like a kid
Swara smiled nd grabbed bed sheet ND placed it on sanskar properly

While caressing his hair on forehead she seen stitch marks on his head
Swara” wt are this huge mark on his head as far I remember sanskar never got such huge injury on head na

wts this then i need to ask lucky once may be he know

She kissed his forehead nd whispered a gud ngt nd left to her room secretly

after thinking alot swara too slept

Scene 3,mrg10am
Ministry of roads nd transport office

Swara started her enquiry on the tender to know who filed it on behalf of sanskar

Swara: Hello may get some information on this tender no : 5346

Clerk: Yah sure but the tender had been issued to s& s group

Swara: Ha I know I was the auditor of that company” actually I wanna know who filed this tender

Clerk: Ha its on behalf of sanskar maheswari

Swara: He himself filed this orelse who submitted it

Clerk: We dont know mam if u want more u better meet our superintend

Swara: Oh sure I wanna meet him

In meanwhile a men entired in blue jeans nd white shirt

Man: Welcome miss.swara mitra after a long time how are you

Swara: ( turned back to see ) oh you Mr.Amar

( Amar is same person whom sathvik used to defame sanskar )

Amar: Yah Amar is here

Swara: I was thinking that how such a big loss happened to my company
Is this your hand

Amar: Ha ha don’t show ur talent on mee you can get ntg from me miss.swara

Swara: I thought you may changed after our clz incident

Amar: Ha I changed so I was doing everything in perfect plan

Swara: Soo for whom ur helping now

Amar: I cant say that its a professional secret

Swara: I will pay more then him but I wanna know it

Amar: He paid more then anything mainly he said I shouldn’t say to you so no

Swara: It means there is a hand of person so close to me

Amar: Not bad dragging information from mee too
Go stop wasting time nd prepare well to pay penalty for government

Swara: No never I will find the real culprit behind this nd trust me Amar you will get ur share of punishment too ( she left with a professional smile )

As soon as swara left Amar did call to sathvik

Sathvik: I said na dont call me always

Amar: Ha I had called you to inform that swara mitra started her investigation

Sathvik:( shocked) wt did she got any information

Amar: No I managed somehow you better take care

Sathvik: Ha I know but you shut your mouth orelse I will shut it permanently

Amar gluped in fear nd ended the call

Sathvik:( himself ) Ho my darling ur sharp but I am more than you

Scene4,s nd s office

Swara went to her cabin nd both kavitha ND swara where thinking this contract issue

Swara: Sanskar said he had not signed contract then how this tender got filed

Kavitha : I don’t know

Swara: We both not did it nd even dad nd uncle also no other partners never then who did it

Swara: Sathvikkkk

Kavitha( shocked) noo sathvik wont do such cheap things

Swara ‘ its just doubt

Kavitha: Wt sathvik get by defaming sanskar ND this company

While they are discussing priya entiered the cabin

Priya: I need to Sa you some thing important
Swara: Ha say me priya

Priya: Mam woh I am sorry to say but on that day you gave some files to sanskar sir na to read he had not read them he just blindly signed them

Swara ND kavitha are shocked

Swara: Wt he just signed ah
Then where is 5th file I need to read it

Priya: The 5th file is missing

Swara: (shocked ) Wt try to remember priya try

Priya: Mam on that day sathvik sir took that file

Swara:( shocked) wt sathvik

Priya: Ha sathvik sir only one the day you went to ragkak hospital na then he came nd gave a file ND said me ” this file is given by swara get sign from sanskar by evg”

So I gave the file to sanskar sir he signed nd sathvik sir took it away

Now swara understood everything clear its all sathvik plan

Swara ND kavitha are shocked to know this thing by thinking how cheap sathvik turned
Swara is fused in angry she came out of her cabin

She seen sathvik talking in pH without wasting a second she dragged him by holding his collar nd gave a tight slap which made everyone shock
Sathvik left the his pH nd holder his red burning cheek

Swara:( clutched his collar) how cheap u are sathvik how cheap ur

Sathvik:wt I did

Swara: “Y ur tried to defame sanskar
“Y u made him sign on that contract
“Y ur hurting him
Say me ( shouted in tears)

Sathvik: ( innocently) no swara ur mistaken I did nothing

Swara:( she again slapped sathvik on other cheek) don’t u again dare to lie I know everything about you now

Sathvik: How can you blame me without proof

Swara:( angry) Ho proof its priya who observed ur whole cheap trick

Sathvik is speechless everyone are shocked to know sathvik blind game

Screen freezes

**** to be continued *****
Precap: Sanskar turn responsible nd ap sees swasan in same room on couch in intimate position

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