***********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-53*****

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*****episode starts*****

scene1,sanskar cabin

sanskar got up with a force nd shouted out “do i asked you that i need to start up a new unit ”

swara; (scared ) no sanskar i just thought to do this

sanskar;(clutched her shoulders nd shouted out ) wt the hell you do now you happy na that stupid hell sathvik insulted me

swara; (gulped in fear) ; no sanskar plz listen to me once

sanskat; (twisted her hand to her back nd pulled her close nd shouted ) wt you will say (his eyes fallen on sathvik who stood is staring them from glass door )

swara; sathvik is wron””'(before she complete the sentence sanskar kissed swara lips furious which made swara shock she could not react anything (sathvik seen this)

sanskar showed the frustration of sathvik on swara (he bitted her lip (swara tried to push him but he is more strong so she is moving back to pull back but sanskar don’t not gave a chance to pull back he moved front but

and last swara got hitted the couch so both fallen on couch nd sanskar broken kiss by this he came in sense nd looked at swara
sanskar realised wt he did a sec before got up from couch he about to leave but swara holded his hand

swara; (smiled at him nd whispered ) complete this the thing you started i want perfection na

sanskar; gave shocking expression sanskar felt swara may be angry but she is so cool

swara grabbed sanskar by his shirt “the thing u heard is right ”

sanskar is blank completely (swara gave a peck on his lips sanskar widened his eyes in shock )

sanskar did not utter a work he just stared her in dis faith

swara got up from couch she just hugged him in tears ” whatever your i just love you
i don’t have any complaints or expectations from you
i just wanna hold ur hand all the times in my life ”

sanskar stood numb by her confession he did not react either to hug or her words

sanskar broken the hug “i will cu later ” nd he left out of office with tears he not even seen back ones

dp seen everything he seen the arrogant behaviour of sanskar towards swara is hell shock

he left to his cabin

scene2, same day afternun

swara cleared the mess in sanskar cabin she arranged everything in order

swara seen a letter on sanskar table (the letter of tender conformation swara is shocked

Swara: (in mind ) How can this happen sanskar signed the project he not even said a word on this contract

Oh no its a huge loss how can we perform in such a low amount if we object the contract it spoils our company reputation ND goodwill loss with a penalty oh noo ”

“Swara think…… think …… wt can we do nowwww

Sanskar may gave a trail I think if so but he will be blamed by everyone for this loss

First I have handle this now later we can think of the project nd penalty

kavitha came runing to swara nd dragged swara to meeting hall

Meeting hall sathvik already started his acting in front of all directors

Sathvik : See this how sanskar did I said na he is worthless
Bcoz of him now we got huge loss who will replenish it

Swara: noo sanskar did ntg nd this tender is filed by me on behalf of him so I was responsible for this

Everyone are shocked mainly sathvik nd kavitha ND dp understood its sanskar only bcoz swara never did a mistake

Sathvik: Y ur lying to save sanskar , y ur taking his blame

swara; no its true i only did it

sathvik; (gave file to swara ) then where ur sign if u had did it

swara; (shocking expression ) wt woh

sathvik; ur only spoiling him ur encouraging scarp material ”

swara; (angry look ) yes sathvik ur right i was encouraging scarp like you

sathvik; (angry ) u mean i am

swara; say this mr sathvik varma i got the letter a minute back but how you know it before i say

sathvik; (blank he may get caught stroking tone) woh i got information from department

swara; ho really then y not they gave information before this

sathvik; its a government tender that too huge one so its confidential na

Swara:( gave angry look ) so I said na i had filed that tender I thought that the amount is enough but it went high I am sorry

Shekhar ; (angry ) wt the answer swara how u did it , its not a correct thing

How u assumed so low its not a difference of one or two rupees its in crs swara

Swara: Ha I am sorry for this Shekhar sir “at that time I thought it enough

All the others blamed swara for being irresponsible they blasted her swara felt pain but silently beared there criticism nd controlled her tears

kavitha tried to stop them but swara holded her nd singed “nooo”

swara; i am ready to compensate you for this ,i am even ready to leave this profession

sathvik ;no swara y should you stop it

Dp:(shouted ) Stop it wt ur doing
How can you forget wt swara did In this 3yrs she is the reason for the surplus of our firm

I will bear complete loss from my personal assets

So stop this discussion here I had taken it as my personal contract

Swara just stood quiet everyone are shocked

Swara came out of hall nd she tried to contact sanskar
to help him ,to save from dp but sanskar pH is not reachable as he is on no mood

scene3, swara cabin

swara is just crying by remembering the incidents took place today

swara (to herself ) “how this happened nd where this sanskar lost ”

kavitha rushed into swara cabin ” u stupid really say me frankly you did it

swara;(cleared her eyes ) no kavitha but don’t say to anyone

kavitha; (shocked) wt then y u lied to everyone, y you took blame on you
y you stood numb with all there taunts
answer mee ?

swara; (smile faintly ) me nd sanskar are one so everything of him belong to mee either complements or taunts

kavitha; its professional nd u never mix profession nd personal life na then

swara; ha i know now the thing i did gave a mark on my profession

but this is right for sanskar

kavitha; wt u mean my right

swara; (got up ) ha kavitha sanskar is a kid he just now started working

the thing he done this tender is just like learning how to walk at age of 11months

he had fallen down if i won’t support him now he may never try again it spoils his complete life
he will turn more irresponsible by this loss nd by this ppl critics

i don’t want him to be looser

kavitha; but u turned as looser you seen na how they bashed you

swara; (happy tears ) ha yes it gave me pain alot but i am happy for being part in sanskar life

everyone are seeing his irresponsibility but i was seeing my life in him he is my further my life my everything

scene4 ngt

sanskar not at home so swara is hell nervous of it

swara is daling him continue but no use sanskar came home after 10 he went to his room

dp is full on fire nd waiting for sanskar

dp; sanskar

Dp: Wt you have done today

Sanskar:( turned his face to avoid eye contact) nothing much

Dp:(gave a tight slap)

Sanskar shocked bcoz dp never did this before

Dp:( angry) I have to do this long back the day when u skipped you school or on the day when you failed in clz or on the day when u became irresponsible nd spoiled swara presentation but I am late

But its not too late now

Sanskar gave a blank expression
Dp: U know bcoz of you only bcoz of ur recklessness’ today swara got insulted

Sanskar no dad I had not said her ” that I need to set up an new unit

Dp: Not that see this ( he throwed file on his face sanskar read it ND shocked)

Sanskar : No dad I did not do this trust me I had not

Dp: Ho the signature are your only na

Sanskar : Yes they are mine but I had not did it

Dp: U don’t know anything
U don’t know anything
U don’t even know the thing u did in ur cabin today

Dp: U spoil urself its ur wish but who gave you right to spoil swara life

Sanskar: I love her dad she is my life how can I hurt her

Dp: Today just bcoz of you she took blame on her
Ur are trying to destroy her career with ur carelessness

Sanskar: No dad I will change just give one chance to prove myself

Dp: Ha swara gave you na but wt she got in return is it a way to behave with a girl that to in public place
Chi shame on you
I was feeling disgusting to say you as my son

Sanskar:( teary eyed) Dad I am really sorry plz forgive me once

Dp: No I can’t sanskar take this alcohol as much as u want but one request plz stay away from swara I don’t want her to get hurt
ND I won’t have any problem with ur office work even you be in office or not if ur not interested in office u Plz resin nd roam on roads as ur wish I will give u credit card u can spend as much as u want
But plz leave swara I can’t see her in pain

Sanskar is speechless the tears are continuously flowing out from his eyes

Sanskar left the room with the bottle in hand

Screen freezes

******to be continued ******

Precap:—- Swara finds sanskar in unsal way she comforts him
———Swara get doubt on sathvik she starts using her brain to know the truth

is it gud ? u have to say mee in ur feedback if its boring say me frankly

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