************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-52*****


RECAP; swasan help nd raglak trials to express there love matter to family sathvik reentry

sence1, pool side
they where having coke

ragini; acha ur teased as na will you do a dare now

swara; (drinking coke ) ha wt say wt shall we do we are not scared of dads like you

ragini; acha then y can’t you say our family that you both are in love nd wanna d\get married

swsan at a time spitted coke in shock after hearing this

swasan ; wt the

ragini; ha go nd express to our parents its a dare go swara

sanskar;(shocked ) wt to my Hitler dad ah

swara ; ha ha i had dare but we need sometime for marriage nd all

rags; acha really

swara; ha obviously anyways you both enjoyed 3yrs love life then we need at least one yr na

ragini; ho nice plan but meri devar ji is dangerous

sanskar; (gave a killer look) wt me ahh

ragini; ha ha ur arey

lucky; swara go nd ask ur dad money

swara; ho ok but for wt ? i had lot of money now also

lucky; no you get money from shekhar uncle for vodka

swara; (shocking expression wided her mouth ) vodkaaaa

rag san laughed at swara “haa haaa ”

ragini; you had dare na go nd ask dad “papa i need some money to go out for pub nd have a shot 😉

swara;(noo how can i ask him such things ahh

ragini; dare bola na karo dar kaya kya (you said dare na do are you scared )

swara; no never (she got up nd moved towards shekhar )

Shekhar;wt you wanna say

swara; dad woh i need

shekhar ; ha wt u want

swara; i need money for

shekhar; (gave a confused look ) wt you want money ahh

swara; ha money only

shekhar; wow did u heard this dp swara is asking money from mee

dp smiled swara {“ho really wow {both dp nd shekhar gave there wallets to swara }

shekhar; wt you gonna do with this

swara;(nervous) for a drink (they gave wallet

swara; (took 1000 note ) its enough dad (she left to raglak san nd gave note with a winning smile )

sanskar; (got doubt that swara is lying ) swara really u asked it ha

swara; ha i did it

sanskar; no i won’t trust

swara; acha go nd ask my dad if you want

sanskar; ha ok (about to get up )

swara ; oh hello wait 1st you do this dare nd late ask ok

sanskar; ha wt bolo

swara; go nd do same dare wt they gave me

sanskar; acha u just got money now see i will get soctch bottle only

he got up nd left towards dp

sanskar; (made a call to swara ) dad u gave mee some scotch bottles 2weeks back they are completed can you get few more

dp ; (gave a disgusting look ) say this too Murty he will get them wt ever you want

sanskar ; moved towards shekharnd whispered) uncle you know wt wt u gave money to swara

shekhar; ha she said it for drink

sanskar; (started acting ) uncle u know she took money for vodka

shekhar ; vodka ahh

sanskar; uncle you daughter got spoiled alot she is drinking too so he asked money from you too

shekhar (shocked ) wt really

sanskar; ha i spare if u want ask raglak now come

shekhar; swara for wt you took money from mee for vodka

swara; (inncently) wt is that papa

swara; i dont even know spelling of it

shekhar ; ho really ragini say

ragini; ha dad swara took money for vodka only

swara; (speechless gave a angry look at raglak nd san )

shekhar;swara i thought ur gud girl innocent but wt all this ah

swara; dad its not true dad i took money for that only but its just a dare i wont drink

sanskar; oh really

swara; you shut up idoit its all bcoz of you only

shekhar; y ur scoding him now for ur mistake

swara; dad no if u say i will stop drinking water also how can i drink all

shekhar burst out laughing

sanskar ; its a prank just chill

swara ;u stupid idoit today u will die in my hands

sanskar; oh really let me see(he ran nd swara chased him

“stop u stupid prankster ”

both the families are happy by seeing there childish acts

scene2,mrg ;s nd s office 10am

its a day after two week from the board meeting postponed bcoz sathvik is absent from 2weeks

so today is meeting

swasan in blue jeans nd pink shirt ( both are matching maching )

sanskar is wearing a grey blazer swara is formal shirt

swara is in reception with kavitha they are setting files (sathvik entired

sathvik; hi swara gud mrg

swara; (laughs by remembering past incident ) sathvik bh…(sathvik interpted )

sathvik; (he bows his hands ) swara plz i will fall plz dont call me bhaii plz

swara kavitha laughs aloud ” ok ok cool ”

scene3,meeting hall

swasan ,kavitha ,sathvik ,shekhar,dp,sanskar,rp two other nd priya too present

kavitha ; explained the all mean of investments

sanskar; is not interested he is just playing with pen dp nd kavitha seen this so kavitha lightly hitted swara leg to say ” divert sanskar ”

swara took her phone nd placed it under table nd messaged sanskar ” Arey concentrate its a imp meeting plz”

sanskar got alert after reading it

kavitha ; now swara had some suggestion u have a look

swara ;(got up ) i had a gud idea i even done lot of research on it

sathvik; wt the idea

swara; ha we had surplus of 85crs so 15 crs are for CSR activities nd rest 70cr we will get on a new project

sathvik; wts that

swara; let me complete mr. sathvik (sathvik nodded )

swara; i was think y cant we start an car manufacturing unit

everyone gave a shocking look but sanskar got interested by this

swara; ha we will tie up with a international company i even talked to them nd we will divert our funds nd investment to that we can earn more

sathvik; but we dont have any idea on such stream na who will manage it

swara; sanskar he is an engineer nd even did his masters on car manufacturing ( engine ) (sanskar gave a shocking look )

sathvik; (got up in angry ) no way i cant take risk nd that to by trusting this sanskar (sanskar got angry)

swara; no sathvik , “sanskar is highly talented its is much capable for that ”

sathvik; (shouted ) noway he is an irresponsible person he is not even working properly how can we do it nobody will accept this

sanskar got irritated nd left the hall in angry (swara tried to stop but no use )

swara; (got angry on sathvik) how can you say this sathvik i accept sanskar is inactive but he will work if he gets a right opportunity

the thing in this stream is not suitable for him he won’t suit for contraction as he like mechanical

all the members nodded it positive nd shekhar said ” ur right swara ”

dp is speechless as he is confused either to trust or not

sathvik; acha he had not even came to office more then 30days in this whole yr ur saying he is responsible

swara; so wat u too absent from last 2weeks bcoz of you only we waste out lot of time then wt ur answer you also irresponsible na

sathvik is (speechless ) swara said ” take ur time nd think nd say mee i will give the project information for you

scene4,other side sanskar cabin

sanskar broken the flower vase on the table he messed the complete room in angry he is out of sense as he felt sathvik insulted him

swara about to leave towards sanskar but sathvik stopped her

sathvik; “y ur trusting sanskar so madly its not right ”

swara; he is soulmate u know my soulmate did u hear or shall i repeat

sathvik; but he wont deserve you swara

swara; ho so wat u know wat

sathvik; ha wat

swara; today i felt that you won’t deserve to be my frnd “i hate you sathvik (she left to sanskar nd sathvik just stood numb )

sanskar cabin (sanskar sat on floor after breaking everything )

swara is shocked to see the sanskar in such a way “sanskar sanskar ”

sanskar got up with a force nd shouted out “do i asked you that i need to start up a new unit ”

swara; (scared ) no sanskar i just thought to do this

sanskar;(clutched her shoulders nd shouted out ) wt the hell you do now you happy na that stupid hell sathvik insulted me

swara; (gluped in fear) ; no sanskar plz listen to me once

sanskat; (twisted her hand to her back nd pulled her close nd shouted ) wt you will say (his eyes fallen on sathvik who stood is staring them from glass door )

swara; sathvik is wron””'(before she complete the sentence sanskar kissed swara lips furious which made swara shock she could not react anything (sathvik seen this)

sanskar showed the frustration of sathvik on swara (he bitted her lip (swara tried to push him but he is more strong so she is moving back to pull back but sanskar don’t not gave a chance to pull back he moved front but

and last swara got hitted the couch so both fallen on couch nd sanskar broken kiss by this he came in sense nd looked at swara

sanskar realised wt he did a sec before got up from couch he about to leave but swara holded his hand

screen freezes on sathvik angry face

*******to be continued ****

precap; hmm shock *2 sathvik succeeds in plan but fails later due to swara

(done this part ur feedback says me how far it is so plz break your silence i feel happy even u critisize 🙂 nd ur response =speed of next part )


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