***********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-51*****



*******episode starts********

scene1, Maheshwari mansion its a happy Sunday

Swara mesgged sanskar to come to corridor of dp room

swara nd Ragini are moving near door swara is watching inside the room but in meanwhile sanskar seen Ragini from back he thought its swara ND plucked her hair from back Ragini shouts out ” ouchhhh

Swara turned nd shouted sanskar wt ur doing

Sanskar ( shocked to see rags ) woh woh sry

Ragini: U stupid idoit wt your doing

sanskar; woh i thought its swara

rags; (angrily ) get lost can’t u know difference between me nd swara

Sanskar: Bhabhi maph karo how can I expect that u both are in same shirt nd jeans

Ragini: Hey how you know wt swara is wearing ,from mrg this is first time we came out from room na

Sanskar: Woh I saw her from my room balcony

Swara:(singed no to say ) Oh no

Rags: Hoo wah don’t you leave any chance to watch her

sanskar; (blusing ) ha ha dont praise mee bhabhi

ragini; u took it as compliment wah

swara; (shouted ) chup 1st look at this matter

ragsan followed her

sanskar while following he is making sound like “ding di ding …..ding di ding ….toro tu to toroooo ”

ragini; (stopped nd turned back ) arey stupid wt the sounds , we are not going to rob anything stop ur sounds

Swara : (stopped near door ) Ok stop it listen lucky gonna say to dp uncle about rags now, so come we will see how far he will

San rags,swara left to dp room

Lucky entire DP room where as dp is seeing an file by standing near bed

Lucky seen towards door to see san ND swaragini they wished him luck ( by showing thumb)

Lucky : Papa woh I need to talk to you

Dp: Ha bolo

Lucky : Woh woh I

Dp: Ha I kya bolo (turned towards door so ragsanswa left towards lucky room )

Lucky : (nervous ) Woh I

Dp: Wt you need lucky (Lucky: Hell nervous)

dp; do you want money

lucky nodded yes nd no

dp; you had credit card na nd ur earning much na

lucky; (nervous ) woh i need change

dp; (took wallet ) nd gave 5 hundred rupee notes is it enough

lucky is so scared to speak he took the money nd came out of room by running

dp gave confused look ( lucky left to his room)

rags; did you said to uncle

lucky; (nodded his head in yes nd no )

rags; (moved him ) arey kuch bolo yr kya bola uncle na

lucky; he not said but he gave

swara;(excited) wt he gave

lucky took out 5 hundred notes nd placed in swara hand

ragsan swara are shocked

scene2, sathvik mansion

sathvik is watching cartoon (tom nd jerry )

man ; (entired sathvik mansion ) sir ur work is done

sathvik; (evil smile ) oh great

man; where is balance amount

sathvik; let me succeed in my plan if you not caught by swara then that 50lakhs will be urs

man; but wt u will get by this

sathvik; swara Mitra

man; (confused ) wt swara

sathvik; its none of ur business i will sent balance direct to ur flat

man left nd sathvik is alone

sathvik; (himself ) wah i was investing this much for u swara i hope it wont waste

scne3,pool side

both the families are having fun time

shekhar called raglak nd raglak stood infront of them to know wt he is saying

shekhar; ragini laksh u both are frnds from childhood na ,so we are thinking to marry you both on same time so we started selecting matches for you nd finally we got perfect life partners for you both

“so here are photos of them have a look nd say me

raglak are shocked

dp; see it laksh ,the girl i selected is well-educated nd running a hospital in mumbai ,she is gud ,traditional nd beautiful

shekhar; ha ragini the boy i selected is more educated ,more gud, more traditional , much more handsome

raglak gave a shocking look at shekhar nd dp

shekhar; wt happened look at the photo nd say how are they

ragini clutched her dress nd closed her eyes out of nervousness

raglak unknowingly shouted at a time “we both love each other ”

both looked at eachother in shock

shehkar wt no way how can you

rags ; no dad i can’t leave without lucky

lucky; (teary eyes ) mee too can’t leave

shekar; from when you both are loving each other

rags ; 3yrs

lucky; 8th std only

ragini; wt are u joking

Shekhar; wt 8th std

lucky; ha uncle i love her from 8th only but i took 9yrs to express it

sanskar; your daughter na so we need time to convince them (winked at swara )

dp; look at our choice too later you decide wt is best

raglak; we know you always try to give ur best for as but for now we both are best for each other so plz accept our love

shekhar; ok once have a look at photos later say this you don’t like our choice ok

raglak opened the folder nd saw photo (rags got lucky pic nd lucky got rags pic )

they both jumped in excitement

shekhar;(teasingly ) shall I say no tothe boy father

rags; (hugged him in tears ) dad ur the best i love you dad i love you

lucky; thanks dad but how you did this

dp; ha swara said me this

shekhar; sanskar said me this plan

rags; ho you know this then y you gave this much shock to mee ah

sanskar; arey bhabhi how can this happen so easy

lucky; its gave heart attack to as u know

sanskar; no bhai listen after your marriage you may have prince or princess na if they ask you (papa how you married my mummy”

then you rly boringly “i said to dad they did our marriage”
everyone gave a look at sanskar in surprise

sanskar;so i made it thrilling say this thing to ur kids it will be exciting nd thrilling to listers too wt say

everybody laughed at sanskar had a family moment

scene3,pool side only

but elders are one side nd raglak,swasan are enjoying separately its a visible distance other side of pool

swasan were laughing nd both the couple are teasing each other nd enjoying themselves

swara;(laughed ) mrg the best joke is you brought change from uncle na its the best thing i seen

lucky;(embarrassed) stop it speaking to dad is so tough

swara; y ur so scared of uncle

lucky; i am not scared but its respect

swara;(teasingly) ohh respectttt

rags; stop it y u both re teasing my lucky haa

swasan oh my lucky ahhhhh

otherside elders

dp; thankyou shekhar for giving ragini

shekhar; arey dp even i need to thank you bcoz ur giving ur son lucky

dp nd shekhar had friendly hug with a smile

shekhar; dp y can’t we do swara nd sanskar marriage too

dp; left quite he did not rly anything

shekhar; they look perfect with each other

dp; they may look so but they are not perfect

shekhar; acha look at them once nd say me

dp nd shekhar saw swasan nd raglak laughing nd enjoying


they where having coke

ragini; acha ur teased as na will you do a dare now

swara; (drinking coke ) ha wt say wt shall we do we are not scared of dads like you

ragini; acha then y cant you say our family that you both are in love nd wanna d\get married

swsan at a time spitted coke in shock after hearing this

swasan ; wt the

ragini; ha go nd express to our parents its a dare go swara

screen freezes on swasan shocking face

*****to be continued*****

precap; sathvik entry nd SHOCK 1(SWASAN KISS SEEN BY SATHVIK ND DP )

(sry this part has lot of raglak but its needed to story ,here is the next part done with lot of difficulty on hectic timetable but if ur still silent I can’t do anything i will be silent this time 😉

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