TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 50

************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-50**********

wow i was really happy with ur amazuing response i was just shocked after seeing ur response thanks alot for breaking ur silence too

nd nextly this part -50 is dedicated to my frnd alekyaaa you know why, bcoz she read my whole ff i.e total 49 parts in just 2hrs in one go nd commented 1st in part -49 too soo this part is for her ok no more lectures get back to ff 😉 )


recap; swara shouts in front of whole office ” sathvikkkkk bhaiiii”

scene1, parking lot swasan office

sanskar; i said na jiju my every dream will come true but ,you neglected my word see now wt happened

i am sorry i had never believed you nd your words “swara really likes you she likes you alot but as a brother nd loves me 😉

sathvik gave an angry look

sanskar; if i had a sister definately i used to do her marriage with you then truly nd completely you used to be my jiju or jijaa

sanskar winked at sathvik which made sathvik hell angry

otherside swara cabin ,

swara placed kavitha on couch nd tried to wake her nd kavitha gained slowly consciousness

kavitha; (confused) where am i now

swara; in our office baby

kavitha ;ohh (holded her hand nd whispered ) swara plz cancel our partnership plz i will get settle in Bangalore only

swara; y wt happened

kavitha; i will surely get mad if i stay here

swara; arey no kavitha i was with you only na

kavitha ; ur are here but for sure i will die out of this confusion

swara; y say me nd y u fainted firstly

kavitha ; will you plz say this “who is who’s brother nd wts happening here

swara; wt the question

kavitha; woh two weeks back u came back from london na on that day you fought with sanskar but slapped sathvik its ok
but when we meet in kerala u said sathvik is frnd but sathvik said ur more then a frnd
but now your calling sathvik bhai

wts all this ?

swara; (smiles) woh i will say a secret but u should not say to anyone promise

kavitha ; ha wat

swara ; woh me nd sanskar (about to say this but in gap sanskar came in )

sanskar; (winking smile ) meri behnaaaa kisi ho app

kavitha;( gave a shocking look) mee behanaa ahh

sanskar; ha u only kavitha

swara; arey stop it sanskar she will again faint now

sanskar; oh y so week ah sister shall i get boost for you

kavitha; ( threw her wallet )u stupid how dare you cal me ur sister

sanskar; (teasingly) itna gussa acha nahi hai behna ,woh bhi apke bhai par

Kavitha : I will kill you if you call me sister chi i hate you

Swara: Stop it sanskar y ur irritating her now

Sanskar: Acha kavitha ji

kavitha ; (gave a angry look) swaraaaaaaaaa

swara; arey chup karoo wt the hell y ur fighting

kavitha ; acha i was fighting say me how it will be “if ur crush calls you as sister ah ”

swara; acha still you have crush on him ah

kavitha; ha its from clz days na how I can forget so fast

swasan ; now we both are in relation as we confessed our love

kavitha again fainted

swara; sanskar how it will be if kavitha nd sathvik as a couple

sanskar; (shocking expression ) couple ahh?

swara; haa y can’t we patch them up

sanskar; y swara are you planning revenge for kavitha ah

swara; (confused ) wt revenge

sanskar; ntg leave that nd wake her up

scene2,swasan office

sathvik realised that he left file in office only so he rushed to office back on same time priya seen the file ND opened it to see wts the file is but in nick of Time sathvik came ND dragged the file which shocked priya

Sathvik: How dare you to see my things

Priya: No sir I was just taking the file

Sathvik:(Hell angry) its none of ur business

priya ; sir you had meeting now

sathvik; i had work cancel the meeting

priya; sir but kavitha mam came from banglore specially for this meeting na

sathvik; (hell angry ) do wt i say ur just a employee don’t try to be as my advisor

He left in angry with file ND priya watched the change in sathvik behaviour but she did not realised about file

location ;a unknown place sathvik meet a person

man; mr. sathvik varma after a long time u called me wah

sathvik;(evil smile) ha ha i want a work from you so i called you

man; hoo it means you want a government contract of that flyover

sathvik; yes offcourse but not for profit i need loss from it

man(confused look) wt loss

sathvik; ya loss (gave a file) file this tender on sanskar Maheshwari name on behalf of s nd s group nd don’t inform them about this contract they will fail to perform

man;no we can’t to file this tender the member should personally present

sathvik; 20 lakhs

man; its gets huge loss if they code in so low amount

sathvik; 30lakhs

man; its been audited by swara she may know about this tender too na after finalisation

sathvik; 50 lakhs

man; but our officer will sent notice na nd if they fail to perform they have to pay penalty naa its so tough i cant handle

sathvik ; 1 crore final do my work

“file this tender nd make them lose this they will lose this nd blame will be on sanskar ”

man; ur also a partner na in same company its loss for you too na

sathvik; ya its 11crs loss but sometimes to win something we need to loose some thing naa

man; wt ur gonna win its more then 11crs ah

sathvik; yes i will get a Kohinoor diamond .ok take this 50 laks nnd do my work

man;(took the suitcase) ho thanks but wt ever but be careful if swara mitra knows this she will play with you nd me with this law sections

sathvik; ya i know she is sharp i will manage her

but you be careful never let my name out nd remember if you fail

“i will kill you and the rest 50lakhs i will give to commissioner to close the case ”

2 weeks leap,

Days passed by swasan with silly talks funny conversations (no romance nd all ) thay are just enjoying there talks they are gaining the memories which they lost from last 3yrs

As days passing swasan understood each other maximum ,swara continuously tried to make sanskar responsible but all in vein

Swara ND sanskar where spending some time together on terrace while talking swara is resting on his laps nd sanskar is caressing her hair

Swara: Sanskar wt is ur further plan in life

Sanskar: Oh further plan
swara; ha further plan wt you wanna do next in life

sanskar; we are two nd for as two

swara; (confused ) wt it mean

sanskar; i mean u ND me nd our kid’s its my further plan

Swara:( shocked ) wt the I asked further plan I mean in career

Sanskar: Ha I don’t need anything I want to marry you its the only thing I want in my life

Swara:(got up from his laps ) Sanskar for sure we will.marry but before that u have to do something in life na so say mee wt you wanna bee

Sanskar: Acha I wanna be papa in future

Swara:( hell angry ) stupid, idoit sometimes I get doubt ke I was loving a human or any other creature

Sanskar once try to listen to mee there is much more to achieve in life not the marriage ND romance its not life ok its done wts the change

Have some seriousness sanskar I dont want you to gain fame nd money but I just want you to do work at least for some time in day

chi its waste of time to say this go to hell .

Swara left to her room in angry sanskar tried to stop her but he let quite as its common fight but its first time sanskar started thinking about swara words even dp said this many times but sanskar never thought of them but now he started thinking about this

scene4,mitra mansion parking

Next day mrg swara is cleaning her car after cleaning she started engine but its not started so she called a mechanic to repair it but its not possible to mechanic too so he said ” its a technical problem in engine so better sent this to company only ”

Swara felt irritated by this as its her fav car she brought with her own earnings

sanskar seen everything from his corridor he came towards swara ND Shekhar

Sanskar: Wt happened y ur so dull (Swara Did not rly anything she sttod numb)

Sanskar: Uncle wts the problem

Shekhar: Sanskar this car engine has a technical problem so its not working nd mechanic said to sent back to compny

Sanskar: Hoo its just car only na wts problem return it nd get new one

Swara: Its my fav car which I bought myself my hard work

Shekhar: Its the problem she won’t like to return it

Sanskar: (thinked for while ) Oh gud shall I help

Shekhar; ha sanskar try karo ek bhar

Swara: No dad he cant I think

Sanskar: I was a engineer

Swara:( knows sanskar can do anything so she just challenged ) do it nd say the same mr. engineer

Sanskar checked the engine nd changed some gears nd mechanical units nd asked her to check once

Swara started the engine its working

Shekhar; wah sanskar you made it wow your great engineer (shekar let to garden it very near to parking only nd started reading news paper so he cant see swasan )

Sanskar: Smiles ) swara ji abb bolo

swara; (happy but hidden it nd acted as angry still ) thankyou mr.sanskar

sanskar; ho hello say thanks properly in my way (singed her to kiss )

swara; i said na now only can’t you hear

sanskar; (shouted ) uncle ur daughter is not saying thanks to mee

shekhar ; (shouted ) swara is it manners say thanks

swara; (gave a angry look ) are you kid to complaint to dad

sanskar; (shouted ) uncle uncle ur daughter is scolding mee noww

shekhar; (shouted swara) swara chup chap thanks nd sorry bolo (say sorry nd thanks )

sanskar; (winked at her ) soo give my thanks nd sorry na

swara; moved towards him nd pinched his waist which made sanskar shouted in pain “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

shekhar;(came towards swasan ) y ur shouting sanskar

sanskar; uncle ur daughter pinched mee (shekhar gave a angry look towards swara )

swara;(innocently ) no papa i did nothing

sanskar; jute math bolo u pinched na

swara; (innocently ) where,when nd how (shekhar gave confused look )

sanskar;uncle ur daugether is lying if not see (he lifed his t-shirt nd showed the red mark on his waist )

shekhar; (laughed ) are u kidding to pinch eachother say sorry to sanskar

swara; no dad i can’t yoou go

shekhar; say sorry orelse i wont goo

swara; dad you dont know wt he is asking

shekhar; he is asking a small sry cant you ah say

swara; ok i will but you go dad i will na

shekhar; ok i will be in garden sanskar say me “if she not said sorry “(he left back )

swara; gave a angry look to sanskar ) u want sorry ah

sanskar; ha s.o.r.r.y only if not i will call uncle again

swara; arey stupid he is my dad

sanskar; (innocently ) ha you only said na if u wanna kiss i should ask permission from dad i was doing that only

swara; (dragged him to other side of car ) acha

sanskar; ha sweet heart will you give or shall i call ur dad (he about to shout but swara closed his mouth with her hand )

swara; (blushing nd whispered ) i had not said noo na (she is just circling her finger on his shirt ) y ur calling dad again ah

sanskar; (teasingly ) wow (she hugged him nd gave a peck on his lips)

sanskar; (pulled her close ) wah finally the angry on me had reduced

swara; ah how can i leave without you (she bitted his checks lightly nd left from there out of blushing )

sanskar;(holded his cheeks nd blushed ) meri cute kiddo wah she is blushing too ohh god

i was the most luckiest person in this world (jumped in happiness nd shouted out “yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

shekhar ; (saw sanskar laughing nd jumping in excitement ) kya hua sanskar

sanskar; (blushed smiled ) woh woh kuch nahi (he laughed nd left running from there )

shekhar is confused by there behaviour nd on other side dp seen swasan hug only hug 😉 )

screen freezes

**to be continued ****

precap; swasan help nd raglak trials to express there love matter to family sathvik reentry

(after PART-51 we will back to shocks nd trust mee there wont be any misunderstandings b/w swasan so kindly dont miss any part bcoz it may mess your brain )

and lastly if you break your silence i will break my schedlue nd will post next part tommrow only so decide choice is urs as always
tataa byeee


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