TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 49


************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-49***********


recap; swara trial to make sanskar responsible nd sanskar tries to meet swara at late night but dp caught him on way next day sanskar plan

*****episode starts ******

scene1,swasan office swara cabin 10.30am

Swara left to her cabin nd sanskar seen her angry so he went towards her cabin to see her expression but to his shock swara dragged him into cabin by holding his tie

Sanskar : Hey wt ur doing leave the tie I will die

Swara: (angry she pinned him to cabin door ) Acha u stupid idiot how dare you to avoid me ahh

Sanskar: Acha wt about you u too did same last ngt na

Swara: Woh I am sorry I slept unfortunately soo

Sanskar: Ho really I won’t forgive you now

Swara:( puppy face) I am so sorry maph karo mujhe plz

Sanskar: Acha then say me sorry in my way

Swara:( confused) wt way ahh

Sanskar( teasingly) I want kiss ok

Swara: Moved back wt no way I won’t

Sanskar: Acha you won’t give ah ok

Sanskar shouted ” arey priya,Riya,kriya ,
surove,purvi,manvi ,navi

swara; (shocked) who are they

sanskar; (smirking smile ) ur staff only but my fans

Swara:( shocked) oh my god in my office this many girls are there

swara;(closed his mouth ) stop it dont you dare to call other name

sanskar; (removed her hand ) acha wt you will haa

swara; oh i will call sathvik

sanskar; (by hearing sathvik name he got hell angry with a force he spined swara nd pinned her back to door with applying lot of force which made swara shock

his hand came like sudden wiplash nd hold her shoulder tight his nails dig into her flesh

swara; (scared nd squeaked in pain )sa sanskar i was just kidding

sanskar; (reduced his angry but he is not in sense ) acha really

swara; (tried to push him ) ha really

sanskar; (holded her firmly nd moved close to her )where your trying to go now

swara; (nervous nd scared ) woh i had office work so

sanskar; ho let me complete my work

swara; (pushed him with a force ) noo sanskar (she about to leave but sanskar pulled her back )

sanskar;(caressing her cheeks ) y ur behaving like this swara

swara; (struggled to loosen his grip ) sanskar its scaring me plz stay away

sanskar; (realised that he is hurting swara moved an inch back)

there is pin drop silence both are silent for some time

sanskar come on sense whispered “swaraaaa

swara did not utter a word she just hugged himm on friction of seconds which made sanskar shockk

swara whispered by hugging him “i love you sanskar only you nd i can bear anything but i can’t live without you ”

nd i know you to love mee so i don’t need to make you jealous ”

sanskar hugged her back nd with a smile “mee too sweet heart ”

sanskar moved close nd they meet the wall sanskar kissed her palm “wahh ur all mine ” swara is just blushing nd he slowly kissed leaned towards her to kiss but swara pushed him back by hearing door knock sound

priya; mam shall i come in

sanskar; (irritated ) oh here priya nd in home my dad both are disturbing my romance

swara; (smiled ) priya come in (she got 4 files which are signed by sanskar yesterday )

sanskar ; left as he got call from his frnd

swara; i said 5 na to sanskar

priya; ha but sathvik sir took the 5th one

swara; wt why

priya ; i don’t know mam

swara; ok we will think later i was about to leave now u see work of here i will come tomorrow

swara grabbed her jacket nd let out to raglak hospital

days passed daily swasan are msg daily gud mrg gud night but not speaken directly face to face much due to busy but use to speak for hrs during ngts on ph

mrg time swara is in raglak hospital mostly

mrg 10 am ,Monday swasan office

monday its the day of next meeting swara nd sanskar left to office earlyyy

everyone are busy on work except one it sanskar while swara is making arrangements for board meeting

even kavitha is on the way to office

sanskar dragged swara to corner in meeting hall

swara; hey wt your doing here

sanskar; ntg much i want you to play a game

swara; (picking his cheeks ) wt game now ahh video game ahh

sanskar; no a normal game plz

swara; ok say me wt it

sanskar; promise me you will doo

swara; ha ok promise say

sanskar; dare or dare

swara; oh hello its truth or dare i think

sanskar; no darling i know ever truth from you so i want dare only now

swara; woh acha wt dare you want me to doo

sanskar; (seen her once nd whispered ) kiss mee

swara; oh ok (she kissed his cheecks )

sanskar; not here u have to kiss me in meeting hall

swara; we are in meeting hall only

sanskar; infront of all you have to kiss me did you got it

swara; (shocked pushed him back ) are you crazy how can i that too infront of dad oh my god nooo

sanskar; acha i will give one more opion

swara; thats much better

sanskar; ho then call sathvik as bhaiyya in front of whole office nd u should not say that i said to do

swara; (confused) sathvik bhaii ahh

sanskar; ha y can’t he “you only said na all indians are your brother nd sisters ”

swara; ha not only indians our generation ppl of any nation are my brother nd sisters

sanskar; so call him as bhai once

swara; but he

sanskar; ok you cant na ,then kiss me its better to me 😛

swara; noway i will call him bhai

sansakar; thats gud go nd complete the dare\\

Swara nodded her head nd came out of hall

scene3,swasan office 11am
meeting is by 11.30
after some time sathvik entered office ND he stood near a table by holding an file
(it is the file one among 5files on which sanskar signed few days back )

Sanskar signed swara to go ND showed his thumb

swara; turned towards sathvik nd shouted out in front of whole office “sathvik bhaii

sathvik turned back to see who it is nd shocked to hear this from swara

swara; sathvik bhai ahhh

sathvik seen his back to confront it that swara is calling him or other

swara; (moved towards him) sathvik bhai i was calling you only “woh kya hai na i want your sign on this file by tomorrow

Sathvik was hell shocked the file in his hand had skipped from him

sathvik hell shocked he did not utter a word he grabbed file nd left towards parking lot without looking the file on ground

kavitha was hell confused after hearing the thing sathvik bhai from swara

kavitha whispered in confusion “sathvik bhai ahh ” she fainted nd fallen on floor out of shocks

swara; (shouted ) kavitha kavitha wt happened to her all of sudden

everyone rushed towards kavitha to see nobody relised about the file

parking slot sathvik to himself

“arey no girl dared to call me bhai now the girl whom i wished called me as bhai chii

shame on you ”

sathvik is busy on blaming himself sanskar came from back

sanskar; (by placing his hand on sathvik ) sathvik jiju kisi ho app

sathvik gave a angry look “sathvik jiju ahh ”

sanskar; ha jiju only ur the brother of swara nd elder to me by 4months i think so from today ur my jiju only

sathvik gave a angry look but he had no words to talk

sanskar; i said na jiju my every dream will come true but you neglected my word see now

sathvik gave an angry look

sanskar winked at sathvik which made sathvik hell angry

precap; if ur response is gud next part will be swasan moments nd a turn of story to new change

part -50 na so thinking to add something special if you have any crazy ideas share with mee


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