TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 48


************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-48***********


(thank a lot for you heartily wishes nd for you amazing response toooo here is next part of my ff )

pic credit; my darling subii

RECAP;——–swasan fun in office nd sanskar prank makes sathvik fall on floor (sathvik will be mad out of all this acts )

——dp confronts swara about sanskar

******EPISODE STARTS******


she gave a angry look nd stood in front of them by folding her hands upward by seeing swara everyone kept quite

sanskar gave a winking smile towards swara

swara; mr.sanskar you had some important files too sign soo plz leave to ur cabin

sanskar; ok ms.swara guys cu later ur mam gave me work too how sadddd (sanskar left)

swara; (angry towards other staff) listen its a office not canteen you making this much fun nd ur wasting office time in this way

staff; sorry mam woh sanskar sir

swara; (shouted ) whoever it is but have some ethics in workplace

did you all got it na never repeat it again nd get back to work now

swara left to sanskar cabin to see wt he is doing swara saw him from glass door sanskar is playing with pen by rotating it in b/w his fingers

swara; sanskar wt ur doing

sanskar; ntg just playing

swara;(angry) are you a kid to play with pens nd pencils

sanskar;(smiles ) to play we not need to be kids if we know playing we can

priya ; (got files ) mam here are files to be seen by sanskar sir

swara; only three ah

priya; no there are much more but in one day sir hardly see one or two so i got only three

swara; (angry look ) u cant say it na

swara placed the files infront of sanskar nd said ” read througly nd sign them ”

sanskar; will you help me then

swara; ur not a kid in kinder garden to take help of teacher always ur director of this company so its ur responsibility

sanskar; (took the files nd placed them on table with didinterest )ok i will

swara; priya get mee two more files (priya left )

sanskar; (shocked ) wt are you crazy i was human not a robert to read this many

swara moved towards sanskar nd made him sit in his chair by caressing his hair swara whispered “sanskarrrr i know ur human nd i know this too that ur higly talented ,efficient so plz concentrate na plzzz (by cupping his face )

sanskar; (her pleasing face effected him ) ok i will as you say

swara; oh thats like gud boy do it i will talk to you evg

sanskar; wt evg where your going noww

swara; woh raglak hospital its been long visited it nd even kavitha is out of station so i need to audit it

so u complete ur work we will talk night

sanskar; (nodded his head in yes nd nooo swara seen his expression she gave a peck on his cheeks “now its ok ah “\\

sanskar;ha ha ok

swara ; gud not do it (she about to leave but sanskar stopped her )

sanskar; (naughty smile) u gave 5files to do nd only payment for one too badddd

swara; (acha sir u want payment ahhh (she kissed his other cheek nd forhead nd runed out towards door nd whispered in blushing tone ” yeh advance hai full payment work ka baad”

sanskar; wahhhhh wat a deal come fast will be waitingggg

priya gave other two files nd left

sanskr tried to read nd concentrate but his laziness is not letting he tried more then 2hrs he just completed one file its too boring for him

he lost his interest so took the other files nd signed them blindly without reading nd all he threw them a side on the table nd started playing games in phone

priya nd sathvik observed this

sathvik; wahh sanskar you gave a chance to meee unknowingly so ur digging ur pith

Raglak hospital
Swara left to ragini cabin were ragini is full on dull

Swara; hii diii y ur face is like this today
Ragini; ntg chodo yar get me two cup of coffee (she said to nurse she left )

Swara; say me where is lucky y ur sad di bolna plz

Rags; who dad said he want mee to get married soon

Swara; (shocked) y all of sudden wt happened

Ragini; its all bcoz of you only

swara; wt i did for this ah say clearly

ragini; woh last night dad asked me where is swara


ragini; ” swara went to attend her frnds wedding its late ngt so she will stay there only ”

shekar ; y cant you go with her

ragini; (nervous ) wohh she is her collage mate i dont know her

Shekhar; I did a huge mistake

Rags; wt dad wt happened

Shekhar; see the girl below ur age is getting married but I never thought of ur marriage

Ragini; (shocked ) wttttt

Shekhar; we are thinking to do ur marriage soonn

Rags; y all of sudden

Shekhar; wt sudden ur 25yrs its right age to marry even ur getting best matches

Ragini ; nodded her head

Flashback ends

Swara; (excited ) wow gud y can’t you say about lucky nd you can marry him wts problem

Rags; (crying ) stop it stupid I can’t dare

Swara; ohh ok don’t cry say lucky to talk to dp uncle

Rags; he is more scared then mee

Swara; chiii cant you dare this much but say you both love eachother

rags;(angry) acha we can’t dare so we are sleeping at night but you both are romancing whole ngt

swara;,(spitted out coffee) we just went for long drive thats it ntg more then that

ragini; (teasingly) ho really anyways ur messed hair nd blushing face is saying me how much you did today nd yesterday

swara; (blushing) stop it rags y ur puling me in middle now

rags; its fact naa

swara; stop teasigng me orelse i wont help you

rags; ok ok plz help me now

swara; thats much better ok first we will motivate lucky to talk to dp uncle

rags; ok are you sure

swara; we will try naaa

rags; ok but dont handle this to sanskar plz he will hang this matter by his madness

swara; achaaa but he is intelligent in love matter

rags; may be but he will give heart attack soo its better to stay away from him

swara; ok now i had work cu later (she left the cabin )

swara,lucky,rags had there dinner in meanwhile swara convinced lucky nd they three left to mm

swara got fresh up nd took her ph to call sanskar but its low battery so she placed it on charging nd fallen on bed for short nap but it turned into deep sleep

sanskar tried lot of times for swara but no response as ph in silent

sanskar is restlesss

maheswari mansion ngt 12.30 am

sanskar finally decided to meet swara so by hiding like thief he moved towards poolside door nd tried to open it but its not opening

sanskar placed his leggs hitting the door to pull it hard to open but till its not opening

dp; (stood beside sanskar ) shall i help you

sanskar; (unknown of dp ) ya plz

dp; here are the keys (sanskar turned to see the person nd got shocked to see dp )

sanskar; (shocked) da da dadddd

dp; dad only where ur going at this time

sanskar; (thinking to manage ) woh wohh to have some fresh air

dp; where is fresh air on pool side or somewhere else

sanskar;(panic) pool side only pakka

dp; you know sanskar i done a mistake by joining you in engineering bcoz ur much better for army or navy as ur higly specialist in jumping walls nd night works are high for you then day time

sanskar; no dad i was not jumping walls now

dp “come with me ” dp dragged sanskar to sanskar room nd made him sit on couch nd placed a scoch bottle infront of him

sanskar; (shocked) wt this dad

dp; i know you had spoiled so better you spoil urself in ur room only

sanskar; no dad i stopped drinking

dp; not needed to lie for me ur life ur wish (sanskar gave a blank expression)

dp; ok sanskar you know ur mom cried last night as you not came home so i arranged everything for you in ur home onlyy

“wt ever you want you can get here ramu kaka will take care of it so plz be in home properly ”

and dont spoil others with your company ”

dp left sanskar room

sanskar tried to understand wt dp said but as usal he heard dp words nd left them from other ear

After sometime he pepped out of room ND checked the mm nd left towards terrace nd entered into mitra mansion nd moved towards swara too its not locked do he peeped into room nd silently looked door nd moved towards swara who is sleeping by hugging her teddy firmly

Sanskar:( himself) wah swara I was waiting for you there here ur sleeping like princess wahh

That’s ok I will take my revenge tomorrow now you sleep my sweetheart

Sanskar kissed her forehead nd placed the bed sheet on her where as swara smiling in sleep as she felt it dream

Sanskar: Wah how lucky the teddy anyway after our marriage I will gain that place sry teddy enjoy now only

He stated at her for hr nd left to his room ND sleep peacefully

Next day
Swara seen his miscalls nd msgs ” Ho no Ho I forgot this nd slept chi swara ur stupid how you slept by forgetting sanskar ha ur selfish swara ”

Swara mesgged sanskar ” I am sry ”

She sented more then 100 msgs but no response from sanskar swara left to office to meet san

office mrg10am

Sanskar : Is having fun in office with office staff that to lady staff

Swara entied office ND she is shocked to see sanskar rounded with lot of girls they are talking laughing with sanskar

By seeing swara all the ppl about to move towards there seats but sanskar stopped them

Saskar: Hey y ur scared I was director of this company so u can do wt I say

Swara gave a angry look nd signed sanskar to come to cabin but sanskar did not react

Swara after a while came back again for sanskar but sanskar is still doing it

Swara burst out in angry ” may be he is director but company is giving salaries so get back to work if u want ur job or else get out ”

Everyone left in shock

Swara left to her cabin nd sanskar seen her angry so he went towards her cabin to see her expression but to his shock swara dragged him into cabin by holding his tie

Sanskar : Hey wt ur doing leave the tie I will die

Swara: (angry she pinned him to cabin door ) Acha u stupid idiot how dare you to avoid me ahh

Sanskar: Acha wt about you u too did same last ngt na

Swara: Woh I am sorry I slept unfortunately soo

Sanskar: Ho really I won’t forgive you now

Swara:( puppy face) I am so sorry maph karo mujhe plz

Sanskar: Acha then say me sorry in my way

Swara:( confused) wt way ahh

Sanskar( teasingly) I want kiss ok

Swara: Moved back wt no way I won’t

Sanskar: Acha you won’t give ah ok

Sanskar shouted ” arey priya,Riya,kriya ,
surove,purvi,manvi ,navi

swara; (shocked) who are they

sanskar; (smirking smile ) ur staff only but my fans

Swara:( shocked) oh my god in my office this many girls are thereeee

screen freezes

******to be continued *********

precap; swara shouts in front of whole office ” sathvikkkkk bhaiiii”

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