TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 46


*********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-46********



************EPISODE STARTS ******


swara; (tension ) we had meeting in 10mins we are here now wt to do now say mee

sanskar; cool let me think ok let go to office now

swara; (tension ) see our dressing yar we are in causal jeans nd t-shirt dad will shout for this nd our shoes are full of sand nd water

“we don’t even have time either to shop or to go home wt too doo now ”

sanskar ; ok cool i will manage come sit in car first

(sanskar started driving to office )

swara; (nervous nd tenses ) sanskar we are late dad said me twice but still i forgot this oh no he will hang me today

sanskar; (while driving ) u dad just will hang you but my Hitler dad will cut me into pieces

swara; oh no it takes more then 50mins to reach wt to do now

sanskar; ok cool swara calm down tighten your seat belt fast (sanskar raised the speed in one gear to 130kms / hour

swara; (shouted in fear ) you plz take me to office not to hospital

sanskar;( while driving ) chupp close your eyes nd keep quite

swara closed her eyes hard in 15mins he drove her to office

sanskar; open ur eyes we are in office

location; S ND S OFFICE 10.45am

swasan reached the office

swara got down from car in hurry nd grabbed her hoodies nd left towards her cabin with bear foot “sanskar come fast we are late ”

everyone are shocked to see swara with out foot wear nd in causal her hair is uncombed she just adjusted with her hand its loose nd silky they just watched her in surprise nd shock

they wished her gud mrg but swara gave formal smile nd rushed towards her cabin

swara called priya from ph nd priya rushed

priya; mam ur late shekhar sir is full on angry

swara; i know that wt can i doo now

priya ;(shocked to see her new avatar ) mam wts this where are ur shoes nd ur wearing casuals its an new style ah

swara; stop it priya ok first take my card go to mall nd plz get me some shoes or any sandals to wear

priya ; ha its ok but everyone are waiting for you in meeting hall

swara; i will manage that all you go do wt i said nd take syam with you get shoes to sanskar too go fast (she gave card nd priya left )

scene2, s nd s office meeting hall

everyone are present sathvik,RP,DP,Shekhar,nd two more members
swara slowly peeped into hall

shekhar; swara wt ur doing there come in

swara; i was coming (slowly entered inside the cabin everyone gave an surprise look

shekhar about to ask something to swara but in meanwhile sanskar entered with a flower on top of his right ear nd he applied powder on his forehead as an devotee

everyone are shocked to see sanskar is this new avatar it seemed like he came directly from Himalayas as priest

shekhar widened his mouth in shock by seeing shekhar swara turned back to see wt it is

Swara Gave a weird look at sanskar nd in hushh tone “wts this makeup ”
Sanskar winked at her nd whispered” do as per I say ”

Swara”:(whispered) manage but Plz don’t spoil completely sanskar

dp; sanskar wts all this

sanskar; dad actually we went to temple

DP; TEMPLEEEE ? you both wont belive on this things na

Sanskar: Woh actually dad last ngt I got dream in dream siv ji said me to visit his temple on his fav day so I went swara followed

sathvik; Its Tuesday not Monday (swara pinched him on waist from back )

Sanskar:( bit his tongue in pain ) dad siv ji said me that hanuman ji is too his frnd so we went today next Monday i will go too

rp; wah durga prasad ji look at ur son noway days this generation boys are dreaming about girl frnds nd all stupid things ,but ur son is dreaming about gods wow .u have to feel proud of him

swara; (laughing innerly in mind ) they really beliving it wow but sry uncle my sanskar always dream about mee only

rp; sathvik learn something from sanskar at least

sathvik ; noded an yes

sanskar; i will be here only na sathvik also be an great devotee

swara counld not control her laugh sanskar seen this nd whispered “stupid dont laugh orelse we both will get caught ”

dp; (gave look at swara )its ok but from when you both are listening to each other even you came together

Sanskar: Woh dad car tyre is punctured so we came together

Dp: Who’s car tyre

Swasan at a time said ” my car ”

Everyone are shocked by answer

sanskar gave an angry look at swara moved her leg “stupid ”

Swara: (trying to coverup matter ) Woh my car is punctured nd sanskar gave lift for mee

Sanskar: Yes I was also saying same dad

Dp: then Where are your foot wear then

Sanskar: Oh no

Swara: Woh we we

Sanskar: ( interrupted) dad woh we went to temple so there we left our shoes nd someone stolen them so we came on bear foot as its late na

Dp gave a look towards swara but Swara did not react anything she downed her eyes from dp site

sanskar; i was very punctual so we meeting is more important then shoes so we came like this only

dp gave a silly expression by hearing the word punctuality from sanskar

sanskar; dad y ur staring like that if shoes are important then meeting say me we will go for shopping later we see this meeting

swara lets go out come

dp; stop it come nd have you its late seat lets start our meeting

swara; (in mind ) wt an planning sanskar has he just build an huge story in just 20 mins we have to learn alot

Swasan left towards their seats swara Sat in front of sanskar where as sanskar sat beside sathvik intentionally

Sanskar moved his chair close towards sathvik which made sathvik shock as he remembered the night sanskar hitting goons cruelly

Sanskar: Gud mrg Mr.sathvik

Sathvik: ( nervous nd tense) gud gud gud mrg

Shekhar: Ok everyone shall we discuss our annual report finally

Swara yes I will explain it

Swara started her presentation on the performance of there company everyone where listening it perfectly but two ppl are out from that one is sanskar he is just watching swara in dreamy way
Sathvik is half listening as he had fear of sanskar ND even swara is avoiding him

After an 90mins of meeting swara finally gave her conclusion that company had surplus of 85crs

Swara gave a look towards sanskar casually but on same time

sathvik:(raised a question ) wt ur idea to do with surplus profit

Swara eyes are on sanskar ND sanskar signed something romantic

Swara: ( shouted) shut up

Everyone are shocked by the act she realised wt she answered is for sanskar but it went to sathvik

Swara: Wohh Mr .sathvik Varma I mean we will set up an another means to invest the funds

Dp seen the changes in swara behaviour

nithin; (an member ) are there any new ideas

swara; i was thinking to make an fund for CSR activities for society

Sathvik: Ok swara wts ur idea where can we get maximum profit by those social activities

Swara: (angry look ) Mr.sathvik Varma we are earning a lot from society only so we have to pay back at least some wt you Say

Sathvik: (unwillingly nodded ) Yes I am ok for it

Swara: Ok everyone I will study some of other ways to invest
” we will have another meeting in a week I.e on Monday

On the same day we will have voting for this proposals the one which gets max votes will be final decision

Sathvik: Wts ur decision we can final na

Swara: ( gave an angry look but with professional smile ) Mr.sathvik Varma I was just an auditor of this company

“So I can only give suggestions for you I can’t take decisions of my own ”

Sathvik: Ok swara

Sanskar gave an smile towards swara by seeing her attitude towards sathvik
Everyone left from the meeting hall

Dp: Swara come to my cabin I need to talk to you

Swara ok I will be in few minutes

Sathvik nd swara,sanskar left

Sanskar good work ms.swara Mitra

Swara gave a look by hearing this in surprise

Sanskar winked at her which is not noticed by sathvik

Swara : Thank you Mr.Maheshwari

Swara left to her cabin nd sathvik followed her

scene3, swara cabin

Sathvik: Swara I am sry plz don’t avoid mee

Swara: Mr.sathivik Varma y ur saying all this plz go nd do ur work

Sathvik( pleasingly) swara I was ur sathvik y ur being so formal with mee

Swara: I decided to be in this way only so Plz u too follow this

Sathvik: I am sorry plz plz even that sanskar is not talking to you na y ur backing him

Swara: No sathvik just go too ur work let me be as I am

Sathvik holder her hand ( wrist ) to stop her

swara; (angry ) leave me sathvik i don’t wanna listen to you

sathvik; until you be normal nd answer mee i won’t leave you

swara; i was angry on you it takes some time to forget it so plz leave me

sathvik; how much time swara its been 3days u talked to me i was dying swara (in meanwhile sanskar entered the cabin ,Sathvik by seeing sanskar he left swara hand in fear )

Sanskar: (Seen this) oh sry u both can speak I will come later

Swara: No sanskarrr I mean Mr.sanskar say me y u came

Sanskar: Oh I came for sathvik

Swara ND sathvik are shocked

sanskar came nd hugged sathvik which made them double shock

swara signed him with eyes “wt ur doing all ” nd sanskar winked at her

meanwhile priya came she threw the footwear boxes out of shock by seeing sanskar nd sathvik so close

sanskar ;(broken hug ) priya y ur shocked

priya ; moved towards swara )mam its true or am i day dreaming

swara; i was also thinking same but two ppl cant dream same na so its true only

priya; is sanskar sir is alright 3days back he came in angry now he is so happy .sathvik sir nd sanskar sir are like enemies but now wts a change

swara; i had 100 doubts on this ur asking me gud

priya; here are your shoes my head is breaking by all this things i seen from mrg so i will take break

swara; priya i will also come wait (she took the shoes from box nd about to leave )

sathvik; swara plz wait i need to talk

swara; i don’t want too ,you both enjoy (she ran out of cabin )

sanskar nd sathvik left alone

sathvik; wt are you doing y ur acting so gud all of sudden

sanskar; (winking smile ) i just relised some thing new soo

sathvik;(shocked ) wt the thing

sanskar; (by placing hand around around sathvik shoulders ) i will say soon say me how is my darling slap

sathvik; wttt

sanskar; (picking his cheeks ) you nauty boy i know this swara slapped you na
“y ur blushing sathvik whole office is talking the same ”
now say me how bad you dad felt for this “his son got slapped by a girl infront of so many ppl ” how sad na ”

sathvik; pushed him back ) dont you dare to talk to me in this way orelse

sanskar; orelse wt sathvik u broked my most precious thing from me thats my swara so u will pay back for all my pain you gave

sathvik; wt i did you yourself did everything ,you blamed swara ,u broken up withher wt i did in this all

sanskar; you will know soon wt you did but i was sure my love will win

sathvik ; dont dream much she hates you

sanskar; even swara hates you too now ,we both are in same place but i upper then you

“she slapped you nd at night she hugged me ”
“she said ur her frnd but my love
“she loved me ,loving me till the end of life but she is hating you now ”

finally i will turn as her husband but wt about you ”

sathvik; (holded his collar in angry ) sanskar don’t you dare to mess with mee

sanskar; (removed his hand slowly) you messed with me first

sanskar left him an started lauging aloud sathvik got confused

sathvik; y ur laughing sanskar

sanskar; (winking smile i got an dream on you too

sathvik; wt dream

sanskar;today i went to temple na i sat under an neem tree then i got an dream that swara nd you where brother nd sister

sathvik; wt brother nd sisterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

sanskar; (by pulling his ears ) “say me this one fine day wt you feel if swara calls you “sathvik bhaiyya ”

sathvik ; (shocked by this sudden reaction) i will kill you sanskar

sanskar; acha ok come kill me but before that once remember wt swara did 3days back

sathvik; left his collar nd moved away he about to leave

sanskar; oh sathvik sir say me wt you feel if swara call you bhaiyya

sathvik; stupid question it never happens

sanskar; it may do u ever expected that swara will slap you ? she did na so this will to happen
swara is topper like you i seen ur certificates ur also a topper na both are serious on work this similarities are enough to be brother nd sister

“trust someone day she will call keep waiting ”

sathvik left cabin in frustration nd angry sanskar laughs by seeing his face

screen freezes

precap; ——–swasan fun in office nd sanskar prank makes sathvik fall on floor (sathvik will be mad out of all this acts )

——dp confronts swara about sanskar

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