TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 45


*************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-45*********



*************EPISODE STARTS ******

location ;away from Mumbai an alone island

swara; (by playing with his shirt buttons) i know ur jealous of sathvik i tried my level best to stay away from him but always you took me wrong

“i was not saying ur wrong but i was saying situations are wrong so all this happened ”

sanskar; yes you may treat him as frnd but he proposed you in kerala na

swara;ha he said but you don’t know our complete conversation (SHE SAID ALL THE TALK B/W THEM)

sanskar finds that sathvik in creating the mess

sanskar ; wt then y not you said all this before

swara; (gave an angry look ) remember that you had not gave chance at all
“you know sanskar on that we both are speaking about you only on the ngt in garden but you took as wrong

when you blame the relation of me nd sathvik i felt heartbroken

after ur ph call on our bday i broken totally i thought to end my life but i cant cause pain to my family
so decided to leave to london an stay away from everyone

sanskar; (hugged her nd cupped her face ) i am so sorry but wt i can do “you said that you moved on na ”

swara; hitted him on chest ) when i said it (crying)

“i said i hate you but it means” don’t leave me ”

you know on the mrg i left to office just to cry out but sathvik too came there to office

i said him to leave we just had normal talk but i dont know wt you thought after ur ph call i left broken so left to london on that night

sanskar; (shocked) wtttt you left on ngt only

swara; yes on same day i left i think its the rash decision which i took

“i have to fight back but i accepted the failure nd ranned away as fool ”

first i blamed you for kavitha later this i tried much to make you listen but its all in veins i lost it again

sanskar; (completely shocked he understood that its game of sathvik ) swaraa shall i ask you something

swara; ha

sanskar; if i meet with a huge accident nd i was in coma on that day “will you leave me nd go to london ah ”

swara; (got up in shock nd cries badly ) how can u think so sanskar

sanskar; (by cupping her face ) i was just kidding cool swara

swara; (grabbed his collar nd shouted in tears ) i will die sanskar i can’t see you in such state

“i cant i cant live without you ”

i was alive in London only thinking that ur happy here but when i came back i found that ur too suffering like mee

sanskar hugged her “cool swara i was just kidding now everything is fine na stop crying plz ”

swara is still crying badly by hugging him

sanskar; (in mind ) it means swara don’t know anything of my accident we got separated my silly misunderstandings

“something is fishy from sathvik i need to find wts his real intention ‘

sanskar came out of his thoughts when he felt wet on his shirt due to swara tears

sanskar; (caressing her hair ) swara stop crying plz look at mee

sanskar; (swara is still crying shouted by cupping her face ) look at mee

swara controlled her tears somewhat

sanskar; (clearing her tears ) i was here in front of you ,with you
not only now always I will be with you 24/7
“i can bear anything but i can’t bear separation from you
i can’t see tears in your eyes

so plz stop crying i don’t wanna spoil my special day

swara ; hugged him hard ) i am sorry sanskar

sanskar whispered “i love you swara ”

both fell on back on bed by hugging each other

sanskar is thinking to change topic mainly her mood at that time he seen a mark on her neck its slightly visible from her hoodies t-shirt

sanskar; (swara wts that mark on ur neck

swara; (she placed her hand on neck ) where

sanskar; on ur right side

swara; oh u forgot it ah it bcoz of you only

sanskar;(surprised) wt i did

swara; oh hello let me remain you on our office out of ur frustration u bited me twice nd thrice it turned like this

sansakar ; oh no but say me this did you got angry for all my acts i did on those seven days

swara; (blushes ) noo i enjoyed a lot too

sanskar;(winking smile ) ho shall i do this again

swara; (shocked) oh hello i said time i spent is enjoyable not ur bits ok

sanskar; cha .. too bad swara swara did you said sathvik that you confessed mee

swara; no accually i slaped him for misbehaving with you so i had not talked to him tommrow i will say

sanskar (laughes ) noo dont say to anyone untill i say

swara ;why sanskar he will feel happy na

sanskar; just for fun plz dont say

swara; ok as u say

sanskar ; “say mee do you got angry for that day i kissed you in Kerala na ”

swara; no sanskar wt ever you did i just seen ur love
“and anyways everyone have there own ways to express angry you have this way ”

sanskar; omg u love me this much how you hid all this love this many days

swara; u don’t know how much tough it is for me but finally i won

‘no we won our love sanskar ”

( she hugged him hard nd he said caressing her hair and swara just held his hand palm and clutched his palm and entwined her finger with his and was cuddling him more and more)

Sanskar ” if ur so close I couldn’t not control myself

Swara : ( unfortunately she replied )Who said you to control ah

Sanskar :oh really lets start ( before swara could react anything he removed his jacket nd threw it a side on bed )

Swara: (panic she could not react anything in stammering voice ) You youuu said you had feeling cold

Sanskar: Ha feeling it but now I won’t feel it again

Sanskar grabbed swara ND he got on top of her nd pulling her towards him by her waist

Swara was hell shocked she wanted to stop him but unfortunately she said yes so she kept quiet gulping her nervousness

Sanskar seen her expressions but continued he slowly unzipped her hoodies

Which made swara double shock “sa ..sanskar ”

sanskar; ha wt swara say me

swara; woh woh i was

sanskar; ha wt ur now , say complete the sentence fast

swara brain is not working out of his closeness she silently gulped

sanskar ; (teasingly ) u said ur grown up much nd ur not a kid too so o i think we can do this now your 22 i am 24 we are grown up na

swara; (in mind ) oh no this sanskar is out of mind totally arey Bhagwan help me now how can i escape this ,even my stupid brain is not getting any idea

sanskar slowly slid her hoodies from her shoulder nd he started kissing her neck sensuously where as swara is clutching his shirt nd other hand she held her hoodies hard

sanskar playfully moved his hand on swara waist on the t-shirt

swara is fully sweated out of nervousness she could not control anymore she just holded his hand on her waist nd removed it from her t-shirt

sanskar : (stopped kissing her in hush tone ) kya hua swara shall i stop

swara ; (stammering voice) woh …

sanskar; (in teasing tone ) ok say me this y ur sweating this much, i not even did anything na

swara; (left his hand tried to get up from bed ) nothing like that i am ok

sanskar; (pulled her back ) oh really ok let me continue then (leaned towards her )

swara closed her eyes hard (in mind ) today i will die for sure

“kya karo he is uncontrollable i was not even able to stop him ”

sanskar seen her expression he kissed her forehead swara opened her one eyes to see sanskar

sanskar : swaraaa open ur eyes (she opened her )

sanskar; whispered “i won’t do this not only upto marriage but untill u feel comfortable you know y

swara; ha why

sanskar; bcoz i love you more then anything (swara hugged him by cupping close to him )

swara; i love you much much ( she kissed his cheeks )

sanskar; shall i show you something more exciting

swara ; ha

sanskar broken the hug nd got up he switched off all lights around him its completely dark only moon light

swara; y ur offing light i was scared of darkness

saskar; (came nd holded swara nd pulled her towards him )
swara open you eyes open fast

swara opened her eyes nd seen (the sea in the full moon the sounds of water waves nd the stars in sky its seems like separate planet)

sanskar; its the place you wished to ee na i remembered in childhood when my mom said stories you had always quesed her do those places exist .so i proved you her is that place

swara; (hugged him in happiness ) yes its the place nd ur my prince charming i got everything
“thank you so much sanskar ” (she gave small peck on his lips )

sanskar; (shocked ) you kissed me right its true naa

swara; yes i did its true

sanskar; once again plz plz

swara; (blushes ) no stop it sanskar i am getting sleep gud ngt

sanskar; (pout face ) gud ngt sleep (he turned other side on bed )

swara tried to turn him but he is strong “arey sanskar once see na “sanskar did not react so swara said “ok i will ”

sanskar turned towards her nd pulled her towards him before swara knows he kissed her hard

Hooo…Rasiyaa… rasiyaa

Baanwli si preet mori
Ab chain kaise paaye
Aaja rasiya mohe
Ang lagaa le

Baanwli si preet mori
Ab chain kaise paaye
Aaja rasiya mohe
Ang lagaa le

swara just tried to move or react anything but no use he is so fast

Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le
Ang lagaa le

(Tan ek, jaan ek
Apna ho jahaan ek
Aise lipte ruh se ruh
Ke ho jaye imaan ek)

its a passionate kiss swara to enjoyed it she slowly caressed his hair

swara tried to pull back as she is out of air but sanskar had not gave chance he is pulling her close by holding her nape

Gesuoon si kaali ratiyaan
Adharon pe kaape batiyaan
Sanwli si saanse mori
Araj sunaaweee
Aake mori shwet preet pe
Rang sajaa de

after lot of time sanskar left out due to lack of oxygen both are breathing heavily

swara; ( breathing heavily hitted him on chest ) wt this are you human

sanskar; ( naughty smile ) no i was an passionate lover darling but ur gud

swara;(blushes hard ) stop it sanskar

both slept after having lot of silly talks untill late night

scene3,mrg 7.30am

beach island

swasan were wrapped in each other embrace nd after a great sleep swara woken up
as soon as she waken she seen beach excited by the view

jumped out of bed trowed her hoodies aside on bed nd left towards sea nd started enjoying the water waves on the sea shore

sanskar woken up nd happy to see swara jumping nd playing in excitement

sanskar; (to himself) this girl is crazy ,its been lot of yrs to see my kiddish swara i was missing her cuteness but now she is back

“i promise swara i won’t let you cry
i promise i will be reason for your smile always as i was now ”

swara; (shouted in excitement) sanskar come on fast

sanskar got down of bed nd ranned towards swara

swara; gud mrg (she hugged him )

sanskar; wt an amazing mrg ur hug made my life

swara ; (blushes ) u have lot of more days to feel it now come

they played enjoyed had lot of fun in beach they both full got drenched in water

saskar; shall we go to home swara
swara; ha we will go even we wont wish before that let as make a memory here

sanskar; wt memory you will ah

swara; stop expecting such things now come with mee

swara took him towards a tree nd took swiss knife nd marked on tree “swara loves sanskar ”

she digged a pit near the tree nd buried the knife in the pit nd covered it with sand

sanskar; y u buried it her

swara; just for fun we will check this when we visit again now lets goo

sanskar; wt go in this wet clothes ah go nd change

swara; oh no i had not got clothes

sanskar; i had got check in the back pack you change i will come after that you goo

swasan got changed nd packed everything nd left the island

reached the mumbai beach nd sanskar placed everything in his car swara checked her moblie

swara got shocked to see the missed calls of Shekhar nd msg of rags ” pagal u had meeting at 10.30 run fast or else u both will die”

swara jumped out ” sanskar sanskarrr ”

sanskar; wt happened y ur roaming like cat

swara; (tension ) we had meeting in 10mins we are here now wt to do now say mee

sanskar; cool let me think ok let go to office now

swara; see our dressing yar we are in causal jeans nd t-shirt dad will shout for this our shoes are full of sand nd water

sanskar ; ok cool i will manage come sit in car first

(sanskar started driving to office )

***************to be continued*****************

precap; swasan in office everyone are shocked to see sanskar and sanskar prank on sathvik shocks for sathvik

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