TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 44


********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-44*******

(guys sorry for late as usal nd thanks alot for ur valuable response i was getting i read each nd every comment really it mean alot for me and its the reason for my writing even in my busy timings i need to handle office ,my studies its a hatric timetable so i was late plz forgive me i was trying my level best to write my ff asap )


RECAP; rags catches sanskar prank ,swasan surprising movie date swara starts doubting sathvik

*****episode starts *****
location ;away from Mumbai an alone island

its a other side of beach unknown to ppl as its secret place away from pollution nd all

sanskar made arrangements fully decoration an led projector screen to watch movie nd air bed nd food staff everything with lot of lighting using solar energy he used all of his engineering techs to surprise swara

sanskar; swara open ur eyes see naa we reached my place

swara slowly opened her eyes nd shocked nd surprised both of them got down from jet ski sanskar holded her hand and both came out of water to shore

swara is overwhelmed to see the place its like dream land

she is on cloud 9 she jumped in excitement nd hugged him tight

sanskar is surprised to see jumping like kid in happiness

sanskar; swara i am so happy that you liked it

swara; (excitement ) arey not like it yar i loved this place (she kissed his cheeks )

sanskar; i did this much for you and you can’t even change place of kissing mee ahh

swara;(blushes ) ask permission from my dad then I will change

sanskar; oh it means u took permission from my dad to hug me now ah

swara ;(shocked ) oh next time i will take ok na now leave it

sanskar; noo how can i leave ah take it back

swara; (shocked nd confused) wt how can I ahh

sansakar hugged her nd kissed her checks “like this ”

swara; its cheating

sanskar; ha wt cheating first who said this ah you only na then follow untill you take permission from my dad .i will do such things only and I was sure you cant ask dad such things

swara; oh prankster if our dads do our marriage then it will be official permission

sanskar; (he pulled her towards him) oh even they do or not i will marry you at any cost

swara; (picking his cheeks ) bad joke anyway they will accept even raglak are couple na so they will like our relation too

sanskar; will see but now let as park this jet ski

swara; y taking it out of water let it be floating we will go back in some time na

sanskar; oh hello , wt sometime we will be here still tomorrow mrg

if we lose this we cant reach back to home as this island is not visited by any human away from Mumbai for almost 90kms away ,i was ready to stay here for rest of my life only by watching you

swara;(widened her mouth )whole night ahh noway wt can i say to dad

sanskar; you don’t need to say anything i said rags already she will manage

swara; nooo i don’t wanna be here its scary place too na

sanskar; i was here na to takecare now come help me now

both got it out nd parked the jet ski on the sea shore

swara; (laughs ) its like a reality show

sanskar; acha it may so as its all real only for you nd remove your shoes

swara; what

sanskar; i said remove your shoes

swara ; why

sanskar; you may not realize but i seen your shoes are wet so its better remove them before u get hurt ok

swara; oh ok i will (she bent down to remove but in meanwhile sanskar “wait ” he lifted her nd placed on jet ski )

sanskar; i will help you ,you seat quit (he started removing them )

swara;(shouted )no you should not touch my feet

Sanskar: Why cant i touch ah ur all my property

Swara: ha but you shouldn’t mom said that

Sanskar: Wt ur mom said ah wt she said ah” swara don’t let sanskar to touch ur feet ” like this aunty said ah

Swara: ( laughs) noo she not said that

Sanskar: Then wt she told ah

Swara:( blushes’) woh mom said that husband should not touch his wife feet

Sanskar : Ho I see y don’t ah she said reason

Swara: No she said husband is like lord Vishnu so god should not na

Sanskar: Wow swara ur genius how much knowledge you have ah
Anyways you know wt my mom said

Swara:( innocently) ha wat aunty said Sa me

Sanskar: ( removing other shoe) husband can be like lord Sri Krishna you know why

Swara: Ah why

Sanskar: Even his one wife (Satyabhama) hurted him with her feet but still he took her side na so

Anyway I was more naughty like Krish ji wt you say haa

Swara: ( laughed ) stop it sanskar and I won’t let you to marry anyone except mee nd anyways all Indians are ur sisters ok

Sanskar: Oh I see i won’t need anygirl in this world except you

swara; i know it

sanskar; ho you will know few more things about mee

swara; i know you completely na

sanskar; gud then come lets go to our work(sanskar lifted her in arms)

Swara:(shouted) oh wt work you have now ,leave me I can walk leave me

Sanskar: I know you can walk but its full of sand na it may stick to ur feet nd may irritate ur cute feet toes so let me help you

Swara is surprised to see his uncontrollable care nd love

Sanskar Placed her on rose petals nd swara stood up on her feet nd swara is staring at him in surprise

sanskar; why ur watching me go to bed i will join you

swara; sanskar y u made this many arrangements .i thought you will take me to an inox

sanskar; i used to do so if ur normal girl but kya karo ur extraordinary nd my only princess so i wanna make every moment special

swara; oh really

sanskar; ya and i had one more reson for this projector concept that is you won’t watch movies much so i don’t know wt movie you will like i cant spoil ur mood na so i got best 4movies to watch by matching ur wish nd mine

swara; (by rubbing his hair ) ur crazy

sanskar; ha i am crazy about you (they laugh at eachother )

swara;(wrapped her hand aroung sanskar neck ) ok you say me this from mrg ur with me na then how you made it all

sanskar; (winking smile he pulled her towards him ) oh no how many questions ok listen i wil say “on the mrg after our bet i know i will win so i planned a place then i got idea of this island once in our clz days all our frnds visited here to have fun so today afternoon after lunch i dropped you home nd later left to shopping all this stuff by 2.30 i started arranging everything here
by 5.30 i completed nd returned to mm . i hurriedly took my shower nd came to pick you

swara; ohh wt the reason for ur wet hair haa wowww

sanskar; yes but i think i was handsome even in wet hair

swara; yes ur are , oh my god wt a planning (she hugged him)

sanskar; i said na it should be best day of our life ok sit on bed i will on the movie now

swara sat on bed nd sanskar setted everything nd took the remote nd sat on bed beside swara

sanskar; yes my sweet heart can i ask you something you have give me for sure

swara; ha wt you want

sanskar; woh swiss knife nd pepper spray rags said me you has it na

swara;(laughs) arey i left both in room but rags gave me swiss knife for safety don’t worry its not to hurt you

sanskar; oh its ok but give me once i will return back

swara; wt you will do with that ah

sanskar; ha to cut apple i forgot to shop knife its island na so i got only fruits nd drinks to eat they can be preserved in ice box na

swara ; wowww ur intelligent

sanskar; joke ah give me fast i was hungry not you ah \

swara; ok dont eat me take this (gave the knife )

sanskar; lets start from new movie “houseful 3”

swara lost interest by watching 15mins itself “change it na ‘

sanskar some wat old we go “aashiqui 2 ‘ we watched half 3yrs back

swara; its ok continue from first only na ( sanskar played it from 2nd “tum hi ho “song only by skipping all )

swara; gave a look at him (as he watching with much interest swara dragged remote nd changed movie” dilwale dulhania le jayenge”

she fast forwarded movie more then 60% nd started watching after watching a while swara started crying silently by watch scene of climax separation she got tears

sanskar dragged the remote nd paused movie

swara ; (in tears ) y you stopped movie let me see climax

“y u ended my movie ahh ”

sanskar; y ur crying ah by watching films also i dont like ur tears so

swara; arey its emotional na got involved

sanskar; say me this ,you get involved in emotional scenes…….. but y don’t you involved in romantic scenes ah

swara; (hitted him) ur stupid question y ur brain always think of such things ah

sanskar :(he moved on bed towards her )ah i had made this many arrangement can i have right to think sooo

“anyways we came on date nd we both are in relation tooo ”

(he pulled her towards him swara felt nervous much its not first time but she could not overcome that )

swara; (fixed to change topic in hushh tone ) woh sanskar i was hungry (she got up nd sat on bed)

sanskar; (he pulled her in embrace nd said ) kya karo i was with you na soo i won’t feel hungry ok if u won’t like i will change movie for you

swara; ok but i was hungry not you its 9 pm at most

sanskar; in the ice box we had all the food stuff open it its beside you only

swara opened it nd tak a box of cheerios out nd two cokes “wow cheeries our fav did you remember we used to eat in childhood much while watching cartoon )

sanskar ; yes rest of our life we will do soo (even i got cartoon for you here )

“MAKE WAY FOR NODDY” swasan where enjoying the cartoon

but sanskar felt week his hand grip got loosen nd he left coke tin from his hand swara noticed it nd held the tin before falling on bed
throwed it on sand nd moved towards sanskar in hurry

Swara: (cupping his face “sanskar sanskar “Sanskar felt dizzy nd he got cold his body I falling temperature swara noticed this his hand also loosened grip

Swara:( nervous nd shocked) sanskar kya Hua

Sanskar’ half conscious I am ok its a small problem

Swara: Wt problem ah say me

Sanskar: I will say later first give me comforter beside you

Swara placed comforter on him but still sanskar is same stage she took his hands nd hugged him by filling her fingers in b,w his

Sanskar after sometime got back somewhat nd whispered ” swara

swara; ha sanskar how are you now wt happened to you all of sudden ”

Sanskar: Woh I stopped alcohol all of sudden na so its the side effect don’t worry it will set soon

Swara: Oh no y so fast yar let do it slow na slowly you can stop drinking I don’t have any problem sanskar

Sanskar: No I said na n , ur my only addiction

Swara hugged him hard in tears

sanskar; its amazing

swara; wt is amazing

sanskar ; you hug baby

swara ; sanskar shall i say you something

sanskar; ok say me fast

swara; ok but first promise me that u wont get angry on me

sanskar; ok promise say me na

swara; woh sathvik hai na (sanskar got up nd sat on bed in angry )

sanskar; i hate him i don’t wanna listen anything about him

swara; plz you promised me na you won’t get angry

sanskar;ok bolo kya

swara;(swara made him sleep beside her nd hugged him nd placed her head on his shoulders nd said) sanskar you know something i love you from long back nd sathvik is just a frnd of me ntg more then that
ur the reason for my late confession

sanskar; (shocked) wt i did ha i confessed you long back naa

swara; ha you did but i want you to be successful in life first so i kept waiting for opportunity you done it i thought to confess you in grand way on our bdy

i know ur jealous of sathvik i tried my level best to stay away from him but always you took me wrong

“i was not saying ur wrong but i was saying situations are wrong so all this happened ”

sanskar; yes you may treat him as frnd but he proposed you in kerala na

swara;ha he said but you don’t know our complete conversation (SHE SAID ALL THE TALK B/W THEM)

sanskar finds that sathvik in creating the mess

screen freezes
***********to be continued******

precap; ahem ahem …lovely ngt nd funny mrg , swara forgot about everything (office ,family etc )

will see will swasan attended the meeting or not ?

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