TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 43


************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-43********


recap; sanskar prank nd rags slaps both lucky nd swara

****episode starts ********

scene1,swaragini room

rags accidently took the ph to do a call she unlocked the ph nd shocked to see the recorded video

meanwhile swara come out of washroom

before swara realise anything rags slapped swara

swara is unaware of anything she is hell shocked by placing her hand on her cheek its 1st time someone slapping her

swara; (mixed feelings) di y youuu

ragini; wts the hell is this its all ur planning

swara shocked she closed her mouth with her other hand

ragini; (sat on bed ) swara wts this y you planned all this

swara; di just listen i did nothing

ragini; then wt this ah ( she about to give ph to swara but stopped when they received msg of sanskar)

” sweet heart i gave a proof for you if you want check ur videos or else delete it fast as if raglak know they will kill mee nd finally I won the bet ”

ragini shocked “swara wt bet you both had ”

swara;(shocked) bet ah who said

rags; sanskar messaged me now say me true or else i will slap again

swara; no you wait di plz let me know wt happened b/w you nd lucky

rags; oh you really wanna know it

swara; ha plz say first its all confusing ,if you want you slap me later but now plz say wt happened nd y you slapped me

rags; lucky kissed me nd this is been recorded in your phone

swara; (shocked ) omg i asked proof he made it

rags; (angry ) don’t you both got any other thing to do ur betting on as

swara; woh actually its accidental di

rags took swara ph nd messed back sanskar

” wow sweet heart you proof is amazing so i wanna give you reward first so come fast to pool side now ”

swara; (shocked) di y you replied sanskar

rags; u got reward na so he too need it come lets goo

scene2, sanlak room

lucky is crying by sitting on floor by cleaning his nose with tissue

sanskar; bhai how much time you will cry yar go wash ur face first

lucky;(angry look ) stop it wt rags is thinking about me she is so angry on me (crying like kid)

sanskar; i am going to meet swara now i will settle ur matter too

lucky; you will settle ha you stupid you know wt you made me doo
see rags is more angry on mee

sanskar; trust me bhai i will change rags na

lucky ; yes i trusted you . i need to slap with my chappal for listening to you

sanskar; (teasingly) bhai ur wearing shoes shall i get chappal for you

lucky; (got up nd removed his shoe nd threw it on sanskar ) u stupid idoit get out of my sight

sanskar; (runned towards door nd shouted ) bhai dont cry ,i will get rags in 15mins before that wash ur face or else sach mai breakup hogi

sanskar left to pool side in excitement

swara is waiting for sanskar nd rags is about to come

sanskar; hey swara got my proof na you said you will give reward wts that give na

swara; (nodded a no nd signed to go but sanskar dint understood )

rags signed swara something swara hesitatingly said” close ur eyes i will”

sanskar closed his eyes in meanwhile rags brought a bucket of icewater nd poured it on sanskar

sanskar shocked nd he opened his eyes n shouted “ahhh are u gone made wts this ”

swara showed her hand towards rags

sanskar; ragsssssssss oh no

rags ; wt the hell you did ,how dare you to play prank on me nd lucky

sanskar;(angry look towards swara) i gave proof only to you na how rags know it

rags throwed bucket on him nd started hitting him nd sanskar is running to escape

sanskar; stop it rags its just for fun

rags;(while chasing) u stupid ,idoit wts this prank will anybody shoot such kind of things you shameless fellow

sanskar; (winking smile)arey rags stop it yar i just gave a proof for my statement as ur sister is not beliving my words soo

rags ; don’t you have any other thing to bet on

sanskar; (with a naughty smile ) anyways rags its a memory for you too na so you have to thank me

rags ; stop running i will thankyou (she holded his shirt nd dragged him towards swara )

sanskar; (seen the mark on swara cheeks ) swara wts that on ur cheeks as far i remember i had not did anything na

swara; u did it bcoz of this prank di slapped me

sanskar;(moved towards swara ) oh no my darling , rags y you slapped my swara ? she is so innocent na

rags ; my lucky to innocent u made me to slap him na then

sanskar; oh hello i just gave chance i had not said ur lucky to kiss you or i was not present in b/w u
“wtever you did its for ur own ok anyways he is ur lover nd further hubby i think he can do soo ”

sanskar hugged swara nd said” wt you say jhan sach hai na ”

swara nodded both yes nd no innocently

rags nd sanskar are arguing

swara; (shouted out loud ) stop itttttttt ,y ur fighting now .watever u did i got return na

rags ; no sanskar should pay

swara; rags its too much you even poured icewater on him see he is fully drenched

rags nooways do one thing you slap sanskar

swsan where shocked “wt are u serious”

rags; yes will you do it or else u both do 50sit ups now

sanskar : no its cheating we did small mistake ur taking this much revenge

rags; don’t act innocent sanskar do it fast before i change my mind

swara :(slapped him lightly playfully ) ok na now go

rags; give a tight slap as bcoz of him i slapped my lucky

sanskar ;(winked at swara nd swara slapped him lightly but sanskar gave huge reaction “ahhhh”

rags; now gud

sanskar; where your going now go to lucky he is crying badly from mrg
rags; oh no i will go

swara; give my ph dad may call me as i was absent to office na

rags ; ph ah take it (she hitted on floor nd ph broken in pics ) dont you dare to record such things again (rags raned towards lucky )

sanskrar is taking the pics oh ph in meanwhile he took the sd card nd hidded it “where u brought this stupid ph ah

swara; (about to say sathvik but stoped as she cant spoil sanskar mood by sathvik name ) i got it in london as i broken my old ph

sanskar; how it broken
swara; woh on our bday ngt you broked one nd other i had broken in furstration

sanskar; i am sorry i will get a new ph in hour u use my ph untill then (he gave his phone by changing sim cards )

swara; (surprised) its ur ph then ur old num

sanskar; i lost it accidently

swara; wttt how

sanskar; its ok dont dig all bitten past get ready we will go on date evg 6 in jeans (he left towards lucky )

swara is thinking ” if sanskar lost his ph how i got msg from this num ”

scene3,raglak room

ragini stood infront of lucky which surprised lucky

lucky stood up he placed his hand on his cheeks by remembering slap “i am sorry i did it in hurry i dont mean it

rags; (moved towards him) you dont mean it means you never felt to kiss me

lucky; (hesitatingly) woh woh i felt but

rags; but kya bolo

lucky; i felt but i know you won’t like such things na soo

rags; (hugged him)i love you so much

lucky;i love you more (hugged her back )

rags ; (by cupping his face nd cleared his tears why ur crying

lucky; i felt ur angry on mee

rags; ur love is more then my angry (he hugged him hard meanwhile sanskar came )

sanskar :ahem ahem see again ur doing this ,you be in same pose i will get swara plz

rags; stop it sanskar everyone will have there personal moments ok

sanskar; oh if so i need a favour in return plz

rags; blackmail ah

sanskar :babhi plz help mee na

rags; wow rags to bhabhi wt a change say me wt u want

sanskar;evg i gonna take swara for a movie date evg so you have to manage ur mom nd dad

rags; ngt wt time will you both come

sanskar; whole ngt we won’t come next mrg we will

rags ; whole ngt ah noway wt i can say too dad and wt will you do whole ngt ah movie is 3hrs only na

sanskar; we will do bajana afterwards plz help me na plz

rags; she is my sister while sending her i need to know where she is going na its my responsibility

sanskar; arey rags i will fall on ur feets trust me i will get ur sister as you gave to me pakka promise

rags; ok i trust you but plz be careful so many evil eyes may be watching you

sanskar; ha i will nd dont say to swara about this surprise ok

rags :ha ok but remember she is more dangerous then me me ,she always had swiss knife nd pepper spray with her 24/7 so be careful before you take a step forward

sanskar ;(laughs) ha ha i will never cross my limit untill our marriage
“anyways lets go out for lunch even i need to get a ph for swara ”

raglak “ok get swara too ”

all of them joined for lunch nd returned back nd sanskar gifted swara phone in gap

scene4,mitra mansion 5.45pm

swara got ready in normal jeans nd t-shirt with hoddies nd left to meet sanskar towards car

sanskar droved car to beach

swara; sanskar you said movie why u brought me to beach

sanskar; oh surprise close ur eyes

swara; y

sanskar; you trust me na then do wt i say (swara closed her eyes )

sanskar took her towards a side in beach nd said “open ur eyes

swara surprised n d shouted ” jet ski “(water bike )
sanskar; come lets go on ride now in water

swara: wow hugged him in excitement

sanskar ;there is much more waiting for you

swasan sat on jet ski nd sanskar drove it nd swara sat behind him by hugging

after a while sanskar reached his place

its a other side of beach unknown to ppl as its secret place away from pollution nd all

sanskar made arrangements fully decoration an projector screen to watch movie nd air bed nd food staff everything with lot of lighting using solar energy he used all of his engineering techs to surprise swara

sanskar; swara open ur eyes see naa

swara is overwhelmed to see the place its like dream land

she is on cloud 9 she hugged him tight

********to be contiued****

precap; swasan romatic moments nd swara discloses everything about sathvik to sanskar as far she is aware

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