TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 42

************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-42********


(firstly i am so sorry i forgot to write ff as i am busy in my works so sorry nd from now i adjusted my timetable so from now with one day alternative i will post my ff )

RECAP; swasan sweet moments nd swasan bet on raglak

*****episode starts *****

scene1, pool side 5.30pm
both the families are present as its sunday they are having funtime raglak san are present too

sanskar had cold so he is sneezing repeatedly nd in meanwhile

shekhar ; sanskar kya hua did you got drenched in rain yesterday

sanskar; haan na

shekhar; shall i call doctor now

rags; (angry) dad can’t you see me ah i was an doctor

shekhar; ho i forgot about you both anyway i need a gud doctor na soo (everyone laughs out )

swara came with tissue she to had much cold her nose is red due to cold nd she sneezed “hutch hutch ”

rags ; (teasingly ) dad see swara too had cold now call a doctor

swara; no no i am ok i had tablets too

rags; oh gud then give some tablets to sanskar too

swara; (widened her mouth) wtttttttt

rags; sanskar too had cold unfortunately sooo

both the families smiled by the act all of them sat round in 3 couches swara sat facing sanskar they both are playing under table by legs

shekhar; Swara where you both went yesterday

swara; woh woh to meet my frnd

dp; sanskar you too ah

sanskar ; nodded his head ) ha

dp; who is the friend swasan react at a time

sanskar said “anu’ swara said “satya’

dp; (confused look ) both went together na

swara ; (stepped sanskar leg trying to ) woh uncle 1st we went to meet anu later to meet satya ha na sanskar

sanskar in pain noddes yes

shekhar; sanskar you had girlfrnds too ah

sanskar; (blushes )arey no uncle i known ppl thats it

swara; (again stepped his foot nd whispered )stop blushing

shekhar; if you love anyone say me 1st ah

sanskar; why uncle

shekhar; i will make arrangements for marriage na

sanskar; ok uncle i will say now only

swara; (pinched his leg ) sanskar shouted in pain “ahhh”

shekhar; kya hua y your shouted

sanskar; ant uncle ant (gave a look to swara )

rags ; (teasingly) ant big ant dad under the table see down

swasan panic moved away

swara; dad you know rags had a boyfrnd

shekhar gave a shocking look towards rags

rags ;(scared nd looked at lucky ) woh woh (she about to run shekhar stops )

shekhar; ragini answer me is it

rags; (nervous ) my pulse is down

shekhar; wt

rags; woh my patient pulse rate is down i think i need to leave now (she run away from there lucky hiddenly followed her )

everyone laughs by seeing there expressions

swasan where sitting away from eachother but they are busy in speaking with eyes

shekhar; swara and sanskar you had left on Saturday from meeting so it gona held on Tuesday

swasan where out of world

shekhar; swara are you hearing wt i said

swara;’ (she did not listened anything but said ) ha dad i heard

shekhar; ok on Tuesday by 10.30am you both should be in office

swara; ha sure we will dad

after having lot of fun all left to there rooms

Sanlak in room

Sanskar: Bhai I need to ask you something will you answer me ah

Lucky:( smile) ha ask anything I will

Sanskar: Did u crossed any limits with rags i mean toda ahem ahem hogayi na

Lucky:( shocked) wt ttt

Sanskar: Answer na plz even its personal

Lucky: U went upto limits ah I had not even kissed her correctly

Sanskar: Wt you had not even kissed ah are you sure

lucky ; trust mee ntg happened like that we never got a chance nd all so

sanskar; joke math maro yar you nd rags are together 24/7 from childhood till now nd ur saying you had no chance

sanskar; how sad your anyways girls never give chances we have to find them ok

lucky; ur talented in this ah ,it means u nd swara

sanskar; (blushes nd smiles )

lucky; (teasingly smiles) wow my bhai is grown up he is blushing tooo

sanskar; stop it bhai at least you both confessed perfectly

lucky; ha long back only (they kept on speaking )

swaragini room ,

rags; (shouting) you stupid ,idoit don’t you know wt to say to dad
y you said dad that i had bf

swara; true na you had lucky na

rags; you nd your stupid truths i was not that much daring to say truth nd all

swara; anyways y can you say them you have to marry oneday na

rags; (sat beside her by hugging pillow) yes swara i wanna say them but i was nervous to say

swara; ok di cool i will help you na

rags; swara say me you confessed your love to sanskar ah

swara; ha di last night i confessed him

rags ; (hugs her ) wow swara you know how much pain sanskar went through i never expected him to smile back as today
i am so happy, at last my devar got his love

swara; i was ur sister 1st later he is ur devar

rags ; oh i know him before you born only ur late by 2yrs ok and don’t cry i love you both equally

swara; oh really

rags; ok swara listen this when you both fight you have to sit nd solve it but y u ppl always run away

swara; on that time I felt dishearten so i tried to stay away

rags; but still how you both are so egoistic but sanskar na he lost himself i am happy now

swaragini hugs (sanskar calls to swara )

swara; i love you sanskar

sanskar;(surprised ) wttt

swara; yes i love you u heard right

sanskar; (teasingly) oh i think after confession nd kiss your missing me much shall i come to remain you

swara; stop it ok you know there is ntg b/w raglak like that you said so ur lost in bet

sanskar; you asked rags ah

swara; no but i know

sanskar; lucky said mee they did

swara; dont say lies ok ,prove me if so

sanskar; oh auditor ji u need proof ok tomorrow mrg i will give your proof get ready tommrow evg our date

swara; get me proof then will see ok

sanskar; (thought ) ok do this tomorrow you and rags come to farmhouse with as ok

swara; fram house why

sanskar; you need answer or proof

swara ; both

sanskar;i will give proof only tommrow gud ngt sweet heart i will win this time (ended the call)

swara; wt he gonna do for proof ,he is crazy

scene3,maheswari mansion

sanskar; bhai today i had plan we are going to farmhouse

lucky; wt i need to attend my hospital yar

sanskar; plzzz no work today ok from afternun u go if you want now plz

lucky; wt we do there yar

sanskar; swara nd rags too will come we can spend some time together

lucky; (excited) ho really wowww

sanskar; ok its a chance bhai try ur luck

lucky; wt chance

sanskar;last night you sad na you had never got chance to kiss properly so try it now

lucky; if she slaps mee

sanskar; she loves you bhai even she slaps it may be nervousness so take it easy

swara to asked rags as she is unaware of sanskar plan

all four left to farm house

scene4, farm house
thay spended a lot of time by playing ,speaking ,chatting

sanskar; swara give me your ph

swara; y

sanskar; you want proof na so i want ph

swara; (shocked) why ph

sanskar; i will return in few minutes give it now (swara gave it )

lucky nd rags are sitting in sofa facing eachother

sanskar; signed some thing to lucky
lucky nodded yes nervously

sanskar; swara i had a surprise for you come

swara; we will go later

sanskar; come i say i had chocolate for you come na

swara; ho chocolate come lets go

sanskar; this girl na for a chocolate she will sell whole country

swara; wt you said now

sanskar ; nothing darling come lets go

swara left nd sanskar placed swara ph in front of raglak by oning camera unseen by raglakswa nd left

lucky nd rags are alone

lucky;(nervous) rags can i

rags; wt you can

lucky; woh woh can i

rags; stop it yar ,you can do wt ever you want its ur wish

lucky; oh really thankyou

rags; i love you na so wtever you do i will like it

lucky all of sudden he kissed rags which made ragini shock she did not reciprocate it, but in return she gave a slap out of nervousness

rags left out by pushing lucky nd lucky is shocked by rags slap everything is recorded in swara ph

swasan were sitting outside by eating chocolate

rags came out in angry seen by swasan

swara; di kya hua y ur so angry

rags; i am going home will you come

swara; ha one min plz i will where is lucky

rags;(angry ) i asked you will you then come fast

sanskar runned inside to see lucky nd meanwhile is took swara ph nd locked it not seen anything but video is saved

sanskar ; bhai wt you did now y she is angry you just kissed or tried anything more

lucky; (crying like kid he sat on floor by holding his head ) you idoit you provoked me see wt i did she got angry

sanskar;stop crying wt you did say me first

lucky; i kissed her (cried loud)

sanskar; oh really y ur crying then ,bhai she is ur love you gonna get married too then wts wrong

lucky;(innocently ) marriage ah i have to say dad na nd she slapped me for this only

sanskar; oh its common to both sisters even swara slapped me for our 1st kiss its due to nervousness

lucky; (shocked) its means you both
sanskar; stop it now go or else they both will leave as in angry

sanlak left towards car swara droved the car all left to mansion

ragini left to her room sanskar gave ph to swara in hurry nd left to his room to consle lucky

swara unaware of sanskar prank of recording it she left ph beside rags nd went to freshup

rags accidently took the ph to do a call she unlocked the ph nd shocked to see the recorded video

meanwhile swara come out of washroom

before swara realise anything rags slapped swara

swara is unaware of anything she is hell shocked by placing her hand on her cheek its 1st time someone slapping her

swara; (mixed feelings) di y you

ragini; wts the hell is this its all ur planning

swara shocked


*******TO BE CONTINUED ********

PRECAP; rags catches sanskar prank ,swasan surprising movie date swara starts doubting sathvik

(guys if you want anything specially in my ff you can say me i will add that for you nd sathvik will get a huge shock )

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