TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 41

***********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-41******



*******EPISODE STARTS******


sanskar got down from car nd opened the door for swara swara got down but she is unable to walk because her feet toes got hurted due to goons sanskar seen this nd he lifted her in his arms nd he entered mitra mansion

swara; (shouts ) arey sanskar leave me if anyone sees wt they will think

sanskar; nothing they will think nd keep quite

swara; (trying to get down) sanskar no plz leave me now plz i can walk

sanskar ; you can walk ah ok try (he placed her down

swara; ( she started walking but her wet saree not supported she about to fall sanskar grabbed her nd lifted her in his arms )

swara; sanskarrrrrr (sanskar gave a peck on her lips to make her claim )

sanskar; if you move again i will call you dad now (swara kept quite sanskar carried her to her room nd placed her on bed swara tried to get down)

sanskar; where your going again

swara; (gave a look ) i wanna change how can i sleep in wet clothes ha go you to change

sanskar; (teasingly) change ha shall i help you (he moved close to her )

swara; (took a step back nd in shivering tone ) no no stop right there its my home nd i will shout if you did anything

sanskar; ok not a problem let them know that ,one day they should know na now they will (he pinned her to wall )

swara; (closed her eyes nd clutched his shirt due to nervousness ) sanskar no

sanskar leaned towards her neck nd slowed kissed her nd whispered ” swara this is the biggest victory of my life i won you ”

swara opened her eyes she hugged him out of blushing

sanskar hugged her back by caressing her wet hair your love is more precious gift in my life i love you swara ”

swara shivering tone “i love you more sanskar ”

sanskar breaken the hug swara are you ok

swara; (shivering ) ha fine its so cool na so lets change you to go

sanskar; you go nd change i will go later

SWARA; sanakar go na plz

sanskar; no i will wait later i will

swara; (walked towards cupboard took a packet nd gave to sanskar sanskar opened it, its a red Hooded t-shirt nd a jeans )

sanskar ; wow when did you got it

swara; i will say later ok now say me you like it or not

sanskar; wtever you give i love it (he seen the hoodies clearly he found the letters ‘s ♥ s’ )

swara; i special ordered this for you in the inner side it has our names

sanskar; (surprised ) wt you when you did all this swara

swara; woh i thought to present you this ,to confess my love to you on our bday but you changed it completely so i kept it hidden ,now its the time so change it (she left to change )

both got changed swara came out she is happy to see him she remembered there fights nd separation nd all she got tears

sanskar; swara y ur crying yar i was hear only na y

swara ; (hugged him ) I love you sanskar ,i cant stay away from you

sanskar ;(hugged her ) i love you swara look at mee

(cupped her face ) swara you know i was lost when you left to london

swara; no you only said me “dont show ur face ”

sanskar; when i said

swara; on that day mrg you called me nd said na

sanskar; you also said i hate you na

swara; (cried by hitting him playfully ) you stupid,idoit i hate you (he hugged him )

sansakar ; gud even you say hate you its sounding like love you only “pagal hogaya app ke pyar se ‘

both had a long hug after some time swara “sanskar where is ur bracelet ”

sanskar checked his hand nd realised his bracelet is missing “woh woh i could not remember when i lost it ”

trying hard to remember he felt dizzy due to alcohol he had from mrg he fallen fainted on her shoulder nd swara made him sleep on bed nd gave a tablet to reduce hangover nd sanskar fallen asleep swara made him sleep properly nd she about to get down from bed towards couch but sanskar is holding her hand

swara slept beside him by sitting only without locking the door

scene2, mrg 8.30am swara room,

swasan where sleeping in each other embrace swara woken up nd she seen sanskar beside her nd she is plying with his hair

after sometime she realised its her room nd sanskar is sleeping in mitra mansion

swara; (tensed) sanskar sanskar get up fast

sanskar ;(slowly opened his eyes ) why ur hurry darling gud mrg

swara; arey pagal get out of room if anyone sees wt will happen go

sanskar ; (pulled her towards him ) give me a kiss i will go

swara;(trying to escape ) is it time for romance ? leave me

sanskar ; no give me 1st later i will

swara; (hitted him) stupid see i just its 1day we both confessed learn from lucky how limit he is

sanskar ; how you know that raglak are in limits

swara; i know if anything so rags says me

sanskar; got up ) swara baby really answer me now
i tried to kiss you in pool did you said to rags (swara nodded no)
we romanced in office did you said rags (swara nodded no)
i kissed you in kearla you said to rags ah (swara nodded no)

leave all of them we both spent on road yesterday will you say to rags now ((swara nodded no she is blushing )

how can i say all this sanskar its awkward na (hugged him)

sanskar; soo like this rags to won’t say, even they did a lot

swara; no i know lucky much he is not naughty like you

sanskar; ok darling i will prove you this say me wt you will give in return

swara; wt are you serious

sanskar; ha say me wt i can get if i win in bet

swara; wt you want say

sanskar; (seen her with winking smile ) swara’ dont get any bad ideas ok

sanskar; ok come for a movie date with me ok

swara; ok done now get out from this room before anyone sees

sanskar; ok i willl but before (he kissed her neck swara tried to stop but in meanwhile they streaked by a sound “ahem ahem ”

rags ; while romancing atleast close the door swara

swasan got up from bed in embrassing faces

rags ; gud now go sanskar ur bhai is dying from mrg “sanskar sanskar “(sanskar left hidding from both families )

swara; oh no its 9 office

rags (teasingly) baby its sunday don’t act smart wt happened ngt ah

swara; nothing rags

rags ; wait na say me confess kiya na

swara; (blushes ) ha ha (she left to washroom in blushing)

scene3, poolside its evening

both the families are present as its sunday they are having funtime raglak san are present too

sanskar had cold so he is sneezing repeatedly nd in meanwhile swara came with tissue she to had much cold her nose is red due to cold

both the families smiled by the act

shekhar; Swara where you both went yesterday

swara; woh woh to meet my frnd

**to be continued ****

precap; raglak silly fight sanskar plays a prank on raglak by mistake rags slaps swara

(guys sry late nd small update i had no time ,today i took doctor appointment so zada busy hogaya maph karo plz next part huge pakka )

say me now wt to do sathvik

a) swasan will kill him
b) swasan will teach a lesson nd he will turn gud

wtever you say share ur opion waiting for feed back


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  1. Swasan will teach a good lesson and he will change but swara should slap him hard 3 times . plssssss make this one . I was a silent reader but could not control so commented . it’s awesome epi

    1. Oh dear u know I also wana same

  2. Its okey dear…BTW how are you? BTW Episode was superb as usual…Please kill that Sathvik …I hate him…But I think swasan didnt get know whole truth…Please dont Separate Swaragini …please please 10000 times please

  3. Swasan will teach him lesson

  4. awesome.. prefer 2nd option but want slaps frm swara…

  5. Kaynatk01

    sathvik may turn good but m worried for precap

  6. Kill that staving
    But by accident or something else not by swasan

  7. Make sathvik good.. Y to kill n all… Then these two have to go to jail.. No no second option is best..

  8. Jassi

    waiting for next part

  9. Soujanya

    Awesome…… And do anything with that sathvik

  10. Swasan shud slap him and torture him and send him to jail but becoz Swasan r good ppl they won’t kill him. And don’t send him away make him good. Awesome episode yaar.

  11. Jwala

    let satvik be bad. without villian there will be no interest in story.. just give him shocks

  12. Teach sathvik a lesson

  13. Nice dear sathvik may turn good and make Kavita sathvik and yaa plz update soon

  14. Awesome dear

  15. awesome …swasan should teach sathvik a lesson

  16. Arunika

    M a silent reader but would like to comment on this one……I want Swara to slap that idiotic Sathvik after she getting to know everything he did to separate SawaSan and then Sathvik becoming nc and helping SwaSan in their marriage!!!!

  17. nice ep….but want more swasan romance. Swasan should teach sathvik lesson….afterwards i don’t mind if he stays or not

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