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(disclaimer; i know i was too bad in romantic scenes but still gave a trail its your risk to read it don’t throw eggs or tomatoes after reading this bcoz i was veg nd even tomatoes has low supply na so 😉 you can blash with ur comments )



Sanskar held her shoulders nd shouted “what the hell wrong with you swara why you came her i said you go away but why you stood her You hate me right ..and it would be best if I leave you can i at least live in peace .. y the hell are you following me dammit
why swara why you are here i was useless na why your wasting your time on mee why swara why

swara ; ( she clutched his shirt collar and said) shouted out in tears bcoz i love you sanskar ” I LOVE YOU SANSKAR ”

(BG SONG -Mujhe Ishq Se song from yaariyan movie)

Mujhe ishq se rehna tha door
Gham iske bade jo hain mash’hoor
Par ye dil hai ki bilkul mana nahi
Mujhe kheench kar dekho le aaya wahin
Jahaan ishq hai, bas ishq hai
Haan ishq hai, bas ishq hai

Yaariyan ve.. Yaariyan ve..

(sanskar hugged her both are in happy tears ,there tears covered by rain drops )

SANSKAR; but on our bday ngt you said we won’t love eachother we just feel so ,nd you said you hate me

swara; raised her head nd answered ) no sanskar i misunderstood you i felt that you won’t trust me ur over possessive but i realised it when i seen you close to kavitha or priya i felt like losing my life .i know i can’t live without you but still i tried but could not bear it your the reason for my comeback not raglak .i know we both have same feelings.same jealous,same pain i am sorry for misunderstanding you (she hugged him in tears )

sanskar; (broken the hug )oh you really feeling jealous for mee so your caring me this much so you came back to save me from other girls ah ,that it ah

swara; ( got angry she clutched his shirt collar and shouted ) no u stupid you know why I bothered bcoz pyar karti hoon mein apse suna apne …. ( do you heard ) I love you .. I love you sanskar .. I love you … I truly truly love you ….. I can’t live without you sanskar I cant I cant …. live without you .. plzz don’t avoid me .. I was trying to tell you from a long time but you not even trying to listen) .. plzz don’t avoid me ..sanskar I love YOU … ( sanskar just kept on staring at swara. he was shocked nd happy to hear these words from her it was not expected from her he was shocked to react ..

sanskar hugged her i love you swara

sanskar leave his grip from her waist and cupped her cheeks and lend towards her he kissed her forehead and then he look in her eyes and said in a low tone

sanskar :(pulled back from the hug and cupped her cheeks) swara …. You don’t know how much happy I am today swara….( (he nuzzled her nose by his)

swara: really ????

sanskar: ( pressing her over him) really .. really .. you have no idea …. How much I was dying for this day …)

swara: awwee .. so you want me to confess my love toward you haan ?

sanskar ;(teasingly ) ho swara you did so late to come back in this gap i love some other girl

swara; (winking smile placed her hands around his neck) acha who is the unlucky girl to bear you ,only i can bear you

sanskar; she is so lucky she said to me “she is my company old auditor swara Mitra ”

swara; ho i too loved a person my company director sanskar he is not the attitude wala sanskar Maheshwari .i loved the one who used to do naughty things to irritate me .who fights with me for silly reasons but kya karu my sanskar nowadays turned boring like sanskar Maheshwari (she plucked his cheeks )

Sanskar: Ha I love you swara I love you “TU MERI MANNAT HAI SWARA ” how can i stay away from you ( he nuzzled her nose by his’)


Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah (x2)

when swara just lend toward him and snake her arms around his neck and hug him tightly ….. sanskar just not able to blink his eyes he just wrap his hand around his back and they remained like that

Tu jo mila to zindagi hai badli
Main poori nayi ho gayi
Hai be-asar duniya ki baatein badi
Ab teri sunu main sadaa

sanskar pulled back from the hug and look at her in her eyes and just shake his head and in a questioning look swara smiled and nodded a yes sanskar smiled and pick her up by grabbing her through waist and swing her up in the air and circled by taking her in his arms while swara smiled and clutched his shirt tightly .

Milne ko tujhse bahaane karun
Tu muskuraye wajah main banun
Roz bitana saath mein tere
Saara din mera

Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah (x2)

sanskar put her down and looked in her eyes still grabbing her waist and pulling close toward him and give a cute smirk and looked at swara who was just clutching his shirt collar and was looking in his eyes

sanskar : swara… can i kiss you again now ? ( he said raising his eyebrow and pulling her close to him)

swara give a sweet look to her and hit him on his chest lightly

Sanskar leaned towards swara to kiss but at nick of sec swara pushed him back which shocked sanskar

sanskar shouted “swara where your going ”

Swara left towards her car sanskar shouted” swara swara ”

Swara took a mint from her wallet nd moved towards sanskar with smirk

Sanskar gave a surprise look

Swara :woh promise me that you won’t drink again (Sanskar nodded his head in both yes ND no )
“sanskar i won’t like alcohol smell nd all promise me you won’t drink again ”

sanskar; (nodded his head ) ok pakka i won’t drink again bcoz my Devdas life ko end nd love life ka start Hua na

Swara ” did you remember sanskar on that night you said while doing new think we need to do this so she opened in nd placed the mint in his mouth sanskar while chewing it he gave a naughty smile

sanskar pulled swara towards him by waist swara is blushing hard she whispered “sanskar we are on road nd its raining heavily too so lets go home now

sanskar ;(smiles naughty) no road is not a gud place for romance but rain is best time for love and romance and anyway (he pulled her more close) its a lonely road only you nd me ,this clouds for a gud shower of our love

swara blushes hard

BG SONG Salamat song -sarbjit

Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

Chahe yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

O… mmm…

sanskar leans towards swara nd swara closes her eyes in positive sign about but there nose got hitted to eachother and swara opens her eyes nd laughs both smile at this nd sanskar is lost in her smile he slowly tucked her wet hair nd kissed her ear lob by caressing her cheeks

Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon
Mile jo Khuda toh bol doon
Main do jahan ka kya karoon
Tu bata… o..

sanskar grabbed swara by her waist nd captured her lips with his while his hands are roaming on swara’s back by pulling her close while swara reciprocated it while her hands are roming in his hair swara was enjoying this its a 1st kiss with lots of love nd pleasure
its a passionate one

Tu jo mere paas hai
Mujhko na koi pyaas hai
Meri muqammal ho gayi har duaa..

Chahe mere jism mein
Yeh jaan rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

after a long kiss swara pushed sanskar out of breath

swara ;(breathing heavily ) arey i cant i need a break

sanskar; (breathing heavily but on control ) you said you can bear me then come on (he again grabbed her into a kiss )
sanskar bitten her lower lip which made swara morn in pain ” he sucked the lower lip nd kissed her soft on her lips after a long passionate kiss he left her as he is also out of breath

swasan took a deep breath while swara is blushing hard she pushed him nd left towards her car nd meanwhile sanskar got a call its lucky

lucky ; hello bhai where your it 11.30pm

sanskar; lost in swara kiss ) in heaven

lucky; heaven where is the place in Mumbai

sanskar; (came in sense ) its my fav place ok i am coming home dont close poolside door nd dont wait too

lucky; ok where is swara her ph is off

sanskar; don’t worry we both are together

lucky;(teasingly) ok it means both love birds are roaming or romancing in rain

sanskar; (blushes) bhai its not fair u and rags are together 24/7 did i asked you anything about wt ur doing no na

lucky; oh ok ok cool come fast nd drive slow (ended the call )

sanskar got into car driving seat while swara sat beside him still shivering due to cold sanskar got done of his car

swara; where you going now lets go home

sanskar; one minute i will (he left towards his car nd got his blazer from his car nd covered swara )

swara; i love you sanskar

sanskar; i love you too

swara; i love you three

sanskar; my love is infinite nd kissed her forehead nd drove her to mm

***to be continued*****

precap; swasan silly bet on raglak nd fun moments with family

(guys done part 40 thanks alot for ur support i was thinking to end this ff soon so i will sent sathvik to hell before it 😉 whatever swasan will fight together

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