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SWASAN entered the office everyone are surprised to see them after long time nd they wished them gud mrg

sanskar rushed to his cabin nd swara is busy in talking to staff

sanskar is smiling unknowingly by remembering swara

priya entired the cabin

priya ; excuse me sir

sanskar; yes come in

priya ; gud mrg sir there are lot of files in pending will you sign them

sanskar ; ha get me i will (priya left)

after a while a girl in blue jeans nd red t-shirt entered the cabin with a file

sanskar ; (widened his mouth in shock ) kavithaaa

kavitha; yes kavitha sharma

sanskar; wt ur doing here u should be in dubai na ‘

kavitha; (she moved towards him nd made him sit) arey sanskar i joined as auditor in ur company 10months back but ur busy ,you not even signed my appointment letter too

sanskar; (shocked)how can this happen then swara she said she is auditor even in mrg

kavitha; oh swara nd i had been partners its all swara idea i don’t know anything if you have any doubts you ask her not mee

sanskar; (just stared at her in shock )

kavitha ; sanskar say me one thing “from which planet you both came”

sanskar;(confused ) wt

kavitha; you both are missing from 10 monthsnow you came back nd seeing everything in surprising way where you lost in this 10months

sanskar; woh i had my problems

kavitha; (moved towards him nd cupped his face) sanskar i know this is ur personal matter but plz you just listen to me once

“swara loves you madly you to do the same but the problem is she wants you to be serious in ur life so she is not ready to accept it ”

sanskar; (moved her hands ) oh really once she asks me i will just place my life under her feet but she never ,she always took me for granted i think she won’t care me

kavitha; ok think twice

sanskar; ok miss.kavitha sharma ur also joined in my company

kavitha placed her hand on sanskar shoulder nd speaking something meanwhile swara entered she got irritated by there closeness

swara; kavithaa i wanna talk to you

kavitha; (hugged swara ) meri pyarri dost you came back after a long time i missed you badly

swara ; (hugged back nd watching sanskar in angry ) oh mee too kavitha

kavitha; finally you came back can i leave

swara; where ur going no where stay with me

kavitha; ha ha i was not leaving you baby i was saying that i need leave for a week

swara; why wt you will do in week

kavitha; i was also missing my family so if u take this responsibilty back i can be like human i got tried of robertic life

swara; (smiles ) ok ok have fun but come fast

kavitha; now shall we both go nd arrange files for board meeting

swara; ha come lets goo (gave a look to sanskar nd both left)

sanskar after sometime he came out of his cabin he is checking his phone unfortunately sathvik came in middle nd dashed him
sanskar phone slipped nd fallen down

sathvik; (unseen sanskar ) oh sorry i had not seen

sanskar; gave an angry look nd about to go

sathvik; (smirk smile) oh the great sanskar Maheshwari after a long time we got ur appointment (sanskar gave an angry look at him )

sathvik; (unknown of swara nd kavitha presence ) hey sanskar where your going in hurry i think you don’t have any work too
your just living on ur dad name ,say me wts next ah (he placed his hand on his shoulder playfully)

sanskar; its none of ur business just stay away from me

sathvik; ha its not only my point but you know so many ppl are asking you dad that “wt your son is doing ” but ur dad is unable to answer them how sad , you know something
your just a furniture in this office but only one thing changes that is at least we use this furniture but ur useless thing in this world

before sanskar could react anything he just thrown the file nd left out in frustration
swara gave a tight slap to sathvik which shocked everyone
sathvik is just placing his hand on his burning cheek on shock nd pain

swara’ how dare you to speak in such a way ,i never expected this kind of thing from you ,your disgusting sathvik ”

she left running to stop sanskar but no use he already left swara came back to kavitha nd shouted in hurry “give me ur car keys ”

kavitha is numb by the shock she got by seeing swara angry (left like statue so swara dragged keys from kavitha hand nd said to priya ‘ if anyone asks you say that i and sanskar left on important work ” nd rused out to searching sanska

Sathvik felt hurt nd insulted (in his mind) how dare you swara mitra u slapped me in front of every one now you see wt I will do to you
“I promise i will make ur life hell ,you will fall on my feet for mercy ‘
(he left a side nd did a call to someone )

Kavitha; came out of shock ” wts all this both came fought. hurted nd both left like cyclone are they crazy in love

Swara madly searching sanskar but she could not found him its utmost 8.30pm swara stop the car nd thinking how to find sanskar then she remembers that his car has GPS so she called priya nd they traced it Priya msg address of sanskar location nd swara rushed in her car

Scene3,club 9.30pm

Sanskar had drunk completely he is off sense nd unstable

Swara gained some courage nd wrapped her saree pallu around her nd entered into club .its a wrong place for traditional girls like swara ,she is very uncomfortable all the ppl are staring at her unusually .she got more nervous but still she started searching sanskar by taking baby steps nd finally she found him near bar counter sanskar is fully drunken

swara about to move towards him but in nick of time some goons blocked her way they moved towards her lustfully to hold her

swara took few steps back in scare tone ” excuse me give me way i need to go ”

goon1; (smiled evilly) ha ha we will leave you after some time why hurry

goon2; anyways ur so beautiful let as enjoy it(he tried to touch her)
swara got scared tears rolled out of her eyes she screamed out in fear “sanskar ”

sanskar heard the scream of swara he got up nd seen swara there he rubbed his eyes to see clearly he is off sense nd unstable he walked towards her unstable

goon1; hey he is one ur asking for help

goon2; (laughs evilly) he only need a help nd he will help you

sanskar stood in middle by covering swara nd swara holded his shirt on his back in fear

sanskar; i was not interested in any fight when ever i fight in return i get a slap from her ,so its better get away from her or else she will slap you too

goon2; no no getting a touch from her is a luck we can’t miss it let as try (pushed sanskar nd about to hold swara but sanskar got up nd dragged swara out of the club by pushing all the goons aside they moved towards car

sanskar; (semi-conscious ) swara go away from her this is not a gud place for you

swara; (held his hand ) no sanskar until you come I won’t go

sanskar; i will come later you just leave

swara ; (shouted ) no I won’t, I won’t ,i won’t

meanwhile a goon hitted sanskar from back sanskar fallen on road

swara; (shocked ) sanskarrrrr (she sat on road to wake sanskar she placed his head on her lap )

sanskar; (in pain ) swaraa go away plz run away swara plz

swara; (crying badly ) sanskar i can’t leave you sanskar

sanskar; (tried to push her but no use ) swara plz go ,i don’t want you to hurt plz go swara (sanskar lost his consciousness)

swara crying badly by waking him up

goon1 (with an cruel smile ) see ur boyfriend can’t even save himself how can he save you

goon2 ; now its our time so come on baby (he moved towards her lustfully )

swara crawl on road by moving back by sitting only in fear(suddenly it started raining heavily swara drenched fully her saree had sticked to her she crying badly by “sanskar sanskarr ” her voice is struked bcoz one of the goons had stepped on her foot toes to stop her moving back (swara yelled in pain ) they moved close to her

sathvik is watching everything from his car from opposite side of road (laughing evilly to himself) i am sry swara but you need a lesson for slapping me na don’t worry i won’t let them cross anything i will come nd save you still then enjoy the fear ”

goon waved his hand to sathvik nd sathvik winked at him
‘one of the goon about to pluck swara saree pallu ”
(suddenly a hard hand held the goons hand to stop with tight grip nd pushed him back )

swara got up in pain “sanskar ‘ (yes it sanskar he made her stand)

sanskar; he cleared his face from rain nd shoutd “you wanna hold her na come on touch her (he pushed swara towards them )

goons and sathvik are shocked to see his confidence one of goon about to touch her hand but in meanwhile sanskar twisted his wrist
nd started beating goons black nd blue cruelly swara did not stop him she letted him to hit them

sanskar while hitting them with his leg badly he shouted ‘ woh meri swara hai how dare you to behave with her “he twisted hand of goon to his back nd broken it nd shouted ” dont you dare to touch here she is my life ”
(sathvik got scared by seeing sanskar angry nd he drove his car off in fear before sanskar see him ) nd all the goons runed away in fear only swara nd sanskar left on road in rain

swara came running nd hugged him by crying sanskar to hugged her hard nd caressed her hair by saying ” swara kuch nahi hua look at me i was there na don’t cry . i love you swara i can’t live without you (hugged her hard nd cried )

after a while sanskar pushed swara nd slapped her which shocked swara

sanskar holded her shoulders nd shouted “what the hell wrong with you swara why you came her i said you go away but why you stood her You hate me right ..and it would be best if I leave you can i at least live in peace .. y the hell are you following me dammit
why swara why you are here i was useless na why your wasting your time on mee why swara why

swara ; ( she clutched his shirt coller and said) shouted out in tears bcoz i love you sanskar ” I LOVE YOU SANSKAR ”

(BG SONG -Mujhe Ishq Se song from yaariyan movie)

Mujhe ishq se rehna tha door
Gham iske bade jo hain mash’hoor
Par ye dil hai ki bilkul mana nahi
Mujhe kheench kar dekho le aaya wahin
Jahaan ishq hai, bas ishq hai
Haan ishq hai, bas ishq hai

Yaariyan ve.. Yaariyan ve..

(sanskar hugged her both are in happy tears there tears covered by rain drops )

Iss dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ke mil jaaye ise woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah (x2)


PECAP; crazy confession and toda ahem ahem scene bhi hogi na;-)

(done this part with much effort its long enough i think, ur feed back says me is my effort is gud or not nd next part speed will be based on your response )

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