TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 38


******#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-38*********


(sry for late guys i undergone a small laser surgery for my right hand wrist so i could not give update now its fineso plz forgive my late nd grammer mistakes too)

RECAP; raglak prank nd swara come back nd swara knowing about sanskar change

*****episode starts *****
scene1, Maheshwari mansion 8.00am

both the family members are in hall swara is waiting for sanskar finally sanskar got out from his room nd about to leave mm as usual

he drunk more last ngt so he is still in hangover

dp; sanskar where ur going come here

sanskar got down from steps unwillingly he about to fall swara shouts “sanskarrr ” she got up to move but sanskar balance anyhow nd rly in low voice “i can live ”

dp; where your going nd when you came home last ngt

sanskar; (he did not rly anything stood quite )

dp; (angry ) sanskar answer mee

sanskar; its late i dont know time

dp; (angry) how many times i told you not to be like this ,
when you will change sanskar

sanskar; i had some work dad we will speak later (about to leave )

dp; (held his shoulders) sanskar i was speaking to you ,but you !
today we had board meeting you have to attend

sanskar; (looked towards swara) no i had work

swara; its ok uncle we (sanskar rised his hand to stop swara )

sanskar;(looked towards swara ) dad u are right from your point but i was too right from my pov so u go on ur way i will on my way

swara; (she seen his hand properly nd found that sanskar bracelet is missing nd by his words she understood wt sanskar mean ) its ok uncle we can postpone

dp;ok as ur wish

sanskar left the place nd went to his routine place i.e club to spoil himself

swara disappointed by sanskar behaviour silently wiped her tears nd left to office unwillingly

scene2,club 8.30pm

sanskar is drinking shot by shot fully drunken nd started driving his car rash nd thinking about swara he stopped at isolated place

“wat the hell she came back
she said she won’t care me
she said she hate me
she said I won’t deserve her
so she left mee na then y she came back ah
am i fool always to be back of her
see i started living myself ,i was alive even she left mee ‘

sanskar shouted loud ‘i can live without you swara ,i can ”
he fallen asleep in his car itself

swara in her room restless she never expected this kind of change in sanskar

swara waited whole ngt but no use she fallen asleep in early hrs of mrg

scene3,mrg 6am
swara woken up nd she decided to talk to sanskar at any cost
she entered the kitchen before sumi nd prepared halwa for sanskar as he loves it much
hidded this nd messaged ragini ” come to kitchen fast ”

ragini; wt happened in this mrg u waked mee

swara; stupid ,idoit not you got ready its 7.30 am

ragini; wt to say this u waked me ah gud ngt (she about to leave )

swara; no wait i need ur help

ragini;(widened her eyes) wt the great swara mitra needed help

swara; stop joking serious rags plz help me na

ragini; (sleepy ) ha say wat can i

swara; i had prepared halwa

ragini; (shocked) wt you did it

swara ; ha i did it for sanskar

ragini; (teasingly ) ho for my DevrJI ah then gud go nd feed him

swara; i too wanted to feed him

ragini; (smirking smile ) ha ha then go ur more fast then ur di

swara; (realised wt she said before ) i mean i wanted to make him eat this ,so help me na ,he is avoiding mee i think

ragini; so wt shall i do say mee then

swara ; you take this nd say everyone that you made it
then sanskar too will have it na

ragini ; wt will you get by this

swara ; clarity

ragini ; wt clarity

swara; if he still love me he will realize that i cooked it

ragini; what are you joking , how can he know it ah ,whatever sweet is sweet na

swara; do wt i say if you want you give a trail on lucky

ragini; ok (she took dish of halwa nd moved towards Maheshwari mansion )

swara; oh pagal where your going

ragini; to complete ur work

swara; wt ur new sasu maa think ,if she sees you in this avatar ,go fresh up nd do it ,

ragini;(blushes nd left to her room )

scene4,Maheshwari mansion dining hall

everyone are present dp,ap lucky ,rags & swara waiting for sanskar

swara got ready in the red saree which sanskar gifted her

sanskar got down in blue jeans nd white shirt nd blazer in his hand

dp; sanskar where are you going have ur breakfast first

sanskar; i was not hungry

dp; but we are so plz come nd eat something

sanskar simply noded nd sat on his seat ap served breakfast nd ragini gave the dish of halwa to lucky to serve to sanskar

sanskar had a spoon of it he felt the difference but ha again ate one more spoon

swara is excited watching sanskar face to know his reaction

sanskar got a curve on his face swara seen this

sanskar gave a look towards swaragini nd hidden his smile
sanskar eat it completely an everyone one left only swara ,rags nd lucky ,san are present

sanskar moved towards rags nd whispered”rags say to someone that ‘ when there is no love wt the use of all this ‘

swara felt bad nd left to her room nd sanskar too

sanskar (in room) wt the hell this girl is doing to me now ,how can she “when i was on critical condition she left me alone lifelessly now y she came back ”

swara; (to herself ) this person is showing lot of attitude why should i try to convice him

no swara he is the one you love try try you can make him as old

sanskar got ready nd moved towards his car swara seen this from her balcony nd rushed towards her car nd removed the seal of her car tire nd dug a hair pin nd tire got punctured

sanskar started his car nd about to cross mitra mansion gate but suddenly he stopped his car bcoz swara stood on middle of road with teasing smile

sanskar ; (got angry but by seeing her he forgot everything nd just satring her beatuful smile after a while he came back in sense )
“wt the hell is this ,you came back from London to die ah

swara; oh hello i was not ready to die ,i had lot to doo

sanskar ;(whispered ) without killing others how can you die

swara; i heard it
sanskar; gud, now move from the way

swara; (stood in middle not even moved an inch )

sanskar; (got down from his car ) wt the hell move away i had meeting now

swara; i too had same meeting so give me lift

sanskar; (gave a look from top to bottom ) u had ur own car na “do the finance company dragged ur car for not paying EMI monthly ”

swara; no i was punctual i owned my car i paid full amount 10months back only

sanskar; then why lift go in ur car ,i won’t let you

swara;you have to drop me orelse

sanskar ; (moved towards her ) ha or else wt you will ah

swara;i will complaint to board of directors i.e ur dad

sanskar; wt you think of urself, am i fool always to obey you the hell with you nd my dad

swara; i was ur company auditor as per rules your company have to provide all allowances for me

sanskar; so miss .swara mitra ask company not mee

swara; ha ur dad said me come with sanskar

sanskar ; noway i was not a driver ok

swara; sanskar i asked just lift bcoz my car tire is punctured did u got it

sanskar; no its my car i won’t let you get in

swara; say this to dp uncle

sanskar; ok come in its late already

both got in car nd sanskar started driving but he is staring at swara continually from mirror swara know this but left quite after a while sanskar lost his mind in her nd did not seen road he about to hit a car but in nick of time swara turned striling to other side nd sanskar applied break

swara; wt stupid driving ,who gave you licence

sanskar;oh stop i know deiving very well then you

swara; oh i see then wt you did now

sanskar;(he turned his head ) by seeing something brain my divert

swara; oh ok i will drive plz its much better for my life too
both exchanged the seats nd left to office nd sanskar kept on staring nd admiring her beauty

******to be continued ****

recap ; swara slaps sathvik hard nd a surprise (the thing your awaiting from long time )

(sorry for late next part i will give slap to sath i thought to give huge part but my hand not supported so next part you will have more don’t miss it )

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