TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 36

*************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-36*******


************EPISODE STARTS****

swara woken up took the phone to call Ragini but for her shock she seen lot of missed calls of sathvik but she ignored

Before tying Ragini number but sathvik called her swara attended

Swara: Ha sathvik y u called me in so mrg

Sathvik : Woh swara sanskar sanskar

swara; (panic) sanskarrr sanskar ko kya hua is he fine

sathvik; ha swara he is ok but in hospital

swara; hospital llll why he is in hospital answer me sathvik

sathvik; he is fine swara i had only hitted him

swara; (shocked( wt why u did it sathvik i said you to stay away from him but still

sathvik; i could not bare swara he is so disgusting you don’t even know how bad he spoken about as

swara; (remembers his sanskar words on there bday ngt ) its ok sathvik he may say its not true na why ur acting so stupid

sathvik; i can’t torrent this swara if you wanna bear this then lets make it true

swara; (shocked) wt you mean

sathvik; y can’t you accept my love swara .its pure swara i know wt your nd you know wt i am then why can’t you give a chance

swara ; (tears roll from her eyes ) i love sanskar only sanskar still i die

sathvik; (irritated a lot wanted to shout but kept quite ) ok swara cool i was just joking

swara; never dare to repeat it i won’t like it

sathvik; (to himself ) i like to get you

swara ; bye sathvik i am busy (ended the call )

sathvik; (to himself) oh no this girl ? sathvik do something think thinkk you will get a idea (got a idea with a evil smile he took a ph from his cupboard its sanskar’s ph nd messaged swara from it )

” gud mrg i think you’re enjoying ur vacation in London i was also enjoying here ur absence nd don’t worry take ur lover too or else he will die in my hands ”

swara seen the message nd totally heart broken she lost her thinking also (she could not even realise that her ph is new one sanskar don’t even know its number too how can he msg her )

swara sitting on floor crying badly by hugging her legs nd “how can you think like this sanskar how can you I HATE YOU SANSKAR ”


Otherside dp had requested all the family members that not to inform anything about sanskar accident to swara (i.e ) swara is unaware of sanskar fact

after 3hrs ragini called her

swara ; (cleared her eyes nd answered the call ) hello

ragini; (tears )swara are you ok did u reached safe

swara; ha di sry i could not inform you

ragini; swara woh (interrupted )

swara; di is everyone fine there

ragini;(fake smile) ha everyone are fine y ur asking soo

swara; woh bass i felt something so

ragini; (in mind ) ur right swara ntg is fine here ur sanskar need you swara

swara; di di say mee

ragini; ntg swara we are all fine take care i will speak later

days passed swara is still in same bad condition she is missing sanskar badly she never contacted anyone .she used to be alone in her flat she turned robertic

sanskar is in coma for utmost a week after a final surgery he came out of coma the first word he whispered is ‘swara aaa‘

ragini heard sanskar word she ranned towards him in happiness “ sanskar lucky lucky come fast sanskar opened his eyes “

sanskar; (semi-conscious ) rags where is swara

ragini; woh she had a important meeting so she went to office

sanskar;(tried to get up but failed ) I wanna talk to her

ragini; (she don’t know wt to answer) ha not now you take rest you can speak later

sanskar; (crying ) no right now I want too (he removed his oxygen mask nd tried to pluck the every medical accessories connected to him

ragini; sanskar plz control she is not here you can speak later don’t move
(but sanskar is uncontrollable so they gave injection sanskar fallen asleep )

raglak informed whole family about this ragini finally decided to inform swara as sanskar wants her

ragini did ph to swara ph on speaker lucky ,sanskar able to hear but semi-conscious

ragini; swara can you come to india tonight

swara; wat y is everything fine

ragini; woh sanskar is in

swara; hospital ah

ragini;(shocked ) how you know

swara; ha i know sathvik said me a week before

ragini;(double shocked) then y you are still in London can’t you come back

swara; wt s left in india for me ntg i don’t want anything so i won’t

ragini; wt swara how can you say like this

swara; (crying) yes rags i don’t want sanskar even he don’t want me

ragini; wt swara you don’t want sanskar you love him na

swara; did i said you ? that i love him no na

raglak nd san shocked

tears rolled from sanskar eyes he is now broken completely

swara is unaware of his accident coma nd all

after few days sanskar is fine he got as old
onday sathvik came to meet sanskar in hospital both are alone

sathvik; hi sanskar how are you now

sanskar; (gave a angry look)

sathvik; ntg left na for you even i took swara she is my girlfrnd now

sanskar; (got angry he wanted to punch his face but left ) get out you

sathvik; ha i was too going to London to spend time with my darling bye

sanskar; (shocked) wt

sathvik; yes i was going to London if you don’t trust see my flight tickets too swara had booked for mee(he showed tickets )

sanskar ; felt disgusting about swara nd sathvik

sanskar felt that swara had moved on

everything is gone according to sathvik plan he is success ful in creating a rift b/w swasan
(SHOCK-7 )


swara had joined in an multi national company nd busy in working she is helping kavitha too in managing office in India

swara is completely avoiding sathvik too but sathvik tried his level best to be close to swara but no use

sanskar had changed a lot he left speaking to anyone in family
he left his everything,he stopped going to office
he always used to be drunken
he got addicted to alchol noone knows the reason

he used to come at late ngts to home

10months passed away in same way



PRECAP;raglak plan to swasan uniting nd swara comeback

(sry to make you wait nd break for shocks next parts se u can stay cool thanks for bearing mee guys ND NEXT PART 2MMROW EVG )



  1. Esha


    |Registered Member

    Oh god di …I was holding my breathe while reading the episode …..ahhhhhh !!!!!!! I am gonna hit that idiot and stupid sathvik now ….he is so annoying and now this Swara is acting total stupid …..I just hate it ….how dare he ….my sanskar is crying and is broken ……even I am crying now …..poor sanskar
    Anyways hats off for the splendid work di …..its really a nice and sad episode …..
    U never stop surprising me di ……whoever I read ur episode …it makes me more curious to read the next one ….
    Di …actually I asked about writing an ff together even u said OK …..
    It would be fun and honor to write with u ….I am looking forward for it …..it depends on u to say me when and how ….
    I will be waiting for the reply …..
    Love u loads di ! Be happy and keep smiling !

    • BHANU



      Thanks dear thank you so much ahh

      From starting of my ff still now ur always supported me

      ND we will be partners for sure we will discuss in private message


  2. anu

    nice continue soon……….. please nw dnt put break for shocks…. clear mu btw swasan and unite them…… give some long update also.

  3. chandu

    Hii… I am a silent reader!! I never comment to any ff’s but your ff is really making me to comment!! I am literally crying after reading the ff!! Please unite swasan!! I am unable to bear any shock further!!! Poor sanskar… please try to upload next even soon!!! It’s my biggg request!! or else I will die unable to bear the suspense of swasan union!!! This is for the first time I am reacting sooo much to an ff!!! Hatsoff to your work!!!

  4. Rishu

    It is sad epi today…plzz dnt create more rift btwn swasan!! nd stupid swara i just hate it…plzz update regularly dear:)

  5. Archana Acharya

    This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Creating disturbance on all articles / using multiple names.

  6. vyshu

    Bhanu…..only 7 shocks are over ?? Still 4 or 5 more to go. Not able to bear swasan pain.

  7. Divyarani

    Ohh god diii…make lyk sanskaar gets to know abt idiot sathvik’s evil plan n make him fall in his own grave…plzzz dii ek dusre ka hatred nahii dek parahihoo…plzz diii plzz frst collapse da rift btw dem….

  8. Tamana

    Hiii bhanu……
    Sorry fr not commenting these days as I was not well…….feeling really sad for swasan…….by the way how many more shocks ……..are left…..and eagerly waiting for your next part……..

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