TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 35

**************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-35*******


RECAP; sathvik creating more misunderstandings b/w swasan nd swara sudden decision to leave for London

************episode starts*******
scence1, 10pm

lucky is searching for sanskar to say about swara sudden london trip
he gets a call from an unknown number

person ; hello a car belong to s nd s group had meet with an accident the person in car is seriously injured

lucky ; (shocked ) wt where nd when

person ; said the address (lucky rushed )

scene2, swara room

swara is packing her bag nd ragini came in hurry to stop swara

ragini; swara plz y ur leaving to london all of sudden

swara; no i had decided earlier only but now i got huge opportunity now so its urgent to leave

ragini; (seen her tears ) are u fine swara ?

swara; (cleared her tears) ha i am fine plz don’t ask any questions let me goo

ragini;no answer me swara even from mrg i not found sanskar too its ur bday but u both are on there own worlds ,now this shock

swara; y ur asking me about him i dont know anything ,nothing happened b/w as

ragini; (understood that they had clash) am i asked you that “wt happened b/w u nd sanskar ?”

swara; took the bag nd about to leave

ragini; (stood in middle ) it means you both fought again

swara; see rags i was not interested in stupid conversations its my flight time so let me go

ragini; (held her shoulders) look at me swara

swara; (downed her eyes ) rags plz i can’t answer you plz let me go plz don’t make it more hard to mee

ragini ;(hugged her ) swara u know “ur the best one for sanskar you both are born to be one ”

“u never shared ur pain with mee u always hidded it
remember one thing i was here to help you nd support you always” .

swara;(hugged her back nd cried)( in mind ) i know you love me so much di so i can’t show my pain to anyone bcoz it hurts you all too ,so i was running away

ragini; swaraaaa say me na plz

swara; (hidded her tears nd broken the hug ) no di ntg like that takecare of mom nd dad

ragini; swara plz come back soon

swara ; gave a smile nd left to hall where sumi ,shekhar,dp nd ap are waiting she took blessing from everyone

dp ; swara shall we to come to drop you to airport

swara; no uncle i will manage

scene3,airport 11.30pm

swara nd Shekhar left to airport swara is restless her heart is saying don’t go but her brain had fixed to go , she is hanging in thoughts nd she is feeling pain of losing sanskar on that second

otherside lucky reached sanskar ,

sanskar is full on blood on road his car had been crushed into pics he had fallen unconscious nd blood is flowing like river from his head

lucky checked the pulse rate of his heart nd did necessary first aid by stopping blood flow before reaching hospital

11.45pm ,they reached hospital

ICU ,lucky is very nervous he did lot of surgeries but now his hands are shivering he called ragini nd informed the matter nd ragini in shock rushed to raglak hospital

both families too rushed to hospital

12.00am ,airport sathvik arrived to meet swara nd shekhar

shekhar is speaking in ph with someone from last 20

sathvik; hi swara do u really wanna goo

swara; hi yes i need to go

sathvik ; ok its late go get ur boardibg pass

swara; (shocked to see his hurry ) ha dad is coming i will go

shekhar ; beta i made ur arrangements in london too here is number feed in ur phone

swara; (she broken her phone na in mrg) oh no dad i lost my ph

shekhar ; wt y cant you say before how u will manage without ph u better have my ph

sathvik; uncle its ok i brought new ph for her (he gave a b=gift box to swara)

shekhar ; call me as you reach london ( kissed her on forhead )

swara;(hugged shekhar ) takecare papa love you

sathvik; bye swara comeback soon ( he gave a side hug )

swara; bye sathvik nd i am sorry if i had hurted you from sanskar too
sanskar is really gud but he has short temper plz takecare of him too

sathvik; ha ha i know ,happy journey (swara left )

sathvik; uncle plz give ur ph i need to do an urgent call (shekhar handled his ph )

sathvik took the phone nd switched it off nd with an evil smile ‘ bye swara i will meet you soon nd ur sanskar i took more care now so he is in icu ”

otherside raglak hospital ,12.20am
sanskar lost in coma after surgery ,ragini is repeatedly calling to swara nd shekhar but both phones are switched off

ragini ;swara plz stop ur sanskar need you plz Bhagwan Ji plz make swara realise it

12.30am ,swara flight

swara is restless flight is gonna take off

swara; (in mind ) y i was feeling that its my wrong decision ?
why i was feeling that something is wrong ?
why i was feeling that my life is gonna end ?

why swara why ?

(cries ) swara how worthless your , you lost ur love ,”sanskar don’t love you just go away from his life too ”

flight takenoff swara left to london

shekhar is waiting in car for sathvik

sathvik switched on ph nd gave to shekhar innocently

as soon as the ph got on ragini called him nd said about sanskar

shekhar; (shocked ) wt how ,swara had left already

ragini; wt (ragini dropped the ph )

shekhar nd sathvik rushed to hospital

1.30am ,raglak hospital

sanskar in coma raglak are observing him
both the families are crying all are confused by this all things just in one day two shocks

scene 4, london 8pm

swara flight got landed nd she reached her flat


Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai


Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

she is tried of crying so fallen a sleep without opening the phone

otherside ,sathvik in his room

nd sathvik moved towards sanskar nd swara photo with a evil smile he sat beside him

sathvik; (took the bracelet from his pocket its sanskars which is gifted by swara ) sanskar ur everything is mine now you lost swara

***********flash back ******
8.30pm night

sanskar in club full on durken he got a call from unknown

unknown; hello mr. Maheshwari ur love is gonna leave this country

sanskar; wt does it mean

unknown ; come to my place u will know (he said a address )

sanskar rushed to said address he is driving rash he about to reach the address but suddenly a huge truck hitted his car his car bounced nd hitted a tree nd fallen out of car unconscious

a person in red shirt blue jeans got down from other door of truck nd came towards sanskar

sanskar maheswari i am sorry to kill you but plz die once for sathvik varma plz (shock -6)

yes its sathvik who called sanskar nd tried to kill him

sathvik with a evil smile checked his pulse ” oh no ur strong ur still alive let me finish you (he dragged his bracelet of swars nd took the revolver to shhot but he heard a sound of car so he lets him nd runned away innocently towards airport

*******flashback ends *****
sathvik ; ( to sanskar photo with a evil smile ) you love swara and i want swara but she loves you ,
so she said she gonna leave too London
how can i let her go so i decided to kill you atleast ur death will stop her but ur alive my bad luck
‘if she know about ur accident she will forget everything nd come running to you ,but i won’t let u be one so i well-planned nd gave a send off to her

now you see sanskar how i will create a rift b/w you nd swara

gud ngt sweet heart i will come to London soon ‘u nd me ‘

screen freezes

************ to be continued ********

precap; shock no ;7 sathvik plan nd 10months leap

(sry to inform but plz bear me i increased no of shocks 7 to 11 but trust me i will trun it a unique one )




  1. Was waiting for ur ff frm mrng… one full day.. cha… nw nly im seeing it…
    okiee coming to story.. it ws too emotional… judaai song made me cry… bt nly few drops :p
    superb awesome chapie….
    really gonna kill sathvik… hate him…
    nw waiting for nxt part… too excited.
    Hi bhanu…hw ru??
    Tc dr… no worries..bye dr

    • bhanu

      sry navi dear i made you wait

      thankyou so much i was very happy that ur loving my writings

      coming to sathvik he will pay back soon

  2. I think Ur are in love with the idea shocks dear….
    But it’s good way to keep us entertain us….once again requesting you don’t leave this sathvik go easily with all he has done with swasan.

    • bhanu



  3. Rishu

    Plz dear no more shock…plzz expose dis sathvik soon..he is just a bl***y creep…btw nice epi itz very emotional

  4. Nikita

    What Yarr u r literally giving me heart attacks I am still crying while writing this plz dear now plz end this shocks soon

  5. Avan

    No yarrrr……plz don’t make them 11 plz..
    While reading episode I felt…omg I need bear one more……but you gave another shock …11…
    I Dont want that idiot sathvik……plz make him die……I can’t see swara n sanskar…I want them as season…plz… If you don’t want compromise then post asap so..that this tract ends fastly…….sry for very long comment

    • bhanu




      • Avan

        Bhanu…..I didn’t mean that….. I just want you to update fast ..so that this sathvik will get his punishment…..
        N you Dont even try end your ff….k.?
        How is your hand pain dear…???

    • bhanu

      Ok dear i will make my track fast

      Any story should end na so i got this thought

      My hand is fine 10 more days my bandage will be removed too

  6. swasan loverrrr

    u r too gud i was a silent reader but i ll tell u to please book a room in hospital for me 😉 no more shocks plz 😉

  7. vyshu

    swasan judaai??? First, u give us these many shocks and now leap…..god knows how will i manage through this. Upload soon dear.

    • bhanu

      😉 vyshu dear trust me u will enjoy it

      so many huge things gonna happen so keep reading
      nd thanks for commenting

  8. Radhika

    Oh god…. My hrt beat stop for a moment… N that blo*dy sathvik…huh sanskar ll kill him…

  9. Hanya

    Hi Bhanu di .
    Ur an awesome writer di .
    I read your ff in one go .
    It’s an awesome ff I have ever read di.
    Btw the swasan separation track is very sad di .
    Plz di unite swasan soon.
    Bye di

      • Hanya

        Thank u di then it would great

        Please upload it soon I will be waiting

        And thank u for responding to comment

  10. riya

    extremely shocking ..
    but u were wonderful as always..
    how can u write so well bhanu??
    but ya awesome nd emotional one ..
    try to update d next one soon.:-)

  11. Dharsha

    Khaan pakadke sorry for the late comment…….
    Whether u expect my comment or not…I love to comment and this chappy is the shockest of all shock to me…???
    Loved it….sanky get up!!!!
    swara come back!!!
    Waiting for next eagerly….

    • bhanu

      I always wait for comment of my regular readers mainly you dharsha

      I am so happy ? that ur liking my updates

      Thank you so much dear?

  12. ishu

    Omg omg u want me to die at
    One tym( just kidding) only after soo many days i read all epi in one go becoz my phone was not supporting but it shocking yaar means you just nailed it all epi were fab but i can’t bear shockz till 11 plzz just till 8 isz okay but 11 …………….. . And PLZZZ DAILY UPDATE AND YOU ARE JUST AMAZING DEAR AND PLZZ KILL THAT b*****SATHVIK AND plzz unite them soon means asap plzzz plZzzzzz its a BIG REQUEST PLZZZ 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.