TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 34


*********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-34*************


Recap: Swara confession ND sanskar breakdown on sathvik so break up ( shock :4)

****** episode starts******
Swara office 10am,

Sathvik: Its ok swara dont cry its ur bday y ur spoiling ur day ah

Swara: She remembers sanskar words on sathvik she moved back

Sathvik: Party �� kaha hai I gave gift but were is the party

Swara:( gets up ND ) no sathvik I dont wanna come out

Sathvik: No swara plz come na for ur frnd come on

Swara: No I was not interested let me be alone for sometime( she turned otherside sathvik took her pH nd messaged sanskar” I hate you sanskar thankyou so much you gave a reason to move on”

Sathvik: Ok (he deleted msg nd left THE CABIN )

sanskar saw the msg nd full on frustrated full on drunken he called back swara in same mood

swara cabin,
swara seen the call from sanskar nd lifted with hopes

sanskar;wow swara you moved on i never thought that ur this much blod

swara; (could not understand wt he is saying ) wt are u speaking

sanskar;(fully drunken) woh sorry i think you may be busy with ur so called frnd no no ur official lover now na ,as i broken up na

swara ; (completely broken ) sanskar i really lov-v

sanskar; enjoy i can leave without you swara i hate you never show ur face to mee gud bye (ended the call )

swara broked the ph into pieces in nd fallen on her knees nd
crying vigorously by remembering sanskar nd his words

sathvik seen this from her cabin door

sathvik; (with a evil smile to himself ) wow sathvik ur so brilliant its true breaking is easy then patch up

“swara baby i am sorry to make you cry but any ways ur looking more beautiful in tears then in smile “now u will be mine “(sathvik left to his cabin)

after 2hrs ,

swara (to herself ) no swara he said he can leave without you then y cant you
“no i can’t leave without him ”
“no swara u can just get out of this place you go far from everyone”
so farrrr
i will go to london that’s gud place for me (she cleared her tears but still uncontrollable

sathvik entered swara cabin with two cups of coffee he placed them on table nd moved towards swara who sat on floor leaned to couch nd crying badly he sat beside her nd placed his hand on her shoulder

sathvik; (innocently ) swara y ur crying for so long its already raining outside but ur filling our office too with water

swara; (got some smile but here pain in more ) just stop it sathvik i cant laugh u plz go

sathvik; no no i won’t until you stop this ,nd will anything change by this crying therapy no na then y

swara; (still crying ) i don’t have any answer now

sathvik; wah swara mitra ko answer nahi pata kya baath hai its a huge question then i will post in fb nd twitter

swara; (laughing hitted him nd got up ) stop it sathvik that’s too much

sathvik; (got up ) thank god u smiled now have ur coffee plz i think u not had anything from ngt

she cleared her eyes nd seen portrait on wall of sanskar she remember his words again nd again get got a huge desition

sathvik; swara plz control urself trust me sanskar won’t deserve you ,he is after all swara ,there are lot of billionaires waiting for you swara .you had great life

swara; (turned towards him in angry nd tears ) woh afterall nahi hai .he is my love my love from my childhood whatever he said may be its my fault i think . i can’t live without him sathvik (she fallen on floor by crying )

sathvik ; (shocked ) means u will die now

swara; (looked at him nd got up ) no i gonna leave this country i will go far away from everyone

sathvik hell shocked in shocking tone ‘ what are u serious ‘

swara; yes i had decided i will move to london

sathvik; no swara we are there na here

swara;no i dont want anyone to see my pain so its better i will go away

sathvik; shall i too join you

swara; no sathvik u won’t come to mee or contact mee its better forgot me its our last meeting ( SHOCK -5)

sathvik; (shocked nd to himself) oh no this girl is mad arey sathvik how fool ur ? u thought if u separate swara nd sanskar you can get swara but now swara is going away from you then how can she be urs ! do something to stop

swara; (moved sathvik ) i am sorry sathvik but plz u too stay away from my life its gud to you ,i cant hurt anyone plz

sathvik; swara plz i cant leave without you plz

swara; (confused) wt

sathvik; woh i mean me ,ragini nd ur family will miss you na

swara; its ok they will adjust

sathvik; then wt about office here

swara; i will arrange something plz leave me alone u go (sathvik left in shock )

swara thinked for while nd did a call to kavitha

swara; hello kavitha i need a help will u help me ?

kavitha; (confused ) ha swara i will but are u fine

swara; (tears but gains some strenght) ha i am ok will join as auditor for s nd s group

kavitha; (shocked ) wt are u joking

swara; no serious kavitha will you join

kavitha; no i cant handle such huge thing alone i wont deserve it

swara; no i trust you u will handle plz for mee

kavitha; ur there na y mee then

swara; no i was leaving to london

kavitha ; (double shock) wt are u crazy

swara; ha yes plz dont ask anything now plz join in s nd s plz

kavitha ; how i can manage alone plz swara its not right thing

swara; ok wait we will be partners ,we will jointly from a partnership firm ,u manage here in india i will help u nd guide you from london

kavitha; wat partners ??

swara; yes partners deal na now i will fax the papers of our parnership deed

kavitha; are you sure swara

swara; yes 200% .cu partner (ended the call)

she called priya from landline nd asked her to come

priya ; gud afternun mam

swara; (cleared her tears ) ha priya book me a ticket to London tonight

priya;(shocked) wt who is leaving

swara; me i was leaving cant u hear

priya; wt par u have lot of projects to finalise how can u go

swara; ur my pa just do wt i say

priya ; par wt shall i answer to shekhar sir nd dp sir

swara; i will answer them u do wt i said

priya ranned to Shekar cabin nd said this to him nd dp nd shekhar are shocked they rushed to swara

12.30pm,swara cabin

swara is crying by placing her head on her table nd shekhar nd dp entered

shekhar ; swara swara

swara; (hidded her tears ) ha dad

shekhar ; ur leaving to london y

swara; (trying hard to hide her pain but her eyes said that something is wrong ) ha woh woh

shekar; answer me swara why

swara; (turned otherside) i want to study

shekhar; wt you wanna study its enough u learned more

swara; no i want to learn more

dp ; why you took so fast decision swara why ur so hurry

swara;(panic) no uncle i took it early but out of busy i did not say it i even gave my resignation na

shekhar; swara plz ,i am sorry for shouting you on that day drop ur desition

swara; no dad its my mistake to fail in contract i left it long back i really wanna achieve something

dp; then why ur leave say me reason

swara ; no uncle i wanna achieve my goals so plz let me even now sanskar is there to tc of everything na nd i asked kavitha to join in our office

DP; (shocked ) kavithaaaaa

swara; ha kavitha she is more capable to handle our company so she is new auditor nd we both are partners too

shekhar; we trust you swara always but plz come fast

swara; (hugs him nd cried ) in mind ) i am sorry papa i lied for you too nd i wont come back too

shekhar ; swara you really want to go

swara; (cleared her eyes ) yes i wanna leave ,u plz convince rags nd mom plz

shekhar; ha i will try

swara ; thanks dad i had work you plz handle everyone

shekhar left but dp is still in swara cabin

dp; swara beta do sanskar did anything as old

swara; (shocked ) no uncle sanskar is innocent on that day its just a prank he is gud but we misunderstood him .(she said the truth of kav san incident )

dp; (shocked ) wt its true

swara; ha uncle sanskar is truly gud person

dp ; i trust you always swara more then my sons bcoz i feel like ur my daughter i can’t miss you swara come back fast all the best

swara took blessing from dp nd dp left

scence5, 10pm
lucky is searching for sanskar to say about swara sudden london trip

he gets a call from an unknown number

person ; hello a car belong to s nd s group had meet with an accident the person in car is seriously injured

lucky ; (shocked ) wt where nd when

person ; said the address (lucky rushed )

**************to be contiued ************

precap; sanskar in coma nd swara in airport (shock -6)

will sathvik let swasan be together ?
will swara know about sanskar condition ?

lot of questions ,twists nd suspense ??


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  1. raglak(fouz arshi)

    am literally shocked.bhanu shock pe shock.i will heart attack soon

    1. thank you dear nd u plz make ur heart strong there are much more strokes

  2. Itna sa shocks! !!! Bohot hai yaar! Tune Mujhe bohot electric shocks diya more than 400 volts!!! It’s AWESOME ! PLS UPDATE IT REGULARLY

    1. ha ha 😉 thanks dear plz bear few more shocks

  3. It was a shock of 440volts
    Update asap
    Pagal sathvik
    Thank god chala gaya

    1. thanks shagun

  4. yaa plzz update it regularly

    1. busy on word yar sry for inconvenience but i will post alternative day

  5. nyc twist..

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  6. I am sad for both swara n sanskar…..hope they reconcile soon…..sathvik got nice shock of his life…….

    But why swara is running away from every relation of her life just because of sanskar…..

    1. they will get back soon

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    1. thankyou so much tani

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  9. oh god bhanu don’t let sanskar in cina for many days. . want old sanakar back.. I have a suggestion if you don’t mind let sanskar and swara be in this break up mode and sanskar flirting with other girls to make swara jealous and when satvik came near swara sanskar jelous and at last sanskar find out the truth of satvik and satvik became obsessed lover and all.. sorry if you don’t like it.. anyways your story is very interesting. . this is the one story I’m reading without loosing Interest. . otherwise I will be bored by many ff’s after reading some parts.. but your story is great. .

    1. i was parcitical always so it wont be more coma nd sab

      old sanskar its boring na so for thrill i changed

      ur suggestion is gud but i will make it in different way

    1. thanks anu

    1. thanks afra

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    1. ha ha i was very happy ur enjoying it 😉

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  12. hey u r awesome yr 🙂 .
    plz update d next one soon..
    otherwise I will die thinking about it only

    1. thanksyou so much riya i will post tomorrow asap

      1. hey bhanu 🙂 .
        u haven’t posted yrr..
        u should know that your ff is my favourite one..
        will there b more shocks ??

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