TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 33


********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-33***********
(really sry for late i wrote thrice 1st time due to 1 stupid it got deleted nd next i lost my data even my project got deleted dad blashed alot but its enjoyable nd so i wrote it again in hurry sry )



**************EPISODE STARTS*********


sathvik on ph

swara; sathvik wts this

sathvik; ur so called lv he wont trust you so i proved you he had done this so he slapped me

swara; wt

sathvik ; swara trust me he won’t trust you think twice before you decide he won’t deserve you (SHOCK-3 )

swara slipped the ph on floor in shock felt on floor composed herself

swara ;(to herself) no swara not again do it ‘he is ur sanskar ,he can never do it with you … u have to talk nd sort out it be strong na….

other side ,sanskar

ragging in angry he got out from car nd entered Mitra mansion from pool side door walking towards swara room in lot of angry he is out of sense he knocked swara door

swara cleared her tears nd opened the door nd came out

swara; sanskarrrrr youu

sanskar ; (doesn’t listened anything he dragged her out

swara; sanskar where your taking me stop (totally confused nd scared)

sanskar still not responding

swara; (trying to loosen his grip on her hand ) sanskar plz stopp

sanskar dragged her on to terrace

note; terrace is of two sides which is separated by small room in middle upto half ——swara made her arrangements on otherside unaware to sanskar )

sanskar locked the door of steps nd pinned swara to the wall with a huge force he holded her wrist her bangles broken sanskar had no feeling of sad he is so angry

swara; (in pain trying to move ) sanskar its paining

sanskar ; (gave a angry look ) u gave more to mee its paining for mee

swara; sanskar plz listen to me

sanskar( pressed her on wall ) shuuu u said a lot ,u did alot now its my turn i willl say u listen u know something i love you madly i dont like anyone touching you or even close too you

swara; (scared to see his angry ) sanskar-r-r

sanskar ;(drunken ) wt u will say ,u trust that sathvik na he is great for you ,he is smart, responsible ,double rich then mee nd highly qualified

swara; (feeling the pain of his grip ) no sanskar

sanskar; chupp not a word i was fool always kept on listening to you i dying for you but u don’t care

swara; watt i care sanskar (pushed him)

sanskar ; (held her shoulders tight ) acha then why u always think i am wrong always

swara; (tried to push him ) no sanskar ur not in sense we will talk later just go nd sleep

sanskar; (dragged her nd twisted her hand to her back) i was on right path now answer me

swara; (morn in pain ) sanskar its paining plz leave

sanskar; oh its paining for you, when i hold you , but when that sathvik is close to u , you feel gud nd comfortable am i right

swara; (tears roll from her eyes ) no sanskar he is just a frnd

sanskar ; acha really then wt i am to you

swara; (shocked with sudden reaction ) ur ur my life sanskar

sanskar; (smirk smile ) oh ur life wow really i think its a joke

swara;(held him ) its true sanskar ur my life its not joke its serious

sanskar; (out of sense nd unstable ) oh gud its serious na ,now listen shall i kiss you

swara was shocked she could not react anything but in a second

sanskar pulled her closer nd leaned towards her to kiss but swara felt uncomfortable as he is so drunken not even in sense she pushed him with a force nd sansar fallen on ground

sanskar; (got up nd moved towards her ) ho swara you dont let me kiss you but u allow that sathvik na if he do

swara; (shocked tears rolled out of her eyes to here such thing from him stood blank)

sanskar; holded her towards him ) answer me swara u hugged you infront of everyone nd y can’t he kiss you in my absence (shock-4)

swara completely broken by this words she felt disgusting by his words

sanskar; answer me swara ur quite it means its right na

swara; (pushed him gave a tight slap ) how can you speak like this sanskar

sanskar; (holded her in angry )u made me to speak like that swara

swara; (pushed him back ) how can you talk so cheap sanskar ,this is the love you have
do you know wt love is -its not the romance or gifts nd candle light dinners
the love is the trust on eachother ,the understanding b/w them

sanskar; (laughed out loud like mad ) wah swara wah ,ur talking about trust wt a joke ms.swara mitra “do u trusted me when i said about kavitha ,how many days i begged you to trust me but you did not na ”

when you didn’t trust me then how ur asking me now to trust

swara; yes ur right i had not trusted you bcoz on that night everything made me blind even kavitha said it so i had not trusted you its a big mistake of my life but later i trusted you blindly still now even sathvik said me ur wrong ur a rough but still i felt my love is true ur the one for mee

“i dont want to break you so i always tried to clear our misunderstandings still now but youu ”

sanskar ; (cupped her face ) ho baby misunderstandings yes i misunderstood you .you love mee na ..(moved back nd shouted ) nooo u wont na so you never answered me

swara; (felt irritated ) i had not confessed you bcoz i wanted to make it special bcoz i love you more then myself (dragged him to other side of terrace where she made arrangements )

(she had made everything as per same of as there past bday she decorated everything with flowers nd balloons and a table with food sanskar is shocked to see it )

sanskar; (about to fall but swara held him nd made him sit on chair ) you did this for mee

swara ; about to answer but suddenly ph rings its sathvik —ph is on table infront of sanskar .swara about to cut the call but sanskar hitted it on floor (swara has two phones its office ph )

otherside ,sathvik room
sathvik ; (evil smile ) wowww my plan worked so u had not attended my call swara ‘happy bday swara nooo no happy breakup swara ”

sanskar;(got up in full on angry ) you love mee but this sathvik loves you wt the relation b/w u nd sathvik . in late ngt y he is calling you
its second time i seen his call on ngt ,i think you cant speak anything in daytime ah

swara; (thrown water on his face in crying tone she holded his collar ) are you in sense you know wt ur asking mee

sanskar ;(angry holded her shoulder ) ha i seen u both romancing in parking slot

swara; (gave a tight slap ) chi sanskar how can you think like this

i accept sathvik love me but he never or ever did anything cheap you think
he always treated me as a good friend
he always supported me in our love
he even know that i love you so he wished be the best
but ur are disgusting sanskar

sathvik is right u never trusted me or loved me u always wanted me thats it naa ‘i hate you sanskar i loved you its the biggest mistake of my life ‘ (she left the place by crying )

sanskar ; i hate you too swara one day you will know my value (he is full on frustration broken everything which swara madee nd after few mins he fallen unconscious )

swara kept on crying the whole ngt

scene3,mrg 7am

swara got up from floor after losing lot of tears got ready nd left to office by 8am not even seen any of family member

9am ,terrace ,
sanskar woken up nd saw everything broken he holded his head due to pain he did not remember anything clearly wt he spoken in ngt he just know that swara slapped him (still in hangover )

got up but and from steps he directly he left to club

scence 4, swara office 10am,
swara is crying badly by remembering sanskar words trying to get devert but its hard to her bcoz the one who loved her is the one hurted her . her complete life turned down

sathvik entired in swara cabin

sathvik; swaraaaa gud mrg

swara; (cleared her tears nd tried to smile ) gud mrg sathvik

sathvik; (innocently ) are u fine swara

swara; ha i am we have meeting na preparing for it

sathvik; for meeting ? y ur crying

swara;( cried out badly )

sathvik; (placed his hand on swara cheeks ) swara wt happened y ur crying say me na i was ur frnd na say mee

swara ; (hugged him nd cried badly ) u know sathvik wt sanskar said

sathvik; (hugged her back with evil smile ) ha wt he said

swara; (still crying her words are not getting out of her sadness ) u nd me

sathvik ; swara cool don’t cry swara , i was there na i will convince sanskar

swara; (crying badly ) no sathvik i dont want him

sathvik; arey its small fight you are loving from childhood na u trust him too

swara; i trusted him but he won’t have . i think we are not made for each other we dont love each other we just thought soo

sathvik;(smiles to himself) u love eachother but i wont let youuu

screen freezes
*****to be continue********

precap ; sanskar accident nd shock -5 to swasan

(guys plz don’t slap me for this twist there is much more plz have patience nd say me u are ready to upcoming shocks are not if ur not ready i will end this ff fast )

plz give your feedback i will be waiting

Credit to: bhanu chowdary

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