TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 32

**********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-32*********


RECAP; sanskar avoiding swara swara jelous

*****episode starts*******

swara nd sathvik in garden suddenly some dust fallen in swara eyes
swara shouted by holding her eye “ahhhh ”

sathvik; swara kya hua wt happened

swara; oh some thing had fallen in my eye its burning

sathvik;(holded her face) let me see

sathvik placed his hands on her chin nd blown air on her eye swara held his collar tight

sathvik after few minutes sathvik lost in her as its first time he is close to swara that they had only 3inches distance he about to hug her but swara moved back

swara; its fine now thanks sathvik

sathvik; are u sure

While speaking Ragini came nd disturbed it

Ragini: Swara ND sathvik come in we had something for you swara

Lets inside Maheshwari mansion swara is impatient in waiting hardly for sanskar time is gonna be 12 she need to get ready but Ragini I not letting

Its bday bash sanskar brought a huge cake nd a gift

sanskar came in with a ring but he hidden it

ragini; see sanskar came

ragini; Swara ND sanskar come on cut the cake fast its 12 already

Swara looked towards sanskar signed to come

Swasan at a time blowed out candles nd sanskar holder swara hand nd cutted the cake everyone wishes then nd swara took a pic nd feed sumi nd Shekhar nd rags

She about to feed sanskar but sathvik holded swara ND applied cake on swara nose swara got diverted nd turned towards sathvik

sanskar cut the cake nd placed lucky made him eat a piece but sanskar is dishearted so he left the half on table but swara unknown of his feeling she took the cake and eat it (seen by sathvik)

sathvik; (to himself)swaraaaa u love nd trust sanskar so u wont trust mee even i say truth i will show you how far sanskar trust you now (with a winking smile)

Everyone in both family wish them a happy bday sathvik gave a set of paper wrapper in gift cover

Sathvik: Happy bday swara open it u will lv it

Swara: Opened it in excitement nd shocked ” wowww the papers for NGO registration

Sathvik: Do you like it

Swara: (jumping in happiness )How you know this is my dream

Sathvik: Kavitha said me so I took a step for you ( winked at sanskar)

Swara excited she gave a side hug to sathvik

Ragini : ND you know ur Ngo ka first fund is from s nd s groups nd varma groups 10crs FD

Swara hugs rags nd happy thank you so much ragss I love you so muchhh di

Ragini: Haa

Sanskar : Is happy with swara happiness but for sathvik he is so irritated

Sanskar : Got her huge surprise but he got uttered a word nd left to his room

every one left to there respective rooms sathvik nd swara come out to say gud bye to sathvik

swara; ha i am leaving i need to get ready for surprise gud ngt

sathvik;(unwilling to go ) ok gud ngt (she about to leave but )

but sathvik saw sanskar staring at them he got some idea

sathvik pulled swara towards him nd held her shoulder nd went so close which made swara shock nd uncomfortable swara whispered ” wt ”

sathvik; “woh some thing you had on ur lips ” (there is ntg but he said it bcoz sanskar is staring them from his distance )

swara left the place by clearing her lip seen by sanskar but not heard anything

sathvik; (intentionally ) swara sanskar may be waiting go fast

swara blushes by sanskar name itself

sathvik is blushing by seeing his shirt collar where swara held

sanskar came nd blocked the way of sathvik he is so angry

sathvik; hi sanskar do you know something

sanskar;(angry tone ) i dont want to know anything

sathvik; ho really then may i know y ur angry

sanskar; i was angry bcoz i hate you

sathvik;you hate me but swara like me how sad its the reason for your angry na

sanskar; she loves me i had said this 1000times

sathvik ; (silly smile) its in dream nd proof kya hai woh selfies ?

sanskar; no the feeling she have wt ever i do she forgive me by understanding mee

sathvik; ho she even forgives me then it mean she love me (sanskar holder his collar)

sathvik; you know swara gave a hug ur spoiling my sweet memories i too kissed her she is really tempting

sanskar is fused in angry he started hitting him black nd blue sathvik letted him to beat he irritated him more nd more sanskar lost his patience hitted him so hard where sathvik started bleeding

swara seen this from her room nd rushed towards them sathvik in on ground till sanskar is hitting him
swara; (holded sanskar ) stop it sanskar y ur beating him

sanskar; pushed her out nd again holded sathvik by collar nd hitted him on his face

swara holded him nd slapped him hard” y ur hitting him so badly dont you have sense ‘

sanskar ; swara u know wt he said

swara; sanskar i said u millon times dont fight with sathvik y u always

sathvik; its ok swara let him

sanskar; (hitted him again ) not a word i will kill you

swara; (slapped him again tight ) stop behaving like animal just go in

sanskar shocked he stopped it nd stood blank (left out )

swara; (made him stand ) sathvik are u fine

sathvik; i am fine swara( swara made him sit in car nd asked driver to drop him )

swara; shall i too come

sathvik; no swara u planned a surprise na go carry on i will manage

swara; are you sure ahh (sathvik said ‘ ya ” she left )

swara left to her room 12.30pm she is thinking about all incidents of the day she relised that she slapped sanskar she felt bad she wanted to say sorry to him she got up nd changed herself in red saree nd got ready beautiful

otherside sanskar , in club

he is so angry that swara behaving rude with him the words of sathvik made him wild more he started drinking yes he is taking alcohol he drank 5to 7shots he lost his sense the only think he remembered is sathvik words swara slap he started his car nd drove to mm

swara room ,
swara got a mms sented by sathvik

sathvik had edited it nd forwarded to swara
” sanskar ” yes i had forwarded that photos to show you how swara feel for mee she love me madly ”

sathvik on ph

swara; sathvik wts this

sathvik; ur so called lv he wont trust you so i proved you he had done this so he slapped me

swara; wt

sathvik ; swara trust me he wont trust you think twice before you decide he wont deserve you (SHOCK-3 )

swara sliped the ph on floor in shockk

screen freezes
*****to be continue*******

precap; shock4 finally swara confesses its different

(sry for small part my hand is paining severely i thought small update is better then no update so plz forgive for this nd next part i will try to give huge one leave ur feed back ha )



  1. Reethi

    Omg y always this happens with swasan. ???Destiny is not allowing them to stay together.??? Feeling really sad for them.plz swasan ko door maat karna.n et is that shock4 ???aur kitna shock dogi.mujhe heart attack aajayega.waiting for next episode

  2. riya

    u r really awesome yaar …
    mind blowing ..
    u made me command today ..
    till now I was only a silent reader

  3. Dolly

    Sathvik idiot , stupid , b***c how dare he separate our swasan …..ahhhhh !!!!!! My head is spinning now …I can’t take it anymore ….di plz give a healing tablet in next episode …plz …
    How dare that sathvik ! …..sanskar should have killed him there ….always Swara has a wrong timing yaar !
    Di how many shocks u r gonna give us ….I mean I have to book a ward in hospital in advance ..plz let me know …..
    Lol …last episode only I came from hospital …now again going back to hospital …..
    I can’t control …..Swara slapped sanskar on his birthday yaar …poor sanskar he must be very sad now ….
    Everyone is making sanskar only sad …..what to do ….but at least u r using it in a unique way di …but the real CVS ….damm gonnna murder them alive now !

    Anyways the episode was very short …..very very short ….give us a lengthy episode next time …its an order from ur sis …..hope u will guarantee it …..

    The episode was full of rage for sanskar …..but I love the episode ….
    That Ks for the update …..waiting for next one eagerly
    Love u loads di !

    • bhanu

      thankyou dolly dear

      few more shocks ah u can bear it

      nd how is ur leg now i know it may be paining na tc

      next part i will make longg nd shocking pakka

  4. menz

    i want to say one thing about ur ff, from starting only u are making sanskar jealous by sathwik and from starting i saw swara did not cared about sanky feeling and many time swara gives priority to sathwik and poor sanky was just running behind her like mad and in today episode also i felt pity about sanskar not swara because swara had gone mad by sathwik freindship

  5. menz

    but i know u are writer u will change plot in upcoming episode in such a way that we will feel pity for swara but freind swara lied to sanky many times in this ff for her so cold sathwik and every time sanky heart breaks and he is also trusting to her as she loves me and according to me sanky trust swara more till today episode because swara everytime gets angry if by mistake he talks with some other girl but sanky tells swara to stay away with sathwik but she never stay away with him for sanskar
    sorry for rude comment

    • bhanu

      thankyou for expressing

      yes i accept swara lied just for sanskar bcoz sanskar had peaks in possessiveness

      swara felt jealous but never shown it

      swara don’t know anything about sathvik intention she trust him as frnd

      anyways next shock u will get ur answer

  6. thamiazh magan

    u r giving heart attack to me.. unable to see swasan in pain. plz make them understand each other

  7. Nikita

    I was right this sathvik is mad I hate him but swara have to trust sanky bcoz he truly loves her

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