TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 30

*************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-30***********

RECAP;swasan nd naagin faceoff fun nd nhok jhoks in jungle

***********episode starts*************

getaway resort Munnar, Kerala

sanskar ; give me a presidential suit

receptionist; we have a special suit for honeymoon couple sir

swara; (widened her mouth) honeymoonnnnnnnnn

sanskar;(winked at her ) oh cool swara we are newly married na

receptionist; say me ur name sir

sanskar; sanskar Maheshwari nd swara Mitra

receptionist; (confused but ) mr nd mrs .sanskar Maheshwari

swasan nodes ther head in yes nd noo by left nd right receptionist got confused she asked the attendee to show the room

swasan room ,

its highly decorated with candles rose petals as an honeymoon suit
they decorated whole bed with rose petals

sanskar; wow swara its amazing shall we use this decoration

swara; (panic ) wtttttt

sanskar; (teasingly he moved towards her) we took a honeymoon suit its really tempting nd its really raining outside nd we are alone y can’t we postpone our marriage nd prepone out honeymoon wt u say ha (winked at her)

swara; (pushed him) if u have any wrong ideas i will throw u out of this room u need to leave alone in rain ok

sanskar; ho really u know i had heard in news its really 12 am noone in room ur alone suddenly a thunder comes nd windows move by air here nd there u will find a smoke nd a girl in white saree with sound of “nch nch “comes power off

swara; (imagine everything he said nd shouts ) stopp ittttttttt

sanskar; swara baby seen the film, its better na if i stay with you

swara; ok u be in this room u can use everything here but stay away from me ok

sanskar; (runned towards bathroom )wait 1st i will start from bathroom

swara laughed by his behaviour nd took her phone she seen 75missed calls of sathvik nd 30 missed calls nd 10 msgs of ragini
she called to ragini

ragini; (took a breath by her call ) swara how are u ur fine na

swara; di relax i am 5n woh we are in jungle so no signal now we came out we will be there by mrg

rags; wt jungle sanskar is fine na where ur now say me we will come

swara; its a long story i will say 2mmrow nd we are in safe place in a resort so u take rest gud ngt

ragini; ho k gud ngt swara take care ah

swara; cuttted the call but as soon she got call again its sathvik

sathvik; hello swara where are u gone kab se call kar rahi ho mai

swara; sathvik cool i am fine

sathvik; where ur

swara; woh our car meet a accident so we (interpted by sathvik)

sathvik; (shouts ) accidentttttttttttt are you 5n

swara; don’t get panic i am 5n we are in resort in munnar

sathvik; oh u be there i was coming just a hr

swara; no sathvik i can manage 2mmrow mrg we will come 2mmrow mrg ur bhai marriage so u should be there ok gud ngt

sathvik; swara swara (she cutted the call) whole night with this sanskar shit

sanskar came out from bathroom nd listened sathvik name but he asked swara ‘who is on ph rags ”

swara dont wanna make his hurt so she replyed “yes”
sanskar felt bad that swara lied to him

sanskar; its late u sleep gud ngt he took the pillow nd moved towards couch

swara; no u sleep on bed i will sleep on couch

sanskar; no u
swara ; no (kept on fighting finally sanskar got irritated )

sanskar; ok cool lets do a thing we both will sleep on bed ok

swara; (wided her mouth ) wtttttttt

sanskar ; yes come lets do it

swara; ok( she created a pillow wall in b/w them ) dont cross it ok

sanskar; oh that great i won’t cross, u will cross it

swara; noways i wont

sanskar ; gud ngt swara shall i say a story i heard just before coming to room

swara; wt ah say mee

sanskar; (thrilling tone ) there lived a girl named shona she is very gud auditor she came to tour to munnar with her frnds but unfortunately she lost the way nd got separated from others she got a resort its getaway resort

swara; (scary tone) its our resort only na

sanskar ; ha swara its true story lisen ‘ she came in resort nd took a room its full dark suddenly she seen a shadow when she turned back she seen a long hand of 9feet nd that hand crashed her nd ate her nd she is missing from 2yrs nd u know this is same room where she got missed

swara; (scary tone ) sanskarrrrrrrrrrrr is it true

sanskar ; ha i won’t lie na (innocently answers) anyways gud ngt

2am swara is scared by sanskar story she is not able to sleep its raining outside with thunders windows are moving with high sound

swara; (looked towards sanskar who is sleeping no acting as sleeping ) see this person sleeping like devil in such stupid sounds also dont he have fear

swara slowly removed the pillows in b/w them nd moved towards sanskar nd sleep on his shoulders by hugging him

sanskar; (winking smile in his mind ) dargayiiiii , y should i always cross lines she too does it

scene3, mrg 10am

no sun rays falling bcoz there room is in west 😉 swara is hugging him sanskar opened his eyes as its late mrg without disturbing swara he took a selfie of them nd placed it as wallpaper for his ph

sanskar left to bathroom after a while swara woken up by ph call its sathvik

sathvik; where are you

swara; (sleepy) who are you
sathvik ; swara wakeup its 10 its mee sathvik
swara; (opened her eyes ) oh no we will start now
sathvik ; no i was in munnar only say me where you are resort name
swara; getaway resorts
sathvik; get ready i will be in 5mins (cutted the call)

swara no mood to get up she again slept
after 10mins sathvik came to resort enquired room nd knocked swara door
swara;(sleepy ) opened the door nd again fallen on bed by placing bedsheet

sathvik; swara plz get up its 10 (he is pulling her bedsheet to make her wakeup )

swara; no sath let me sleep i was tried (sathvik is waking her up)

sanskar came out of bathroom he is shocked to see sathvik nd swara playing nd teasing

sanskar; sathvik you here how you know this place

sathvik; woh swara said ,(swara get up )

swara; (finally opened her eyes she remembered where she is got up) oh no i forgot about marriage

sathvik; it ok its ngt na go get ready we will start to villa here is ur dress

swara ranned to bathroom by leaving sathvik nd sanskar alone

sathvik; gud mrg how is ur ngt

sanskar; ngt ahh its so romantic in jungle nd in resort too

sathvik; (angry but covered ) ho thats gud

sanskar; ya its really super se upar

swara came out nd all the three started to villa in sathvik car

sathvik is driving nd sanskar sat beside nd swara on back sit
sathvik nd sanskar are staring at swara in middle mirror sanskar seen sathvik eying swara

sanskar dragged the mirror out of car nd throwed it outside which shocked both sathvik nd swara

sathvik; ho it my car how dare you to do this

sanskar ; eyeing on my property leads to distraction of your only

sathvik kept quite swara could not understand anything

scene 4,7pm

kavya nd sonthosh are happy married left to other formailities nd sathvik nd swara are busy in planning a place for kavya nd sonthosh

houseboat 8pm ,
sathvik nd swara are making surprise plan for kavya nd sonthosh for first night

decorating the room in house boat with rose petals they are having a funny talk

sathvik throwed some of petals on her nd swara throwed back both are playing by them

sathvik is staring at her in cool daze

swara; y ur seeing like this all of sudden

sathvik ;woh swara shall i say you some thing

swara; ha say

sathvik; first promise me u wont get angry

swara; ha ok say mee (sathvik turned other side to gain courage )

swara got a call its sanskar she lifted it at same time sathvik said in loud ” i love you swara ” sanskar nd swara both are shocked

swara; gave a shocked expression nd speechless ‘

sathvik; yes swara i really love you i wanna marry you

swara left the ph in shock nd ph hitted floor nd switched off with made sanskar struck he don’t know wts swara reply

swara; wts this sathvik

sathvik ; let me complete first i know you love sanskar completely but i can’t hide this na i loved you from 1st sight so i joined ur company i know that u cant be mine but i want ur frndship forever

swara; how you know wt i love sanskar i not even said to him na

sathvik; ur eyes are saying this i seen ur feeling for him but he wont deserve you

swara; wt how can you say that he love me more than i do

sathvik; oh ya he loves you but he won’t trust you

swara; no he trust me more then himself plz stop this topic here

sathvik; oh really let me show you how much he does (he showed some photos i.e the selfie of swara nd sanskar their private moments )

swara ; (speechless nd shocked in hushh tone ) how you got them

sathvik; ur so called lover forwarded them to me

u know something swara he always tried to keep me away from you BECOZ HE HAD DOUBT ON YOU THAT YOU MAY FALL FOR ME BY MY FAME SO HE TRIED TO KEEP ME AWAY FROM YOU



*****************TO BE CONTINUED*************


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