TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 29

*****************#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-29********

RECAP; bachelor party nhok jhoks nd sanskar jealous swasan way to jungle

********episode starts***********

Munnar,Kerala a jungle ,9pm ngt

swara slowly opened her eyes nd hugged him

sanskar; i am sry swara are u 5n na i love you so much

after a long time both got up nd seen entire place to know where they are (its so dark nd just they have moon light (full moon day ) nd car front light on )

swara; where we are

sanskar; who knows

swara; (got angry ) wt u know then ah ,y u always get this much angry ,will anyone do this ahhh !

sanskar remembered everything y he got angry nd all , he dragged swara towards him with a pressure nd twisted her hand to her back in angry swara was daam shocked to see it

swara;(nervous nd pain) leave me

sanskar;(still holded her) do u know the reason don’t you

swara; (tried to push him) ha ok i know, sry leave me its hurting

sanskar; (he tightened his grip ) no u 1st answer me do u love me or not , i hope you wont like my angry (he caressed her hair on her neck with other hand)

swara;(realised wt he mean) acha sanskar u said u won’t do anything until i do or say

sanskar; (reduced his angry by her cute expression nd said in teasing voice) acha u remembered 1hr back u kissed me . i think u did it urself ,am i right

swara;(bitten her tongue ) u know something sanskar

sanskar; whatt !

swara; my brain in my elbow is paining

sanskar; whattttt !!!!!! (he lost his grip nd she pushed him back )

swasan laughed out loud they started to find way on torch in ph

swasan were walking in the forest

otherside ,sathvik guest house

ragini is nervous as she is anware of swasan

sathvik; ragini where is swara

ragini; woh she she (kavitha came in middle)

kavitha; they went for long drive

sathvik;(shocked) with whom

kavitha; sanskarrr ka sath

sathvik ; wtt no way

kavitha; they know the way come lets enjoy the party they will join later

back to jungle,9.30pm

swara; sanskar see now bcoz of u we lost our way how can we now its a late ngt our ph has no signal

sanskar; its better i don’t need to see stupid faces now only u nd mee its romantic

swara: romantic ah its horrible sanskar we are in jungle not in president suit did u get it

sanskar;(holded her hand ) i was with you nd your embrace is like heaven to me

swara; hoo if any animal sees as we will be dinner for it u know, let move

swara; i know the way u follow me (swara walking in front of him nd sanskar is following her after few steps swara ranned back to
sanskar nd hugged him in fear

sanskar; hey swara y ur afraid i am hear only cool

swara; (fear ) ss;.. snake

sanskar ; (jumped in fear) snake ahhh were it is

swara; (hitted him on shoulder) chi ur a men nd ur afraid of snake

sanskar; men or women if snake bite direct parcel to god na without postal charges

swara;stop joking plz do something sanskar (snake moved towards them it blocked there way)

sanskar; lets divert it

swara; no we will run back its better we cant take risk

sanskar; we will loss our way yar (snake moved so close to swasan by rising its head just an inch gap left)

swara;(scary voice ) saaaaa sanskarrrr

sanskar;(panic) swara plz u do something u can convince my dad na this cobra is afterall for you plz swara (hidden behind her )

Swara: I know human language but who know this snake language

Sanskar: Wait I will order online a book ” learn snake language in 30 days ” u can read it

Swara: ( angry) stupid joke it means u will be with this cobra until I learn snake language ahh

Sanskar: Oh no do some thing plz

Swara: Moved towards snake naagin di ur so cute in this white skin ur looking like a princess

Sanskar:( confusing) naagin di ahh u have relatives in snake family also na

Swara: ( angry) stop it sanskar don’t u learn in school that ” all Indians are brothers nd sisters ” so this snake is indian snake so I said so

Sanskar: I see then how u confirmed it as di cant it be bhai

Swara: Am I a doctor to know it just expectation stop ur stupidity nd let me manage

Sanskar: Ha ok dooo (snake is seeing swasan very close )

swara; (crying in fear) naagin di u know i was a huge fan of ur story i mean u only plz leave na dont hurt as (stamming tone)

snake is still on there way not even movied a inch

Swara: ( to snake) plz di leave me I had not even opened my NGO how can I die so fast I was just 21

Snake looking towards swara ND shaked its head ” husssss”

Swara: ( crying) snake di Plz don’t bite me if u want you bite this sanskar he always bites me

Sanskar: (Turned in shock ) oh madam y ur diverting that snake ahh

Swara: Its true na u too can know the pain bite

Sanskar:( to snake) naagin bhabhi plz don’t bite me ur sister is selfish

swara; naagin bhabhi wt the relation it is

sanskar; ya ur di is my babhi in my school i learnt this only meri jaan

swara; mad creature

snake turned close to sanskar nd another snake joined

swara; sanskar see one more bcoz of ur stupidity we locked in b/w them now wt we will

sanskar;(afraid he bowed his hand to pray )
I had not even had my marriage at least not even suhgraat how can u kill me

swara; wt the hell ur talking naagin di u bite him its better i was getting mad out of him

swasan where busy in complaining about each other to snakes nd snakes are constant by raising its heads

snake got irritated nd gave a swipe by hitting its head on sanskar shoe
swasan stepped back in fear nd holded eachother

swara; sanskar do something plz

sanskar ;(got idea ) swara i had seen in movie if snake hear a song it will go away u sing a song na

swara;(shocked) i dont know any snake songs

sanskar; lets check the mobile he played a song

Song: Jhalak Dikhlaja ++Jhalak Dikhlaja (he played to see snake reaction it just turned its head out “hussss”

swara; stop the song wt ur doing ur calling snake “aja aja ” it will come nd bite you

sanskar changed song ;balma, oh balma

swara; (panic nd shouts ) wt the hell songs dont you have any pleasant songs ur making them more irritate

sanskar; acha madam give mee ur ph

swara; y (sanskar dragged ph from her pant pocket which made swara shock ) wt ur doing ? is it manners !

sanskar; acha we gone die now nd ur asking manners , u want manners or ur life

swara “life ” sanskar checked her ph nd played a song “do pyaar karna wale jungle mai ko gayi ” song

sanskar is surprised to listen this song as it there fav song in school days

swara; (dragged the ph ) stop it sanskar just get up the snake is so close

sanskar; wt will we do ur right we should ran back but now we are blocked

swara;( got a idea ) do u have hand kerchief

sanskar ; ah y u will give to snake

swara; ha we will

sanskar;(shocked ) wt are u serious

swara ; yes ok listen” dont move snake is very close take hand kerchief nd throw it on head of snake beside you in a perfect shot if it misses we will die , i will do same with other snake before snake could realise we will run ” ok

sanskar ; wt an idea swara

swara; you can praise me later now do it fast take ur kerchief

swasan took the kerchief nd holded eachother hands

swara ;(took a deep breath ) 1 2 3 throwwwwwwww

swasan got escaped from snakes nd ranned along more then 2 kms
swasan stopped at a place nd hugged eachother nd gave a hifi

swara ;(tried of running ) sanskar plz stop i can’t run any more

sanskar ; oh (teasingly ) swara u know snakes can smell human they may follow as

swara; (shouted in fear ) wt is it true

sanskar; just kidding lets find the way

swara ; no i cant ran anymore plz

sanskar; ok i will make some arrangement to rest

sanskar watched the surroundings nd stared at swara

swara; (confused) y ur watching me like this

sanskar; woh i need a knife

swara; so am i knife seller ur asking mee

sanskar; no u have a swiss knife na give it to mee

swara; (innocently ) no i dont have

sanskar; don’t act innocent i know u have it , its better you give it now or else shall i take it (he moved towards her )

swara; it ok i will (she gave swiss knife nd sanskar cutted some tree branches nd made a hammock in b/w two trees with a tree string nd tied it firmly at height of 4feet

sanskar ; come climb up

swara; wt climb up i was 5.6 nd this is 4 how can i

sanskar ; i will help you (he about to hold her by waist )

swara; stop it wt ur doing

sanskar; i was helping

swara; no i will sit down only

sanskar; oh k ur wish ,i wont come if snake comes

swara; oh k i will come help me plz

sanskar ; thats gud ( both climbed up nd swara placed her head on sanskar shoulders nd embrace in hugging position )

swara; i am hugry nd you

sanskar ; ( gave a choclate bournville ) have it

swara; wow its my fav (she opened it nd eating it nd sanskar is staring her chidish act )

sanskar; i love you swara

swara; ha me too u want choclate (she gave it )

sanskar eat it completely in one bite which shocked swara

swara ; cant you enjoy it y u eat fast ahh

both had some fun moments
both slept after some time sanskar woken up and seen something nd shouted “swara get up fast ”

swara; (sleepy tone) kya hua let me sleep sanskar

sanskar; see it swara once (showed lights of group of houses )

swara ; (excited ) wow sanskar we came out of jungle

sanskar :yes swara come lets go there we can go back to villa

swara ; no i cant walk anymore plz (she holded him nd slept lazily )

sanskar ; looked at her lovly nd sang a song

(note old song movie jungle – do pyarr karne wale )

Do pyar karne wale jungle me kho gaye
Baghee bane pagal bane divane ho gaye
Kaho abb kya kare, kare abb kya kare
Arre abb kya kare, ajee abb kya kare

(sanskar got down nd lifted swara on his arms swara wrapped her arms around his neck )

Do pyar karne wale jungle me kho gaye
Baghee bane pagal bane divane ho gaye

(swara is surprised that he remembered lyrics too so she continued song and BY playing with his hair nd irritating him )

Darr lagta hai yar kahee na sher aa jaye
Paake akele me na ham dono ko kha jaye

(sanskar removed her hand from his ears as it causing tickles to him )

Dekhega jo tujhko tujhpe mar jayega
Meree jan pe woh apni bhee jan lutayega
Tere husn ke jadu se woh bach nahee payega
Dare ham kyon dare, bhala ham kyon dare
Arre ham kyon dare, ajee ham kyon dare
Do pyar karne wale jungle me kho gaye
Baghee bane pagal bane divane ho gaye

while singing nd playing they reached resort by 12am

raining outside they ranned into resort
sanskar; swara its late we cant go out its not safe let as stay here for ngt

swara; oh k let take room

san skar ; receptionist hello excuse me we need a room

receptionist; for how many nights sir

swara ;1 night 2rooms

receptionist; 2 rooms ur not married

swara; no or yes (sanskar held her )

sanskar ; no we are married just a hr back i mean a day back

receptionist;(confused) oh then have great time sir

sanskar ; give me a presidential suit

receptionist; we have a special suit for honeymoon couple sir

swara; (widened her mouth) honeymoonnnnnnnnn

sanskar;(winked at her ) oh cool swara we are newly married

receptionist; say me ur name sir

sanskar; sanskar Maheshwari nd swara Mitra

receptionist; (confused but ) mr nd mrs .sanskar maheswari

************to be continued*********

precap; swasan ngt in resort nd sathvik confession shock no 1

(guys i am sry for late update the above part i gave ,has all memories of my bestie
i hope u liked the fun in this

from next part continuously u will get 7shocks tighten ur seatbelts ahhh)

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    That naagin wala scene was awesome ! Couldn’t stop laughing …..still now laughing !
    What magic u have done to me di ….I am always getting addicted to it ….every time I read it .its ends with a smile on my face .
    Thanks for this beautiful episode , enjoyed a lot di !
    Love u loads !
    Have a good day and keep smiling !

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