TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 28


***********#TU_MERI_MANNAT PART-28***********

RECAP; swasan fun nd underwater romance

****************episode starts*****
sathvik guest house ,7pm night

everyone are enjoying the party with loud music ,drinks full on fun

swara entered in pink shirt nd light green hoodies blue jeans

sanskar toh matching hai the twist is sathvik too matching light green shirt nd blue jeans

sathvik is staring at swara nd sanskar seen this he is angry he took his phone nd msged some thing to someone

swara seen sanskar busy in phone she came from back nd leaned towards his phone to know wt he is doing

sanskar is busy in watching there private selfies for swara surprise

swara; (hitted him on head from back ) is it place to see that if anyone sees how awkward it is u first delete them right now

sanskar; (hidded his ph ) no its my wish

swara; (dragged the ph from his hand ) ur wish ah i will show my wish

sanskar; swara plz stop dont u dare to delete them

swara;(moved back) no i cant stop let me do now

sanskar; (twisted her hand nd dragged the ph) how dare ur doing this i was ur boss nd ur irritating mee dont do again

swara; oh sir i forgot it (both are teasing eachother by word nd sathvik seen this from far with such a close position

raglak; (teasingly) ahem ahem its a bachelor party but public place hai be in control ahh

swasan realised there position nd moved away

sathvik signed swara to come swara left there raglak san to moved towards him

sathvik; how is ur mrg swara y ur so dull

swara; woh ntg just tiredness i am 5n now

kavitha; (teasingly) i think ur office work is so hot

swara; (widened her face) wtttttttt

kavitha ; woh work is high na

swara; noded her head

sathvik to everyone
” let guys its evg for all of as nd my poor bhai too
“its a last day of his bachlore by 2mmrow ngt he will be a married man ”

Santhosh; bhai zada hogaya plz stop ahh one day u will too

lets start the game truth or dare in new series with new tasks

everyone gathered round in circle a bottle is revolving around

swara sat opposite facing sathvik nd sanskar beside rags nd kavitha

1st turn – Santhosh question is lucky- dare

lucky; say kavya a thing which u hidded from her in fear ”

Santhosh; i am sry kavya but i hate u wearing a black saree but i dont wanna hurt u so i had not expressed

kavya; laughs its ok sweet heart

2nd turn ; sathvik – Pratik dare
prathik question ” propose a girl right now old filmy style she should not slap u

sathvik ; he took a rose nd went bent towards swara on knees
(pin drop silence )

“;i thought to bring a bouquet but it fades infront of ur beauty
i thought to get a diamond ring but i could not find most precious diamond then you
i thought to get moon for you but it collapsed in front of ur beautiful smile ”

so i was her with a rose to confirm you that i love you will you be my princess forever

everyone are shocked to see this confession its like true its true in sathvik pov (everyone are staring at swara for reply)

swara;( laughed out loud ) arey sathvik stop it

everyone laughs out by seeing swara laughing but only one is angry that is our sanskar

sathvik;(in his mind) i said truth but u felt its game but i want confess this to you nd i will doo

sanskar;(biting his teeth nd gave a hated look to sathvik )

sathvik;(naughtily winked at him which made sanskar more angry )

swara seen sanskar eyes mssseaged him “its a prank ”

sanskar gave a normal expression but he is not 5n

3rd spin – sanskar – Santhosh question truth

Santhosh – when did u had ur 1st kiss nd whom

(everyone are shocked with this huge question mainly swara she spitted her coke out in shock )

swara; (panic) stupid question its personal how can he answer ha sanskar u dont need to answer ah

(everyone are staring swara in surprise for her reaction)

Santhosh; sanskar its ur question

sanskar;(looking at swara) woh 21yrs back on our bdy i mean on my bday i had kissed my love for the 1st time when she is 3hrs old

Santhosh ;wt 21yrs back it means ur only 2yrs how u know she is ur love its not even age to have any words

sanskar;ah ur right, i don’t know anything but u asked 1st kiss so its my 1st kiss but i know only one thing that is’ she is my life ‘ later i got that she is my love too

santhosh; (wow sanskar so she feel the same for you

sanskar; ya she feel but she wont admit that

santosh; who is she

sanskar ;(swara is nervous she closed her eyes tight ) i will disclose her name after her acceptance

swara; ( relaxes nd blushes hard but hides rags see)

rags; swara y ur making him wait this much express na

swara; everything should be in right time na (smiles by sanskar )

4th spin- swara -krish dare

krish; ladki hu par dare ok “kiss the one whom u like ”

swara; (panic) noway how can i ah change the task

Sanskar:( understood that she is uncomfortable) swara u got a call check it he gave a missed call to her

Swara:( realised ) haa I got a call cu later ( she about to go)

Krish: Ho hello first task later u can go

Swara: Irritated alot staring sanskar

Krish: I think u don’t know whom to kiss let game decide I will rotate this bottle again whom the bottle head faces u have to kiss him

Swara: Wt the Ho can I ha

Krish: Dare na do it ah ( rotated the bottle )

Sanskar nd swara : Is praying oh god plz make that bottle stop near mee plzzzz

Bottle stopped facing sanskar screen freezes

Swara:( open her eyes nd surprised to see bottle thank god she moved towards the middle on kness nd sanskar too moved towards her nd looked in surprise (very uncomfortable as everyone are staring sathvik to uncomfortable he wanted to stop it)

Swara cupped his face nd looked into his eyes ND whispered” app Sa zada cute koi nahi hai ” kissed him on forhead nd moved back

Krish : Ha cheating are u kids kiss him on lips

swara; noway ur task is completed

krish; (stood in middle )no way dare toh dare hai , if not him u kiss mee
everyone shocked nd two got more angry sathvik nd sanskar

sathvik; krish stop it she is not that much fast she is so reserved

krish; but game is a game na (sathvik signed something to prathik)

ritik ; it ok we will give a hurdle if u solve it we will wipeout ur dare task done ah

swara; wts that say me

rithik; i will get sathvik nd Santhosh at a time in same dress u have to find who is sathvik

swara; (shock)wt how its possible they are identical yar

rithik ;then go on with dare

swara; ok i will try

both sathvik nd Santhosh left they came in same dress as xerox

swara; tried hard to 5n but could not at time of giveup sathvik winked at swara which is not seen by anyone only swara know

swara shoutd “its the sathvik ”

rithik wait babhi u say me who is ur husband kavitha said “the the other swara is right ”

Santhosh ;wow swara ur the 1st person found out as perfect in 1st attempt even my dad gets confused

swara; woh woh (about to say truth but sathvik interrupted )

sathvik; woh bhai she seen me from long time na so she recognised swara plz come aside i had a surprise for u 2mins plz
(sanskar is more irritated now )

sathvik; hey swara y ur saying truth now ,are u ready to kiss !

swara; noooooooooooo i canttt

sathvik; let me manage then nd i will say u difference b/w mee nd bhai

swara; are u sure its secret na

sathvik; no my bhai said to babhi so i too can disclose to u not a deal

swara; wtt

sathvik; ur my frnd na so , listen my eyes are brown nd my hand has a cut mark on wrist which i cover with watch nd i had mole on forhead my bro dont have anything like this

swara ; ho thankyou its so funny like james bo nd type ke

Sathvik: Acha shall I say u something swara

Swara: Ha wt

Sathvik: Woh I I I …..lv—

Ragini : Hey swara dad is calling he need to speak to you

Swara: I will be back sathvik

In pH
Swara: Dad

Shekhar: Hi swara how is ur tour

Swara: Its so awesome dad u know sathvik nd sonthosh are twins they look alike its amazing

Shekhar: It means ur happy

Swara: Ha dad nd how are u mom ,dp uncle

Shekhar: Every one are fine her nd u will take ur resignation na sanskar told

Before she could hear kavitha came nd dragged her

Swara: Dad we will talk later byeee

Everyone are enjoying by silly conversations nd funny teasing’s

Sanskar is more irritated by sathvik closeness to swara but he can’t express (he is drinking coke )

Kavitha is seeing his jealous in his eyes everyone are busy went towards sanskar

kavitha ;hi sanskar

sanskar; hi kavitha

kavitha ; y ur so moody shall set ur mody

sanskar; no thanks u plz go away i dont have any interest to speak

kavitha; y sanskar wt made u so upset

sanskar; its ntg just go leave me alone

kavitha; (swara ,rags are hearing so she said in loud voice ) u know sansakar ,sathvik is rich ,gud looking ,highly responsible ,more capable then youuuu so u are feeling jealous am i right

sanskar; (fused with angry is raging more nd more ) no swara loves me even i am ntg

kavitha; (doing intention to swara confession her feelings ) really no ur are ntg sanskar ur dependent how can a girl like her loves you ah u ask her if u want

sanskar; (threw the glass in his hand nd went away in angry without even seeing swara )

swara; kavitha are u gone mad u u spoke so rude

kavitha ; y ur feeling pain ahh

swara; i will kill you now

kavitha; u can kill me later go ur Aashiqui may die out of jealous confess him first

swara ranned out in searching sanskar

sanskar is took the car keys from driver nd sat in car before swara could stop he started engine swara in hurry she to got in car

sanskar; (driving rash) y u came go join that stupid

swara; plz stop where ur going stop driving plz

sanskar;( driving rash he dont even know where he is driving )

swara; (afraid of his speed ) stop the car plz we will die (tabbed his shoulders )

a dog came infornt of car all of sudden he turned the care in such a speed 180kms/hr car droved to jungle nd hitted a tree

after 5mins sanskar relised wt had happened nd he turned towards swara beside him semi consious out of shock (both are safe)

sanskar; (got her out of car nd placed her on his lap) swara swara are u ok

swara slowly opened her eyes nd hugged him

sanskar; i am sry swara are u 5n na i love you so much

after a long time both got up nd seen entire place to know where they are

swara; where we are

sanskar; who knows

both started there walk in jungle to find the way out

******************to be continued***

PRECAP; swasan nd naagin (cobra) faceoff nhok jhoks

(sry for small part nd grammer mistaakes lack of concentration so plz bear mee)

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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    1. thanks jenisha i will post asap

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  4. Very nice bhanu. …..as it’s the responsibility of a reader to correct the writer as well as to encourage them….so I would like to say that dear u still have some grammatical mistakes bcz of which I am not able to understand some lines/statements……so I suggest u to plz recheck before posting…..Other than this its amazing…loved it
    hope u are not hurt…

    1. ho maryam i agree with you
      i was using a normal language so ur finding so

      no offense next part i will make sure once

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