TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 27


**********#TU_MERI_MANNAT- PART-27********


RECAP; kavitha nd swara prank nd sanskar shock

disclaimer; i was really bad in romantic scene it ur risk to read

*********** episode starts*****

Both are busy in talking nd chasing But swara hitted sathvik in middle

Sathvik : Holded her towards him by her hand

Sanskar irritated by sathvik touching her
Swara moved back

Swara; thank you sathvik (sathvik is still holding her hand)

sathvik; are u fine

swara; (took her hand ) ah fine

Sanskar: ( holded her waist ) I need to speak to you

Sathvik: Wt u both always fight but when I stop u both u will say I need to talk cant you speak before fighting

Sanskar: Its none of ur business I will do wtever I want its my wish

Sathvik: I was speaking very cool but u always arrogant is it a manner’s

Sanskar about to answer but swara pushed both aside

Swara; stop ur augment plz ( signed kavitha to take sathvik)

Sanskar: ( he moved towards sathvik again but swara pushed him back by his chest

Swara: Stop it sanskar its not a right thing control ur angry

Sathvik: ( angry on sanskar but kavitha came nd asked him

Kavitha: Sathvik u where is jiju nd di I was searching them from mrg

Sathvik: They or in guesthouse come we will also go there I had came to take u all also

Sanskar: I wont come u go

Sathvik: Ok ita a cool place it wont suit u ,swara you come raglak are also there

Sanskar: (holded her wrist) She too wanna stay her I want her

Sathvik,swara ND kavitha was shocked to here sanskar
ND shouted”wttt”

Sanskar: ( realized wt he said) woh I had a imp office work I need her for help

Swara:( tense as she know wt his work that to alone) no I will do later lets go

Sanskar:(teasing look) No swara I had postponed lot its impossible now if u do now it will be gud for u

Swara: ( signed a big nooo) woh i was getting headache so ngt we will na

Sanskar: (winked at her) ho no headache how can u go out then lets take rest after a hour we will

Sathvik: Oh k swara we will manage u take rest now ,if u want come call me i will be in mins

Swara: ( whispered) sanskar we will do later plz abb chodo

Sanskar:( nodes a noo) stop it I hate this sathvik I cant bear him anymore around you if u go u will see my other side

Sathvik:oh k u carry on I will meet u back by 12 we will have our lunch in guest house its special as bcoz only bachelor’s we will enjoy whole ngt today

Swara: Weeeeeeeee

Sathvik: I mean all of as will have (sathvik left)

kavitha; (teasingly to swara) do dooo

swara; y cant u stay her yar

sanskar; noooooooooooo i want only uuuu now

kavitha; (whispered to swara ) dont worry dear sanskar is really lovely he loves you more

Sathvik nd kavitha left swasan alone

Swara ranned fast away from him nd sanskar again started chasing her romed the whole villa nd finlly they came out towards pool swara lot her balance nd about to fall in pool but sanskar holded her I nick of time

Swara is floating on air only she had her hand on sanskar hand

Swara: Plz don’t leave I don’t know How to swim just learning now

Sanskar(smirking smile) acha then accept the truth that u too love mee

Swara: Ur blackmailing me ah

Sanskar: No warning you

Swara: Wt u think of urself ur warning everyone even sathvik too

Sanskar by hearing sathvik name sanskar left swara hand nd swara pulled sanskar too inside pool both are fully drenched swara is just floating in water as sanskar held her tight towards his chest both shared a intense eye lock

But again disturb by phone call dp swara ka phone ( both are in pool only pH is waterproof Sony Xperia Z5 )

swara : Sanskar take me out plz my pH is ringing it may be dp uncle

Sanskar: No , u always playing pranks nd irritated me so much u need to pay

Swara: Holded him with one hand and holded the pH its dp

Sanskar: wt a guess

Swara: Leave me orelse I will say thus to dp uncle

Sanskar: Ho complaint ,meri bapp Sa complaint kardugi (u will complaint to my dad) ok say but before saying u remember one thing he is in Mumbai we are in kearla its takes 5hrs to reach in 5 yrs I can do much more u can complete everything later too

Swara: Wt no more pranks leave mee

Sanskar: Just a hour before u said na u wont like pranks so I will make true he kissed her cheeks swara was shocked ” no stop I won’t say anything” but plz take me out

SANSKAR; no way answer it (moved to some low depth area it upto 5 feet )

swara accepted the call

Dp: Swara how are you beta

Swara: Tensed nd nervous” 5n uncle ”

Dp: How is ur tour are u enjoying na

(Sanskar holded her more tight)

Swara: (trying to loosen his grip but no use) Ha zadaaaa

Dp: Wt happened swara is everything ok y ur so nervous

Swara:(hesitatingly) Ntg like that

Dp: Is sanskar irritating you more say me I will speak to him

Swara: ( panic) ha

Sanskar caresses her hair on neck he kissed her nape

Swara (shouts) nooo I will call u later uncle I had a work bye

dp;(confused to himself ) wt happened to her its so strange

sanskar took the ph nd kept it in his pocket

sanskar; wow gud girl shall i say you sorry

swara; u said in room na its enough now leave me if anyone see wt they will think

sanskar; (hugged her) noo one in home

swara; stop it if anyone comes

sanskar; wt they will think i dont mine nd lets take a selfie

swara;(shocked) are u gonna mad we are in water nd ur asking a selfie

sanskar; kissed her on checks nd took a selfie on that pose

Swara pinched him again sanskar lost his grip swara shouted”

romance karnala shock hai na Karoo abb ”

she about to move out but sanskar holded her hand with a force her bracelet “ss” had fallen deep inside water which made swara shock she pushed him hard )

swara; see wt u did bcoz of u my bracelet had fallen

sanskar; hey u said u dont love me then y this bracelet ah afterall a bracelet na swara leave it u can get one more

swara; its none of ur matter nd (dived inside the pool to search it)

( she dived inside water sanskar is surprised to see swara trying to swim and to get the bracelet its almost 10feet depth )

sanskar wanted to stop her but no use before he could do she left nd he followed her on back he is trying to get her out but swara is busy in searching her bracelet)


Ek Sooraj Nikla Tha
Kuchh Paara Pighla Tha
Ek Aandhi Aayi Thi
Jab Dil Se Aah Nikli Thi
Dil Se Re

(Swimming inside nd he is chasing her (as he know well that swara cant swim )

Ek Sooraj Nikla Tha
Kuchh Paara Pighla Tha
Ek Aandhi Aayi Thi
Jab Dil Se Aah Nikli Thi
Dil Se Re

( he holded her leg but again skipped out at the end of pool she found bracelet both holded it at a time nd he holded her nd hugged her inside water where as swara moving to move out from his grip nd graping her bracelet in the struggle swara lips unfortunately rubbed sanskar lips which made both shock swara pushed him other side inside water )

Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re
Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re

(Sanskar gave a peck on her lips swara was shocked she left damm stuck left the bracelet too sanskar got it both went to deep inside the pool while sanskar caressing her back nd kissed her nd swara held him hard she passed her hands inside his shirt both are out of sense )

Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re
Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re

(its been 3 mins both came out of water after a small kiss nd stared each other awkward silence as its an accidental thing but swara held him hard but both had avoided eye contact out of blushing swara saw her hands which are in his unbuttoned shirt nd pushed him back )

Do Patte Patjhad Ke Pedon Se Utrey Thay
Pedon Ki Shaakhon Se Utrey Thay
Phir Utne Mausam Guzre Vo Patte Do Bechaare
Phir Ugne Ki Chaahat Mein Vo Sehraon Se Guzre
Vo Patte Dil Dil Dil Thay
Vo Dil Thay Dil Dil Dil Thay
Dil Hai To Phir Dard Hoga
Dard Hai To Dil Bhi Hoga
Mausam Guzarte Rehte Hain
Dil Hai To Phir Dard Hoga
Dard Hai To Dil Bhi Hoga
Mausam Guzarte Rehte Hain
Dil Se Dil Se Dil Se Dil Se
Dil Se Re

(swara hitted him on chest “abb kush hai na (now ur happy ) just go now” )

sanskar ; hey its accidental yar i dont wanna do it u did first so i was unable to stop ,its an weak movement

swara; no dont lie again u know wt u did now intentionally

sanskar; trust me swara anyways its not wrong anyday it belong to me only na

swara ; (hitted him hard) stop it uu nd sathvik is right u don’t have manners will anyone do so

sanskar; (angry by his name itself) ur also teaching manners right ,I dont have it , i will show u wt it is

( he holded her tight nd pulled towards him nd placed his rough lips on hers nd kissed her hard on her lips swara was shocked by his sudden reaction she pushed him back out of breath less )

swara breathing heavily “wt ur trying to do are gonna kill me stop it i cant bear it anymore”

sanskar; let me complete (he out of sense grabbed her to close )

bg song continues

(he pulled her towards him more nd more nd kissed her hard he could not even gave a chance to swara to do anything they where sinking in water but still he continued )

Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re

(its a passionate kiss sanskar is expressing his love ,over possessiveness on swara it a wild one he grabbed her lips with his hard he kissed her wildly by making her hard to breath he is caressing her wet back on the shirt nd his left hand is roming inside her hair pulling her close nd close nd swara had digged her nails in sanskar shoulders out of his hard kiss she had not reciprocated as sanskar is so furious )

Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya
Dil To Aakhir Dil Hai Na
Meethi Si Mushkil Hai Na
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Piya Piya
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Piya Piya Piya Na Piya
Dil Se Re
Jiya Jiya Jiya Na Jiya
Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re Dil Se Re
Dil Se Re.

( sanskar bitted her lower lip which made swara morn in pain ” he sucked the lower lip nd kissed her soft on her lips after a lot of time he left her as he is out of breath swara could nt speak a work both came out of pool to the corner while romancing only sanskar still kissing her neck swara too enjoyed his teasing after a hour they came back to sense out of a car horn sound )

swara ranned inside her room by escaping from his eye sight too out of blushing

swara room,
swara closed the door nd stoodfacing the mirror nd blushing hard

swara pov,

arey swara its ur 1st kiss but in place of replying him wt u did u blushed nd come away wt he used to think about it ha
swara ur 21yr old but u dont know how to react for kiss also

he kissed me its the first kiss i wanted to gift it on our bday with a grand confession but this sanskar made it today cant he wait 4 more days

swara cool yar anyday it belong to him only na so leave it now

but swara u have to confess him on ur bday that u love him more then he does

she is again remebering all there cute moments

otherside near pool,

sanskar got out of pool nd sat in edge of pool nd thinking

sanskar pov,

‘wt the hell u did sanskar u kissed her forcefully how she used to feel
is she angry on mee ?

may be so she had not even turned her face out of angry

nooo if she really angry for this kiss she used to slap me na as she did before but i think she is blushing it means she liked it butttt y dont she dont reciprocated it

arey i was so confused about this girl .i was sure ke she loves mee but y she is not expressing it

i need to confirm it today at anycost

(he ranned towards swara room)

scene3,swara room,

sanskar knocked the door

sanskar; swara plz open the door

swara ; no i wont u go away

sanskar; swara plz once i wanna say sry plz open the door

swara;(panic by listing sorry itself) u nd ur stpid sorry slap me with ur shoe if i ask you again sry just get away i dont need any sorry

sanskar; i am really sry swara its happened unfortunately

swara;(opened the door in angry) unfortunate ohh its unfortunate only u did this much (by showing her swelled lip ) if u done intentionally wt u do ah answer me (she pushed him back by shoulders

sanskar; swara plz listen to mee

swara; i dont need any explanation just go nd i cant control u too day by day ur turning so hard

sanskar; swara plz i promise i wont do again until u do so plz say me u love na

swara; plz leave me now u will get ur all answer on our bday (she closed the door )

sanskar to left to his room

***********to be continued********
precap; bachelor party nhok jhoks nd swasan way to jungle

(note; guys todays part is really out nd above of my comfort zone i really struggled a lot to write plz leave me ur valuable feedback whether u liked it or not by this i can dare to write in upcoming track too


Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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