TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 26


************#TU_MERI_MANNAT*** PART-26


*********EPISODE STARTS**********

kavitha ; (angry ) sanskarr really ur kidding swara never loves anyone except herself

sanskar; dont make me more angry i know swara too loves mee
kavitha; no sanskar dont dream much

sanskar; we both know wt it is nd plz stop it nd get out

kavitha ; ok i dont want anything about swara i just want you

sanskar; no kavitha its not possible

Kavitha: (she pushed him on to bed ND throwed her upper coat on floor ) its possible spend with mee later u love swara or anygirl I don’t mine

sanskar; no kavitha its not possible

Kavitha: (she pushed him on to bed ND throwed her upper coat on floor ) its possible spend with mee later u love swara or anygirl I don’t mine

Sanskar:(shocked) wt chi kavitha wt kind of girl ur how shameless it is

Kavitha: Ha beshram hogai app KO dekar ( she kissed him on cheek by leaving a lipstick mark )

Sanskar: ( slapped her hard by this she had fallen aside nd sanskar got up ) don’t u dare again I cant even say wt I will do

Kavitha placed her hand on her slapped cheek nd about to speak back but stopped by a sudden shout its swara

Swara: ( shocked) sanskar ,kavitha

Sanskar: Swara Pl don’t misunderstand again there is ntg b/w as
Swara:( saw the lipstick mark on his cheeks) acha then wt was on ur cheeks Mr.sanskar

Kavitha: ( smile hugged swara crying ) woh kiss mark hai swara see this sanskar is forcing mee

swasan are shocked to her this from kavithaaa

sanskar; (shocked) no swara ntg like it she is lying plz trust me

kavitha ; no swara see he even slapped me

sanskar; ha i slapped her bcoz she said wrong words but ntg more then that

kavitha; zott math bolo sanskar how can u always play with girls ha

swara; (angry ) how can u sanskarrrrr

Sanskar; no swara trust me there ntg i had done she had came into my room

kavitha; ha i came just to give coffee but this person changed everything

sanskar; (slapped her hard) y ur lying kavitha say the truth wt ur trying to do

swara; (pushed sanskar ) wt ur doing kavitha are u ok zada nahi lagi na (made her sit )

sanskar; swara stop trusting her 1st she is lying

swara; i was not blind mr.sanskar i know wts happening i dont need ur explanation

sanskar; (fallen on his kness with teary eyes ) swara i spare plz trust mee she is manipulating you plz listen i love you swara only you

swara; ho really how can i trust it so

sanskar; i will do anything to make it swara say me wt u want

swara; (tesigly) oh anything you will ah

sanskar; ha anything for you

swara; mujhe sorry bolo (say sorry)

sanskar; (surprised) wt sorry if i say sorry u will trust mee ah

swara: not sure but will think

sanskar; sorry

swara; not like this i need my type of sorry hold ur ears nd do 50 sit ups

sanskar;(double shocked) wt i have to do sit ups AH

swara; ha yes u have to doo (winked at kavitha)

sanskar; (started doing sit ups its been 30 completed his legs are paining but he continued swara nd kavitha are enjoying)

Swara: (teasingly) Do fast or else shall I go

Sanskar: No swara plz listen to me today I cant let u goo
( sanskar completed his sorry ND stood )

Swara: Wow its nice ur sorry is accepted

Sanskar: Ha swara I was ready to say millon of sorrys for my complete life if u stay with mee

Swara:(teasingly) Achaa u will flirt with everyone nd say sry to me how great ur

Sanskar: No swara plz trust me I had done ntg this kavitha is lying she only creating mess b\w as

Swara: Am I a fool to trust blindly (smiling but hidded)

Sanskar: ( angry pushed everything beside him nd shouted out loud) swara plzz trust mee

Swara ND kavitha laughed out aloud nd hugged each other by giving a hifi

Sanskar is shocked to see this he is totally confused his face is blank

Swara: ( winked at him) sanskarrrr babuuuu do u need a tissue kyaaaa

Sanskar: ( shocked cleared his tears nd stood up speechless)

Sanskar mixed feelings

Swara: ( winking smile) pranks play karna mujhe bhi Atta hai (we too know how to play pranks) sanskar maheswari heart stroke aya na

Sanskar: Wt its a prank meansss

Swara : Kavitha Say him yar i cant say seeing his face i was getting uncontrollable laugh (she laughed )

**********Flash back*****

On the mrg while Kavya is speaking out the truth with sanskar both swara nd kavitha heard it

Kavitha: It means sanskar done this for mee

Swara: Ha kavitha but we both had misunderstood him badly

Kavitha: Yar par Etna Bada prank hamari prank star ko ek lesson Dena padaga(SUCH A BIG PRANK WE WILL TEACH A LESSON)

Swara: Ha yes its stupid prank we have to teach a lesson
Kavitha: Give a idea yar

Swara:( naughty idea) ha yes u play the same prank on him then he will get the same stroke wt we got

Kavitha: That’s a great idea par maza ayaga jab u come and add some spice by ur prank done ( both gave a hifi )

From then kavitha started flirting with sanskar par swara know its acting phir be she felt jealous

****flash back end***

Sanskar: Hell shocked wt the hell it is !! I used to die now

Swara:(teasingly) acha for one prank only u felt this much bad then wt about mee

How many times u made me tense ah in this 1month u irritated me na so iss bhar meri turn ah

Sanskar:(angry) so u took revenge u will pay back swara

Swara:(picks his cheeks) how sad sanskar u still messing with me wowww

Sanskar: Swara I wont leave you u will pay more u know how my punishment will be

Swara: Don’t challenge mee u will lose ,now only I showed you naa

Kavitha: Stop fighting again plz u both had not even changed an inch in this 2years

Sanskar: ( smiled) sorry kavitha I had slapped u hard

Kavitha: ( smiled) I will take it a rewards fir my acting sanskar
Sanskar laughed

Kavitha : But one thing is true I still want you its open offer soch lo swara nahi toh kya i was here

Sanskar:(understand s that she is asking about being his lover

Swara: Wt offer

Kavitha:woh boyfriend…..

Sanskar: Ntg swara job ah that’s it

Swara: Ok but u wear ur shirt first app ke 6pack dekkar sab marjagi

Sanskar; Ho really ur also na

Swara: No sanskar shall ( she throwed a shirt on his face nd turned aside out of blushing)

Sanskar: He weared his shirt nd he just kept 2bottom button nd middle he stopped as swara is staring at him they forgot that kavitha is present there

kavitha; (teasingly) i had seen

Swara;( came in sense) wt u saw

kavitha; do u love sanskar ah

swara; (looks at sanskar ) secret if i know ans i will say u

kavitha ; ho then can I try

swara; (shouts) wt try its not a dress to take trials ah

kavitha; (looks at sanskar) wt u say sanskar can i get a chance na

before sanskar answer swara interpreted ” noo i wont accept it ”

sanskar; oh y swara u dont lv me na let mee to try kavitha u can yar

Swara: (angry Poured a glass of water on his face )

Sanskar; ( cleaned his face ) angry swaraaa you

Sanskar started chasing her they messed whole room round nd round they romed around kavitha too swara ranned out of room ND sanskar chased her

Sanskar: Swara stop there or else u will pay more I was ur boss u have too accept mee

Swara: ( still running) I wont

Both are busy in talking nd chasing he holded her nd draged towards him with a force

***********to be continued******

precap; finally swasan romance nd kiss underwater iss bhar miss nahi hogi

guys i am sry for small part but i had made u happy now i hope from next parts u will have much fun nd romance

For this I want ur complete support if ur silent I cant post next part soon even u can bash me with ur comment but Plz don’t be silent it making me difficult to write this is reason for my more late

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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      Swara will confess in an extraordinary way but it take time much drama nd fun
      Stay cool ND keep reading

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