TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 24


************TU MERI MANNAT PART -24************

hi everyone how are you i hope ur doing well na as i said i am back for some far so trying to write it its good or not u have to say mee aaj sa no more emotions now get on to story
here is short summary of my complete ff ‪#‎TU_MERI_MANNAT‬ aab tak

summary; swara (auditor) and sanskar (engineer) both the families are family friend from lots of years even there houses are side by side swasan love eachother madly but due to a misunderstanding of swara (that kavitha nd sanskar in intense movement) she had not expressed her feeling but sanskar expressed it nd cleared her misunderstandings utmost but swara want sanskar to be serious towards life by achieving anything atleast by active participation in there family business m & m group finally swara got to know that sanskar do anything for her so she tried to make him responsible towards work swara succeeded he been responsible
so finally swara wanna confess her feeling to but after kerala tour in a grand manner that she want everything special to her sanskar
at present kerala they went to wedding of kavya (sister of kavitha)nd santhosh (brother of sathvik (m & m ka business partner nd has crush on swara))
you have seen some romance nd lot of fun still now but its serious from now everything is to be increased
and now
kavya nd kavitha are back in sanskar life will see will swara express her feeling or will there may have hurdles in there love story ?

***********EPISODE STARTS*************

Scene 1,
Swara ranned towards her room nd sanskar followed her
Swara room she is washing out mehandi in her washroom sanskar followed her as door is open swara saw him from mirror nd she left un reacted waited to speak for his words
Sanskar: Swara y ur washing so fast its just 2hours na y
Swara: Acha its enough for me ND wt ur doing her go kavitha may be waiting for you
Sanskar: ( smile ) jealous ahh
Swara: Noway swara mitra ko jealous kabi nahi hogi u know I don’t care
Sanskar: Wow but mujhe hogi woh sab bcoz I love you ND I know ke you to have same but u wont express (he hugged her from back nd holded her hands nd washed them by placing under the tap)
swara; (blushes) i know how to wash my hands u can go
sanskar; acha but i wanna make u learn some things that stupid sathvik holded ur hands it will be better say him stay away from you
Swara: Know ( tea singly) acha u know sanskar someone said me if mehandi turn red in colour it means her husband loves her completely some where my husband too loving mee madly
Sanskar: Ha I was loving u madly na
Swara: Ha there are lot of fans for mee
Sanskar: Oh really it means u don’t have any problem if i speak to kavitha
Swara: Ha yes I dint mine u can do anything
Sanskar: But I mine
Swara: (smiling innerly) sanskarrrr (but she stopped in middle as she heard sujtha voice)
Sujtha came in swara room nd started searching for swara nd swara in wash room panic swara pulled sanskar to back of door nd hidden themselves
Sujta: Swara swara where this girl went she is not even in room lets check washroom
Swara:( close to sanskar hugging position swasan heartbeat raised both shared a close eyelock )
Sujtha broken it but opeing the door but she did not find them as they are hidden behind the door
Sanskar: I just wanna die in ur embrace it my last wish ( swara closed his mouth with her hand)
Swara: Stop it how can I leave ah
Sanskar: U love me na swara
Swara: Out if sense she said “yes”
Sanskar hugged her hard I love you so much I just want you to express it (swara relised that she to expressed but wanted to change topic)
Swara hugged him back but she said in whisper voice I was just kidding its not time for all this go every one are searching for as
Sanskar: No you say me I love you then we will go out or else we will be same
Swara: No I won’t, do wt ever you want
Sanskar: Ur making me crazy swara think once
Swara : ( in mind) how can I express so easy my cutie it should be so special for as although it my 1st confession
Sanskar: Wt ur thinking answer mee shall I
Swara pinched him on his waist sanskar shouted out in pain both breaked the hug sathvik while moving he came to swara room ND saw swasan both are chasing with loads of smiles nd happiness swara saw sathvik nd hidded behind him nd sanskar is trying to hold her
Sathvik: Y u both are again fighting stop it
Sanskar got a chance so ge stepped his leg on sathvik foot
Sathvik:( shouted) ouchhhh sanskar can’t u see
Sanskar: No I can’t but u can na so move from here
Swara: No he won’t
Sathvik: Ha I won’t stop chasing her
Sanskar: Acha am I a kid to listen to you go away its none of ur work
Sathvik( fused in anger) but he had patience swara we will go down all are waiting
Sanskar: U go I want her
Swara: ( panic) noo I will come with you only plz wait I have to wash my mehandhi completely
Sathvik: Ha ok u go I will wait
Sanskar : ( teasingly) Y cant u go nd wash her hands ah
Sathvik: Ha I will if she allow
Sanskar: ( angry ) come we will go down she know the way
Sathvik: ( got doubt but nodes yes) swara we both are going down u come fast
Swara: Ha carry on ( happy )
Sanskar ND sathvik left out of room nd walking in corridor towards steps sathvik got a call sath is busy in answering it sanskar got a chance is ranned back to swara room without knowing to sathvik
Scene2,swara room
Swara washed her face nd came out of washroom ND shocked to see sanskar on bed
Swara: Hey wt ur doing again , u said ur going down
Sanskar:( winking smile) not that stupid ko niche chod kar aya Mai
Swara: Come we will too go down
Sanskar: Ha we will but answer 1st exit next
Swara: Wt answer y u always hang on stupid stuff Sanskar let go
Sanskar:( got down from bed ND holded her hand romantically) swara darling y ur making me wait this much u know wt I will
Swara: Acha ur warning me good try ur level best
Sanskar: Ho ok ur so blod will see how much you can hide
Both moved towards each other too close sanskar leaned towards swara about to kiss but stopped by sathvik entry
Swara ranned down by pushing sanskar ND sathvik had not seen anything but he Is confused by seeing swara blushing
sanskar; (bitted his teeth in angry) oh god this stupid always come in wrong time i wanna kill him

sathvik ; wt anyway come lets go down

all of them spended a family time with all guests

Evg7pm varma villa ,sageet ceremony

Swaragini got ready in gaghar looking beautiful

Sanskar ND lakshya are mesmerised to see them
Sathvik frown emoticon shouts) sab dekna bade maa let start sageet

Song starts( radha song from student of the year)

bg song
Gopiyon sang ghoome Kanhaiya
Raas rachaiya Ragha na jaaye re
Abb saanwra na bhaaye

(swaragini nd kavya,kavitha on dance floor )

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody crazy on Radha
Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
And everybody crazy on Radha
Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Humka toh laage woh
Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye:

(sanlak nd sathsonthosh to joined them )

“O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2)
Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)

O o…
Maathe pe pankh more
Kehte hain makhan-chor
Bajaye bansuri
Bada aaya chitt-chor
(But Radha wants more)
Dhoondungi charon aur milega koi aur
Dungi main haathon me mere dil ki ye dor
(Cuz Radha wants more)
O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai
O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai
O Radha ko sambhalo koi isey bata do
Ki milega na koi Sanwariya
(kavitha is too close to sanskar which making swara uncomfortable nd sanskar too but he had no chance to go so he how ever managed )
O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariy
************to be continued***********

(note;sry i know its bad description lets clarify u kavitha is flirting with sanskar now nd sanskar is avoiding swara is seeing everything but trusting him or not we dont know )

precap; dont know .. i forgot my twist i was thinking to remain it

(guys done this part i dont know how it is its just a trail u say mee frankly if its boring or bad too feel free to criticise i dont mine ha as it help as to grow i will be waiting for ur feedback )

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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