TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 23


*****Tu meri mannat part- 23***

****Episode starts***

In mrg 7 sanskar room ,

Swara is still sleeping nd sanskar woke up and saw her” I love you swara nd thank you to love me at least u said in sleep “( he left to fresh up nd he came out with a jeans nd covered himself in towel on top nd searching his shirt in bag meanwhile swara woken up

Swara:( sleepy voice ) good mrg rags
Sanskar; not rags its sanskar gud mrg sweetheart
Swara:( sat on bed all of sudden nd looked around nd later towards sanskar ND closed her eyes as he is shirt less) you wear ur shirt
Sanskar: Ho I forget it I was searching for it only from 10 mins can u help mee
Swara: (blushes) Ho wait she got down from bed nd moved towards bag nd took a shirt in white nd gave him
Sanskar: Nice shirt thank ( he hugged her from back )
Swara: Ho hello wt ur doing
Sanskar: ( naughty smile) I was just saying thank you
Swara: Ho I know wt it mean stop it its not our house or ur cabin so plz be in limits
Sanskar: Were ever I will be in this way only nd I love you
Swara: Stop it nd leave me I have to leave its ur room If anyone sees it will be a problem for mee ( about to move)
Sanskar: Holded her if I leave you what I will get in return
Swara; nothing Mr.sanskar just leave nd plz wear a shirt we are dying to see
Sanskar: Mr.sanskar ur again calling me Mr.sanskar u know u again violated my rule u have to pay now ha ( winking smile)
Swara’ no I had not stop don’t thing of it also
Sanskar: Wt not ha ( he holded her hand nd pulled her towards him swara tried to push him but y mistake both fallen on bed sanskar on top both had a cute eyelock
Swara:(nervous) sanskar I am sorry leave me before anyone see as plz move
Sanskar: ( he nodes his head in big nooo nd he leaned towards swara nd shaked his head near her where water from his wethair fallen on swara face caused tickeles to swara
swara; (laughed aloud ) sanskar stop it
sanskar slowed deeped his head into swaras neck where swara is feeling his warm breath on her neck nd kissed her neck swara held him so tight out of blushing she dont want him to disturb her nails are digged in sanskar bare shoulders
Sanskar: Shouts in pain ouch u ( he got up nd looked at his shoulder) wt u did swara now u
swara; ntg get off mee
sanskar; wt i did now u say
swara; (blushes but hides by turning her face) u know wt u did
sanskar; acha i kissed u in return u have to kiss me but u pinched me so hard how bad it is
swara; ho stop it dont expect such things from mee
sanskar; is it a manners swara is this ur dad thought you
swara; (pout face) oh wait stop there if my dad knows ur doing such things with me he will hang you
sanskar;(naughty smile) ok leave it let me see wt he will
see wt i will now( he trowed his towel from his top nd hleded her both hands nd pushed her back on bed nd bitted her nape by leaving a mark )
Swara:(shouted in pain) sanskarrr stop it ( she pushed him nd came on his top)
Sanskar is just staring at her lovely and swara seen the tatoo
Swara; sanskar wts this nd this tattoo
Sanskar: I love you swara truly nd completely ❤
Swara: Ha I know but yeh sab karna ke kya zorori thi( ha ok but y all this)
Sanskar: App ke jaga hamesh yeh hai meri dil maa(ur place is always in my heart)
Swara: ( speechless by his confession she’s completely out of sense placed her finger on his heart heart emoticon ) acha u can bear this much pain for mee (smiled nauty nd she pinched him on shoulder )
sanskar shouted out loud ‘ouchhhhh’ so loud
swara; dont shout everyone may come
sanskar holded her waist nd gently placed her on bed nd started leaning towards her lips
they both forgot this world after a while swara heard some footsteps towards there room
swara;(push him ) sanskar some one are coming move fast
sanskar; (irritated) wont they gave tine for romance also what he got up from her
wrong timing everyone had came in runing towards sanskar room to see wt happened as he shouted aloud
swasan heard door knocking sound both are nervous got down from bed nd sanskar weared his shirt fast
swara; (nervous) i said you let me go see now everyone came if they see us wt they will think
sanskar; arey wait how i can imagine it ah i will think
swara; come fast u hide hear i will open door
sanskar; oo half ticket use ur brain some what its my room u have to hide
swara hided herself under the bed nd sanskar opened the door
ram; wt happened sanskar y u shouted are u alright
sanskar; (nervous) ha uncle i am 5n
sujatha; y u shouted
sanskar; woh ant
ram; wt ant for ant u shouted loud
sanskar; huge ant bitted me hard soo
raglak understood everything
ragini; ha uncle he is so sensitive of ants so he may
ram; ok take care sanskar (both left)
sathvik; where is swara Ragini?
Sanskar: In bathroom
Sathvik: Wt in bathroom
Ragini: (steps on sanskar leg) Woh ha she is getting ready in our room our roommmm ha na sanskar
Sanskar: Ha if u leave we will to get ready
All left swara came out nd breathed air nd Sa on bed
Ragini: Wt happened y u always doing like this cant u romance quietly
swara;(shocked nd embarrassed) we are not romancing we are just talking
ragini; acha then how u got this mark on ur neck while talking or while bitting
swara shocked completely speechless nd ranned out of room by saying ” i need to get ready ”
sanskar too blushes
lucky ; bhai be carefull yar if u caught red handedly swara will hang you
ragini; wts this sathvik is always calling swra swara y
sanskar; ha yar its irritating this swara too i just wanna hit this stupid sathvik
someone came
its kavya knocked the door
ragini opened the door
kavya; gud mrg ragini wt ur doing in this room
rags; ntg I had a work now bye(both left only sanskar nd kavya left)
( swara while ranned from there nd hitted kavitha in middle)
Kavitha; hey swara wt happened y ur running in such a way
Swara: Woh ntg I need to go I will speak to you later
Kavitha: Wait I say y ur so nervous nd wts this sweat
Swara: Nothing yar choto abb
Kavitha:swaras stop yar
Otherside sanskars room
Kavya: Gud mrg sanskar how are you
Sanskar: Gud mrg app kushi hai na
Kavya: Ha thank you so much I don’t know wt u did on very next day u changed my sister’s life completely thank you so much sanskar
Sanskar: Ha ( whispered) it changed my life as a hell abb Mai set Hu par tum sab ayana karb karnaki( i was set now but u all came to spoil it na)
Kavya: Wt
Sanskar: Nothing u plz leave
Kavya: I think ur still angry on me I am sry for slapping u
Sanskar; its ok leave
Kavya: Wt u said to my sister on that ngt
Sanskar: Said everything abb Kush naa
Kavya: You did this much I am really sry for misunderstanding you sanskar
Sanskar: Its ok

In hall mehandi ceremony 9am,
Swaragini nd Kavya nd kavitha they are busy in applying mehandi nd our heroes are busy in staring
Designer: ( with swara) wt name shall I write
Swara: ( in mind ) sanskar had a tatoo for me I can’t even write his name in mehandi na she said s
Sanskar moved towards swara ND saw the mehandi nd s letter too
Sanskar( teasingly) wt s ha
Swara: Swara mitra u know
Sanskar acha I thought sanskar maheswari
Swara: Ho hello Etna dreams achi nahi hai health ke
Sanskar : Sab jute mujhe pat hai u said u love me in ngt
Swara: ( shouts in shock) when I said ha don’t lie ok
Sanskar: U said yesterday only
Swara: Acha may be I joked ( sathvik came)
Sathvik: Hi swara can I see ur mehani
Swara: Ha y not ( sathvik holded her hand )
Sanskar is burning to see this swara say his expressions nd decided to tease him
Swara: Sathvik can u give me a glass of water plz
Sathvik: Ha I will I sec
Sanskar: I will give you y ur asking that stupid
Swara: No I don’t need ur help
Sathvik brought the water he made her to drink
sathvik is happy that swara is comfortable with him more
Sanskar: Ho sathvik someone is calling you go naaa
( sath left)
Swara: U again played a prank
Sanskar: Swara y u always make me irritate y I hate him
Swara: Jealous na bcoz he is more handsome then you
Sanskar: No its my last warning no more pranks
Swara: Acha ok if u want u can also speak with any girl I don’t mine
Sanskar: Oh really I couldn’t find any beautiful girl then you so can i kiss you
Swara: ( shocked) besharam hogai tum koi suna toh
Sanskar: Ha toh kya
Swara: I cant argue with u ( she left towards other ladies)

Scene 4
Sanskar is staring at swara continually nd swara is enjoying it
Kavitha saw him nd in mind ( I will see how good ur)
Kavitha: Hi sanskar how are you
Sanskar: ( shocked to hear kavitha) ha 5n
Kavitha: Kya karo app are u searching any new girlfriend now
Sanskar:( don’t know wt to answer kept quiet)
Kavitha phone is ringing in her side pouch
Kavitha: Sanskar plz can u help me in answering the call I had mehandi
Sanskar got without even touching or seeing he took the pH nd placed it near her ear but sanskar Is so uncomfortable kavitha is watching his expressions
Swara had seen kavitha nd swara so close swara felt jealous but she kept quite nd been normal
Ragini:( teasingly) ha swara look at them they are like made for each other na
Swara: Wt its the waste pair I had seen ever
Ragini: Jealous feeling na I know
Swara: Jealous my foot
Ragini: Juteeee
Swara: Ok I have some work bye she raned to room
sanskar watched nd he ranned on her back

********to be continued ******

hi this is madhuri updated it as bhanu is unable to do ,and she wrote this part a long back so on her behalf i copied nd posted this part and next part after few days as she is not 5n due to her frnds death she is so week mentally and physically to write
keep smiling
she will be back soon

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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