TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 22


*******EPISODE STARTS********
in flight ✈,11am
Lucky; bhai u both sit in that sit we will sit here plz
Sanskar; ha ok ( he moved towards swara sit where swara was settled on window side )
Swara; I want window
Sanskar: No I want
Swara: No me its my plc always
Sanskar; no I want it
Raglak nd everyone in filght are shocked to see there childish fight nd everyone are staring at them in confused manner
Lucky; ( shouted) ah school bus hai kya ur fighting for window side
Ragini: ND swara wt u will see from window ah after takeoff u will see only clouds
Swara: No I want window that’s it
Sanskar’ no mee to want same
Sathvik: Ok cool sanskar u sit in my sit
Sanskar: No I want this window only
Sathvik: Wt ever it window only na u sit there we will adjust here
Sanskar; acha u will sit together
Swara: ( in mind) this 2 again started arguing oh no wt ever they speak at end I will get its return I will get punished no way swara do something she got a idea
Sanskar stopped arguing ND decided to sit beside swara
Swara:( got up) sanskar u want window nd sathvik u can sit anyway na do one thing u both sit here I will sit back ok problem solved
Sanskar ( shocked) wt I have to sit with him no way
Swara; (winked at him) ha u have to bcoz I cant let u punish me for ur silly fights so for my safety u sit here if u both are together I will be peaceful
Sanskar ND sathvik sat side by side with irritating faces nd swara sat beside a 60yr old lady
Sanskar ( got a idea he moved towards oldlady nd said something in her ear )
Old lady: Ok beta u sit here I will sit in ur sit
Sanskar sat beside swara which made swara shock
Swara: Wt u said to that dadi
Sanskar: Really u wanna know
Swara; ha sayme
Sanskar:( smrike smile) I said her that ur my wife ur angry on me so I was trying to convince u
Swara: Don’t u have any limit for ur stupid pranks
Sanskar: Cool It may be prank now but for real I will marry u one day na
Swara: Don’t have day dreams ah ur in flight
( sathvik heard this)
After 5hrs flight landed got there bags and moved to exit
Sathvik: I will come in a sec u be out my bro will be waiting for u
Swaragini nd raglak moved out
Swara:( shocked as she seen sathvik near the car outside airport I different shirt nd ranned towards him
Swara: Sathvik how u came before as
Person: Oh ur swara am I right
Swara: Ur not sathvik
Person about to say some thing nd its been interested by sathvik
Sathvik: Swara this is my 1st surprise I know u like to find identical twin this is Santosh varma my brother he is 9min elder to me we both are twins
Swara:( excited) wow its awesome I was excited really
Ragini nd lucky are shocked nd surprised too as its first time for them to find a person look alike
Sanskar: ( to himself) I hate u sathvik nd ur brother is also same as ur face how unlucky he is
Swara: ND wts the next surprise show me fast plz
Sathvik:Bhai where is bhabhi
Santosh: Ha in the car he knocked the door ( a girl in pink anarkli suit )
By seeing her everyone are shocked mainly ragsan nd swara run towards her nd hugged her hard
Girl: How are u swara I missed u so much in this 2yrs
Swara: I missed u more kavitha y u left me ah ( tears flow out of happiness)
kavitha; let it be swara now i was back na
swara; ha i was so happy now
kavitha gave a angry look to sanskar nd seen by raglak to
ragini; (shouts) kavitha she is ur bhabhi ha
sathvik; no she is my bhabhi sister
santosh; she is in another car there she is (its kavya)
sanskar got sad as he know that kavitha hates him so she may create any problem in his love nd ragini dont even know reason for swasan misunderstanding hell shocked to see kavitha come back
all of them left to sathvik estate
kerla backwaters its a huge estate expanded to 100acres which consists of huge villa in 3acres nd attached pool its a beautiful place with lot of greenery the entrie it self looks like a mini forest the estate consists of lot of sandle and tea estates of 60acres
swara loved the place alot but where as sanskar is worried by presence of kavitha as kavitha hates him alot she may create problem for him in his love life
after a long travel of 1hr from airport they reached villa
entered the main door
santhvik;(showed his hand towards someone nd whispered to swara) its my mom nd dad ramprasad varma nd Sujatha varma
swara; moved towards them nd took blessing raglak nd san to did the same
Sujatha ; swara beta how are you (sujatha is liking swara alot from 1st sight bcoz of sathvik as he gave a certain height to swara )
all the had there dinner by 8 nd left top rooms as 2mmrow they have mehndi nd sangeet ceremony
raglak san left to rooms nd swara is busy in speaking to kavitha nd sujatha

in sanlak room
sanlak as sitting on bed nd thinking nd ragini is to nervous
ragini;sanskar y ur so sad plz say as wt happened b/w u nd kavitha on that night 2yrs back y kavitha is hating u we are dying out of suspense plz say
sanskar; said everything nd raglak shocked
lucky;(shouts) wt the hell u did if u had this much consent for kavitha caree y cant u share it before we may do any other thing na y u turned -ve u know wt u did u marked urself as a flirt in eyes of Kavitha with anyone do this for others
sanskar; at that time i got only that idea so i did it but i never expected that kavitha will come back in this way
ragini; ok cool ntg is wrong now we will attend this marriage nd leave this kavitha will never apper for as after this
sanskar ; she is swara frnd how swara can leave without talking to her
meanwhile swara entired the room nd say there blank faces
swara; y u all are so sad
ragini; ntg ur happy for kavitha presence
swara;ha y so (looks towards sanskar)
ragini about to say something but lucky says ‘swara we have a work u plz be with sanskar for sometime plz’they left
sanskar is feeling insecure by thinking that sathvik nd kavitha are two villans for him
swara;(whispered) sanskar kya hua y ur so dull
sanskar; (flowed out he cryied tears are continuously rolling from his eyes )swara really ntg is there b/w me nd kavitha plz trust me i never say anygirl except u in such a wrong way i really love you swara only u plz trust me
swara;(shocked as she never saw sanskar crying sat beside him nd cuped his face) sanskar y ur crying am i asked u anything about that ngt i left it long back nd kavitha too left it we are as old sanskar
sanskar;(still crying) u wont leave me na
swara;(cleared his eyes) ha ever nd never nd u dont worry for kavitha u wont see her again after this wedding as she is leaving to dubai
sanskar; but ur also leaving to london after 2months na
swara; no yesterday i had decided to take back my resignation
sanskar; happy he hugged her nd swara hugs him back
swara;(breaked the hug) now u sleep its too late i will leave
sanskar; no u plz be here even raglak may be in other world
swara; acha ok u sleep (sanskar placed his haed on her lap nd felt asleep swara is caressing his hair nd she to sleep by sitting only
ints 12am sanskar woken up nd saw swara still sitting
sanskar slowly made her sleep nd adjusted the pillow for her nd whispered ‘i love you swara’ nd in sleep swara unknowingly replies ‘ i love you more ”
sanskar shocked as he here it for 1st time from swara he got the answer he kissed her forhead nd sleep beside

precap;mehndi kavitha flirt with sanskar but swara left quite but sanskar burned out of jealous by sathvik

i hope u liked this shocking surprise

{guys i dont know this part is good or bad as i wrote in tears i dont even need any appreciation for this but in return i need a favour a small favour from ur side which valus alot for me .in my life i had only one frnd its anuhya.she is so close to me as a family member she supported me in ever situation in last 5yrs .now she meet with a accident nd now she is on ventilator struggling b/w life nd death every body lost hope but i cant do it .by seeing her pain it killing me inside as i was unable to do anything to save her only god can save her .so plz pray for her without her i was so alone i cant even imagine my life in her absence .even in such hard situation too i had wrote this ff bcoz as this ff is started for her she is highly passionate on ff nd swasan so i turned myself as write so plz give ur 1min time for her plz wish her a speedy recovery;-( }

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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  1. Thamiazh Magan

    U have written amazingly… Loved it. Sorry to hear the tragedy. Almighty will be with u always and give strength to every one.

  2. She will be cured dear!! Be positive

  3. don’t worry bhanu ji… ur frnd will be alright..!

  4. i will pray for her speedy recovery.

  5. She will get well soon don’t be sad.we all will pray for her.nice episode

  6. will pray for her.. awesome story..

  7. your ff is fab

  8. awesome update

  9. don’t worry dear she will be alright.. nice update

  10. Its very awesome ep
    May anuhya recover soon
    May god bless you both and dont cry cuz she will not like it

  11. Never lose hope……definitely your friend will be alright…….will definitely pray for her?

  12. Bhanu dont worry dr… god wil shower his blessings on ur frnd sure she wil b back.. i wil pray gor hr surely… u shud support hr family… i hav comment on fb too..
    bt i feel sad for ur conditiin.. b brave dr..
    she wil bck nd u dont shatter. Our prayers wil b heard by lord nd he wil do miracles.

  13. Today by seeing u in pain I broke my silence…..nice epi. ……we will definitely pray for her don’t loose hope yaar…..may god bless her

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  15. Don’t worry yaar nthng will happen to her everyone is praying for her hv faith ingod he won’t let u down

  16. Bhanu don’t worry, though I am not with you to console you, our prayers will be with you for your friend to recover soon. God will surely answer the prayers and she will be fine and you both would be spending the time happily. Don’t loose the hope.

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  19. she will be alright soon..superb update

  20. Awesome epi dear. Nowadays i didn’t comment. But i always read it in FB. I will definitely pray 4 her. She will be fine soon…. never loose hope

  21. The episode was fantastic nd may ur frnd get well soon becz they r very precious gift given by God….believe in God nd inshallah she will get well soon nd she is very lucky to get a Frnd like u nd same with u

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  24. Sushmitha Varma

    Tumhari frnd ko kuch nehi hoga. Just pray God and we are doing the same. God will hear our prayers

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  26. don’t worry y yaar she will be fine soon….

  27. Bhanu wr ru dr??? How is ur frnd health condition?? Plz do reply… dont wrry she wil recivr soon by gods grace

    1. Sushmitha Varma

      I heard that her friend is no more.Bhanu is in lots of depression. We guys need to encourage her

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