TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu – Part 21



RECAP; finally sanskar started doing office work will he suceed in it or not ?

*******episode starts*********
evg 7 sanskar cabin,
sanskar is till working for the project without a break nd swara is feeling very happy that sanskar is doing all this just for small favour to spend time with her she brought a cup of coffe for him
swara ;(placed the cup on his table) sanskar its already 7 shall we leave to mm
sanskar; no swara u can go i will come later
swara; its ok i too have work we will go together i will inform mom nd aunty u have coffee
sanskar; ha swara can u explain this norm its so difficult if u know
swara; ha sanskar (she dragged chair nd sat beside him and started explaining it nd sanskar is listening to her carefully but at a point of time his mind got distracted by her charm her beauty is dominating his concentration much so he kept staring at her romanticly with gave sign to swara nd swara understood his mind is diverted
swara; sanskar i know wt ur seeing nd wt ur thinking to do but if u have any naughty ideas u plz put them with u or else i will go to my home nd u have to work alone nd even u force me to stay or do anything u will fail in project then i wont come for long drive too so its better remove bad ideas nd concentrate on work
sanskar; (winking smile) i love you swara i cant even leave a sec without touching u but i was controlling them bcoz i want to know ur answer that u lv me if i got it i will be worlds luckyest lover u just say once u love me too i will be ur slave for rest of my life
swara; (in mind) ha i love you too i will say it openly infront of all with a proud feeling so u be responsible then i will do it plz make it asap bcoz its had to control my lv to express also
sanskar;(taped her shoulder) swara answer na plz
swara; we can speak it later u plz do this fast i had WORK
sanskar ; by 2mmrow i will get my answer (he started his work)
12am ,sanskar shout its completed
swara;(surprise) wow really let me see once
sanskar ; ha see
swara; checked it completely) wow its awesome u did it( she is over excited nd hugged him )
Sanskar:( surprised nd happy that swara her self hugged him after a long time he hugged her back ) I love you swara if I know that u will be this much happy for a small project I will do million of projects for u ND ur hug
Swara: ( blushes but hide) acha u have to.present it 2mmrow in board meeting then we will go out ok
Sanskar ‘ ha I will nd where we are gonna go
Swara: Surprise I will show u 2mmrow
Sanskar about to say something but its been interpreted by a pH call for swara its sathvik ,sanskar answered it on speaker nd swara kept quiet
Sanskar: Sathvik y ur calling to swara
Sathvik: I need to speak to her so is it a manners to answer others calls
Sanskar: Oh is it a manner to call a girl at late night 12
Sathvik: I need say something important but ur always disturbing as in mrgs so I got this time but wt ur doing with her in this Time ah
Sanskar about shout but swara interrupted
Swara: Sathvik stop it we both are in office as we need a presentation for 2mmrow so we are working for it
Sathvik: Ok swara but y he is answring ur calls its disgusting y always he is surrounded u ha don’t he had other work
Sanskar: Its my wish its better for u to stay away from swara
Swara: Plz u both stop it y u both always keep on arguing nd sathvik we will speak in office 2mmrow plz bye
Sanskar got very much irritated by this peck of angry swara have to control or have to face it
Swara:( whispered) san sanskarrrr shall we go hm
Sanskar: ( angry tuned towards swara ) I had told u in mrg again this stupid is calling he is ur frnd wah but me no answer I wanna kill him u know ( holded her both shoulder hard)
Swara; ( nervous) sanskar plz cool down he just kidding don’t take it serious
Sanskar; I see woh actually I was wrong I want to irritate u in this seven days but in 2nd day only i been started forgiving ur mistakes so ur feeling free I cant let it ,u deserve much more or else u keep on hurting me always na
Swara; ( shocked) no sanskar I accept I did a mistake us mrg by lying for but now I had did ntg to hurt u
Sanskar: (twisted her hand to her back ND pulled her towards him) swara I don’t like him even as ur frnd I never said no for any of ur wish but its 1st thing I was ordering u but ur not listening it
Swara: Sanskar its paining leave me plz
Sanskar; acha if I kiss u right now wt would u do
Swara: (shocked) no u cant do it as u urself told me in mrg u won’t do anything untill I love you
Sanskar: Ha I said but u remember one thing its final its ur last mistake swara if I find u close with this stupid sathvik I will cross all my limits for true, hamari suhagraat hojagi shaadi ke pehela yadd rak na (he left her hand )
Swara is speechless by his confession ND thinking in mind ( is this a way to show angry oh god I have to be careful b/w this 2 I may die )
(she took the car keys nd ranned out nd sanskar followed her asap )
Sanskar: U drop me now
Swara : Y u had car na
Sanskar: I cant drive as I am sleepy
Swara: Ho really
Sanskar:( looked straight) shall u drop me or we both will be here in office whole night
Swara: (fake smile)Noway i was just kidding i will drop u its better for both
Both started to mm swara is driving but sanskar is sleeping as he worked whole day in his life 1st time got tried after 20mins they reached mm but sanskar is sleeping on swara shoulder
Swara:( placed her. Hand on his head nd slowly caressed his hair which is touching her neck ) its a great day for me sanskar i love you so much how cute ur while sleeping
Sanskar: ( woken up nd relised his position) wt ur doing
Swara:(innocently) ntg boys will do anything while girls are sleeping but we girls are so innocent we just try to wake u up
Sanskar: Acha ok gud ngt 2mmrow long drive ok
Swara: Ha gud ngt ( both left to there respective rooms)
Scene 3,
Swasan office mrg 10.15am
Its time for sanskar presentation swara is nervous but sanskar is confident on presentation
10.30,Shekhar,dp,sathvik,nd all the diligents arrived for meeting sanskar started his presentation he presented everything in an amazing manner which surprised everyone mainly dp as he never expected this from sanskar finally presentation over after 1hr
Everyone congratulations sanskar for it
Dp: Sanskar its a gud job i am proud of u keep it up
Shekhar: Ha sanskar it really great we can plan retirement as ur on field
Sanskar:( smiles) Ho no uncle i can handle alone swara helped me in it much
Dp: Thank you swara beta
Swara: He worked hard uncle or else it may be failed its his hard work
Sanskar:we will meet u later dad we had a work (dragged swara to a corner)
Swara: Wt y u dragged me
Sanskar: I did all this just for u shall we go now
Swara: Ho we will go for long drive pakka but after lunch bcoz dad nd dp uncle had arrived now ND we are leaving to kerla 2mmrow mrg so we need to discuss office matters
Sanskar: Ok but do fast
they all discussed there plans of upcoming week nd had there lunch its been 3pm
sanskar ;(whispered) shall we leave
swara;dad woh we need to go out now
shekhar; y nd where
swara; woh woh we
sanskar; we are going to shopping as we need to purchase gifts na(winked at her)
swara; ha shopping
shekhar; ha ok u may leave nd takecare
both left towards swaras car
swara; ha sanskar we managed our dad ok now wt about shopping
sanskar; dont worry we will go for long drive raglak will go to shopping i had said them already
swara ‘wow come lets go i will drive’
its a long drive they travelled more then a hour with lot of funny conversations finally swara stoped the car infront of orphanage nd both got down sanskar was surprised “orphange y u brought me here’
swara;; i love this place alot from last 2yrs this children had given me lot of love nd happiness
sanskar; oh can i meet them
swara; ofcourse for this only i brought u here
they left to a garden in the orpange where lot of children are playing foot ball
swara shouted hi everyone see whom i brought with mee
kids looked towards swasan nd runned towards them with lot of happiness they hugged her
sohan(7yrs old); swara di how are u we missed u so much
swara; (bended on kness) ho mee too (kissed him)
sohan looked towards sanskar nd observed him up nd down seriously)
sanskar;(surprised) oy littele champ y ur seeing me like that ha
sohan; ur sanskar ah
sanskar; ha how u know my name
sohan; bcoz di told millon times ur name so i know
sanskar; ho wt ur di told about me ((swara holded sohan nd shuted his mouth )
swara ; come with me sohan i will give u choclate na
sanvi (8yrs old) sanskar bhai meri di ko hurt math karo iss bhar kiya na i will beat u ok
sanskar; acha ok but sanvi if swara is ur di i was ur jiju plz dont call me bhai
sanvi ; ho jiju really i will ask my di nd later i will
sanskar ;u di to want the same but she wont say
sanvi; ho how sad dont worry jiju she loves u so much
sanskar; ho really (he hugged sanvi thanks )
swara; come on kids here the choclates for u (she gave choclates to all )
sanvi kissed swara nd swara too kisses back sanskar came towards swara nd whispered” can i too kiss ah’
swara; (shocked) do u know where ur speak properly they are kids
sanskar ; i know nd i will to (he kissed sanvi on cheeks were swara kissed exactly) i had kissed na (winked at her)
swara blushes nd sanskar smiles by seeing it
sanskar ; (in mind ) she is beautiful in this saree that while blushing (by seeing her he falls down by loosing balance )
swara; sanskarrrrrrrrrr wt ur thinking cant u see come get up
they spended precious time nd returned to mm

precap; swasan fun in fight nd
in kearla sathvik gave 2surprises to swara swara is over whelemed by them but the surprises shocked ragsan much

guys u guess wts that surprise which shocked ragsan to core ?

plz leave ur valuable likes nd comments bcoz they help me in writing much better as they are motivation for as so plz silent readers too 😉

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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