TU MERI MANNAT by bhanu- Part 20



***************EPISODE STARTS************
In mrg swara room,
Sanskar; shall I help u in removing ur clothes nd wear this saree (he opened her shirt button one by one )
Swara: (PANIC ND SHOUTS) No I don’t want any help u go I will come by changing ok got out now
Sanskar; (winking smile) smart girl get ready nd come fast in 10mins or on 12min I will be back wt ever postion ur ok (he plucked her cheeks nd left)
After 10mins swara got ready in pink saree nd left to hall by seeing her everyone shocked mainly rag nd sanskar
Sumi; wow swara even I ask u to wear saree u shout now y u wear ah wts special swara
Ragini; (teasingly) may be some one may asked her to wear maa (by looking towards sanskar)
Swara;(shout) no I my self wanna wear it anyway I was hungry lets have breakfast
ragini; (teasigly) sanskar u want breakfast or u want something else
SANSKAR; (comes in sense ) no rags ntg (blushes)

All had breakfast nd speaking its 9 swara got a msg its sath saying”waiting out come fast”
Swara: Oh no rags rags
Ragini; ha swara bolo kya hua
Swara: Will u Plz help me na u Plz diverse sanskar for just 10 min plzzz
Ragini; y nd I wont nd can’t
Swara; plz yar just 10 mins u don’t let him come out. I will do wt ever u say plzzzz
Ragini; deal ah u should do what ever I say
Swara; ha ( she left to out with car keys) sanskar is busy in speaking to sumi

Outside 9.05am,mitra mansion
Sath; hi swara come lets go
Swara; no I had work u Plz leave from here plz
Sathvik; swara Plz yar come na I wont go without you
Swara; noooo go na
Sathvik; no until u come I wont
Swara; no other option come let go I have my car u follow me
Sathvik: I will come in ur car later my drive gets my car
Sathvik nd swara left in hurry swara is driving she got call its sanskar by seeing the name itself she got nervous nd applied a sudden break nd answered the call
Swara; (nervous as she is lying to sanskar for 1st time ) sanskar kya kaam hai bolo
Sanskar; where are u swara
Swara: I was going to shopping nd later I will come to office u be there
Sanskar; ok swara take care
Sanskar came out of mm nd found sathvik car out nd understood nd he took his car nd left to office in middle he found sathvik nd swara speaking to each other in car but he got angry but he let to office quite

10am sanskar cabin ,
Sanskar is restless by swara lied him she is giving imp to sathvik meanwhile swara came without a word she took the laptop nd sat on sofa
Sanskar; may I know wt u had shopped from 1hr
Swara;(panic nd nervous) woh Its personal u shouldn’t ask
Sanskar: Ok
Swara: Sanskar I had a file can u help me in doing it u do it I will do another work plz
Sanskar: Ok let give it
Swara: Oh thanks ND she placed file in front of him sanskar took the file nd Read for while nd started doing something in his PC swara is happy that sanskar is doing office work it been 30mins but he is still doing it so to check swara got up from chair nd moved 2wards sanskar slowly she reached to his back of table from back she saw nd got shocked as sanskar is editing there photo
sanskar turned back to see sanskar but swara started searching a file in cupboard meanwhile sanskar got cal its shekhar
sanskar;(moved out of his cabin) gud mrg uncle
shekhar; gud mrg sanskar did swara accepted to take her resignation back
sanskar; no uncle she got hurted alot by ur words so she is not ready for it
shekhar; ho no wt can i do now i got angry on her so i said
sanskar; dont worry uncle i will convince her in 2more days nd when ur coming
shekhar; by 2mmrow evg nd day after 2mmrow mrg u are leaving to kearla get ready nd take care
sanskar; ha uncle (ended the call)
sanskar saw sathvik speaking in ph with lot of happiness he rushed to his cabin to swara
swara deleted the editings in sanskar pc
sanskar cabin
swara too speaking in ph at that time sanskar arrived unfortunately swara ended the call nd sanskar felt swara is speaking to sathvik)

sanskar; (got angry but he controled as he cant hurt swara ) swara who is on call
swara; ha woh priya(felt that she is lying again nd he moved towards his chair )
sanskar;(shocked to see as his editing is deleted his pc now he got more angry nd shouted) swara how dare u from mrg i was watching u from mrg ur doing everything as ur wish
swara;(shocked to see his angry ) woh its office nd ur doing photo editings its wrong so i deleted it
sanskar;(moved towards her ) its my office nd ur my assistant i can do wt ever i want
swara; acha its may be ur office i may be ur assitant but its not a right think to do in office lets do office work u can do such useless thing in ur free time too
sanskar; (dragged her towards his table (pc) nd shoutd) i want my editing back i dont know wt u will do but i want it at anycost or else u cant even think wt i will doo
swara; oh hello stop ordering ah for such stupid things ur wasting my time to ah (about to go )
sanskar holded her by wrist nd hugged her from back with a tight grip on her wrist ) do wt i say i never did anything serious still now but now its out dont make me more irritate then this
swara ; (grip oh her is saying that he is angry ) ok i will do it leave me
sanskar; (reduced his angry loosed his grip nd placed his chin on her shoulder) no do it 1st later will see( he took the ph he kiss her nape nd took a selfie where swara had closed her eyes tight out of his kiss )
swara; y u always click selfies its embarrassing u know
sanskar; acha its romantic for mee i want everything in memoryits sweet memory for me if u want i will forward to ur mobile too
swara; (shocked) no i dont want but plz be careful if our parents sees i will kill u pakka
sanskar; swara shall i ask u something u have to say true
swara; (she is concentrated on editing so whispered ) ha wt
sanskar;where u went in mrg after ur breakfast nd before office
swara;(shocked nd nervous about to move but sanskar holded her tight ) woh woh
sanskar; ans me swara i need only truth nd i wont do anything untill u accept my love
swara; woh actually i meet sathvik i am sry i have to say this in mrg only but i cant hurt u so i hided it
sanskar; wow swara for sathvik u lied to me he is more important than me na (a tear falls from sanskar eyes on swara shoulders)

swara was shocked to see tear she turned towards sanskar all of sudden where sanskar watch had stucked in swara dori nd its opened which made both shocked nd swara walked back nd sticked herself to a cupboard
sanskar; sorry swara if u dont mine shall i help u ?
swara; (no a word nd slowly nodded yes )
sanskar ; (he walked to words her swara moved a step towards him sanskar hugged her nd he tied out dori of her blouse where swara is holding his blazer nd closed her eyes tight out of shyness)
sanskar;(whishpers) its over u can open ur eyes
swara;(opend her eyes ) thankyou nd sathvik is just my normal frnd not anything morethan that i am sry if it hurted u
sanskar; and me wt i was for u?
swara; woh ur my my
sanskar; (excited ) ha i am ur
swara; ur my di ki honavala devar nd meri honavala jiju ke bhai (nauty smile by rubbing his hair she left towards her chair)
sanskar;( to himself) omg this girl is not expressing her feeling how robotic she is . how to know wts in her mind but i was sure she love me or else for my stupid prank she used to slap me yesterday na
swara; (in mind) wow sanskar does anything for me then y cant i make him work for mee ah (got a naughty idea nd shouts) ho no its deleted how can i now dad will again shout on me oh nooo
sanskar; (surprised) wt happened swara
swara; woh na i had completed the presentation of varma project phase 2 but its got erased i cant do again as i was tried of it but by 2mmrow we need it
sanskar; oh swara be cool we can do again dont worry much
swara; (shouts) how ha u do photo editings in office i was working for it from 2days but ur saying u will do in 8hrs wah 1st u do it nd say me ok
sanskar; i will do but wt i will get in return ah
swara; (thinked for a while) we will go for long drive 2mmrow after our meeting ok
sanskar;(excited) wow give me details i will do it asap
swara;(gave the files) read them if u had any doute u can ask me
sanskar took the files nd read them nd started his presentation swara is finally happy that he is doing office work
after a 3hour swara got up nd came towards sanskar who is not seen it swara placed her hand on sanskar shoulder from back )
swara; u had done 40% in 3hrs not bad do the rest of 60% to
sanskar; ha i will u get ready for our long drive ah

precap; swasan long drive nd swasan ka nhok jhoks in filght which made flight as a roller coaster (next part fun zada wink emoticon

guys i tried to make it long but no i got low time i dont know how far it is gud u have to say me
nd next part by 2mmrow if slot available
please leave ur valuable nd comments beLOW

Credit to: bhanu chowadry

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