****#TU_MERI_MANNAT epilouge *********


(thanks alot for your valuable response nd sry for late nd special thanks to my uncle bcoz he helped in writing this as he gave me his powerbank so i am writing in filght as i have no time so forgive me for mistakes plz plz plz no more blebbring )

**********episode starts ***********

swara in critical condition

Swara grabbed his collar in pain she is breathing heavily) sanskar pz don’t cry
I love you more even I die I am happy

Tu meri mannat Ho sanskar meri eki mannat tum ho woh Puri hogaya

In now I gonna die in ur arms
I am the luckiest wife in this world

U full filed my every dream sanskar

Sanskar: Noo how can you leave nee swara you promised tht you wont leave me naaa
i need you swara i cant leave without you my love

swara; no yu have too nd plz dont waste your life in revenge nd all its all my mistake to trust that sathvik soo i am paying back

sanskar;(tears) i don’t need anything i only want you swara

swara; (tears about to faint ) i am all urs sanskar
u made may every second so beautiful with ur love

Swara: ( breathing heavily) i wanna see ur smile
sanskarrr. Plz give a smile maa

Sanskar is broken down

Swara: Plz one smile sanskar plz pa….. pa patidevvv

Sanskar gave a smile fadely

Swara smiled in tears I love you sanskarrr I love you she lost the grip on his shirt

Swara dropped her hand her pulse fallen ND she dropped to coma
They reached hospital sanskar rushed with swara

Swara is taken to ICU sanskar is staring at her from glass door

Raglak gave the antidote first ND they made swara to vomit out the poison

Swara pulse is falling due to poison reaction

Sanskar is in tears both the families rushed to hospital they are trying to conceal sanskar but sanskar is uncontrollable

Sanskar seen the laptop aside he opened it ND seen a video on the screen

Swara selfie video

In video
swara : Sanskar today I gonna spoil my own like
In this whom world no-one will get such a chance

That’s the reason

You know wt I want you to be 1st nd last person to touch mee

I cant let anyone to do soo

So I have decided to die

It gives a solution to everything

Sathvik had only problem with mee if I am no more his revenge will be completed

I know I am selfish that I am leaving you alone in this work but ntg left to do now except this I cant sacrifice myself so I am sacrificing my life sanskar

You know y bcoz I love you I only love you ur my life sanskar

Even I die our love never dies sanskar

Gud bye my love I love you to the end of entity ( whispered in tears)

Sanskar broken down by seeing the video even sathvik listened the vuedo

Sanskar seen sathvik who stood infront of him


Sanskar: Wts left to do sathvik wts left in my life ah you spoiled everything

You hurted my swara see today just bcoz of ur stupid revenge she is in such critical condition

He fallen on his knees in tears
” my life my swara is on ventilator struggling btw life ND death ”

If ur not still satisfied kill nee also if anything happen to swara I wont leave i will die for her
She is only reason for my life

I love her she is my life I dont need anything except swara he broken down completely in tears

Sathvik:( shocked to see his breakdown he realized his every mistake which effected there life sanskar i am sry sanskar i am sry plz forgive mee

Sanskar pushed him back ND got up from floor
” ur sry will get my swara back
Can you get my old swara to mee no na say nee can you give my swara

Sathvik:( fallen on his foot in tears) I sm really sry sanskar i never thinking about this
I sm sorry plz forgive mee plz plz

Sanskar: ( tears ) I dont want ur sorry I want my swara my swara he broken in tears

Commissioner: We filled fir on Amar too ur son Is out from all

Two days no change in swara condition sanskar is sleeping beside her by holding her Han

Swara suddenly breathed out with one stroke sanskar got up to see swara

Swara heart had started beating faster ND faster

Sanskar runned out nd shouted rags

Raglak rushed in too see swara

Swara heart stopped

Rags : Noo my swara

Sanskar : My swara can’t leave nee she won’t leave nee she won’t she

They did all trials to save her but no use everything is in his all are busy in crying

Sanskar crying badly by hugging swara

Sanskar suddenly seen her fingers are moving

Sanskar: Swara

Raglak see swara moving her finger silty

Raglak placed the oxygen mask that swara can breath properly

After a you swara gained consciousness

Swara: ( whispered) san sanskarrr

Sanskar: Ha I am hear only swara

Swara:( silty opened her eyes sanskarr ( a tear had slipped from her eyes)

days passed swara recovered very fast this timee in one month she started getting back to routine life office nd all
both families are happy

sathvik got to jail but swara signed bail papers too he came out of jail as a gud person nd amar had got life time imprisonment bcoz of bomb blast of flyover

sanskar is very happy that his swara is perfect nd all problems are sorted out

Sathvik is not speaking to anyone he is feeling guilty for his mistakes so he don’t wanna show his face to swasan mainly swara so he only coming to office on Thursday ND Saturday bcoz swara wont be in office on those days she will be in raglak hospital

He is absent for all board meeting only rp is managing them

Days passed its utmost 3months sanskar fully concentrated on work he finally completed his work ND swara too joined him in every part of life they

Sanskar planned a surprise for swara its his new invention

In evg 5 swasan came back from office ND got fresh up

Sanskar’ swara I had a surprise for you swara ”

Swara: Oh surprise ah patidev left go I am excited to know

Sanskar took swara to parking lot it private lot where sanskar car is only party

Sanskar showed a normal Honda I 20 car �

Swara ” wow sanskar its gud but ii think there is something hidden in this car
Am I right paridev

Sanskar: Wow darling ur allways right

Swara: Scanned car but couldn’t know wt it is

Sanskar: Shall I say love ❤

Swara: Ha satmy fast plz

Sanskar : I had designed this car engine

Swara: Wttty

Sanskar: Yes I purchesed this car nd modified the engine this car runs with water ND carbon

Swara:( shocked) wt with water ah

Sanskar ‘ yes come I will explain you my love

Sanskar opened the car fuel tank ND pours water ND

sanskar; So Calcium carbide and water when put together , it will react to produce acetylene gas. is produced it helps as fuel to car it is 760 cc engine nd gives 60 kms milege

(guys its a fact a normal mechnic named Raees Makrani in Madhya Pradesh he had desined this water car a sult to him he proved that education does not matter the thing matters is knowlege towards the work u can get more information in google )

Sanskar : By reaction it act as fuel now start the car he gave the keys to swara

Swara hyper excited to know how it works both got in car ND swara started it

Its working she rised the speed nd came out on road

Swara:( while driving) oh my god ur amazing my hubby ur multitalented

Sanskar: I love you swara so I am gifting this to you its my invention

I love you �

Swara stopped the car nd kissed him in happiness ” i love you sanskar ND ur invention is amazing i am always proud of you my hubby

Sanskar really i am happy

Swara : Ok when you gonna launch it

Sanskar: Still need to work more as its starting my car need to increase its mileage

Swara: I know you will do it also

Sanskar: Ha ha

Sanskar ok now I had other surprise come lets go

Both exchanged seats ND sanskar drove car to beach he took the jet skie ND droved inside sea

Swara: Where ur taking me to same island ha

Sanskar : Noo I had surprise so keep quiet
Close ur eyes for 2mins plz

Swara closed her eyes nd hugged him 😉

Sanskar : Open ur eyes

Swara rises her eyes up ND shouted in excitement

Swara seen ha ship infront of her its a medium size ship it had a room too

Sanskar slowly made swara to step on steps of boat swasan got in boat nd

Its fully decrated boat its there is cabin for driver of bost ND swasan got on top of boat

Sanskar made all the arrangement for dinner its brightly decorated with lights

Sanskar : Swara see you ND nee are in in middle of sea away from workd alone

Swara hugged him in excitement” I am very very lucky to get such a cute husband who is making my every day beautiful

After having dinner swasan where having a silly talk

Sanskar: Swara how many kids you want

Swara: Ho you say first

Sanskar: Woh I was planning to create a cricket team with our kids

Swara:( shocked) wt that many ha noo

Sanskar: Ho how many you want

Swara: Only one naughty boy like you

Sanskar: Oh really then lets start

Swara: Wt start

Sanskar: Woh we need to start manufacturing na

Swara: Wttt

Sanskar 🙁 naughty smile) I will say you ( he stated taking steps towards her swara understood his meaning ND moved back

Sanskar: Holded her

Swara: No sanskar not now Plz I am feeling weak

Sanskar: Lets try Plz its been long time I got chance

Swara: Ho really but not now

Sanskar: Y should we waste this moment swara

Sanskar pulled her close

Swara is feeling pain in her tummy due to his weight on her

but swara dont wanna spoil sanskar mood tonight so she ignored the pain

sanskar raomed his palm around her face making her closing her eyes and biting her underlip more …sanskar stopped on her lips nd started rubbing his thumb over her lips .. feeling him she shoot her eyes open and looked at sanskar ..

swara; (blushing ) sansk…..

her words remained incomplete as her lips were being smacked by sanskar ’s who just pulled her in a kiss

she held his both arms tightly while pulling herself close to him she took out a gasp as she took out sanskar grab the oppurtinity and enter her mouth and started exploring her every corner’s of the mouth passioniately

sanskar; i love you so much swara

he said pulling back from the kiss nad again in no time pulled her in a long kiss and swara also responded him with eaqua passion the kissed eachother as there was no tomorrow …
while sanskar pulled her down making her lay on the bed …while kissing her ….. and he lend over her on the top of her

.. they both kissed for eachother till they both were out of breathe .. Sanskar looked at swara who was highly panting and was looking at him .. Swara instantly turned her face on the otherside while clutching the bed sheet on her fist …. Swara felt blush on her cheeks as sanskar roamed his palm through up her shoulder … while swaras breathe stared going heavy and her heavy ..

Swara breathe hitched as sanskar moved closed toward her while still helding her wrist .. he moved close to her while taking her both arms in infrost resting on her tummy along with his’s while he wrapped his arms around her waist as hugging her from behind .. her back met with his front as his member met her’s back

… it started iricking her making swara’s breathe get stopped while she clutched the sare tightly closing her eyes .. Sanskar pressed herself more on him by her tummy nad then with the help of his one hand he took her hair and pulled it on one side … as he dug his face on crook of her neck .. placing soft kisses all over neck and placing sum bites making swara bite her underlips as sanskar moved little down toward her shoulder placing soft kisses and then spun her while she shot opened her eyes . and stare at sanskar

he placed kisses all over her bak and then in a jiffy movement he undid her blouse dori .. the only one support that was hunging the blouse together as swara felt her dori get loose she instantly spunned laying on her back covering her bare back from him .. and as she looked up into his eyes

sanskar lened close to her

swara ….closed her eyes feeling him … sanskar left her ahnd nd then moved toward her eyes … placed a kiss over there nd then moved down while kissing her cheeks nose jawline chin … and then travelled down kissng her neck collarbone throat

he used his hand nad removed her pallu from her shoulder

swara clutched the bedsheet in shy
more tightly .. sanskar moved toward her shoulder placing kisses all over shoulder .. nad then kissed all over her arms

he travvelled down while kissing her all over tummy and then rest his lips toward her belly button nad licked it

while her nails were digging his arms

(not more then this u know that next so close ur eyes let them have privacy 😉 )

they made there love again nd again nd collapsed in eachother tight embraces the slept by watching the sky nd the flowting water in the sea

its one of the beatuiful ngts they had bcoz everynight is beautiful if the person in our life loves as unconditionally so in there life both swasan love eachother unconditional


Swasan ND kavitha feeling bad for this so they thought to talk once

Swasan ND kavitha thought to go out for lunch on dame time sathvik is in office as its Thursday

He seen swara so he turned to leave

Swara: Signed sanskar to stop him

Sanskar: Sathvik one sec

Sathvik:( stood but he did not see him he is just staring floor)

Sanskar : Arey sathvik we are going for lunch will you join as

Sathvik: No I am not hungry you guys enjoy

Sanskar: Oh really once see as ND answer na

Sathvik: No I had work

Kavitha:( holded his hand) arey yar wt work always Pl come na

Sanskar: Past is past now all are happy na

Sathvik: Noo u are so gud but I don’t deserve you so better stay away from nee

Sanskar: No sathvik its every one will do mistakes but only few will accept them ND they try to rectify them ND u had changed slot na

Swara: So plz stop blaming urself

Sanskar gave a hand for shakhand

Sathvik:( teary eyes) he hugged sanskar ” u ppl are really gud but I am stupid so never understood ur gudness ND ur love I am so sorry sanskar

Sanskar:( hugged him back) stop crying sathvik orelse ur sister will start crying again

Everyone laughs aloud

Sathvik: Ha swara u can call be bhai here after I dont mine

Kavitha: Wt u accepted this also ah.

Sanskar: Behna 😉

Kavitha:( angry look at sanskar) dont you dare to call me soo

Swara: Acha still u had crush ah he is my husband now

Kavitha: Ahh ur lucky

All kept teasing each other nd had great time full on masti


Next day they in mansion mrg

Sanskar grabbed swara in mrg just romantically but he could see her fce is dull

sanskar; y ur dull swara

But swara feeling dizzy she had falls week

swara; i dont know sanskar y i am feeling soo

sanskar; ok sahall i call rags once

swara; no will go in evg now they are busy in some surgery i think

Swasan left to raglak hospital in evg

Rags checked swara ND

Rags: Came out in confused expression swara followed her ND swasan sat infront of rags

Swara: Say me y I am feeling so

Rags: ( confused way) ur pregnant swara

Swasan jumped in excitement wowww

Rags: Wts this swara

Swasan gave confused look wtt

Rags: Ur pregnant by 3months ur active from one month only how its possible

Swasan kept quiet in embarrassment

Rags: Ur staring each other it means u both crossed limits before marriage ah

Lucky came running after hearing rag swasan conversation

Swasan shouted” nooooo

Raglak then Ho ahh

Swara:( blushing) voh di actually we

Rags: Say fast I will die in tension only

Sanskar: Bhabhi voh we did it in jail we had our suhgrat in jail

Raglak widded the mouth I shock ” in jail

Swara: Ha on that ngt I said I am going to kavitha but I went to jail ND I stayed whole ngt in jail by bribing police officers

Raglak are shocked ” in this whole work you got that place only to romance

Sanskar: Its amazing Bhabhi if you want u nd bhai try

Raglak fallen on feets of swasan

Swasan” arey raglak ur elders to as y ur falling on our feet

Swasan u guys are extraordinary u did not left anyplace to romance

Swara ” arey get up di its embarrassing plz
ND ur too

Sanskar took gud care of his love ND his baby too


Days passed out sathvik had started falling for kavitha but he don’t wanna express this bcoz he still had feeling that he don’t deserve gud ppl

Swasan know his feeling as they are being with kavsath they could see there feeling

One day board meeting

Kavitha, swasan Shekhar dp namit ND rp are present

Rp: I wanna sell my shares of this company

Swara: Y all of sudden

Rp: Actually sathvik wanna go away from all this things so he Is leaving to London permanently

Kavitha:( shocked) nooo how can he leave

Rp : Y can he ah

Swara: Ha y should he bee here who cares him ah

Kavith: Wt how can you say so I care na

Swara: Really kavitha

Kavitha : Ha I care

Swara: Ho say him them he is leaving today only in 2hrs

Kavitha: Only two hrs ha ( she runned out by throwing all files

Swasan ND rp smiked by seeing her hurry

Kavitha runned out in hurry but accidentally she hurted a person with a force both fallen on floor

On each other

Kavitha seen the eyes of persons she sliwed seen down to watss face

Kavitha: Sa sathvik (Yes its sathvik )
Ur her only ah

Sathvik: Ha its mee only ( he moved her hair on face )

Kavitha: Ur leaving to London ah

Sathvik: Ha y

Kavitha: Y ur going

Sathvik: Get up first if anyonesees its parking lot ok

Both got up

Sathvik: Actually I got new opportunities there so I am shifting

Kavitha: No plz

Sathvik: Y no ah

Kavitha: I said no na then no

Sathvik: Y noone feel bad for this its right

Kavitha: Arey idiot cant you see how I feel

Sathvik: Wt you feel ah ntg

Kavitha: ( pulled him by collar) look in my eyes u stupid idiot I love you ur hearing na I tried slot that you also feel so but u stone heart na never cared nee listen I love you
You know how I feel when ur near mee my heart just stops beating for a sec
Chi y I am saying to you
You don’t care na go ND marry any white girl in London.
You wont suit me go ( she pushed him back in tears its all due to her love )

Sathvik:( stood numb he never expected this a girl is loving him more then anything
She is ready to accept every mistake of him

Kavitha is about to go but sathvik holded her ND whispered ” u really love mee ah

Kavitha: U have still doute

Sathvik:( hugged her in tears) I love you too but I thought you wont love mee as I am bad

Kavitha:( hugged him back) I love you even ur bad boy now ur changed too na I am more love with this

Sathvik: Thanks for coming into my life kavitha

They lost world in Hug but the got disturbed by claps its mm family swasan Shekhar dp ND rp

Kavsath moved apart in embarrassment

Sathvik: Dad voh k ka

RP: I dont need ur explanation we know everything its all swasan prank to get ur love out

Kavsath are happy

RP: I will talk to ur parents kavitha

I should thank your family that they gave there too daughters to my twin sons
Anyways you can recognize difference between sathvik nd ur jiju na

Kavitha:( blushig hard) ha I can

Swara: Finally my bestie in love wow ur being my Bhabhi now

Kavitha hugged swara in happiness ” I love you bestie

both got married after 2months


Seven years leap

A cute little boy came out running from door in excitement ” partner get up fast fast

Saskar opened his eyes he is sleepy” kya Hua partner

Sohan : Woh see mom they are irritating ne to go school plz say no for today plz Plz

Sanskar: Y noo sohan

Sohan : Plz say mom na

Sanskar: No u go ND get ready I will drop u

Sohan: Noo plz convince mom plz plz ( he mad puppy face)

Sanskar: Ok but on one condition

Sohan: Wt say

Sanskar: Promise me that you wont skip school for next 2 Months

Sohan: Ha ok will try now convince her she is coming to catch me plz

Sanskar: Go run away then

Sohan runned out from other door sanskar got up from bed ND just wided his mouth

A girl in red saree ND lose hair walked inside the room ND she stood infront of sanskar by folding her hands upto her chest

Mr sanskar maheswari where is my son sohan

Sanskar: Sohan ahh I don’t know Mrs.swara sanskar maheswari

Yes its our swara ND they cute ND naughty son is sohan maheswari he is Xerox of sanskar
So sanskar ND sohan are like frnds partners in crime too

Swara: Stop lying ok I know that he came to you

Sanskar: No I said na he not came

Swara started searching sohan she went towards bed ND seen under bed she did not found sohan anywhere

Sanskar pulled swara on to him she fallen on top of him ND sanskar turned her down ND he came on top of her

Swara: U idiot just leave nee its 7 u still sleeping ND its being late to school

Sanskar: (naughty smirk) y school baby let him enjoy ND let nee too

Swara: Wt ur spoiling him sanskar

Sanskar: ( angry) I am spoiling my son ah

Swara: Yes y ur pampering him ND supporting stupid things its wrong sanskar

Sanskar: No my love I am just helping him in knowing the world it wont be in books

Swara: Stop ur stupid logics get out from nee first someone may come

Sanskar: Noo I got hurted now so u need to be pay

Swara: Wt I hurted ah

Sanskar: You said I am spoiling Sohan na so I got hurted

Swara: Its truth Ni doute

Sanskar: Ho really let me see how truthfulit is ( he kissed her neck onces

Swara: Idiot leave nee u had not even brushed but you need romance in mrg

Sanskar:( pinned her hands on bed above her head

(” ha its alright my wife lions won’tbrush ok
( by saying this hebitted her neck sensuously.

Swara: Shouted in pain “arey its paining ”

Sanskar kissed her nape to suppresser pain swara lost in his romance her hands automatically driven into his hair

Sanskar hands are pulling swara close towards him by her waist his hand is below swara which is ready to unhook her blouse dori

Swara felt his hand on her back ND pushed him with a force by which her dori had opened out completely

Swara shocked by this she covered her self in bed sheet

Sanskar winked at her ” plz only once

Swara:( trowed a pillow in his face ) dont you have time for this goo get lost

Sanskar: Just hslf An hour plz

Swara 🙁 angry ) get out I said

Sanskar: No plz just 20mins

Swara: No plz sanskar ur not a kid ok now get up ND goo some one may come plz

Sanskar got up ND went to washroom in disappointed face

Swara got up ND removed bed sheet ND adjusted her blouse ND saree but while she tiying back her dori she found a senous tounch on her back she seen from mirror its sanskar

Swara: ( about to turn back but sanskar hugged her tight from back bu wrapping his hands around her waist

Swara” sanskarrr wt your doing

Sanskar 🙁 naughty smile) I came to help you sweetheart let me help you

Swara: Wt help ah

Sanskar he moved his fingers on her back senously swara Is blushing hard she clushed her saree in shy

Sanskar kissed her milky bak ND tied the dori of her blouse

Swara closed her eyes in shy

Sanskar whispered in her ears ” now you can leave but night I wont leave you ok

Swara: Acha will see now get ready we need to leave for office

Sanskar: I am not interested today

I wanna spend my time with my partner so u go ND do ur work

Swara: Wt no way sohan had school

Sanskar: Acha if not sohan I will spoil you noww ( he placed his hand on her belly inside her saree

Swara:( busy voice) sanskarrrr try to understand plz

Sanskar: Just one day leave u understand naa

Swara: Tomorrow its leave only na ND we planned for picnic too

Sanskar: Ha its forr all nd today its for mee nd my son only

Swara : I cant change you both but not today papa will also don’t allow this

Sanskar turned swara towards him ” y can manage my dad na do

Swara: Nooo I cant ND wont

Sanskar moved close romantically by nuzzling his nose on her cheecks ” manage na ”

Swara losing herself in his touch she got adopted to him ” haaa

Sanskar lened to kiss her its a small kiss but sanskar bitted her lips swara got angry this time

she pulled back from kiss nd bitted his checks hard

but its seen by sohan

Sohan stared swasan in confused way he don’t know wt is going on between them

Swara pushed sanskar in embarrassment

Sohan: Partner wt ur doing with mom

Sanskar: Woh I am convincing her for ur leave beta

Sohan hoo but she bitted you na

sanskar; its way of convencing only beta

Ap comes in back of sohan

Ap: Wt all are discussing

Swara: Ntg naa

Sohan: Nani maa accepted my leave no school

Ap: Wt swara you accepted

Swara’ no maa

Sohan: Angry dad u said she will convince na ( sohan pushed sanskar on swara

Ap is shocked wt convincing ah

Swasan are embarrassed they turned there face

Sohan : Woh nani dad hugs mom ND convinces her ND he even bitted nd Ki…( his words are cutted by swara

Swara closed sohan mouth in embarrassment” ntg maa woh woh

Sohan pushes swara hand maa I seen

Swara: Arey plz shut up dont speak

Sanskar winked at sohan ” oh then schoool

Swara had no option left she nodded yes ” no school”

Sohan jumped in excitement he runned towards sanskar ND hugged him ” love you papaaaa

Sanskar lifted him nd kissed his cheeks love you tooo

Now come we will have fun full day

Swara ” chi its my time waste to change you ”

Sanskar sohan laughs alot

Sohan : Mammy ur going to office naa say sathvik mama to get saanvi

Swara : No I wont say

Swara left room in angry

Next day ints day out raglak swasan kavsath left to island in boat ( same island where swasan went for movie date 7yrs back )

They spended day with happiness

Sohan is on back of sanvi ( sathvik ND kavitha 5yrs old daughter)

Regan raglak son 6yrs old but so descent like lucky innocent too

Saanvi does frndship with Regan but she wont talk much with sohan

They both keep on fighting

Sanskar: Kya Hua sohan y ur dull

Sohan’ woh sathvik mama ka beti jai na sanvi she is not talking to nee always being with Regan only

Sanskar: Acha y u did anything wrong

Sohan: No dad she is only wrong

Sanskar : Come I will talk to saanvi

Sohan ND sanskar left towards sanvi ND sathvik they are playing

Sanskar: Sathvik

Sathvik; ha kya hua sanskar

sanskar; y ur daugether is avoiding my little champ he is feeling bad

sathvik; oh really but ur son
ur soo much sanskari son pinched my daugether she is crying from hr

sanskar; (whispered ) u did so

sohan ; haa dad

sanskar; y

*****flashback *****

mrg 10 when they came regan nd saanvi are playing in sand on beach shore sohan joined them but he feelt game boring
so for thrill he started collapsing the sand houses made by sanvi nd regan

sanvi got angry he beat sohan sohan got angry nd pinced sanvi sanvi started crying


raglak; u always played pranks on me nd ur son is doing same on my innocent regan

sanskar; dont blame my son ok he is sharp so ur jelous of my son

sanskar by cupping sohan “dont worry beta i am here na ”

swara; ur spoiling him sanskar

sanskar; noooooooo he is innocent like mee

sath; see ur son how innocent he is

sanskar; he is kid yar

sathvik; he is kid but he is xerox of you so better i should be careful my daugether is pericous like my sister swara

sanskar; ho really one fine day you urself will give ur daughethr to my son

sathvik; really noway i wont

sohan; u will sathvik mama

sathvik; (shocked ) ho hello no i cant risk ok first impress me later will see about my sanvi

sathvik took sanvi with him to sleep

sohan; papa see that hitler sathvik mama

a new story begains from this silly fight

They enjoyed alot
all slept sohan nd regan slept together sanvi cant sleep without her dad i.e sathvik

swasan ,raglak ,kavsath had great life here after as one family



Commenting or not ur wish if you like then only comment orelse ignore

ND I will get back soon with another ff on Nov 2nd week I will name it as mannat with some tag 🙂 sanskar will be more naughty then this with loads of pranks nd romance

so still then bye
Take care
Keep smiling �

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