hello everyone..this is my second part of the story..if you need anychanges in storyline please tell that..because iam new here and i dont knew about your likes and dislikes..
so lets go to the story…

episode starts with anika sitting alone in room..she is thinking something..
a girl comes there…
madam today there is an important meting for us..
ani:yes anjali..i knew that i too thinking about it,..
anj:but madam…our opponenet is also strong..
ani:who is opposite to us..
anj:its oberoi group of companies..
ani:yes i knew them..its shivaay oberoi ki company hein na..
anj:yes mam..actually this is always getting for them..and no one till now fight with them for getting that..its first time for them..i think mr.shivaay is..
ani:anjali…life is a game..who can survive in it wins..thats it..so lets go..
anika and anjali her PA started their journey in car…they reached at corporation office..when their car stops at parking area..the same time an another car too comes..yes its our shivaay..
anj:mam..he is mr.shivaay oberoi…he gets down in shivaay style..and wear his glasses and gave a sharp look at her and goes..
anika too looks him in stern..
anika and shivaay is siting in conference room..and collector arrive there ..
collector:so mr.shivaay and miss.anika arora..this is really an important project for us..so first let you show your plan details then we can discuss furthur..so shivaay show his project deatails and after that anika too..
anika and shivaay were witing for collectors reply..
he stood up and moves to shivaay…
shivaay gets up and look at anika in a way that he wins..but collector goes near anika and congragulates her ..
collector:so anika…when we are going to start?
ani:what? actually she didnt expect this..
shivaay:but …
collector:mr.shivaay singh oberoi…this year as group ki project is very much better than yours so..
shivaay get angered and goes…aftersome time when anika comes out of conferenc hall..she sees shivaay standing outside..
anika didnt notice him..and walks ..
shiv:miss anika arora..she stops and look at him..(shivaay background music)
congragulations..and wish you a bad luck too..
anika look at him..

shiv:till now ..nobody has a courage to stand against oberoi group..but you have that…you are just a girl..but you did it..but you dont knew this shivaay singh oberoi..who never get failed till now..and in this case also..lets see how you go ahed in it…he turns..
ani:hello mr.bigad billa…shivaay get shocked and turns..dont you think that i will feared by your kanjoos bath mein..dont under estimate this anika arora..till now i keep silent..which doesnt mean that i get fear on you…i reamined silent because thats my culture and i have faith in myself that what all things i can do..and what all things not…but wheni think about you i really feel pitty..i think by seeing me as your opponent you feels that you are going to lose..
shiv:hey mind your language..
ani:first you do that..and advice someone..and dont ever come infront of me to warn me..she goes..
shivaay get fumed..
shiv: what she think about herself…she dont knew to whom she talked like this..but soon she will get toknew about that..
scene shifted to oberoi manson..
shivaay reached his home..all are sitting in living room..
shakthi:shivaay..did that deal get finalized..
shivaay remained silent..
om:shivaay what happened..
shiv:we lose that deal..
tej:what ? how that happen..
shiv: yes..its that AS group of comapany win in it..one miss.anika arora..
janvi:yes..i knew her..she is one of the top business lady ..and its for her this year best entreprenur award too..
shivaay goes to his room..
he chages his dress and sees a magazine on table whose cover photo is anikas..
he took it up..and threw outside..
omru comes that way and rudra catched it..
rudra look at that magazine..
ru:wow..what a pretty girl hey na..
om take that..yes really she is looking nice and brillant girl..as in our society we need such a persons..then only all will feel that men and women are equal..then they both look at shivaay who is on the peak on anger..
om:shivaay..its k …this time she got it..
shiv:no…om..do you knew the way she talked to me…
shivaay explained everything to amru..omru started to laugh..
shiv:what the …

ru:bhaiyya..so you get a perfect match for you…hey na..bahad billa..
shiv:just..he runs away..
om:shivaay..you just calm down..anyway that girl is too good..
shiv:tum bi iuski side..
shivaay goes away..
anika reaches home..and sees sahil watching tv..she sits beside him and remain silent..
sahil stops the tv..
sa:so bolo my didi..what happens now..
ani:kuch nahim..
sa:kuch nahim..ki mathlab..i knew there something..do you fight with anyone..
ani:its not me its all that bagad billa..
sa:bagad billa..
ani:mr.shivaay singh oberoi..
and explained everything..
sa:k he is so arrogant ..irritating but how he looks like..anika thinks about shivaay..
screen shifted to oberoi mansion where shuvaay is sitting with dadi..
da:she is adamant…irritating its k..but how she looks like..
shivaay thinks about her..
shiv:what is the need of talking about her..
da:its not me..you started to talk about her and i have one doubt…till now you didnt talk about someone like this..especially about a girl..then what happened today..will you fall for her..
shiv:dadi..stop this rubbish..this shivaay singh oberoi will never fall for anyone that too especially for her because she is the person whom i hate more..
shivaay goes(his spcl background music plays)
screen shifted to anikas house..
sa:bolo na didi..how he look likes..dashing hot…stylish..
sa:kanjoos ladka..
ani:ha..why are you enquiring about how he looks ..
sa:whether we dont knew na..who is going to become my jijaji..may be that luck goes to that bagad billa..
anika look at him..he smiles..
anika sits in her room looking at moon…ad shivaay near pool side looking at moon..and both thinks about each other..
episode ends..

precap:anika and shivaay got trapped in lift…

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    Nice 🙂
    Plz add some cozy shivika scenes in next epi

  5. Good 1 …. Waiting for your next episode… update ASAP…..

  6. It was ozm but priyanka is right you should add some cozy scene

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    Nyc one haritha …gd gng…

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    Hari tha please forgive me if you can. I am sorry fir the late comment.i am really sorry. I really loved this part.Their meeting and annika victorious was completely thrilling. And both of them thinking about each other. That was too cool. Surely he is going to become mr annika and she is going to become mrs shivaay. Fate already gave the clue right.
    And I am really sorry for the late comment.

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