hello everyone…sorry for making you all wait and irritating with my teaser…and thanks alot for all your comments..without bak bak..lets go to story directly..
a girl is shown writimg something in her diary ..its none other than our anika…
sometimes we dont understand the game of life…life is like a river ..it flows in different direction..and at last it ends in sea…now i too like this…iam flowing in different diection..and i dont knew where is my sea…i need to find out where is that…i can only talk freely to you my pinky..as i have only 2 persons in my life..one is my sahil…the person who came to my life suddenly..and the reason of my living…there is no blood relationship between us..but our relation is more than that…no one can define it…yes he is my true brother..if i have brother too i dont knew he will love me this much as my sahil do…till he coming to my life..iam an orphan.. i have no one…but at the day i got him..i feel there is someone for me too..i still remember that day..when i was return from my office..my car stoped at signal i see a boy sitting on th footpath..he is smiling to me…i too smiles..he came near my car..i get down my window..he asks me will you take me along with you ..because i have no one..i feel fear to stay here..at that time i too remember me…i was just like the same…it was my pishimaa..the one who i considered as my maa..take me along with her …and take care of me as her daughter….so i take him along me..and he become my brother…as after my pishimaas death i feel isolated ..its HIM WHO BREAK MY LONELINESS…after that you pinky (my diary) came to my life…ya now iam a great business lady..everyone praise me..iam somewhat rude to all ..but iam not like that infront of the persons whom knew each other…
suddenly..anika didi..ya its our sahill..
anika:sahill..chotu …
sa:didi..what are you doing still your pinky love not end yet..
ani:are you feel jealous by that..
anika smiles…
sa:di…do you think anything in this world is impossible..
ani:no..if we have a will there is a way..why do you ask..?
sa:then tell me who can i impress her?
ani:what?dont you no you are in 6th standarad..
sa:ya of course,,,didi..there is no age limit for love…it can happen anyway…didi..can i ask you one thing..do you fall in love with anyone..
ani:love me…
sa:i knew there wil not..as who will love with a bathamez ladki…
ani tried to catch him..they both runs..
at last sahil sits in sofa..
sa:did..if you find someone then..
ani:surely i will love him,,
sa:didi..where is he now…?
screen shifted to oberoi mansion ..
someone is getting ready..
omru comes…
om:shivaay..shivaay turns..
ru:bhaiyya are you going to job today..
shiv: yes ..i have an important meeting today..i cant lose that..because its our family prestige..
shiv:you knew na..for me my family and its prestige is more important na..
ru:but today there is an imporatant pooja here..
shiv: i dont believe in that all
Some calls him.. billu… of course it’s his dadi…

Da: billu.. do you think what you did is right?
Bi; ya.. I am right because I only think about our family and it’s prestige… nothing other is important for me..
Da: but..
Bi: no dadi.. I have decided and no one can change me.. he goes with anger..
Da: I don’t knew when you will change this behavior…
Rudra : when he meet with his love of his life..
Om: love for shivaay.. it’s impossible..
Rudra: nothing is impossible bhaiyya.. there is someone who born for him to make him from lion to billu ( cat)…
episode ends…
so guys..how this both will meet ..and how their love get blossom…
i hope all you liked this…tell you suggeston..negative too…

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    Nice buddy

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    And lot of suspense is also created

  4. Very nice starting keep going

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    nice starting… waiting for shivika meeting

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  7. ??niceee upload the next part ASAP

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    I am sorry for coMmenting late dear. And yar the description of shivaay and annika is really awesome. Just loved it. And yar just waiting for their love to blossom.

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