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The Episode starts with Titu, Keshav and Mukund thinking about the house dismantling tomorrow. Titu says this is dad’s hardwork and memories, we all know dad loves this house, he is upset, what shall I do to lessen his worry. He says he wants to do something to solve the problem. Keshav says Tau ji loved us like sons, now its duty to save this house. Mukund says yes, we all will together fight with this problem. They all join hands. Titu says we have to be strong, so that we can give strength to dad.

Sundar talks to Pinky and is sad that they are losing home. Sundar calls Shailendra and asks him not to break their home, he will give his piggy bank. Pinky hugs Sundar. Rekha talks to her mum in law’s pic. She says the house will not be there now and cries. She sees Vaishaili crying and

goes to her. Vaishaili is upset to lose the house. Rekha consoles her and says house is made by family, not bricks. Govind and Surekha cry and recall the memories they had in home. He says I have lost, I worked hard all my life, I can’t forgive myself if I fail to give shelter to kids.

Surekha says this won’t happen, trust Lord. Panchi, Titu, Mukund and Keshav come there and explain Govind that house is made by family. Titu hears it and asks what did she say. She says house without family and love is not valuable. Titu thanks Lord and says he got an idea. Titu asks Govind what did he write in his will. Govind says he gave this house to ashram. Titu aks him not to take tension, we will take bulldozer for Shailendra.

Its morning, Shailendra brings his wife and comes to Govind’s house. Rekha and everyone welcome him. Shailendra says the house has many rooms and Mala can open dance classes here. He says he will keep this house on her name and asks Rekha where is everyone. Mukund asks Keshav to cancel the deal and get money for him. The family refers to Shailendra as Bau ji. Surekha comes and calls Shailendra as Swami. Mala gets shocked.

Shailendra says I m Mala’s husband. Titu says you are Surekha’s Swami and our guardian now. Panchi says Surekha has made food for him. Mukund asks the man to read the will and tell. The man says Govind has said all his house, property and his everything will be of ashram. Mukund says it means house, family and all the children too. Surekha says we family is also yours now and asks Shailendra to greet the kids. Shailendra says leave me. They all take pic with him.

Shailendra says I have my wife, I m happy. Titu says no, now Surekha is your wife, not Mala. Mala cries. Govind comes dancing and flirts with Mala. Surekha asks Shailendra to sit. Govind says man can’t keep two wives, its illegal. He says my wife and family goes to Shailendra, and Mala has come to me now. Shailendra asks him to leave, what nonsense in this. Govind asks Mala to see that she is not Shailendra’s wife now, and he is not proved alive, they both are alone now, they can unite, you can ask Surekha, I will be a good husband and keep you happy.

Mala asks Shailendra to say final. She agrees to marry Govind. Shailendra says Mala… Govind says she will be my wife now and asks Mala to come, they will marry now. They go to the temple and pandit asks Govind to fill sindoor in Mala’s maang. Shailendra gets shocked and stops him. Mala says now Shailendra will stay with this family and argues. Shailendra tries to explain.

Shailendra says Mala can’t marry Govind, this is illegal. Govind says I m not alive, I can do anything. Titu asks Shailendra to let Govind marry. Surekha says we will go to foreign. Shailendra says why is he acting, Govind is alive, and asks Mala not to get in their words. The men see this and scold Shailendra for having greed and declaring Govind dead. The man apologize to Govind and leave. Mala apologizes and says she has come to know Shailendra’s truth, when Sundar called her, and so she called Titu. Titu says I have seen Shailendra loving his wife a lot, but its wrong to break other’s family. Shailendra says I m sorry, my wife opened my eyes, forgive me. Govind gets glad and thanks Mala for bringing her husband on right path. Mala and Shailendra leave. Titu gets glad.

A man tells Titu and Panchi that he wants to see sweets business. He asks Titu to become his brand ambassador.

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