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The Episode starts with Surekha crying. Govind pacifies her. Surekha asks why is this happening with Titu, he has always done good. Rekha cries and prays for Surekha and Titu. She says Titu has always solved problems and this is happening with him. Bhagwati says everything will be fine. Rekha says I regret that I m not able to do anything for Titu. Sonam cries and says she did not know this would happen. Hema scolds Dimple for doing wrong and supporting Sonam. Dimple apologizes. Sonam thinks what to do to save Titu and cries.

Panchi prays to Lord for Titu. Surekha is unable to sleep and sits praying. Time passes and its going to be morning in few hours. The family sits awake all night. Its morning, Surekha tells Panchi that Kamlesh has come to arrest Titu. Panchi looks at idol. Sonam asks

Kamlesh not to arrest Titu, he knows the truth. Sandeep blames Titu to cheat Preeti and take her life by his fake love. He asks Sonam to say if there is any proof or just shut up.

Panchi warns Chitra and says Sandeep does not love you, he will cheta you. Chitra laughs and calls her mad. She regrets that she is young and beautiful, she has pity for her, but not for Titu. Kamlesh asks constable to arrest Titu. The family cries. Panchi prays Lord helps Titu. Pinky comes and is shocked. She pushes Sandeep. Sandeep’s hand makes Sonam’s mobile fall. The video plays in it where Sandeep lies to Titu about Chitra’s mental state. Kamlesh arrests Sandeep. Panchi asks Chitra to see Sandeep’s truth, Titu has helped him by his lies and he framed Titu.

Chitra cries and asks Kamlesh to punish Sandeep. She leaves. Surekha and Panchi hug Titu. Titu thanks them for their devotion and prayers. Govind asks Titu to help others and asks whom will he help next. They all smile. Its morning, Rekha makes pickles and Panchi ad Vaishaili eat mangoes. Surekha comes and wants to show off her Kamarbandh to Hema. She tries to show it and Bhagwati and Panchi smile. Panchi says its good Kamarbandh.

Surekha says Govind gave me, it was my mum in law’s, he polished it. Hema says Govind is smart to give old things. Pari comes to take charity for Navratri. Hema laughs that they are miser people. Surekha gives some notes to show off. Hema laughs on 500rs and asks Pari to come with her to take 2000rs. Surekha and Hema argue. Surekha boasts and tells big amount. The bahus worry.

Surekha comes to Govind and he compliments her for the kamarbandh. They have a sweet moment. He flirts with her. She asks what will he do for her and makes her say yes to everything. She asks him for Navratri Chadava. He says yes, I do that every year. She asks him to tell this to Hema and takes him. He asks but why. Surekha asks him to tell everyone. He says ofcourse, its our traditions, we will give chadava, now I earn and have money. Surekha says I m the reason for his chance. Hema says such a big change, he agreed to give 5 lakhs chadava. He asks what, 5 lakhs. Titu and Keshav come and look on shocked. Pari jumps happily and goes. Hema says entire Mathura will know this now.

Govind scolds Surekha and says we will not celebrate in this house, you all pay for 5 lakhs first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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