Tu Mera Hero 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Mukund asking Golu to make the announcement, they will not need timeas they just wrote the poetry. Titu signs Golu to give 15mins. Mukund says just 3mins and time starts now. Titu gets worried and leaves. Rajni thinks she will see that man, who will be tensed after all this. Gulgule thinks Rajni did this purposely as she has doubt.

Golu calls upon the poets. Gulgule thinks he is going to say old one and will lose again. The round starts. Bhagwati is glad to send Sundar to school. Rekha calls her by changing her voice. She calls as Sundar’s teacher and asks her to send his leave letter.

Bhagwati says but he has gone to school. Rekha says he has not come and smiles. She thinks this time she will divide and rule and gets happy. Golu gets hiccups seeing Cheeni. Golu

shows Cheeni to Mukund. Cheeni dances with Titu on the song Pardesia. Titu and Panchi also dance along. He passes the poetry to Gulgule while dancing. The round continues and Ehsaan gives his opinion. Bhagwati scolds Sundar not missing the school and does not believe him. Sundar cries and Rekha gets glad seeing this.

Mukund acts sweet to Rajni and sets the mic for her, as she is short. She smiles and says her poetry for the round. Rajni entertains everyone. Titu talks to Gulgule by Bluetooth and Gulgule tells everyone the same on the stage. Gulgule changes few words. The people like Gulgule’s lines a lot. Panchi says where is Cheeni, and goes to find her. Panchi goes to Titu and someone holds her hand. Panchi is shocked seeing Surekha.

They see him dictating the poetry to Gulgule, and talking such meaningful poetry. Ehsaan says Gulgule has said a meaningful one and says few lines to praise him. Surekha is glad seeing Titu work by his own wish and that too the work which he likes. Surekha says it’s a fight between a mum in law and bahu, but a mum has lost to her son’s wife’s sacrifices. She says Panchi is in jail to change her husband, and her sacrifice is fulfilled, as it has reaped benefit by making Titu work hard. She says she was against her as she thought Panchi wants to make Titu work against his wish, but she salutes her today.

She says her determination has made her ego bend. She says she has lost today and even then won. Panchi touches her feet and Surekha hugs her.

Rajni gets the Bluetooth device and hears Golu saying they will make him win like this, even the next round. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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