Tu Mera Hero 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Panchi and Rachna greeting each other as Gupta girls for the last time, as they are getting married. Surekha thinks how did Titu come back. Rekha thanks Lord for sending Titu back and tells Mukund that now he will marry Vaishaili. Govind asks Surekha to come and be a part of the marriage function. Titu thanks Mukund for giving the palanquin idea. Mukund recalls it. Panchi thinks Titu came late to tease her. Titu and Panchi exchange garlands, along with Rachna and Chetan.

Golu gets a chair for Titu and he sits being lazy. Panchi makes him wear the garland. Surekha thinks she is doing magic on him. Panchi thinks Titu did this to make her win. Govind asks Titu to get up, as he can’t sit on chair and marry. Titu and Panchi sit to marry. Bhagwati asks Rekha why is she

so happy. Rekha says she is happy for our son. Bhagwati taunts her. The marriage rituals are shown. Pinky does the ghatbandhan and Kamlesh does the kanyadaan. Titu makes him smile by his joking nature. Kamlesh is glad.

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Kamlesh says I have always kept Panchi happy, you always make her smile all her life. The pandit asks them to stand for rounds, and both couples take the rounds. The pandit says the mantras. Govind asks Titu not to be lazy. Panchi smiles and wishes all the vows on her part. Surekha thinks the reason why Titu came back. Titu shakes and Panchi holds him. Govind smiles and asks Titu to start second round, as there are 7 rounds. Mukund and Rekha are happy and he will marry Vaishaili after this.

Titu thinks they are making the groom’s parade. Panchi vows that she will give Titu love and also love his family. Govind is happy and makes Panchi lead the rounds. She makes the promise that she will do her children upbringing by good values, and Titu is busy thinking some humorous things. Titu fills her maang with sindoor and makes her wear the mangalsutra. Surekha is shocked. Panchi starts crying. Titu puts sindoor on her nose and she smiles. She recalls the old moments. He says today I don’t have that mini fan and blows on her face. The pandit says they are husband and wife now and asks them to take elder’s blessings. They all clap for them.

Alankraj Maharaj says I will also leave now. They all greet him and he leaves. Titu and Panchi take blessings of elders. Govind tells Surekha that he has got Titu marry Panchi. Surekha thinks she will see how Panchi’s grah pravesh happens and looks very unhappy. Tiut gets lazy to touch everyone’s feet and acts like fainting. Sunil says I will break his waist this time, ill mannered guy. The girls ask Chetan and Titu to pay money and take the shoes.

Manorama says she will give rs 1000. The girl says just 1000rs. Manorama says you think I roam with property papers to give you, go and ask Titu. Titu says lets sit and solve this matter. Titu says you should have stolen Govind’s shoes, as I m just golden egg, and my dad is the golden egg laying hen. He says my shows did not get stolen and shows his shoes. Kamlesh says its my shoes. Titu asks Govind to give the girlls come shagun. Surekha thinks Titu is caught by black magic. Govind gives money to girls and Rekha gets irked. Titu jokes and they all laugh. Surekha thinks Panchi is laughing on her son.

Surekha shows her hand hurt and says no one can do Panchi’s grahpravesh now. Govind understands her plan. Panchi waits at the door.

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