Tu Mera Hero 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind paying Ram ji and doing the deal of buying his shop. Surekha thinks its first time a father is hurting a son and getting glad, he does not know me. Panchi sees her and thinks whats the matter, Surekha looks cool. Ram ji gives the shop papers and Govind thanks him a lot. He asks him to count money. Ram ji says he trusts him and gives the shop keys. Govind thanks him and Ram ji goes with the briefcase. Rekha asks Vaishaili to come. Govind asks Titu to see his shop is confirmed now and shows the keys. Titu gets worried and asks Surekha. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine.

Govind says its glad that Surekha is supporting him and goes. Manorama acts infront of Chetan’s boss’ wife and cries, making Rachna in bad light. She acts a lot and the girl

says she is Ritu, not Rachna. Manorama says I felt its Rachna and shows she is scared. Ritu asks is she fine here. Manorama says she gets two times food and sleeps on ground. Ritu asks her to tell Chetan, he is her son, he will help. Manorama says no, Rachna will kick us out, this is better.

Ritu says no, don’t request me. Panchi tells Surekha that advance is gone, now nothing can happen. Surekha says its all done, have patience, let Ram ji come, he will tell everyone. Panchi asks what and worries. Surekha asks Sundar to count down. Ram ji comes and scolds Govind for giving flowers in briefcase. Govind says he does not know how this happened, he will give 60000rs now and he can count and take. Ram ji says no you broke my trust and I won’t do deal now. He takes the shop papers and keys, and leaves. Govind fumes.

Panchi thinks Surekha did this, she was talking about this. Titu asks what happened. Surekha says your shop is shut forever. Titu smiles. Govind says I will not accept this Surekha, I will see will mum’s blind love win or a dad’s responsibility. He gets angry and throws the briefcase. He leaves. Titu hugs Surekha. Surekha asks him to go and rest. Vaishaili talks to Surekha and thinks she has to find out, whats going on in Panchi’s mind.

Manorama tells Arvind that I told Chetan’s boss that Chetan wants education department, but he will get food department now, it has much income in it. Chetan thanks his boss for coming. He says their stay was good, and he can stay longer. His boss says thanks, your parents took good care. Chetan says Rachna had to go for her friend’s baby shower, she gave this. His boss says he got transferred in education department. Chetan thanks him. His boss thinks Ritu telling him that Rachna wanted Chetan in education department, and tells him that it all happened by his parents. He asks him to take care of them, he can get wife again, not parents. Chetan gets puzzled.

Titu and Panchi come to temple. Titu gets tired standing. Panchi prays and asks Lord why is he not supporting her in making Titu work. She turns and sees Titu gone. She sees him sitting down being tired. He asks pandit to make them visit soon, and the pandit asks for 501rs. Titu says VIP bhakt can get special booking by paying this man, we are local bhakt, and whose problem is much, they can give 5001rs and this man will arrange. He tells about Lord and how he made a poor man his friend, and when in today’s time, Lord has agents and what would he say, to take a selfie and send the poor man. He says everyone is same for Lord, and says sun, air and water is same for everyone. Ram ji looks on and smiles.

Titu asks the pandit when Lord does not differentiate in people, who are they to differentiate, poor or rich, don’t forget we are humans, and there is one Lord. Everyone clap for him. Panchi smiles. Titu takes an old lady. Ram ji asks who is he, such great thinking in today’s world. Panchi says Ashish Agarwal, son of Govind Agarwal and husband of Panchi Agarwal, nickname Titu. Ram ji says he won’t talk about Govind’s family. Panchi says you told this in my home, that you trust dad a lot, he wanted the shop, why will he do this. She convinces him to think again and meet Govind, not decide in hurry. Vaishaili looks on and thinks so Panchi is with Govind, not Surekha, she is fooling Surekha. Ram ji thinks over Panchi’s words.

Govind scolds Surekha. Titu and Panchi come home and he gets sad. Panchi says there is sad news and Surekha looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Titus’s mother is an idiot and the worst mother in the universe. Mothers love their kids more than anything else and expect them to do well in life. But no mother will be so blind that she does not want her son to work. Instead let Govind act as if he has become a pauper after a major loss in his business and say that every one has to work. Also put Manorama in her place. Two idiots Surekha, and Manorama.

  2. Yes,because of surekha panchi’s life is getting spoiled

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